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CRT Filter or No Filter when emulating?

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I emulate on a CRT

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CRT-filter for handhelds
No filters for the rest.

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Sort of wish there was a filter that just did the color corrections. Games seem too bright without it, and the only emulator that I know has this is Higan, but it's pretty botched on there, and makes the colors WAY too dark.

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me too.

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I always use filters to get rid of those awful-looking pixels but not a CRT filter, what's the point of getting an LCD if it's going to look like an old CRT or have those black bars on the sides?

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>I always use filters to get rid of those awful-looking pixels

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How about just play the fucking game? CRT is dead.

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Well, I mean, yeah. I did this for years before getting an old CRT to play on. Certainly enjoyed myself any damned way.

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you could use bilinear filtering

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Emulation is for faggots

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For some reason I just can't enjoy scanlines on LCD. Neither from emulation filters nor from video upscalers using real hardware.
CRT scanlines are fine though.

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Aka "optional added blur"

Terrible suggestion you sick fuck.

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Hey, you said you wanted a less vibrant image.

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no, especially not in good looking games like super metroid. i just use biliniear if i get tired of pixels and oversaturated picture.
higan just lowers the gamma you massive retard, colors are same as in snes9x. just adjust gamma in your video card config.

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All emulators are shit and provide nothing but hassle. Just get the actual system.

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I play on my crt, nothing beats the real thing honestly.

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>download emulator
>download game
>10 seconds later game starts

yes so much hassle

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Grandpa, you're shitposting again.

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The correct answer is: do whatever gets you the most enjoyment out of the game.

For me, for that particular game? No filtering because it makes some pixel-perfect positioning tricks a bit easier. For playing most games casually? Filters are nice.

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My laptop is toaster-tier, no CRT filters for ol' Abidah.

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Depends on the.
End of the discussion
You faglords have been having this same goddamn thread literally every day since this board was created.

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*on the game
I accidentally the noun.

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some games rely on CRT behavior to get the graphics they do

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There's absolutely nothing wrong with this

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unfiltered pixels are garbo unless you are using a crt

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You mean CRT TV. They're still garbage on a CRT computer monitor because it's super sharp.

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The mame filter is pretty cool

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Hi guys, what's going on in this thread?

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>They're still garbage on a CRT computer monitor because it's super sharp

Computer monitors can look okay if you feed them pseudo 15kHz signals.

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Why the fuck do people think these monitors look good?
The black scanlines are way too much, and make it look like I'm viewing the game through a fucking screen door or something.

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For me, depend of the game.

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/vr looks pretty good when you filter crt threads

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>I'm a fucking moron who can't in2computers

Seriously, unless you're running windows Vista on a laptop from 1993 there's absolutely no way you can't emulate up to at least SNES with filters.

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As far as I can remember, Nintendo Power always showed super-crisp screenshots of games. I was always jelly of them looking so good compared with my shitty blurry TV. Seeing Super Mario on a monitor like it was intended for the first time was an enlightening experience.

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I use bilnear alot on retropie/retroparch on my raspberry pi on my hdtv.

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>has never seen one in real life

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>People still arguing over this
What pisses me off more is when people emulate in 4:3 and not 8:7.

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ITT: Advanced, nitpicking autism, like always with these types of threads.

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are you trying to piss people off

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I'm pretty sure most magazine footage was captured via a Super Famicom Naizou TV SF1, or the C1 NES TV for NES games. WHich were CRT sets with built in consoles that innately displayed as RGB

Or at least I recall hearing that somewhere

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Oh boy it's this thread again! I sure love seeing it every day!

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The only filter I use is tv out .cg+ interlacing.cg for my vga crt

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I actually like the right one more as an acquired taste.

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Usually Normal3X for Dosbox, Component filter for Snes9x, autistic mix of options on Kega Fusion, 25% scanlines with blurring on Gens, and some software mode dithering in ePSXe.

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I don't think the resolution of modern screens is enough to trick my eyes with a filter so they just cause me eyestrain from the forced blurriness.

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My Pentium II MMX can't run Snes9x with filters, and still do 30FPS. Tell me I'm a moron, apple genius.

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>eyestrain from the forced blurriness.
CRTs literally burn your eyes, anon.

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CRT_easymode with screen warping disabled and brightness adjusted to suit the monitor/time of day for consoles

dot overlay for most handhelds.

I also am an anomaly because I actually play the fucking game afterwards.

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I wonder, how could you get a modern PC to output at 240p to get good emulation, like using HIGAN?

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if you'll darken gamma on the right one it will be objectively superior. there is a reason why re-releases never add any stupid fucking filters.

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left looks like shit

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Retroarch with CRT-Royale Kurozumi and properly calibrated TV.

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>we put a crt inside your crt.

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Those scanlines are giving me a headache. How the fuck do you play like that?

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really doesn't quite capture how CRTs actually look. Feels like, compared to the usual cheap scrolling scanline effect, it's just a step up.

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>How the fuck do you play like that?
you don't. games were made to admire aesthetics.

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Is the Famicom TV really RGB? I feel like that's not true.

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It looks good on motion, according to my tastes at least. If you ramp up the resolution the scanlines will look way better, but my only option is an 1080p screen and this is the closest I could get with integer scaling.

Yep, but of all the shaders I tried, this one looked and felt the best for me.

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Shaders. I can't stand the look of raw pixels.

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there you go. made it darker, so the comparison is more fare. i also saturated it a bit for my taste.

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Do you use shaders on Baldur's Gate, faggot?

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I don't play Baldur's Gate, faggot.

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I kinda stopped giving a shit. I just use whatever the default is because I'd rather spend my time playing the game than fiddling with settings.

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CRT/TV filter, it just looks right

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Share preset?

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hardScan -4.00
hardPix -4.00
warpX 0
warpY 0
maskDark 0.60
maskLight 1.70
brightness 1.00

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That's why you're a degenerate and not mustard rice,

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NTSC RGB shader for everything except handheld games.

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you mean you don't just take screenshots for /vr/?

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The fuck is NTSC RGB?

Shit don't make no sense, nigga.

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Blargg NTSC shaders

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that's retarded
scanlines are the biggest meme on the planet i'll take my old computer games on my CRT without them

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the one on the left looks like dogshit

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>4% Health at the start of E1M1
How can you fuck up so bad?

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trying to take a picture of your screen while getting shot

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