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Which do you guys prefer, 2d platformers or 3d platformers?

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This is a board for retro games.
What do you think?

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I think your being a little hasty

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Is there even any decent 3D platformer?

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3D mostly because there is so much shovelware in the 2D platformer genre.

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2d errything

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Out of my favorite platformers:
10% 3d
90% 2d

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I think both have qualities and different strong points.
I personally don't have a clear preference.

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I have a clear preference for 2D, but still appreciate 3D platforming.

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3d is 100% shovelware

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This for me too. I really like platformers so its hard to pick a favorite between 2D and 3D.

I think 2D platformers tend to have tighter, more focused gameplay, whereas 3D platformers tend to have stronger adventure/exporation elements with considerably more variety in gameplay.

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Manley 2d, but only some games can pull of 3d

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There are more good 2d platformers than good 3d platformers, but the best 3d platformers have better gameplay than the best 2d platformers.

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>stronger adventure/exporation elements

That's what Metroidvanias are for.

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Does Tomba! count?

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That's a 2.5D platformer.

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OP here, yeah sure

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I think there's more good 2D platformers than there are 3D platformers, but the best 3D platforms are better than all the 2D platformers. 3D has a higher ceiling.

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Oh shit, I typed this without even seeing this post and we said practically the same thing >>3667906

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2.5D are best.

>World is immersive without being empty
>Games can be based on gameplay not explorational fetchquest
>Don't need to signal everything to player so they go the right way if there's an intended destination

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Underage post.

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Seriously, 2.5D games are shit.

> Jarring mix between 2D and 3D elements
> The style is never uniform so it's much difficult to make the graphics somewhat passable
> If the resolution is low the 3D will look like shit, if the resolution is high the 2D will look like shit

2D is the way to go.

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kys asap please


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I don't think there is a single 3d platformer I've enjoyed. Maybe Isometrics if you count them as 3d.

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Not if you don't like them.

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As long as the camera and view distance are fine, I don't have a preference with regards to their fundamental gameplay differences.

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That game definitely has an interesting play style to it

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This is almost completely true. A good 3D platformer has depth in its controls. Not to mention, a 3D space has more room for creativity (and more room for error).

I say almost because there are so many incredibly boring 2d platformers. I am lumping the indie shit in to this category too. I would say though, the best 3D platformers are better than the best 2D platformers but I would also say it's a close race.

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crash bandicoot

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