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Was this the last good generation of gaming?

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No. So far that'd be 8th gen.

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Genesis / SNES. Early 3D required way more than the hardware given. Look at OOT and CBFD running at 20 fps stable.

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Just shit all over best console I guess

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Fuck off Sonyfag. The PSX sucked balls. Pic related is a true patricians console.

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What if I said I also liked the Saturn though?

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Sega was for faggot kids who were raised by single mothers,

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psx rules!

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6th gen. Last good consoles were ps2 and GCN.

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Nope, 6th generation (DC, PS2, XB, GC) was the last good generation of gaming before paid DLCs, interactive movies and gimmicky controllers ruined the industry.

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PS2 and XBOX already had the shit of the modern era. I think the Gamecub barely squeeks by in some regards... but the GBA is basically the final retro console.

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Nah, only if you're a massive nostalgia fag, the 6th gen (gc/ps2/dc/xbox) was the last consistently good one, many can say that it was the turning point, but still was not a flipped table like 7th gen.

btw I don't strictly hate games after 7th, it's just much harder to find good ones, I also like "modern" indies but only when done right.

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No, you're the moonbitch.

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I agree. PS2 was the last best console.

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It all went downhill when Sega went bankrupt...

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>60 fps stable

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>video games were still good in the 90s
>do I fit in yet
Real gaming was already long dead by then, kids

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Golden Age is overrated desu.

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NTSC frame rate is like, 30 fps so that basically means that there's no point rendering more than that because the TV simply can't display it.

To answer OP's question: late 16-bit, early (non-3D) 32-bit (SNES, Amiga, 80386, idk what the other consoles are from that era). Most early 3D sucked because they used 3D only as a gimmick.

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>paid DLCs
xbox had paid dlc
>interactive movies
ps2 had that, what the fuck do you thing indigo prophency is?
>gimmicky controllers
yeah because the dreamcast controller wasnt gimmicky at all!

fuck off back to /v/ 6th gen is cancerous. 5th gen was the last good gen and 4th gen was the peak

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>dc controller
you best not be shitting on the vmu, son

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Yeah the snes had slowdown but on average the games ran at 60. the n64 had a consistent 20fps on it's most popular games.

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There are still massive amounts of excellent games being released today. Every gen has something worthwhile to play.

The 6th gen was probably the best console generation though.

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>Early 3D
Who cares, the Saturn and PS1 had a good amount of 2D games
>Look at OOT and CBFD running at 20 fps stable
They are exceptions, overall the frame-rate for 3D games was 30fps, while 3D fighters and other 3D games with 2D gameplay were 60 fps

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the 6th generation was when video games consoles went from being about creating fun games that pushed the limits of current computer hardware to create amazing experiences that would stay with the players for their life, to being home entertainment machines you and your broski could play a couple of rounds of grand turismo and a bunch of crappy fighting games on while you drink some gatorade and mother after watching the latest hollywood action blockbuster on it

The gamecube and dreamcast are in their own league since the whole purpose of those consoles was to be gaming platforms, but the PS2 and OG XBOX officially signalled the beginning of the end of video games producing new and original content, hence why GC and dreamcast games cost an arm and a leg while PS2 and xbox games are still sold for pennies at flea markets and garage sales

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>they are all greyish black except for the SNES

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This post is fucking retarded.

Also, the ps2 probably has the best library of any console as far as quality gaming experiences.

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>the ps2 probably has the best library of any console as far as quality gaming experiences.

Nice parody of your typical millennial /v/ shitter.

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I'm being 100 percent serious. I love retro games to my core, but that doesn't mean I exclude more modern games.

If anything you people are the parody. I bet you faggots think Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin are the greatest thing ever, and complain about all modern music sucking.

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i can't think of too many games on the PS2 besides silent hill 2 or SOTC that really defined the console that weren't also multiplats.

For the most part the ps2 could have just been a racing game machine that played DVDs as well

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You either have very little experience with the console, or terrible taste in games.

In any case I don't hold the PS2 in such high regard because of muh console defining AAA games, although MGS 2 & 3, Final Fantasy X & XII, GTA series, DMC, etc were all great games.

The console really shined for me in it's more niche games (or at least niche at the time)

SMT Nocturne and Persona
Phatom Brave
Atelier Iris
Ar Tonelico
Dragon Quest VIII
ZoE 1&2
Ace Combat
Armored Core
Valkyrie Profile 2
Fatal Frame
God Hand
Contra SS
Shadow Hearts Covenant

Hell dude there are much, much more obscure games than any of these, but I've not played them yet. That's what's great about the PS2. I bought that shit on it's launch day, and I'm still discovering new and interesting games.

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Dude most of those games are bad except for the Konami, Namco, and Capcom games.

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you are joking with that list of games right? christ.

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I can't help it you have terrible tastes man.

What games do you enjoy the most?

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Belt-scrollers, STGs, fighters, arena FPS, platformers, puzzlers, RTS/RTT, simulation.

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What? This current gen has been incredibly mediocre and the first time I haven't gave a shit about the newest consoles coming out. Hell I'm just now getting slightly interested in a PS4 but only because Yakuza 0 and 6 are confirmed to be getting English releases. We've been in a drought of nothing but disappointing sequels and rereleases of seventh gen games that came out like three or four years ago everyone has played.

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Eh, then it's not really that surprising that we're disagreeing. We have substantially different tastes. I couldn't care less for those genres, except for maybe STGs (even though I suck hard)

Different strokes I guess. You do you though.

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Haha, moonbitch.

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The consoles themselves weren't the cause of anything. Mainstream culture wanted lowest common denominator bullshit, simulated action movies, and they got it. That was 2005. The Xbox GCN and PS2 already had years of development with hundreds of innovative and playable titles before gaming in general entered a malaise

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why 2005?

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>being wrong on the Internet
PlayStation had much better games and a better controller.

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yeah if anything it was more 2007 when the shitstorm went down for video gaming and internet culture in general

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the number of actually good games on the ps1 is pretty miniscule.

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But Sega had 0 good games, and miniscule > none.

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gaming is still good mate

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i love this meme

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Name 20 good games.

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pick 20

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On Saturn?

>Assault Suit Leynos 2
>Blast Wind
>Bulk Slash
>Burning Rangers
>Clockwork Knight
>Dragon Force
>Guardian Heroes
>Fighters Megamix
>Keio Flying Squadron 2
>Last Gladiators
>Legend of Oasis
>Mr. Bones
>Panzer Dragoon
>Thunder Force V
>Willy Wombat

Not counting many sequels and arcade ports. Of course, this post doesn't matter since you're just going to shit on everything.

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needs more cotton 2 and twinkle star sprites

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>6th gen (gc/ps2/dc/xbox) was the last consistently good one, many can say that it was the turning point, but still was not a flipped table like 7th gen.

100% agree which is why I believe ps2, gba, Xbox, & gcn should not only be permitted here but be forever the last gen ever allowed on /vr.

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>literally first game listed is Allturd Beast

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No only cgn and gba, the xbox hueg and piss 2 were shovelware machines that made the games industry essentially the same as the modern blockbuster movie infustry filled with shitty cheap yearly shit out that has loud exolosions and grayfix and a mountain of shovelware galore

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>sonic games

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>I like [console]
>[console] has no good gaems
>[list of objectively good games]
>hurr durr they're all shit


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4th gen was the last gen where nearly every major platform was top notch.

SNES, Genesis, and TG-16 were all amazing. Arcades were mindblowing. Gameboy was cool. PC gaming was entering its renaissance.

5th gen had multiple cool consoles, at least a couple cool portables, arcades were still cool, and PC gaming was arguably at its peak, but overall it was still a decline compared to the 4th gen. The console games of that gen in particular have aged poorly.

6th and 7th have lots of cool stuff, but that was also when everything began to go off the rails.

Current gen is outright indefensible.

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You people's rose tinted glasses must be a few shades too dark. You act like there weren't also loads of utter garbage back in the day as well.

Also, learn about opinions you childish fucks.

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Are you retarded?

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>NTSC frame rate is like, 30 fps so that basically means that there's no point rendering more than that because the TV simply can't display it.
Consoles before the Dreamcast geneeally outputted a 240p signal with a 60hz refresh rate. If you wanna go by the technical definition of frame for standard definition video, then yes, but really it essentially is 60fps.

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Oh come on, 3DS has tons of great stuff for /vr/ types and there's Gravity Rush at the very least on the other side.

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nice try theres still more than 20

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This the PS1 shit all over the Nintoddler 64 and the Sega "nogaemz" Saturn.

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why didn't anyone buy it then? it was crap. it failed to capture even sega fans interest.

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>Sega "nogaemz" Saturn.
But it has double the library of the N64, the later should be the no games one

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Nice "taste"

>> No.3675436

and as many or possibly even more games actually worth playing compared to what the ps1 had.

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>as many or possibly even more games actually worth playing compared to what the ps1 had

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But this all shit.

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I think just about every generation has been decent but I will always be partial to the N.E.S. and the S.N.E.S.

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it's a list of horrible taste?

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>belt scrollers
Stop this, kid.
/vr/ is dead the kids invaded bc they wanna be cool

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We never said there wasn't garbage back in the day. It's just that games nowadays are mediocre at best, while 25 years ago you could find actually great games still.

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Nah can't agree with this

Just don't buy AAA trash. The big names are more shit now than they used to be but there's still plenty of great stuff being made at more reasonable budgets.

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Mods delete this pls

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What are some great modern games? I can only think of FROM's stuff, albeit it's starting to get rehashy.

>> No.3675774

>>makes a post where he ironically confirms what he wants to disprove

You really aren't trying.

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Last good console was the gamecube. Before online pay walls, day1 patches and dlc became the norm.

>> No.3675793

He's right though, there were more great games made on a consistent basis in the olden days compared to now, where you're lucky to get maybe 5 good games a year, if that.

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American games fucking suck.
Especially retro american games
It has nothing to do with being a weeb, it's just the truth.

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There are games made today that are better than the best games of the past.

>> No.3675872


Not him, but that's kind of broad and too general.

I find that most everything 2D isn't as good today, despite technology allowing for best possible graphics and stuff, nothing can top some of the best games from back then.

Modern games that are good are genres that didn't really exist in the past.
Bayonetta is one example of a modern game that blew my mind, something like it couldn't be done on /vr/ times.

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>mfw /v/babbies can't handle the fact that today's games are shit

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You know about "one or two exceptions back in the day" is not "the main videogame industry direction in these days"?
After Wii, casuals wanted to be cool thinking actually play garbage since there's no time or will to play more complex games for them. This is the direction of the VG industry.
Even ps2 had dlc, like mgs3 skins or other useless crap.
And those are, useless crap, you don't need them to enjoy the game.

Yes, every console had it's gimmick. this is right, since shitty kids was (and still is) the main income source.

Dragon's lair was an interactive movie.
back in the eighties.
Ps1 had, ps2 too (Indigo prophecy was more like a DDR or guitar hero) but it was not the golden rule, since movies was movies and games was games. Now gamers are turning tables.

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There's no point.

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It's because this board is full of contrarian faggots that think they're cool for being such. Follow them if you want to become a bitter whiny faggot with no friends and die alone.

>> No.3676095

>After Wii, casuals wanted to be cool thinking actually play garbage since there's no time or will to play more complex games for them.

jesus man is english your first language?

>> No.3676167

How did you know my name was Jesús Emmanuel?

>> No.3676180


They ain't though

/vr/ used to know this

You just gotta buy a handheld is all

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That's bullshit and you know it

This is coming from a hardcore weeb with anime figures and shit

There are plenty of fantastic American games, even if most of them are shit.

>> No.3676189

that's yurop tho
Ecco 1 is kinda mediocre, Ecco 2 is the great one

>> No.3676201

Both Vita and 3DS did so poorly that they won't have successors- unless you count the Switch, though it's more of a console than a handheld apparently.

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Can we all agree that this and God Hand were the best games from sixth gen?

>> No.3676267

If you're going by average output, there's never been a good generation of gaming, and if you're going by best games, there's never really been a bad one.

>> No.3676275

That depends heavily on actual genre tastes, and as such, no one will agree on what the best games of the 6th gen were.

Ninja Gaiden was a great action game, but I personally enjoyed Shinobi's take on 3D ninja hack and slash more. DMC was better than both of them. I need to play God Hand.

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Yes! I love Ryu Hayabusa

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DC: Shenmue
PS2: Virtua Fighter 4 Evo
Xbox: Panzer Dragoon Orta
Gamecube: F-Zero GX


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>DC: Shenmue
I agree. Honorable mention for Power Stone
>PS2: Virtua Fighter 4 Evo
Great game. Nowhere near the best on the console. MGS 2 or 3 is probably the safest choice.
>Xbox: Panzer Dragoon Orta
Anything choice other than Halo is contrarian and hipster.
>Gamecube: F-Zero GX
Has to be Windwaker.

>> No.3676312

Just because Halo was the most popular multiplayer game on Xbox doesn't mean there aren't better games for the system.

Also, Halo ][ has superior multiplayer and weapons, and playing as the Arbiter was more fun than anything from the first game 2bh.

>> No.3676330

Steel battalion is on the original xbox. Orta is amazing tho.

>> No.3676427

SB would be better if you didn't need that massive control deck to play it.

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How would you rank fourth gen systems, /vr/?

Mega Drive > Neo Geo > PC Engine > Super Nintendo

>> No.3676738

SNES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Genesis > PC engine > Neo Geo

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Spotted the underage. Mods?

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>> No.3677239


Don't let the shovelware (which is an omnipresent concept in pretty much all media that makes money, btw) blind you to the large slew of good games they had.

6th gen was also the last gen where games were mostly released actually done and not cobbled together with the idea that there would be $400 dollars of DLC and microtransactions added on later if the game sold well. That's pretty much the biggest reason it was the last really good generation of consoles.

>> No.3677894

SNES could only be best if you were a huge JRPG whore.

>> No.3677952

this is incorrect on a basic level

At 480i (so, standard NTSC spec, pretty much none of the 5th gen systems output this except in limited scenarios), you still had 60 fields per second, where half the lines would update each field, and every two fields would make a whole frame.
Interlaced modes are junky and you can see line flicker and shit, but you can get smooth 60fps motion with half the bandwidth.

At 240p (where the second field in the NTSC isn't shifted when drawn), you get a real 60 frames per second output.
Each displayed line of video is updated 60 times a second, unlike the above, where although the screen updated 60 times a second, each line updated thirty times a second, alternating between odd and even lines.

>We never said there wasn't garbage back in the day. It's just that games nowadays are mediocre at best, while 25 years ago you could find actually great games still.
the difference is that you're looking for the kind of games that were made 25 years ago to keep being made today

although, I guess ballooning budgets are fucking with things a lot, larger devs are going after safe, large markets
and in the indie scene, a complete lack of budget or effort (or style in a lot of cases) is killing the possibility of those games being good

also, that picture is too lewd even for /jp/, why did you post it

I'd probably go with that, swapping SNES and PCE.

>> No.3677961

SNES>nobody cares lol they where simply trash

>> No.3677972

fuck off nintenbabby

>> No.3678643

WHY IS EVERYTHING A FUCKING COMPETITION? just appreciate a time before gaming became a poisoned chalice

>> No.3679148

Gen 6 was the last good one.

>> No.3679182

4th gen.

5th gen laid the seeds for the cancer that was to come later on.

>FF7 with its mediocre gameplay and FMV cutscenes and marketing based on hype to brainwash kool aid kiddies
>MGS made it okay to LITERALLY make an entire movie a ''''''game''''''' and waxed philosophical bullshit for 2deep4ufags to circlejerk to pretending theyre hotshit
>dumbing down gameplay or outright emaciating game structures for the sake of 3d and muh purty grafix
>Goldeneye laying the foundation for cancerous dudebro shooters and FPS in general stagnating it for 2 fucking decades, now every game must have online multiplayer or else its shit
>the rise of hardcore maturrrre gaymers worse than 16 bit war kiddies thanks to sony and their advertising, now if a game is too colorful and not american enough its for gay babies and manchildren

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2004 is good !!

>> No.3679982

holy shit 2004.
i have almost half of those games!

but for some reason i wanna say 2005 was the best...

>> No.3680030

While I agree 4th gen is best, I also come to the conclusion that you're a bad contrarian. By that logic, all JRPG's have mediocre gameplay.

Your issues with Metal Gear Solid can be solved by simply skipping the cutscenes. Yeah you miss the story, but then what's wrong with good guy tryna shoot down bad guys which is what it boils down to. At least there is an incentive to actually flesh out a story.

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>> No.3682117

It was really good.

>> No.3682146

The PS2 gen was the last one with actual videogames.
Yeah it already had some of the modern bullshit but it wasn't until the PS3 when things really went south.

It was also the point where consoles stopped being unique hardware and became just shitty embedded PCs.

>> No.3683154

Besides Person and Dragon Quest VIII there's nothing good on your list.

>> No.3683190

The peak before the slide back down.

>> No.3683201

Genesis/SNES was the golden age.
PS1/Saturn/N64 was when things became really weird and everybody started shitting the bed
Dreamcast was the last system that I actually cared about
PS2/GC/Xbox all had decent libraries but games started moving into AAA territory where more focus was placed on story instead of gameplay
PS3/Wii/360 was only good for the indie stuff and retro throwbacks.
Today it's a total shitheap.

>> No.3683295

This. They're just lower end PCs now with an interesting exclusive every six months or year

>> No.3683315

Am I the only one who dislikes the entire concept of "console generations" and just judge each platform individually based on their overall library? You guys take these generation dividers way too seriously.

By the way, wasn't the Neo-Geo CD launched much later than the 3DO and Jaguar? Why isn't even on OP's image?

>> No.3683378

>but games started moving into AAA territory where more focus was placed on story instead of gameplay
Nah I'd say that was more pronounced in gen 7 with the decline of japs and takeover of the west, gen 6 still has stuff with plenty of gameplay like Devil May Cry, Onimusha, Viewtiful Joe, God Hand, From Soft games, Ninja Gaiden. Even the "cinematic" games like SoTC have way more focused gameplay than most stuff today.

>> No.3683401

>no Breakdown

Someone fucked up.

>> No.3684139

The 8th gen might as well be the 7.5 gen with so many remakes and HD remasters.

>> No.3684191

You are. Everyone else understands that the generations meme is based on the console hardware and designed to group hardware of similar spec and time period together. There's only one faglord on the entire internet who thinks a consoles library is in any way not a completely retarded way to accomplish the same thing.

>> No.3684223

>By the way, wasn't the Neo-Geo CD launched much later than the 3DO and Jaguar? Why isn't even on OP's image?

Same hardware as NeoGeo (1990) just CD instead of cartridge.

Genesis 3 was released in 98 but no one claims its 5th gen.

>> No.3684247

Agreed 100%

>> No.3684370
File: 3.35 MB, 3700x4003, 2nd_gen_consoles_classification.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Way to completely miss my point and make a strawman out of my post, jackass. Point is that a good game is a good game, no matter the platform it came out for and the best platforms are the ones with the best libraries of games, period.

The fourth gen consoles might brought us many good games and consoles, but I don't remember the Phillips CD-i being among them, so I'm not sure why that failed edutainment machine that barely counts as a game console is on OP's image. Same thing with the 3DO and Jaguar, which were both mediocre consoles from the fifth gen.

Besides, generation dividers are arbitrary at best when it comes to a lot of the pre-PS2/Xbox consoles and even pre-NES consoles.

Wrong! The different media changes everything. You can't just put a Neo-Geo AES cartridge and stick it on a Neo-Geo CD and vice versa (unlike the MVS cartridges, which were compatible with the AES). A lot of games ported to the NGCD also had to be recoded to take into account the limited RAM and loading times (AOF3 comes to mind, which uses much smaller sprites than the cartridge versions). Go play Last Blade 2 on a NGCD and tell me it's the same experience as on a cartridge. Besides, NGCD has a few exclusives that were never on AES/MSV and many of the later post-2000 MVS/AES never got CD ports

You might as well argue that the GameCube and Wii are part the same console generation too. I mean you could, but prepare to deal with Nintendo fans who will insist that generations are defined by release dates and not hardware power.

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