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Post terrible box art or any other art that doesn't represent a game well.

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Basiscally all Zelda games.

At least they started adding Link on the boxes by Wind Waker, the gold boxes with the logo and maybe an item were stupid.

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It stood out to me as a kid like few other games I owned did.

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see the avgn box art series..

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what the hell is wrong with europeans?

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But it says gold! See?!

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Anyone have the "Fuck" one? Truly the perfect trilogy.

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Trying to post ones you don't see all the time

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the worst doom cover

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Holy shit his face is hilarious

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you actually BTFO storm troopers, lanky kong and Satan in this game.

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>At least they started adding Link on the boxes by Wind Waker, the gold boxes with the logo and maybe an item were stupid.
This is the most pleb thing I've ever heard. That's what the back of the box is for. The cover should be bold and unique. If you need to see the characters and shit from the game, they put fucking screenshots on the back of the box for a reason.

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There were black and white doom covers for shareware copies sold at my local drug store. It looked like a shipping label with the doom guy printed on it.

Shareware resellers were everywhere at the time. 7-11, grocery stores, drug stores, etc. Home internet was still rare in 1994 so people actually bought shareware copies.

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Pic sort of related, but not as nice as this one. Some looked like the cover with the doom guy and logo was photocopied.

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> oh shit


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Found the reason America keeps getting shit box art

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Obviously the japanese box art didn't take the "gold box with a logo and maybe an item on it" route.

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>blonde link
>his hair is pink in game

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love the expressions on the sphinxes

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Truly a work of art.

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a game about operating a very complicated microwave?

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You can just google us box art

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Honestly how could you fuck up this bad? Some of the worst box art I have ever seen.

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Sprite colour limitations caused that misfigure.

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"Man, that tanning salon membership was a sweet deal"

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this was a neat, clean and sophisticated design back then

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me on the right

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"An exciting journey through menus!
—14 slots to scroll through!
—4 different icons on a black screen!
—4 colored rectangles in the sidebar!"

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I always thought pic related looked like some shitty PC adventure clone.

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This really reminds me of Group_Inou's music videos.


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What's wrong with this one? Doesn't look bad to me

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The original was drawn in anime style. This cover translated everything to realistic Western sci-fi artwork style, and this has apparently rustled a few jimmies on /vr/

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I wonder why they decided to change the cover ;-)

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Weird. I don't make the association at all.

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My brother and I used to buy shareware from Spencer's Gifts with our allowance because they were only $2 and we were poor kids with no internet. The only game we ever actually bought the full version of after buying the shareware was One Must Fall.

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bruchheide donostia

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>dat Nei

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>that gun
>this guys face

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wiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllld wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooody

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wtf wrong with his arm? stroke?

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Like seriously, what the fuck was going through their minds when they were making this game cover?

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No, faggot

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No it didn't.

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Holy shit, the image was loading slowly and I saw the top half and thought it wasn't that bad. Until I saw that little gremlin on the right and the protagonist with 15 pounds of hair

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That's bullshit, and you know it

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As a kid I thought Zelda's cover art was really unique and classy, especially compared to the typical first party NES cover artwork style (which was cool in its own way).

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This one is shit, although you can't say it doesn't represent the game well.

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The American robot is dumb. The Brazilian one is gay.

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This one is fine unless you get rectum-ravaged over them changing the weebshit cover

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What the fuck?

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Classic rupert annual artwork

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Literally "I have to get this done NOW"

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Maximum autism review of Mega Man cover art.


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So much this

It's successful branding is what it is. I'm pretty sure putting Link on every Zelda cartridge for NES through the N64 era would have made the games look more generic if anything. Sure their art is slightly unrelated but it still stands out.

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Looks like Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff

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now kiss

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nice try Yahtzee, but we're doing your job for you

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>virtual reality

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Hey it was the early 90s. Everyone was mad fer it, ravin' hard and gettin' sorted for XTC and whizz down at the Hacienda getting their melons twisted!

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Any Sega game from this era qualifies as shit.

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How has this not been posted yet?

That game is on many Saturn recommended game lists but it's mediocre at best.

Master System boxart was refined, minimalist, and aesthetic. It's probably my favorite style of game covers.

The US Megaman cover is still unbeatable, though.

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No excuses to play it

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This has to be the worst N64 game

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>How has this not been posted yet?
Because it's a good cover, brilliant cover.

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David duchovy is drunk again and punching everyone on the street through windows: the game

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no wonder he looked familiar

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But it doesn't represent the game at all.
The fuck, I was sure that's home computer game until I scrolled to the bottom, turns out it hasn't ever been on home computers.

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>Master System boxart was refined, minimalist, and aesthetic. It's probably my favorite style of game covers.
Shame they had such poor choices of artwork. Japanese Mark III/Master System packaging had much better artwork.

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it is actually a very memorable cover. i can recall seeing it in nintendo power in the 90s. i have no idea where the idea came from though.

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Bad covers are actually good covers

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Panic intensifies

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Love this dudes art very high quality.

Best Crapcom cover coming threw

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If we're including bootlegs, I challenge anyone to beat this.

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holy fuck

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im dying

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Dear god that's not pleasant to look at

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It does represent the game pretty well though https://youtu.be/gcAtSdl8YcA

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Why is the carrot so lewd

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"What do you think Mega Man's face is supposed to look like?"
"How about Ray Liotta?"

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That guy reminds me of Jeffrey Tambor.

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Apocalypse Now: Rated E for Evisceration version

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Do not agree. Stylish, eye catching box art is always better than garish, in your face, cram all the content on the front box art.

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"Shoot your weird fuckin gun we don't care we're made of stone

>> No.3693410

They made his hair pink so they didn't need a separate pallette for his bunny form

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Like, I'm not even asking for all the content, just a back view of link over the landscape of hyrule. No swarms of enemies flying at the screen, no giant ganon sillohette looming over the sky with Zelda in his hand, no triforce in the distance with a ray of light shining down on top of it, just an idea of what's in the game instead of just a logo and a picture of a shield that isn't even in the game.

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Tell me more...

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>Requires 386/486, 4 Meg ram, VGA.

What simple times.

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> any other art that doesn't represent a game well.
I nominate picrelated. But before you get buttblasted and accuse me of toxic Shinkirophobia, hear me out.

I used to know only the general info about fighting games. I have seen this cover in magazines a million of times. But I didn't have a single idea of what it was supposed to be. It was pretty mysterious, I couldn't ever deduct what was supposed to go on in it.

Why? Because Capcom decided they absolutely needed to put a virtually unknown character on the front, with some other less-known secondary characters barely visible in the back.

I get it, these characters were newcomers. But do they seriously expect me to deduct what the game is about from that cover? Was it THAT hard to put Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Chun Li, Kyo, Iori or Terry there? Just, you know, to give at least some context for what this game is about.

I have nothing to say about the game. But fuck, it's like Capcom deliberately wanted to keep that game as shut out from outsiders as possible.

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This is how Ridley looks in the Metroid instruction manual.

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Might be objectively the worst made cover of all time

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I'm seein' quadruple here! 16 Terminators!

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good job crapcum

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The black bass japanese art disturbs me immensely

This kid is up to no good

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Looks like hes craving dick

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I just realized the B in HOT-B means BOIPUSSI

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Is Chuckie Egg Transgender?

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this one kinda shoots the moon and ends up being good somehow
i can kinda see your point with the first two zeldas but theyre still really charming and the sword on 2's cover is pretty af
it doesnt really represent the game but it looks ok. i think you guys are just upset that there isn't borderline porn on the back
it kinda works with the hammy-ness of the game itself

>> No.3701039

What the Christ

>> No.3703284


He looked more to me like Elmer Fudd wearing a Tron suit

>be vewy vewy quiet. I'm huntin' wobot mastas huh huh huh

>> No.3703354

If you have seen Kinaman's video on Super Mario 1–16, you know that Chinese pirates loved doing sprite hacks of games and selling them as different games.

For some reason, they simply loved Chin 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers. They even made a full ripoff game of them for MD (picrelated). Well, Russia got Disney cartoons on TV for the first time in the '90s, and C'N'D was one of them, but still their love for it defied reason. They also put the main hero of American Tail on every cover.

And so they started shoving Chip and Dale into other games, and it wasn't really bound by logic in any way. The rest is history.

>> No.3703513

Jonathan vs Dio

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>> No.3704431

I like the simpler style, it's like you could tell that this is a game so good it didn't need a bunch of fancy stuff to advertise it.

>> No.3704583

Ken's definitely got Dio-face goin' on.

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Why r they covered in feces?

>> No.3704897

holy fuck die of cancer

>> No.3704898

but i cant masturbate to star trek extras

>> No.3704910

Imagine if it was South Korea who became the electronics giant in the 70s, not Japan. We'd all be playing Samsung and Daewoo consoles, praising designers with names like Hoo Jyeong Huk, etc.

And that Ugly Hangul shit would be our moon runes, with weebs desperately learning it.

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>> No.3707150

That falcon is fucking badass

>> No.3707203

I keked

>> No.3708131

Akuma looks like angry Murdock

>> No.3708203

this is like deviant art circa 2003

>> No.3708212

they really didn't think outside the box on that one

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He and Sexualobster should make Fernando covers.

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>> No.3709109

oh god that's some awful dystopian shit

>> No.3709114

So nothing would change? We might even have had more interesting games since the Korean seem more mature then the Crapanese.

>> No.3709125

>I wonder who is behind this post

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This one's my favorite one to show people because it's actually Fist of The North Star

>> No.3709186

Korea has contributed nothing but shitty point-and-click muhmorpuhguhs with pedobait races and <insert word for elf here>

>> No.3709437