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> Password Feature!

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Games having passwords was once a novelty.

The more you know.

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>the game has 0's and O's in the password

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>take picture of password with cell phone
>of an emulated game
the ancient code of autism prohibits the use of save states

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Passwords are pretty cool when you can unlock secret stuff with them.

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>Spend over an hour on a game.
>Accidentally hit button before password taken down fully.
>Game goes back to start menu.

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>not just taking a screenshot

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Passwords are useful, the other day I was playing MMX3 and realized I had locked myself out of the gold armor by picking an upgrade I shouldn't have. Instead of starting all over again, I just went through my old passwords. How convenient is that, huh?

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why was this allowed?


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lol, the people who created that should be put in prison.

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Nigga what's wrong with passwords?

Having a battery save was really expensive back in the day and a lot of smaller companies couldn't afford it. Would you rather not have any save system at all?

If they're 40 characters long and/or have some retarded input method, that's a problem. But most companies were smart enough to avoid it.

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I don't think anyone here claimed they were a mistake, just that they could be annoying.

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I'm not alt-tabbing like a dicksucking faggot

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I recorded my Faxanadu passwords on a VCR to make sure I couldn't possibly write it down wrong and yet it still wouldn't take my password at one point and I never played it again after that

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Fucking awesome! Anyone with the slightest ability to analyze data and spot pasterns could use them to load up with pretty much anything. Many games had hard coded passwords that did specific things. Good times.
Of course nowadays entering a password in a game you've emulated on a hand me down laptop in your moms basement justifies PTSD therapy with crayons in a ball pit.

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>Anyone with the slightest ability to analyze data and spot pasterns could use them to load up with pretty much anything.

You're a shithead.

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Pretty sure someone who can't do that is the shithead, shithead.

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I was just thinking of that.

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Ok Mr. Algebra, what nice passwords can you share that has't been released yet?

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I actually like passwords because you don't have to worry about a dead battery clearing your save.

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Cannon fodder on the Snes would give deliberately incorrect passwords after mission 26. Bastards

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The NES Gauntlet manual explicitly states that if you collect too many gold chests, your password will stop working. Kek. I mean, at least they warned you, but I assume it's because of lazy coding, and they gave up and said "fuck it, just tell them not to do that."

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You mean you think it was a bug they couldn't be arsed to fix?

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Yeah. Maybe something like they didn't have enough bits of information in the password format to store amounts of gold higher than 2048, but instead of changing their encoding or having a longer password they just said "eh, it's unlikely to be problem, put a warning in the manual I guess."

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Were the passwords already really long?

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Sorry, but acting like a smug superior faggot only works in FGC threads

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>implying i didn't do this and release them years before you were born.
Learn to algebra and make your own faggot.

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I noticed very obvious patterns in Zombies. Four characters - the middle two were for the level and the outer two your status.

The first password was VHRV, PHRP or some variation.

But with games like the Chaos Engine it's almost on par with decoding an MD5 hash or something. The information is totally smeared about.

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Sounds pretty autistic

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SRAM was expensive, what do you expect?

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no, they were nine characters, XXX-XXX-XXX format

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Windows + Print Screen will auto save your screen capture in your pictures folder.

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sure hope you wrote it down correctly

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>/v/-style threads on /vr/

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Not everyone uses windows 10.

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Half-Life for Dreamcast had the best password system. It's much easier to remember and enter passphrases, similar to the way shortened URL links work now instead of just garbage letters and numbers.

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>playing 8 Eyes on a CRT
>use high-speed digital camera to take picture of password screen
>end up losing the password because lol scanlines

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>>end up losing the password because lol scanlines
What did she mean by this?

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It meant it understands how CRTs work. Read up or just watch an old video of a CRT to see for yourself.

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This is cool

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