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lads, is there a nintendo 64/PS1 emulator for android with no abhorrent controls?

somebody played the touch series of beloko?, is there something with similar controls out there?

can I customize my own controls with another apk?

>inb4 mobile

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can we stop spouting memes for a minute?

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Most emulators have highly customisable touch controls.

But I really recommend just getting a touch controller

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*bluetooth controller

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"Smart"phones and tablets (normie devices) are the LEAST authentic way to do retrogaming.

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*rattles tits*

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On mobile its a convenience vs comfort. I can get over the touch controls if it means i can play some scroll n boppers on the john at work. Not much else beats that.

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ok anon, believe me I'd take my rig in the bus if I could but, you know, is an impossibility

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>Most emulators have highly customisable touch controls

like which?, I've tried MegaN64, Mupen64 FZ, Mupen64 AE, SuperN64 and all have the same shitty fixed configuration, I stayed with Mupen64 FZ because is the only one that comes with GlideN64

this fucking fixed analog stick is absolute crap, if you don't land your finger in the exact middle it does whatever

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this is the patrician configuration, it centers where you land the finger inside the orange box, is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more playable, is there anything like this?

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That's because they're all just fronends for mupen

FZ is the only one that doesn't suck dicks though.

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It's sad that we can't get a proper emulation on android thread, because it will turn into the same shit show whatever this is

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There an emulation general on /vg/. Go annoy them

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Wow, thank you for the fz recommendation. It works much better than the ones ive tried.

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You know how if you stop masturabating for a few days and then begin, your gasm will be stronger?

It works the same with veedyo gmaes. Coming back to your PC after an absence will invigorate and heighten your skills allowing higher scores and deeper immersion.

Do not play mobile games on the bus. That is for normoid plebs.

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Didn't someone make an Android powered flip open gaming device styles after the DS that basically JUST for playing emulators on?

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Yeah, the GPDXD

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>Do not play mobile games on the bus. That is for normoid plebs

step aside anon, someone is actually trying to play a game and have fun here

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It's plenty powerful on its own though, you can even run stuff like the app store GTA SA and KOTOR effortlessly.

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I have one and sort of use it as a replacement laptop. Damn good screen for watching movies on as well. Use it to Skype with my wife when I'm on trips as well. Works pretty damned well all around.

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there is something inherently wrong with mupen64 fz, conker looks glitched as fuck with gliden64, I thought the plugin worked the same on all emulators

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implying those are q-touch and arcane dimensions, what model is that and how it runs?

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