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Favorite game on n64 and why?

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Battle Tanx

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Sin & Punishment. It was the first N64 game I played (bought a few before owning the system), and the visuals and play mechanics impressed me. It was fun for me then, and I still find it fun now. These days, I guess it is because it triggers a few people on /vr/ for what I see as "no real good reason."

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Wonder Project J2
Josette is cute and lovable

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Mystical Ninja starring Goemon

Because of everything, really, it's my favorite 3D adventure game.

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ocarina of crime, cuz childhood nostalgia

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Whats the game with the big ol' robot on the cover?

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mah nigga. Came here to post this.

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Majora's Mask

Fuck you, it's good. Great, even. Zora mask is fun as fuck, atmosphere is top notch, puzzles are generaly great and boss battles are unique.

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Bakuretsu Muteki Bangai-O

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Super Robot Wars 64. I've been a fan of the series for a long time, and it's pretty much the only N64 game that I like.

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Not a bad choice, although there are other good N64 games. Have you tried Ogre Battle 64?

Also, ever tried Super Robot Spirits? it's a fighting game spinoff from SRW.

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brety gud

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Oh, actually, I forgot about Ogre Battle 64. I haven't played that yet.

I did play Super Robot Spirits, but I didn't enjoy the gameplay. Still, it was neat seeing Ryusei taking on Levi's Judecca, even though it wasn't in a legit SRW until Alpha.

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Probably Ogre Battle 64.
It is heavily flawed and takes tons of bullshit if you wanna do things the right way, but I love the core gameplay and it is actually very enjoyable if you just use the dupe bug to keep alignment under control.

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definitely Mario Kart. especially this cup.

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fuck yeah, i used playthis a lot with my dad. He would then play all night long and he had verything gold, goog ol' days man

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props to you, those boxes and controller are clean af

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Banjo Kazooie- Great 3d platformer and imaginative and memorable music and characters.
Kirby 64- Personal favorite. Very easy but interesting 2.5d platformer, Music is phenomenal and it's fun to blast through in a afternoon or two.
Smash 64- Best multiplayer on the system in my opinion. Sure the newer ones are "technically" better but 64 still is different enough mechanics wise to differentiate itself.

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Thanks, I guess it was a result of a family that constantly forced me to put things back where they belong. Which is why it baffles me how Genesis games can be missing their manuals and cases. Of course now that I am freed from the shackles of family and extended family which were all neat freaks, I live if filth. I really got to get more space because storage of all I have has gotten to be a challenge. I cannot go full emulation at this time, as I enjoy both physical, and emulated.

A favorite between my friends and I are the AKI wrestling games. The later two particularly because running grapples was the added dimension needed, as it is easy to guess a running strike as that was all there was in a running status, but a running grapple made it a 50-50. We would make the most outlandish and stupid created characters, with strange/bizarre backstories, the dumber the better, and it was always a blast with everyone playing.

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perfect dark

I put 60 days of gameplay time between solo missions and combat simulator

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Mario Golf. The gameplay has some RNG and twitch level controls but there are a lot of courses and characters and the challenge is great for a N64 game. I know it's become a little cliche at this point but I think the music is "comfy", especially the first course with Toad. I dunno, it just feels so relaxing.

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Do you play mischief makers using the hori pad?
That d-pad's position looks kind of uncomfortable.
Also, S&P and bangai-O also seem to feel really good on the regular controller. Hori doesn't have the Z trigger, right?

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The Hori pad has 2 Z-triggers, one underneath the L the other underneath the R (equivalent to PS1's L2 & R2 buttons). I have standard controllers as well (and a singular Pelican Ultra Racer 64) and those games are better with the standard controller with the larger D-pad. Basically, the rule of thumb (pun sort of intended), if a game primarily used the D-pad, the standard controller is great for me. I just try to use what suits a game best. Also, that image was probably intended for those that just hate on Treasure games, as I said in my eyes for no real good reason (it's fine to have an opinion, as I've admitted to have a hate boner for any Mortal Kombat game, but I do not hate on the people who play it).

This old pic just was originally for stick replacement thread showing the plastic on plastic dust (prior to cleaning). I am still wondering how those steel sticks are turning out.

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I didn't have an n64 because I was poor but my friend had one that had this awesome game where you traveled around the world bulldozing stuff. It was almost a top down view.

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Probably Blast Corps, great game.

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Greatest sleepover game. Global assault was so much fun.

Mine would have to be Paper Mario or Super Smash Brothers.

Super smash when I was growing up, constantly playing at friends houses with 4 people was so much fun.

Paper mario for now because it's so much fun to replay and set my own challenges like no HP upgrades or no FP upgrades or low level.

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nothing tops mario kart

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I wish people played the Xbox port of perfect dark when it was put on the XBA. It left the gameplay intact and it fixed frame rate issues in game while even adding online multiplayer.

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>Next Gen Chameleon Twist
Source? Details? Link?

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Probably one of those Unreal "HD remaster" tech demos cobbled together with stock assets like those Zelda ones that Reddit and Facebook orgasmed over.

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This thread is surprisingly civilized with great variety. Keep it up!

I waited for it to go on discount before purchasing. It is very nice. Still gotta get the Japanese N64 one to see Japanese-faced Joanna Dark (and very cool cover).

That one is very cool.

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You cant make accusations like that without evidence. I ashume that you have some?

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OoT, SM64 and 007. For the longest time I only had those 3 games growing up, but they were good games at least. Tons of memories. If you asked me 15 years ago I'd have said OoT. Now that I'm an adult though, it's either;

This, comfy as fuck game, really good.

Or pic related, also comfy as fuck. Just reminds me of being inside on a rainy day, in front of the TV, having just changed into dry clothes. I don't even like golf, but this is surprisingly soothing.

I just love the 64.

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I cant think of a game that makes me happier. Everything from the game itself, to personal experience with it, including when I bought it and with who, to just that whole time period in general.

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I can't find a way to emulate this properly and haven't had a copy in almost 10 years. So sad :(

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Not the best N64 game, but it's my fav

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Just play with your bros

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It's so fucking chill.

MNSG has almost a dreamlike quality to some of the levels, like you're in some sort of alternate reality, especially with the sequence with the gates and the warping all over the place to random maps, not to mention the sand level.

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the soundtrack is exceptional

very underrated game.

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Donkey kong 64 because of the best soundtrack on the system and nostalgia.

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I'd say cheap Japanese console (like ~$30-40) + chink ED64 if you're that desperate.

N64 emulation is shit (outside of SM64 and OoT, maybe MM too), it's been said to death and it shouldn't be this way but this is what we have to put up with.

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Super Mario 64 possibly ,easily one of the GOAT

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Either F-Zero X or Sin & Punishment, the N64 was a pretty lackluster system..

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>mentions 2 of the best games from 5th gen
>says N64 is a pretty lackluster system

Yeah yeah we know it doesn't have a lot of RPGs and that it was basically the Master System of 5th gen, but it still has a lot of exclusive games worth playing.
There's a lot more than just Mario and Zelda, as many want people to believe.

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lack of rpgs isn't much of a problem, it's pretty much the lack of games in general. the N64 library is incredibly small. Ridiculously so. The Saturn and PS1's libraries blew it the fuck away.

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Despite the increasing shitty people this board is getting lately, it's good to know there are a couple of you out there who are still my niggas.

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>Bangai-o 64

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When you only count console exclusives (not arcade ports, multiplats that got released on PC, etc), I don't see there's that much of a difference.

Rail shooters is one of my favorite genres, and N64 has 2 of my favorites (Sf64 and sin and punishment).
PS1 only has one (Omega Boost) and Saturn has the Panzer Dragoon games (two of them, Saga is an RPG, and PD1 also got released on PC).

I love my Saturn I use it to play a bunch of arcade ports, but I know they're still ports, not Saturn exclusives.

N64 shines because of its exclusives, that you can't even emulate properly most of the times.

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The one where I throw my nshitty4 in the bin and play PS1

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We just played the same couple of games all the time on any system back in the day
Didnt really give a shit about having 100s of games

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>he was a single-systeam peasant

I feel sorry for your kid self.


Sort of this, you can tell people who grew up with a PS1 always talk about the same games everytime: Crash, Spyro, MGS, FF VII, Tony Hawk, Croc. Not too different from people always mentioning the same on N64 (Mario 64, OOT, Goleneye, Space Station, Glover, Chameleon Twist)

People didn't play Harmful Park or LSD back in the day, those were discovered much later, same with N64 games like Wonder Project J2 or Sin and Punishment.

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But anon, those hipsters on this board have got to prove how cool they are by playing games nobody knew back then! How could they even know if they weren't even born when the PS1 and N64 were still being sold!

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N64 should've had more shumps and fighters, nobody beyond the age of 12 wants to play collectathons.

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What other collectathons are there besides Banjo-Kazooie and DK64?

When I was a kid I remember my older brother and his friends would play lots of N64 (racing games, wrestling games, fps, etc) on 4 player multiplayer.
They were all between 20 and 25 y.o.

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>What other collectathons are there besides Banjo-Kazooie and DK64?
Mario 64 (the inventor), Mystical Ninja, Tonic Trouble, Rayman 2, Rocket, Silicon Valley, Chameleon Twist, Glover...

>When I was a kid I remember my older brother and his friends would play lots of N64 (racing games, wrestling games, fps, etc) on 4 player multiplayer.
>generic racers
>console fps
>WWF shit
Your bro is a normie.

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>Mystical Ninja

That one isn't a collectathon, the structure is more similar to Zelda games, where you get key items, go to dungeons, beat bosses, etc.
You don't need to re-enter levels to collect stuff and you don't finish levels by collecting stuff either.

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Yeah, but you need to collect all the lucky cats in order to 100% complete it.

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>tfw I never got all those

Anyway, you don't really get anything extra by getting all the lucky cats other than being able to re-play the Impact battles. It's not like you need those for a secret ending or extra dungeon, or anything like that.

You could say the same thing about the skulltulas on Ocarina of Time, or the chaos emeralds on Sonic games (although in Sonic 3 & K it DOES add an extra level and ending)

But yeah, Mystical Ninja ain't a collecthaton.

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>he doesn't like AKI wrestling games

And you call other people normies?

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Human Entertainment's wrestling games > AKI's

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Odd, it works just fine for me if I use PJ64. I don't need to anyways since I have a 64 and the cart.

As far as my favorite goes it's NFL Blitz.

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I feel the same way about everyone with the Goemon (Legend of the Mystical Ninja) games. Don't have it, and it seems so very fun, but I cannot afford it if I were to try and get it now.

I too enjoyed playing games for all systems. Saturn was my primary system at the time, but I did buy and play Sin & Punishment in its day on a friend's N64 prior to owning my own N64. (Admittedly, I have not played nor do I have any clue if Wonder Project J2 is any good, got it because it was cheap and had a cyte girl on the cover)

Not here to prove coolness, just the company of 4chan. Old enough to be a great grandfather to many here, knew from magazines and Japanese marketplace nearby.

I like the Fire Pro games just as I do the Aki ones. I do not recall a Fire Pro game on N64.

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The one that runs at 60 FPS.

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>Played Back to Nature first
>Can't enjoy this

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy how big the town feels, it's throwback to SNES, and the cute memory photos you get, but I still can't enjoy it more than Back to Nature. The days feel too damn short, no tool quickswap button, and 8 direction movement makes making a proper crop layout a pain.

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Which one of the WCW games had THQ man in it? also a create your own character mode? I had it as a kid and I loved it but I can no longer remember

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WCW NWO Revenge has AKIman in it

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Super Mario 64. Literally 20 years old now and there are still no games that even come close to the depth and freedom of movement.

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So, F-Zero X and Mischief Makers?

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Mischief Makers is a non-game for that though.

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to be honest the only n64 game I actually like is goemon

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Smash Bros is also 60fps.

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>webm has no sound but you still heard "HERE WE GOOOOOO"

>> No.3679452

>implying a 60 fps 2d sidescroller is impressive

Treasuredrones have ruined this fucking board.

>> No.3679460

Well Sonydrones and Segadrones seem to think that having two polygonal fighters in front of a 2D backdrop at 60 fps is technically impressive.

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What game is this though?

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Paper Mario.

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I still remember all the music from that game. Delightful.

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pic related

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1P Star Fox - so great for its time, introduced controller vibration
2P-4P Perfect Dark, Mario Kart, Smash - introduced breaking the controllers in frustration

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i bet you did the felicity bathroom bombing glitch and left the system on

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Truly amazing

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