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You can erase ONE /vr/ game from your memory for a completely fresh replay.

What game do you choose?

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i almost picked a game from my childhood but erasing childhood memories is fucked up. i played snatcher for the first time a couple months ago and it was instantly a top 5 game for me. wouldn't mind doing that for the first time again.

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My life.

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Super Metroid

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Grim Fandango. Even 15 years later I remember everything

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I don't know if I would even want that. I don't mind remembering all the secrets or such of a favorite game of mine, on the contrary: it's great for speedrunning.

Oh wait, I forgot /vr/ hates speedrunners because they're "so autistic".

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I highly doubt that thirty-something-year-old me will be as impressed as adolescent me was, but I still think it would be fun again.

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Cellblock Gamma.

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Final Fantasy 6

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Either Rondo of Blood or Castlevania IV.

2 of my GOATs, but I've played them so much that I know them by heart. I still enjoy them though.

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High school
If I could go back I would do so many girls

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Now you're getting it

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Phantasy Star IV

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this or ALttP

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Zelda 1.

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Fallout 1 and 2

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Thief 1/2

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can i just erase a shitty game and not play it again
if so i choose this shit

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>implying that retro games are worth playing outside of nostalgia in the first place

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dunno man, I've played plenty of old games I never played on their heyday and I still have a good time

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But anon. You just lose memory of the game, and temporary, after replaying you regain the memory and endup with 2 first playthroughs

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The witcher 3

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Can I erase it from my memory and not replay? There's several I'd wish I hadn't wasted my time on.

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Pokemon Red/Blue

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Paper Mario for sure.

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>go back to grade school
>come out as trans while I'm still young enough to be stealthmode

I would literally kill to have this.

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One of these would be my answer.

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i pick snatcher as well, since losing my memory would make me just like gillian

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I will use this thread to play many of these games for the first time, something that you anons could never do again :^)

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Have fun man, plenty of gems posted so far. Hope you enjoy playing them.

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I want to feel the wonder again.

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Super Mario Bros.
that way, console gaming will never return and I will grow up having a normal life.

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Okay, I'm mad that you are having fun.
I'm the only one that can have fun!

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Probably Resident Evil 2 or FF7

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