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Let's talk about this cool looking game. To those who have it, how is it? Download link where/when? I've searched for it using every combination of words imaginable, but it's nowhere to be found.

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Good reminder anon, I remember hearing about this game some time ago...

I was waiting a rom to play it but somehow I forgot, looks pretty dope, maybe some good soul eventually will appear and post a rom.

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Cool graphics, gameplay doesn't look like anything special though.

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Here's the full game footage.

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>Only 13 minutes
W-Well, I still want to play it myself, I don't like to watch playthroughs.

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I don't think it's ever been dumped.

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If the boards they're producing for this game is on the same level of quality as their older release 8-bit MUSIC POWER or whatever it was called I would advise anyone against buying this shit.
The game might look nice but I'd rather just get the rom though you might be out of luck since in the time it's been out it hasn't publicly been dumped yet.
Just look at this shit. First of all build a board that is faulty to begin with. Then try to fix it with hand soldered wires + non smd parts with legs they didn't even bother to cut to length and of course hot glue. Not to forget the fact that the board still seemed to be faulty since many people had problems trying to find way of fixing it themselves.

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japs are laughably bad at technology

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no, they aren't

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I thought they only sucked at modern stuff but they are terribly with old hardware too

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Because it is nothing special. I mean, it's interesting as a novelty and the presentation is nice, but under the cute graphics and the catchy music, it's somewhat shallow, sadly lacking variation in its repetitive nature. I'm afraid that it's the kind of game which loses its charm rather fast after the initial excitement.

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>That pic

The good news though is that the build quality for Kira Kira Star Night seems to be much better than their previous release, so that shouldn't be an issue this time.


Of course, now that I've seen >>3682032, I don't feel so bad about not being able to play it without paying for a real cart. In fact, I'm more interested in the soundtrack and kind of hope someone will rip that instead. The game looks neat, but not $40-$50 neat.

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They probably learned not to go with the cheapest chinese producer they could get a hold of anymore.
Forget I said anything then. But still don't ever buy a physical copy of 8-Bit MUSIC POWER

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I really love the art style, but the music ain't there.

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I just noticed that the description in that video simply says "Everdrive N8", and the release date was 2013, which reminded me of something. The game itself was actually first released in 2013 with a book and a soundtrack CD containing StarNight.nes and StarNight.exe (probably the emulator), so the rom definitely exists without having to dump it. You can see for yourself:

Unfortunately, looking on Yahoo Auctions, copies of that version seem to go for over $150, and I haven't found any ISOs of the soundtrack online either. If anyone ever finds this version of the game and wants to share it with us, that would be awesome.

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Is there a rip of 8bit music power anywhere?

Nsf or mp3 or anything?

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>Style over substance: the game

looks boring as hell, graphics aren't very appealing, only exists as "MUH WAIFU" matterial.

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>not buying the latest games for your famicom

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Hey, I absolutely crave for new retro games as much as probably anyone else in this thread. I loved how ambitious Pier Solar was for a homebrew Genesis game, and I can't wait to see how Tanglewood turns out next year.

The thing is though: they still need to either have substance (or at least an ambitious concept), take longer than 15 minutes to complete, or be obtainable at a reasonable cost for me to consider these game ($50 to obtain the game without any cheaper alternatives just isn't reasonable to me). Judging by the video, this game seems to have none of those qualities, and okay visuals/music can't make up for that.

That box and cart does look sweet though.

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Getting a dumper is cheap, I'd consider buying the game and doing it if the game had more substance to it.

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It seems that the DX version of the game (the one on the cart) has some graphical improvements over the original, including parallax scrolling backgrounds and an animated MC on the title screen. Neat!


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This thing was meant to be an indie music showcase, the fact you get a simplistic game with it is a bonus.

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This thing was meant to be an indie music showcase, the fact you get a simplistic game with it is just a bonus, not the main attraction.

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Is there any difference in the gold version?

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I have MUSIC POWER, and Kira Kira Star Night.
I also have a dumper, hope it's not some crazy mapper shit because of cheapness or stuff.

BUT the games are currently at my home in Japan. And i will be there only next year. So you guys have to wait until then. Maybe someone else will dump it before. When i got them here, i will deliver.

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Also only just read it yet:
> 正FC・NEW FC・twin FCについては製造時期等により正常に動作しない場合があります。あらかじめご了承ください。
弊社商品「エフシーポケット(FC POKET)」、「エフシーコンパクト(FC COMPACT)」、「エフシnーコンボ2(FC COMBOⅡ)」、


> Please note that this product is not licensed by Nintendo and may not run on Famicom, New Famicom and Twin Famicom consoles. It is advised to use the cartridge on an emulation-based console, such as the Retro Freak.
What the fuck is wrong with them.

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Probably just covering their ass legally. You know how anal Nintendo can be...

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The English is oddly different from the Japanese.
The Japanese only says they tested it on a few specific clone consoles (FC POCKET, FC COMPACT, FC COMBO, RETRO3), and makes no mention of software emulation boxes like the Retro Freak.

The Japanese says whether it will run on Famicom consoles may be dependent on the manufacturing time period, maybe a reference to those small differences between Famicom models e.g. how certain registers or memory locations may or may not be zeroed when powered on.

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No problem. We can wait as long as we need to. I'm sure a public dump of both games will arrive eventually, but even then, you'll be doing an amazing deed for all of us, kind anon.

The original Kira Kira Star Night rom apparently uses an MMC3-driven TKROM board (iNES mapper #004), so 8-bit Music Power and the DX version of the game probably use something similar. Hope that helps a little.


Neato! Is that some limited edition version of the game or something?

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>Neato! Is that some limited edition version of the game or something?
Whoops, didn't pay attention to >>3688971.

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