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What is the best /vr/ platformer?

My vote is for DKC

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Megaman X. It has the best wall jumping in genre

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It's honestly really mediocre and basically a bad game whenever it's in the presence of a good one.

Nobody at Rare likes videogames, kids, or even their own families and friends. They are hateful, selfish, bitter, vindictive, joyless people who make their games based on absolute opportunism. They just copy other shit and slap some of the worst most avuncular humor on it, just because that's actually how little they think of the gaming audience they aim for.

If you like DKC you literally like something that thinks you're a fat ugly nerd with no friends and no taste.

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Definitely not. The best /vr/ platformer is Alien Soldier.

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Should have worded it as 'favorite'

I agree it probably isn't technically the best.

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I'm not really sure I'm comfortable with calling Alien Soldier a platformer. It's more of a run & gun.

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Then you're an awful person and you should stop playing videogames.

Bubsy is the purest platformer and would be objectively the best if not for Umihara Kawase.

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I really like this one.

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This is a new level of shitpost


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A real soulstrangling game made by literal cucks who actually call themselves cucks in the credits.

Kid Chameleon almost convinced me that all videogames were a complete waste of time.

That's a lie but the scary thing is how true it almost was.

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No I was being somewhat serious.

SMB3 is better than Bubsy, but not in the purest sense of being a "platformer".

And Umihara Kawase is just better than both of them.

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if graphics like this don't give you a retro feel you need to gtfo even more than I do

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>You're an awful person, Bubsy is the best "platformer"

Neo /vr/ is simply the worst

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Uhh, I don't think there is much of an objective aspect as to what makes one platformer better than another. It's mostly subjective

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Anybody who likes Donkey Kong more than Bubsy needs to have their hands cut off.

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Whoa buddy, that's not a real CRT with inch-wide scanlines!

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I was actually hoping everybody would just stop because they realized I was right and there would be no more replies.

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>I was right

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I'll take the absence of any actual refutation as you cowering in submission while you attempt to salvage what's left of your sticky dignity.

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Find a flaw.

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>Knuckles is a flaw
I bet you chuckle rather than flexing your muscles, faggot.

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Knuckles and Tails are literally just different versions of Sonic that make the level design sloppier because of their stupid slightly different jump heights or running speeds or stupid gimmicks where you can climb a fucking wall or float around or something like gee that's fucking great

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You're right you smart Anon! S3&K is flawless but humans are not.

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Oddworld Abe's Oddysee and Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3.

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I'm so used to people posting that DKC is a mediocre game that got popular on graphics. I usually only go back to DKC2 but I finally played DKC for the first time since the 90's and while it's pretty barebones I remember why I thought it was so good. It's fucking hard compared to other mascot platformers from that era that aren't just badly made games. The difficulty really kicks in once you get to the ice world.

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It's fucking boring.

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If you wanna find the best platformer than you might as well make a strawpoll or something and ask for a top 20.

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Umihara kawase easily. Saying otherwise is just proof you haven't played it.

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I don't understand any hate to DKC and DKC2. DKC2 is one of my favorite games of all time and DKC is just an all around fun game to play especially for its time. The levels, the enemies, the bonus levels. All of it was just fun as hell and enjoyable to play.

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For me, this. Uncovering the secrets of this game was pure, undiluted joy.

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SMB3 / Super Mario World.

It just doesn't get better than this.

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/v/ has come to

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Is Montezuma Revenge you bunch of Gen 3 babies.

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This. They're pretty much perfect without needing to reinvent the genre.

Also DKC3 > DKC2 > DKC

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I fine with that. It ain't that different from say, like how Luigi is just Mario with a slightly higher jump or how Yoshi is also Mario with hover and some aspects of Kirby mixed in

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>that cringe
are u ok anon?

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But this is not even the best DKC in the snes.
I like DKC1, but DKC2 is better in every way, I always felt that DKC1 was more of a graphic galore game, but 2 has real gameplay along with it.

>The difference between kongs is much more evident and balanced than in DKC1
>Levels do a better (and more consistent) job at being unique from each other than in DKC1
>Bosses feels like actual bosses
>Team-up system is neat and has interesting uses
>Has a secret world/ending to reward you for collecting all the things
>It's overall harder (imo)
>The soundtrack is better than the first one, even though DKC1 already has a great soundtrack.

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>This level of troll-baiting

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Just wondering, how many people here think the Retro (Dev) DKCs are better than the original trilogy?

I went into Returns (proper controls) thinking "no way this is anywhere near as good as the original", then as i played it, "ok it's real good, but no way it'll defeat my nostalgia wall around the originals"

Now I honestly think the 2 newer ones are better, by a lot. Those are insanely fantastic physics and well-designed levels

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My vote goes to Bionic Commando or Little Samson if you consider these platformers.

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But what Mario game has all of those differences? SMB2J has just Mario and Luigi, where Luigi explicitly offers a different gameplay feel. SMW has identical handling for Mario, Luigi (ignoring rereleases, which I'll agree are inferior), and Yoshi.

Yoshi's Island is the first game with Yoshi's hovering ability and the levels are designed with that in mind.

SMB2US has four different characters, all with different shit, and all useful/interesting.

S&K3 is boring and the levels are designed with Sonic's rhythm in mind. Clinging to shit as Knuckles or hovering around as Tails is fucking weak and only makes the game more boring. I can't believe people still buy into Sonic's marketing. Your memories of a fast and fun game are your memories of a TV commercial, not of the game itself.

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2 > 3 > 1

Fight me.

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Carnival Night, Sandopolis.

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I like to call Alien Soldier a Shoot n' dodge

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>Carnival Night
Ok, the infamous barrel thing is unfair at first because your progress depends entirely of a cryptic information , but other than that no real problem in this zone.

Wew, looks like mr. noob can't take a bit of challenge!

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I played this again last night.
Really fun game.

But you're mistaken. It's wall jumping was good, but there has been better.
Can't think of any off the top of my head, but I know there's gotta be better. Given that I'm pretty sure that was one of the earlier SNES games to have wall jumping as a mechanic.

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Tropical Freeze definitely gives DKC2 a run for its money.

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no I was being pretty sincere

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Kirby's adventure
Mega man 4

Those are my favorites at least.

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I feel like you're not a person who informs their own opinions.

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>Platformer with fall damage

No other points of the game even need to be examined. But I know you're trolling, so it's OK.

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Fuck you

Stop posting dead Bill Clinton pictures in a Donkey Kong thread.

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>He doesn't enjoy splatting into the ground at 900km/h

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Ohhhhh, Banana

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>trying so hard to fit in on 4chan that you begin to misidentify content as shitposting while turning into an actual shitposter yourself

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Leave my thread at once!

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Wow I am really thinking now

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Quote OP and I'll show you who's really the OP

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Surprised no one's posted this yet.

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Because this game causes more butthurt here than even sonic.

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>Find a flaw.
I could never marry Sonic.

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It's not Sonic 3 Complete.

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Who hurt you?

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Go back to ruining the Paper Mario franchise, Miyamoto.

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To me, honest en realtime movement are very important. That's why I choose Quake 3 over Unreal Tournament.

Because of that, Mario Bros 3 and Commander Keen 4-6 are my all time favorites.

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life is a precious gift that i squandered by playing any Rare game

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I would say Super Metroid but after playing it with the control freak hack on real hardware recently, I realize how dogshit Super Metroid actually was.

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I actually like Metroid Fusion better myself.

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>nobody posted this gem yet

What the fuck happened to you, /vr/?

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posted the wrong pic sorry

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The Wario Land Saga is the most solid and clever series of platformers of all time.

Shame Wario went to shit after WL4.

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No I think I'm pretty handsome and well rounded.

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I'm sure the majority of fans of that game didn't even know about its existence before it became slightly popular on the internet. It's like Earthbound or Little Samson except that it's not as ridiculously priced. Truth be told, I'm one of those bandwagoners and I sincerely think it's better than sidescroller fans give it credit for.

I don't really like WL3 myself but the first three Wario Land games for Gameboy (color) were great because of the creativity in the designs. I think Shake It was fine for what it was while Master of Diguise had some neat ideas but was just so badly executed but those aren't retro I guess.

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Oops, I meant WL4.

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>Wario World and Shake It
No. The only issue is that Wario Land is dead and the only games Wario ever gets anymore is WarioWare, which are once in a blue moon as well.

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>there has been better.
>Can't think of any off the top of my head

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>Your memories of a fast and fun game are your memories of a TV commercial, not of the game itself.

This, yeah Sanic can go fast but much of the original games revolve around controlling the urge to go balls out on speed.

The original SMB was honestly much more about speed, since if you know the enemy placement you can just charge through (ie the first thing a hammer bros. does when you meet him on the ground is a single hammerless hop, so you can just run straight under him)

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>if you know the enemy placement you can just charge through
Just like Sanic!

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you what

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Not really. There are a lot of sections in the sonic games where you have to stand around on a moving platform or wait for one.

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Enemies aren't the cock block, it's the platforming.

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Fair enough, Sonic 1 had a slow level after every fast level.

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fire n' flee

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Shoot n' Scoot

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hi I'm here to block your cock