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I already posted this on /v/, but fuck it, it applyes for both treads.

So, as you (should) already know, Earthbound is one of the best RPG with turn-based combat. It is one of the most fun games i've ever played in my entire life and my fauvorite RPG. Im looking for another one just like it (no Mother1/3)

I already did some research for this type of game, but none of them have the "requirements" to be good as Earthbound. These are:

1. The game needs to know how to tell a good story. For example, Earthbound seems pretty silly at first glance and nobody expects how deep the game is. You really get attached to the protagonists and some NPC's. From almost the very start, Buzz-buzz tells you about Giygas and the prophecy of Ness and friends to save Earth.

2. Sense of progress. You really see lots of progress playing trough the game, with the first "monsters" being dogs and birds and in the last dungeon (Giygas' hideout) you fight demonic beings and killer robots with psychic powers.

2.5. Natural progression. Don't you hate when you have to grind for shit like EXP or items? (in the case of money, it can be forgiven). Well i do, and the game has to progress naturally (Duh)

3. Somewhat good music.

4. The game NEEDS to have a clever and well designed combat system. I don't care about the mechanics, it has to be strategic, easy to use and understand and, obviously, fun to use.

5. Good. Outside from these factors, if there is something that makes the game not enjoyable, it can't be related to Earthbound

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You're looking for games that don't exist

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Dragon Quest V

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Try some of the Dragon Quest games. 3 and 5 are solid picks. Not really the same, and they have some grindy moments, but it's as close as I've found to the actual gameplay.

Not /vr/, but if you don't mind the memes and you avoid the fanbase, Undertale is inspired by Earthbound and is a solid 7/10, I think. Mileage may vary. The tone is comparable, at the very least.

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>Earthbound is one of the best RPG with turn-based combat. It is one of the most fun games i've ever played in my entire life and my fauvorite RPG.

I can't think of an RPG that has a battle system more boring and more ancient than earthbound. It's basically what I'd imagine the first text-based RPG battles were like, only with trippy backgrounds and good music. Itoi clearly didn't care about that shit. And most people who try earthbound turn that shit off after they find out what they're going to be doing for the next few weeks. This is the first time I've seen someone praise it.

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Gokinjou Boukentai

It's only in japanese, though.

Has a sweet jazzy soundtrack


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>Itoi clearly didn't care about that shit.

He (and the rest of Japan) loved Dragon Quest.
Mother games have basically DQ battle system with PSI instead of spells. And rolling HP meter in the case of Earthbound and Mother 3.
Being able to see enemies on the map/attack them from behind was also a cool idea, but basically it's dragon quest: it's simple, it's quick, it works.

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Did you also put the subject in the name field too?

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Is dragon quest still like that today though? Or even when Mother 2 released?

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>somewhat good music

That blows my mind a little bit. I think of that game mostly for the music.

Anyways, Chrono Trigger hits most of those things. Cross does, too, though it's more of a love/hate thing, and most people who like it still aren't crazy about the battle system.

Honestly, I had never thought about how the instant-win battles in EB serve as progress markers. I always appreciated how the save time, but I never considered that the game is spelling out for you that you are stronger, now.

Also, don't expect anything to measure up to EarthBound. I haven't found much that does. Despite its reputation around here as overblown hipster nonsense.

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FFX (not retro)

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Dude EB is my favorite game ever, I bought a physical copy for $200, but I think you're just blind to its flaws. It's a simple DQ clone about some kids fighting aliens. It's unique in some ways buy you make it sound like the end all be all game. EB has it's own flaws and you're blind if you can't admit it. I love it but I accept its flaws too.

For games similar that's hard, even M1 and M3 are kinda different. But these seem close I guess,

Mother 1 (duh)
Mother 3 (duh)
DQ series.
Metal max series
Mario rpgs

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>So, as you (should) already know, Earthbound is one of the best RPG with turn-based combat
not even close

the only marginally interesting battle was Ness' Nightmare. everything else was a chore

If you want the best in turn based strategy, this is your game. Play w/o the sphere grid for extra challenge.

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>best in turn based strategy
>game tells you the exact turn order ahead of time
>liking FFX at all

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Yes, that is strategy as opposed to luck.

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Undertale (1994) is exactly what you're looking for

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This guy gets it. Seeing the turn order and how choices manipulate it are what make the game interesting. It's an extremely simple design, but very effective, and the battle arena really explores what is possible with the system. The mechanics and exposition are top notch. No one said the non-skippable cut-scenes and extraordinarily linear story are highlights, but at least it's offset by a well developed world with good graphics and music.

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Awful bait.

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undertale is garbage compared to EB..

outside of being "quirky" it has very little similarity, wasted too many hours playing that game hoping for more.

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Super mario rpg legend of the seven star might suit you.

And it still is, after all these years, the best mario game.

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RPGs that don't have random encounters and you see what your getting into are the most beloved RPGs on the SNES

Chrono Trigger
Super Mario RPG

Only FF3/6 is the odd man out.

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It's 2016, I can understand it existing in the 80s with the limited sprite per screen and simplicity, but again, it's 2016. Even Final Fantasy finally stopped that shit and Pokemon gets away with it by having "fenced off" areas like grass for it (it's why everyone hates caves in Pokemon)

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>Earthbound is one of the best RPG with turn-based combat
it's kinda mediocre actually. Pretty weak combat system and lackluster design doesn't lead to many interesting or memorable fights.

I dunno, play panzer dragoon saga.