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Apart from the cute graphics are these jrpgs actually good games? How does it compare to Lufia 1+2 or FF II + III?

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BOF1 is meh, BOF2 is good, BOF3 is good, BOF4 is also good (whenever it's better than 3 varies), BOF5 is like marmite.

I recommend the retranslation patch for 2.

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Also it's more like Lufia where people have set roles, and not like FF2/3 where people can be molded into what role you like.

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The games only start to be good at 3, but then 3 is about 4 times as long as it should be, and that makes it kind of terrible.

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Good is subjective.

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There are tons of jRPG that do the work better, both on SNES and PSX. For me breath of fire is fine example of "meh". It gained some popularity becouse swift marketing.

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Breath of Fire 3 was good. I tried to play 1 and 2 few times but always end up getting bored really early on.

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For me the character designs are the main selling point.

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they're about the same quality as the first lufia, not very good
skip to III and IV

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I really liked the first lufia and the second. Im not sure about this series though. Whats not good about BoF 1+2?

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high encounter rate, slow and generic battle system, thin plotlines and characters
2 had some interesting ideas like the shaman system (which could've been done way better) and the township
it was also maybe the first jrpg to do the "religion baaaad" plotline
you can fuck yourself over if you don't use a certain character because you'll be forced to solo a dungeon with him

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>generic anime girl with generic wing angel wing accessories
>good character design

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These designs do crazy things to my dick.

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They're mediocre. Lufia 2, FFIV and FFVI are far better. Not sure about the first Lufia as i haven't played it but i've heard it is quite ordinary.

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For a board dedicated to retro games you guys rarely seem to like retro games, lol

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I like BoF, it's just that negative opinions overshadow positive ones.

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>BOF1 is meh

shitty opinion detected

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Vocal minority, also increasing number of people without nostalgia for those games

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some games are just better than others anon
lufia 2, FFIV and VI are better than the first two BoF games

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>Every Retro game should be a 10/10 because we're on a retro board.

Anyway, I don't personally dislike BoF games but the series only got a bit interesting with 4 and DQ which was a fine game, they're more or less like most other big light JRPG series, if you don't happen to like the aesthetic or characters you don't really lose much by not playing BoF, there's much better and more interesting games to play.

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I think BoF2 are a solid 7/10

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BOF I suffers from being a pretty barebones battle system, and from its translation. I can bet you'll reach one or two points in the game where you'll ask yourself what just happened, and even if you read the game script together with the game, you won't understand things at first. One of those times is when you need to save a party member from a ghost. Some of the party members are close to useless (like the Manillo), and the fusion system doesn't give you as much freedom to experiment, because you'll see only one of the fusions is of any use. The ending drags on and on too.

Now, Breath of Fire II. It does a lot of things right, and a lot of things wrong. For one, fights are less of a chore than I. However, the random encounters get really, really annoying after a while, because there are so many of them. Near the middle of the game, you'll have to descend into a dungeon where most of your battles will be fought, and this dungeon has enemies that cast an instant death spell that can hit you even if you're 50 levels above your enemy. They really turn the tables on dungeon design by the end of the game, because the last 3 dungeons are all mazes - a mess made to "encourage" you to fight as much as possible, while trying to solve some inane puzzle. I hate fighting while solving puzzles.
However, not all is bad. The story is pretty much miles above I, there's a lot of minigames this time (like the above mentioned castle), and the world feels much more alive than I. Your characters have more personality now, and their palettes are also more colorful.

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At first glance BoF1 is a pretty generic JRPG but I love the game. It's generic, but it helps offset that by having crazy scenarios. There's underwater volcanoes, the towns that hate each other, the day/night towns, pirates, ZOMBIES, dream diving and a bunch of other ones. It's a comfy game that's easy to pick up and play and there's no slow parts. It's a fun ride throughout. It has evidence of poor game design, the most notable one being Gobi becoming irrelevant and unnecessary in every sense of the word outside of his arc. The fun ride aspect, anthropomorphic animal designs, dragon forms and hunting/fishing help bring up an otherwise unremarkable game. I still recommend a newcomer play it, even if not as their first BoF game.

There's patch that came out recently that looks interesting but despite all the additions the music is still the GBA version (and the game's soundtrack is actually one of its high points IMO) http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/3214/

Breath of Fire 2 with the retranslation is a massive improvement. The encounter rate is punishing though and some people complain about having to grind though I've never had to. Outside of a slow start, it keeps the fun ride element from the first game and ups the character development/interaction leaving you with a very lovable cast by the end of the game.

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>how does it compare to Lufia 2
Horribly. 1 is a really really really flawed game. There's a bunch of shit like navigation. There's also shit like dragon forms being static so when they dump onto you a bunch of them almost all of them are already rendered obsolete forever.

2 suffers from a bad translation and the fact that is not remotely difficult which makes the battles arbitrary. There's shit with fusions being pretty cock blocked until you spelunk into the final parts of the game. only to be ripped away from you anyways Don't get me wrong, it's not that BoF2 is bad it's just that Lufia 2 is better.

Lufia 1 is a touch flawed but Lufia 2 is amazin.

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You don't really have to grind in 2, but some dungeons (specially THAT dungeon) force you to carefully avoid statuses while keeping items, since everyone and their mother casts Death, and the dungeon is damn long.

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Good answers. Thanks.

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>BOF I suffers from being a pretty barebones battle system
I really don't understand the fixed damage that magic has. Get rid of that and make elemental weaknesses more of an element heh in battle and the game would be improved dramatically.

>the dungeon is damn long
The name is fitting in that regard, at least.

Can I ask why you're only asking about I and II? It's a fun series to play through and see how the core mechanics evolve and change. It's really a shame that Capcom killed the series.

As for how it compars to Lufia, Lufia 1 + 2 has better puzzles, BoF doesn't really have much of those and when you do encounter one it's usually less of a puzzle and more of an obstacle in your way. This is most notable in BoFIII which is the most puzzle heavy.

FF2 is an apples and oranges situation. It isn't comparable to BoF at all. FF3 has its class system which BoF2 kind of has in the form of shamans, but poor in-game explanation (you'll need a guide to see which stats shamans boost, etc. as well as to find the very missable shaman) can make players ignore it. Most shaman fusions usually only provide stat boosts and one form change per character giving them a new, unique move with the exception of one character who has many form changes. BoF3 and BoF4 has a master system where you basically subscribe your party members to NPCs specializing in different skills and stats and you take on those as you level up.

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IV + VI retard

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FFVI = Lufia 2 = BoF2 (re-translation patch) > FFIV >>> Lufia 1 > BoF1

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3 isn't good. You'll have to have a tremendous amount of time spent looking at guides as to how apprentice your characters, because everyone who isn't MC (Ryu) is completely worthless in battle. And even after that, they all lose to an untrained MC in power. Nina is the worst contender:
Look at the amount of grind and turns required to even with the MC.

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BoF2 has better story, characters and dialogue than FFIV and Lufia II. You have to be a brainless fanboy to deny that.

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>BoF2 has better story, characters and dialogue than FFIV and Lufia II

not really, it also has worse gameplay than both
you'd have to be a degenerate furry like kattfag to think otherwise

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aaaaaaaand that how to lose all of your posts in one, all hurry to see.

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Every second you spent here shitting on Breath of Fire II, you could use to make your parents feel better about themselves. But, honestly, it is too late now.

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my parents are extremely proud of me, they hate furries too
keep crying though

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BoF 1 and 2 are hated here for the reasons far from >>3683138. Ironically, this board is in full on nostalgia googles. But for particular games.

The truth is, this board is biased. Other way they won't completely disregard fan patch to 2 that is one of the best patches a SNES game has ever seen.

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>high encounter rate
The same as in III
>slow and generic battle system
Almost the same as in III
>thin plotlines and characters
As much developement as characters from III got
>which could've been done way better
The same can be said about character usefulness in III
>you can fuck yourself over
You can fuck yourself over in III because of a mere 3 save slots

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Ignore him:
Same person.

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Nothing. They were good for the time. And nothing listed in >>3682990 is worse than what was around back then. Now they even have ports to other consoles like GBA which improve gameplay/interface/translation and patches, like the re-translation patch for 2.

Leave this board and never come back. It is a den for 30+ year old trolls, nothing else to be gained here. Even /v/ is the better place.

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Does BoF II require the translation patch? Is it really that bad?

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Make your pick. This screenshot is from the original SNES version of 2.

GBA version fixes typos and other shit from 2, but not much.

Re-translation is a complete overhaul.

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Some other examples.

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>GBA version fixes typos and other shit from 2, but not much.
Bullshit. The Shaman fusion still has yes/no fucked up and I recall someone getting day and night mixed up as well.

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It does:

But it still isn't worth it even then.

Many of the GBA features, like run button and increased XP/Zenny gains, are already in the re-translation patch/can be applied to it with other patches.

By default, run button is already included.

If grinding bothers you:

Use it on pre-patched with re-translation ROM:

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Left - original
Right - fan patch

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were all taken from the patch.

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Not to the guy you're arguing with but
>better story
Better than IV sure. I don't think it's better than Lufia II. The forward momentum is also wack. This is subjective anyways.
Arguable for IV. I'd say pretty even with II.
Flat out wrong for Lufia II. I'll agree for FFIV. But this factors in a translation patch.

>brainless fanboy
These things are called opinions. No reason we have to hate each other for differing ones. When people start trying to state their opinion as objective fact is where shit gets all fucked up.

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I'm currently half way through my first play of Breath of Fire 1 (so no nostalgia involved) and this is basically my opinion so far. It's a very simple, traightforward and comfy game with interesting characters and a great art direction.

If you're looking for a complex game with a deep story you won't find it here, but if you just want to control a guy that turns into a dragon and hangs out with a girl with wings and various antropomorphic animals, this is great fun.

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Yes. Pre-retranslation and post-translation is like comparing two different games. I thought BoF2 was pretty shit when I first played it but when I replayed it with the patch I couldn't believe I missed out on such a great game because of a shit translation.

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>like comparing two different games
oh come off it. If you played BoF2 when everybody else did, I.e; when growing up you would have not even cared about the translation because it was simple enough for children to read.

The translation does make the text better, but it does not remove the few rather trivial faults with it.

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Defend this.

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Probably. I was just a wee lad and wasn't edgy enough to enjoy the God is evil story.

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Is the game any good though?

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>The translation does make the text better, but it does not remove the few rather trivial faults with it.

Can you elaborate on this?

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>Is the game any good though?
I think that it is very likely that if someone were to play it they would enjoy it, yes.

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What's there to elaborate. The sage system was cool but felt like more could have been done with it (this is a retrospective outlook so it doesn't matter).
The battles are rather slow but at least they're faster than BoF IV. The transitions were always weird to me as a kid but I'd probably be fine with it now.

In other words, trivial.

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Every time a BoF thread comes up, we need a start-to-Kattfag counter.

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3 is the best, I think 1&2 are good but a bit by simple compared to other games to come out

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Why do so many of /vr/ hate BoF?

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They couldn't git gud.

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Its a shame that such a nice looking game is shit.

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I played through 1-4

They're just DQ clones. Get to X town, find x item, but this X npc that owns item wants water, so you have to go to X cave, but X cave is sealed, go to X character to open cave, etc. No fun whatsoever.

Smash attack button a million times and win.

Bof 4 is the best of them.

Better play some dragon quest instead.

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why would I play a dumbed down wizardry clone with a dragonball reskin?
Bof II, III and IV at least had different mechanics like the shaman system, master system, combos, switching party memebers, dragon transformations, learning enemy moves, camping etc.
dragon quest is still the same boring franchise it always was

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Dragon Quest is terrible. I don't know why it's so popular outside of brand.

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I don't remember much of 1 and 2 was chock full of random encounters, also the shaman shit pissed me off because the story kept defusing the characters all the time.

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BoF2 is 8.5 on IGN. Git gud, faggit.

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>every RPG ever

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Here's a good review:


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Just finished BoF2 with the retranslation + 2x xp/money.

Damn that was fucking great. Slow as fuck, but all the story dumps past the midgame made it worth it.
The random encounters were abysmal though, wtf were they thinking to have battles every ~5th step or so? I don't think I could have stomached it without turbo mode.

>that <charname> rush at the end
What a madman

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Something off in your pic, the house should have been in the center of tear.

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I turboed it to see if there was still something and it started to move constantly.

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For all the people complaining about BoFII's high random encounter rate:


The Collars are cursed items that double the number of random combats and there's TWO to equip so if you are stuck on a place where you can't take 3 steps without triggering a random encounter, unequip the Collars and try again.
(You may want to re-equip the Collars on the final dungeons so you could have a better chance to get the most powerful armor drops and Katt's ultimate weapon.)

You're welcome, by the way.

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Nevermind, I checked youtube for footage from original hardware. If you stay too long at the end screen, it starts to move across the world map.

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Wasn't aware I was playing as Conan.

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Dude could you imagine if there were any RPG about just being an adult 35 year old man, in any setting?

>> No.3686630


In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn one of the characters is around 30-40 years old (not exactly sure of the age).

I don't think the exact age of the characters is discussed but Shadow Run characters are all adults, some even older than 40 years old.

Mass effect.

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Did you like the kitty?

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Nier, but he's actually older than 35.

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You're fucking creepy, dude.

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What are you problems with Katt?

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For BoF1 and 2, should I play the SNES version or the GBA port?

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First week on 4chan?

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kattfag has that effect on people

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snes versions are probably better, because of the sound, and the GBA versions don't have touched up translations or more content to be worth consideration.

Though the GBA versions are perfectly fine outside of GBA sound output, and has its advantages like playing the games while taking a shit

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I did.

This colossal faggot is not me.

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You're not me, either.

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>playing the games while taking a shit
That's how I got every soul in both Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, and Dawn of Sorrow.
One shit at a time.

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Individual stories are okay, I like Nina's black wing arc but the meat of the story with the church happens around the 80% completed mark. Random encounters get turned up when the monster are "aggravated" and in the final dungeon they seem to always be aggravated, so expect 5 encounters for each floors, its truly abysmal especially trying to keep your character fused all the way to the bottom(only to have a cutscene unfuse them anyways).

dont know if you are burnt out but I recommend bof 3 and 4.

jrpg? nope their target demographic is much younger.

i like the kitty, but you are fucking horrible and insanely incessant shitposter. You ruin every single thread with your kat shit flinging, or bof 3/4 is shitty lol play bof2 only gais. You also samefag too much, you dont even try to hide it you ARE the vocal minority. Look just understand not everyone is going to agree with you, but you sperging out is not onnly creepy, but you genuinely have problems. Also I do know you bait so you can keep BoF threads alive, but that is a temporary solution, you drive out the actual fans with such childish trolling.

bof1 gba is completely fine, for bof2 gba OR SNES with translation patch(run button some menu fixes included too i believe).

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Tried BoF3 earlier, but I kinda stopped inside the Angel tower or whatever. Dunno, wasn't really feeling the kid phase.
Currently playing BoF4 actually, and liking it so far. Really early still.

Kinda weird how I thought I was 100% done with games with random encounters, but I guess BoF2 made me realize that it can be worth the trouble.

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>bof1 gba is completely fine
Gosh no. For a first time player, the GBA version of BoF1 is just terrible. I'm replaying it to try the patch in >>3683236. It's been a while since I last played a GBA game so I don't know if this is what it always sounded like or if BoF1's original soundtrack just so happens to rely on instruments that all happen to sound bad on the GBA. Halfway through the game and previously cool, ambient soundtracks sound like something out of Sonic Brotherhood. It's distractingly bad and there's not enough new features to justify playing it.


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>turning Katt into a demon

>> No.3689296 [DELETED] 

Come on, man. This is just getting sad. I was going to post a long rant but then I realized that I felt more pity for you than anger.

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>I don't have a specific argument so I am gonna move goalposts


>> No.3689328 [DELETED] 

Argument to what? Katt being """"best girl""""? Guess what,



You just posted a screencap of some nobody autistic fucks on Facebook publicly lusting after a furry in a 22 year old game as proof for what is clearly an imaginary debate. Resolved.png? I can only imagine the shitfaced grin you had on your face when you took that screencap and then carefully edited it. No doubt you were hoping that it would "BTFO" the socalled "Nina apologists"

Once again, nobody cares. You contribute absolutely nothing to these threads. Why don't you just fuck off back to your furry zetaboards forum where you belong.

>> No.3689329 [DELETED] 

I played BoF1 on both systems and I heartily recommend the GBA version. The SNES' advantages are graphics and sound. The GBA on the other hand has higher xp/money rates, a run button (the default walking speed is sloooooow), much improved interface (seriously, it's night and day) and a quick save option. If you're playing on an emulator/flashcart you can also use a fan patch to change item/character names to fit in with later games. Overall, unless you really value the technical aspect of the game and graphics/sound really matter to you, the GBA is just a better game overall.

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Not him, but I care.

You're doing God's work Kattfag.

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Nice try, Kattfag. Everyone knows you're a serial samefag.

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>changing Katt into a demon reaction post got deleted
>retro video game posts get deleted at random
Never change /vr/. Let's go to /v/.

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>Tried BoF3 earlier, but I kinda stopped inside the Angel tower or whatever. Dunno, wasn't really feeling the kid phase.
>Currently playing BoF4 actually, and liking it so far. Really early still.
Understandable. Don't push yourself to play through it. BoF3 is pretty damn slow and remains that way for the majority of the game. It's especially hard to play it if you're marathoning the series in order. BoF4 starts off with a bang and the aesthetic and music alone makes it the most interesting entry in the series.

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this isn't funny stop it

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>> No.3691934


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The charachter designs are bretty good tbqh. It's just that the first two games progress really slowly, causing me to lose interest.

>> No.3695253

Angel Tower is when the kid phase ends though. If you would have played a bit longer, things might have gotten interesting.

BoF3 OST is fucking legendary. I cannot recall a single tune from BoF4 other than the fucking fairy war song.

>> No.3697189

It's a little funny.

>> No.3699462

>Naming all your characters Nina

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>if there were any RPG about just being an adult 35 year old man, in any setting?
It's full of those though. Unless you've been playing only the scraps that get localized and the mainstream games for kids and a younger audience there have been many games with older male and female protagonists since the SNES days.
>I cannot recall a single tune from BoF4 other than the fucking fairy war song.
That's because your taste in music is mediocre.

>> No.3699781 [DELETED] 

Then what the fuck are you doing on a videogame discussion forum?

>> No.3699783

If you really believe that, then why are you on a videogame discussion forum?

>> No.3700610

BoF1 was excellent in its simplicity and brevity. I've only played the SNES version, but after >>3689270 I wouldn't play the GBA port.

BoF2 tried to innovate but botched almost everything, especially its dungeon design, but it's still worth playing to see how the series develops.

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