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can we make early 3D games thread?

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Don't jump when he's looking!

Gotta love those shaded flat polygons.

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A bit late for that.
You can make a 3D game that runs on 70s or 80s hardware.

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I think you've misunderstood his post.

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If anyone is curious how to do primitive 3D graphics, just ask.

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A very eerie and unnerving game

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this guy making awesome things for old hardware:


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Comfy as fuck.
There was a certain weirdness and sense of loneliness on ealry 3D games that modern stuff can't recreate.


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Wow, that's fucking rad. Like, hauntingly gorgeous for some reason.

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>>When you crash over the water and have to sim to the nearest ocean.

Sharks gonna get you son

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Games with polygons or gameplay with three dimensions?

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Fuck yeah S.T.U.N. Runner


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That looks unplayable. It was making my teeth itch just looking at it.

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>dat walking animation

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Isn't there a Genesis port of that or something? I remember having a little fun with that.
For me: Old Microprose games though the early 90s. Also Silpheed, Arctic Fox, Mechwarrior 1

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Also Midwinter / Midwinter 2 Flames of Freedom
Starglider 2
Carrier Command

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I love this fucking game

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Not really that early, but beautiful shitty graphics.
>that cat
>that meow

By using 3ds Max? By using old 3D software? By programing the vector shapes?
I did the /vr/ Fighters models in 3ds Max.

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Why is there a small castle behind the fireplace?

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Not a game but still relevant

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'Cause it's RAD.

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>texture mapped and gouraud shaded polygons
Literally looks like Turok 1.

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Early arcade racer.

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This looks ace!

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I will warn you, there will be math, but with 3d graphics it becomes easy and fun.

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Why do i enjoy these shitty polygon graphics so much?

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I wish more games had a textureless mode like Sim Copter pseudo-sequel, Streets of Simcity.
But yeah, there's a loneliness feel about it.
Like as it was a world of robots that believe they're alive but do nothing but following a scripted logic. I know, every game is this, but this kind of graphics make it more apparent than, let's, GTA.

Can you imagine polygon people living their polygon lives in polygon city?
Do 3D models dream of sprite sheep?

But this is sprite scalling

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really i wanna know how? I am into programing already don't worry.

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both are okay for me.

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This game is actually pretty great, it's a real shame it flopped.

If the genesis version ran like 5fps faster, it'd be pretty nice.
but it doesn't

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not that early but
i love the engine where they port from and lighting gave me a boner:


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really advanced from the old 1 to 1 or 1 frame per 2 seconds

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Will this thread take modern day gauroud shaded games?


This game doesn't really exist anymore I don't think.

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isn't it just the old name for Redout?

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Apparently not, it's someone's hobby project from 2007 and got greenlit in 2012. Never came out though. Very easy to get mixed up with all these Wipeout clones.

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what about Racing Apex then? That's another game that use gauroud shading and low poly aesthetic.

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Fat Worm Blows A Sparky.

That Driller GIF is from the Spectrum version. The C64 version has actual color, but runs even slower, and obviously the Amiga/ST versions run a lot better.

It was the first 3D graphical adventure game if you don't count Elite. It's also pretty dull.


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Also called "Virus", but for obvious reasons that's too hard to look for online.

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If it was 10 years older it would have been early but in the early 90s, there were already tons of that kind of games.

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Kinda remind me of Zeewolf on Amiga.

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No. This is a retro board and old 3D looks way different from those meme polygons.

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The room is awesome but those creatures always gross me out. Look like an anus starting to push poop out.

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houndeyes ?

because its from early gameplay footage.

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As an homage to Castle Master?

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You are huge meme

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It's pre-rendered, but still feature the flat-shaded filled-polygon aesthetic:
Also, in the same vein of pre-rendered LD games:

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are they literally write program for every point in 3d object.

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It's not 3D, but looks very interesting and playable.

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Found a video if it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmkYVSbodw4

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How is that not 3D?

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They said flicker-free but this is clearly flickering. I want my $25 back.

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Most of those are Super FX games. Wolfenstein was pure software. I dunno about Noah's Ark.

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thats something only autistic math professionals can do.

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Yes, I love the slavedriver engine as well. People who play the PS1 version or even that shitty fan made remake of Powerslave don't know what they're missing.
Also the Saturn Quake is worth it for the 4 exclusive levels, which are all good levels.

There is something about Powerslave that people fail to realize, it's praised for its "metroid prime before metroid prime" design, for its engine, but people fail to realize that it also excelled in 3D FPS level design.
Yes, it came out after Quake, but it was mostly developped at the same time, and its level design is very Quake like, they brought on the table some of the same 3D FPS level design elements Quake was praised for.

Quake Saturn is the most "advanced" state of the slavedriver engine. Sadly, it's not as smooth and can be a bit laggy at times if there are many enemies.

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Quake on Saturn is a great achievement but it makes Perfect Dark feel like 60 fps side by side.

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Like usual picture and a digital picture.

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I accidentally was looking at >>3670193

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This game is a 3D.

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Kawasaki Superbike is a polygonal racing game on the Genesis.

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F-19 Stealth Fighter by Microprose.

That thicc fucking manual!

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despite how absolutely incredible it looks, silpheed for the sega cd uses very little actual 3D, most of it is just very well done video. The Sega CD could not process things like that, but there is no denying the sense of presence granted in the game play, which is a rock solid 60FPS. It's such a shame that most idiots who shit on the sega CD for the FMV games never acknowledge the absolutely incredible things done with clever use of that technology. If you've never seen Silpheed for the Sega CD before, take a look! It'll be jaw dropping.


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Mercenary III
quite the cool game

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