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>he plays doom without the status bar

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>He uses WASD for Doom
>He uses the mouse
>He plays at full framerate
>He plays it on modern operating systems
>He plays it as an adult

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>mfw someone uses dosbox to play doom

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Doom should literally only be played on a 486 DX2

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no hud makes the game more challenging and prohibits meta-gaming

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>He uses sound card instead of speaker
>He uses screen size larger than the tiniest one

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>he thinks you cant jump

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>He plays Doom

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>he plays video games

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>he posts outside of the general

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Anything other than the original control scheme is pleb tier.

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Keyboard-only fags BTFO

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>He doesn't play on Low Detail mode

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Anybody who blatenty ignores the user friendly control reconfiguration in SETUP.EXE is a chump..

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I hide the status bar.

You have more viewable screen that way.

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Yeah but how the hell are you supposed to know when to feed doomguy

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How can you tell if he's in pain or suffering? Just give him the healthpack that he really needs before he suddenly drops dead.

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what's even wrong with that? i'm not going to find any old PCs at thrift stores anymore and i'm certainly not going to build a separate PC for DOS.

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It still shows your health and ammo at the bottom of the screen.

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You really oughta be using a sourceport

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>confirmed for never playing real Doom
You take your sourceport features for granted. Getting rid of the status bar means you can't see your status without bringing it back, or bringing up the automap.

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