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Good evening /vr/ I am about to start my Final Fantasy marathon starting with the first game. My question is though, which version should I play? I am currently looking at the psp port but I am unsure if any of the other versions have more or less features that I should play.

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psp port for FF1 and 2

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PSP has more content, PSX is closer to the original.

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The PS1 version fixes most (maybe all) bugs that were in the original version, but is otherwise the closest thing to the original experience. The GBA version and on nerfs the difficulty and casualizes the MP system so much that the game becomes piss easy. To compensate, it also ramps up the encounter rate, which makes playing any of those versions a tedium.

So yeah, stick with the PS1 version for both propriety and sanity.

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PS1 or Wonderswan

Stay away from GBA and PSP. Magic system is changed significantly. If you're playing through the whole series, it's better to have the perspective of how it differs from other games in the series. The later versions offer only very minor things to compensate for this major mechanic change.

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No point playing through the whole series if you're playing wussy watered down versions. Play the originals and see how the franchise evolved.

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Do people really do this? I use to love Final Fantasy and I made the mistake of marathoning them in anticipation of 13 (whoops) and it ruined my enjoyment of all of them. I would get about a third of the way through and then spend the rest of the game just wanting it to be over so I could move on to the next one. I did make it all the way to 12 before I said fuck it and didn't touch the series again for about 6 years, but I will never marathon a series again.

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You might just be casual or not really like RPGs, man

Admittedly it's been a few years since I marathoned, but I played through 1-10 in order in preperation for Dissidia releasing and I had a blast

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I recently marathoned these up to IX (I like X, but I've played it recently enough to not merit a replay) and I decided on the original versions for all of them with patches to fix bugs and translations, especially since I've played the remakes before. It was a good decision. You really get to see the series evolve.

For FFI I did NES with parts of the Final Fantasy Restored patch, which basically adds the bug fixes found in the PS1 version. It's nice to see what the NES version brought to the table at the time, especially if you can compare it to other RPGs of the time.

II & III differed very little in the look and sound departments, so they're fine to play remakes of (unless you REALLY like FFIII's original job system, which is pretty fun, but broken,) but there is definitely something to be said for marathoning these in their original forms (with related patches where needed.)

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Play the original, you casual fuck.

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slight thread hijack: The mainline FF games I have not played are 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, and 15. I want to play them eventually.

What order should I do (I want to do worst to best, because if I do best to worst I'll lose interest and quit) and which versions of 5-9?

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I recommend the GBA or PSP versions for exactly this reason. But I also think FFI is the only truly bad game in the series so my advice is to just blow through it as fast as possible.

And yes, I have played through the original on NES. Twice. Don't waste your time.

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>worst to best
XIII, XII, V, XV, VIII, VI, IX probably

It'd be easier to recommend if we knew what you thought of the FFs you've already played

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Prepare to be bored to death

Play the Phantasy Star Series instead

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Shut the fuck up, faggot.

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>linking gets on /vr/

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This. Very much this. PS1 is so much better than FF1. And IV is better than every FF period.

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>Play the Phantasy Star Series instead

why? what makes the series good?

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>PS1 or Wonderswan
>Stay away from GBA and PSP. Magic system is changed significantly.

Agreed; although the WSC port hasn't been translated. If OP doesn't know Japanese, the PS1 port is just as good.

Might also be worth mentioning the early mobile ports. (Not the smartphone ports - those are completely different) The BREW version of the game is very similar to the original, but it's a compromise between the updated WSC/PS1 graphics, and the original Famicom dungeon tileset. Which is to say, it uses the original dungeon layouts, but the tile detail is slightly retouched. The original difficulty, MP system and original items remain intact. (i.e. No Hi-Potions, Elixirs, etc.)

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>why? what makes the series good?

Nothing. It's just some autist trying to hijack the thread.

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>Stay away from GBA and PSP. Magic system is changed significantly.

That's a good thing though. The magic system in the original makes all the mages suck. They're almost as worthless as thief.

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If I were to tier them with a few extras, I'd say

High tier
10, 7, 3 (DS), the two bravely games, lost odyssey

Mid tier:
1, 4 (DS), FFTA, FFTA2, FF12-Revenant Wings

Low tier: 2, X-2 (Maybe x-2 had good gameplay, but I couldn't get over the sheer cringe factor, plus I love X and feel they ruined the theme/characters)

People on /vr/ will crucify me for this but I care more about the plot/characters being interesting than the gameplay. MUsic is also a big part for me.

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>The magic system in the original makes all the mages suck.

Nigga, what? Fighters can't mow down entire screens full of mooks in just one shot. Mages can. Although a four-fighter party is arguably more useful for other reasons.

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>I care more about the plot/characters being interesting than the gameplay
>FFTA, Revenant Wings and Bravely Default have good plots
>2 is low-tier

Okay, Anon.

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eh, then you might start with XII first
otherwise my recommendation stands

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Are you retarded

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>the two bravely games, lost odyssey
>FF games
I have a hard time following you, your bad taste doesn't help either.

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Are you really trying to say they're not better in the remakes????

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The Fighters can cast the same spells with the same damage as the mages for free from your equipment.

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You don't even deserve an argument.
That's bullshit, you can cast only a few shitty spells like Thunder2 from items like the Silver Gauntlet or the Cure Staff, it's not comparable to having access to all the better spells like Haste, Saber or Flare.
Not to mention that you get those items much later in the game compared to buying them in the shops early on along the way, which makes your life A LOT easier, by the time you get the Silver Gauntlet you don't even need its shitty Thunder2 spell because your Fighters should already oneshot and tank everything if you've been playing right and one Thunder2 per battle phase doesn't help fighting those monsters that can bypass your fighters' raw stat wall like Medusas.

Having a Black Mage clear hordes of mooks, especially slimes, in the marsh cave simply can't be beaten by a party of non spellcasters, you don't have access to any built in spell at that point in the game which makes the Marsh Cave extremely tedious.

If you can't realize how spellcasters can be tremendously useful in fucking FF1 you probably should stop playing RPGs altogether, because they're quite obviously not your thing.

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>The Fighters can cast the same spells with the same damage as the mages for free from your equipment.

No they can't. There are only a few pieces of equipment that can cast spells, and they're second-tier spells at best. And you get those items so late into the game that they're virtually useless by then.

The GBA enhanced port lets your fighters cast shit like Flare, but that's also much, much later into the game. Like post-game. Not that it even matters since the GBA's difficulty was toned down for casuals. Even a solo white mage is no longer challenging.

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>First time playing VI
>Game glitches and i can't acess the place in the sky
>Quit for 8 years
>Playing VI again
>Die in Zozo because wanted to explore instead of leaving the shitty town
>Last save was before i entered Zozo
>Quit again

I finished every single Shin megumi tenshi game but i can't be arsed to clear Zozo again.
How do i overcome this feeling?

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You don't. You force yourself through it anyways.

Anytime you lose progress in a game you always always always always ALWAYS sit your ass right back down and play up to the point you were at. ALWAYS.



If you don't you'll never go back to that save again until years down the line when you don't remember what the fuck is happening so you just start the game over again.


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you think that's bad? I dropped it in the final dungeon when I realized I had to go through another motherfucking party splitup

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not OP, but should i bother playing FFV in MMVI the year of Our Lorde?

i've replayed VI & VII repeatedly, got through 2 once, and started VIII twice and lost interest at some point both times (exception: Triple Triad)

&, is III worth trying?

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Nigga V has the best combat in the entire series, it's just got a story mode that's incredibly adventurous and laid back.

plus awesome music

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FF5 handles its class system similar to FF Tactics, assuming you've ever played it. You equip a class, learn its skills, and then you can mix and match learned skills when you switch over to a different class.

The story is incredibly goofy, though, which was pretty upsetting since the game was set right after FF4. And there are also only five playable characters in the entire game.

FF3 is a very early attempt at switching classes on-the-fly. You don't get to learn class abilities and carry them over to other classes; improving your skill level with a given class just increases your attack multiplier, I believe. There also isn't much freedom with the class system. The game will very much force you to use certain classes to survive certain dungeons or bosses, at which point those classes likely become obsolete.

The story and setting are a lot weaker than the first two games, and there's no real natural progression to it. Something-something prophecy... then you go and do a bunch of unrelated quests... then you're in a whole other world with a different set of problems that had nothing to do with anything up until this point... then a giant space flea from nowhere threatens to destroy the world. That's about it.

Verdict: They're both worth playing at least once. You'll probably get more enjoyment out of FF5.

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I agree with everything in this post, if we're talking about NES FFIII. It was great at its time of release, but ends up feeling like more like an unfinished testing ground.

However, as unpopular an opinion as this is, I think the 3D remake of FFIII (DS/iOS/Android) is phenomenal. The classes are rebalanced, bugs fixed, translation made much better, and the cutscenes add passable story.

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>I think the 3D remake of FFIII (DS/iOS/Android) is phenomenal. The classes are rebalanced, bugs fixed, translation made much better, and the cutscenes add passable story.

Sorry, but I have to disagree with all of this. A number of things were toned down due to technical limitations, such as the size of enemy formations that can be encountered. The translation is absolutely horrendous. Aside from bad grammar and a general lack of accuracy, several untranslated strings are actually present in the ROM and simply flagged to be bypassed by the cutscenes.

The cutscenes were a nice addition, but again, you're not actually seeing the full extent of them due to the lazy and unfinished translation.

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>You don't even deserve an argument.

That's a nice way of saying you have no argument since the MP system makes the mages a lot more useful and you know it.

I disagree with this 100%. If a game isn't bringing you enjoyment then it's wasting your time. There is no reason at all to force yourself to play something you don't find fun. The key is to remember why you stopped playing in the first place so when the future time comes you can remind yourself not to waste time on that game again and instead find something else to play or do.

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i need help whit megaman 2 and sorry i like do this 01000011 01101111 01101110 01100111 01110010 01100001 01110100 01110101 01101100 01100001 01110100 01101001 01101111 01101110 01110011 00101100 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01101010 01110101 01110011 01110100 00100000 01110111 01100001 01110011 01110100 01100101 01100100 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01110100 01101001 01101101 01100101 00101110

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I mean, that's fine and all if you never plan to finish the game.

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Casualizing the MP system is absolutely not an improvement. Having to juggle limited spell charges resulted in magic being far less expendable, which meant you had to strategize rather than waltzing into dungeons and just nuking everything in sight. And bear in mind that these newer ports of FF1 introduced items like Ethers, which were never present in the original game. If you ran out of MP, you could just toss back a few Ethers and keep on nukin'.

I'm sorry that the original version of the game was too difficult for you, but that doesn't mean the rest of us should have to settle for a watered down "enhanced" port that completely rips out the game's soul and leaves us with something that barely resembles the game we grew up to know and love.

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Play worst to best

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>why? what makes the series good?
Much more unique and satisfying in general. There's a continuous world which unfolds, every game feels unique but similar enough to be enjoyable, and the fact that the story is effectively passed down from each game (and always takes place in the same universe) just makes it on the whole much more enjoyable than your average FF game. Final Fantasy, as a series, is fine, but it's just fine. It'll never really excite you or interest you in any meaningful way. It's a victim of overexposure, that's for sure, and even if you don't know that much about it you still won't care too much for them.

I've played I to X, as well as XII and XIII, and I didn't have a great time with most of them. Phantasy Star on the whole felt much more satisfying, as continuous stories tend to be.

Just telling the truth.

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>That's a nice way of saying you have no argument since the MP system makes the mages a lot more useful and you know it.

Mages were already fucking useful and they're busto in the remakes man

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>makes the mages a lot more useful and you know it.

No, it does not, it actually completely breaks the game's design and makes mages just fighters with fuel, you're just too casual to even understand how to use mages with the old vancian system, which is pretty sad.

If you want every option to be a "I win at everything" button you absolutely need to stop playing RPGs altogether and/or keep your ridiculous opinions to yourself, there's people here who know how to play games.

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Can you pay to max your MP out with real money?

If not, it's not casual so get raped.

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> I care more about the plot/characters being interesting than the gameplay.
> Mid tier 4, Low tier 2

Yes, you deserve that crucifixion.

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>the fact that the story is effectively passed down from each game (and always takes place in the same universe) just makes it on the whole much more enjoyable than your average FF game.
uhhh, okay. I don't see how, but whatever
I also noticed that you didn't say anything about phantasy star's gameplay
Is there anything that makes it stand out?

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>Being this retarded
It's time to stop posting
PS is overall very generic gameplay wise, maybe PSIV deserve some credit for attack macros and combinations but there's nothing more to it than that, PSIII had generational nodes in which you could play as the successor of certain couples of characters, giving you some amount of variation and nonlinearity, but the game itself was so bad it hardly salvages it.
Overall, PSIV is the only one you'd play for the gameplay, but it's still just as shallow and broken as FF, so it's nothing to write home about really, I don't get what people find so unique or better than FF in PS, they're both run of the mill light RPG series.
Play it and see for yourself though.

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Surprised this isn't being said more. The only way to do something like this is to play the originals on the consoles they were intended, in order, as everything else came out AFTER and may as well not even be the same game.

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No mate, unless the game mechanics explicitly twist it into pick-up-and-play it's not casual. The term has a meaning, unlike "twiple a" which has no meaning.

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I'll give PSIV a go then, thanks

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Bad idea. You won't really appreciate it.Your choice at the end of the day, but you're missing out if you don't at least play PS I and II first.

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