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What are the best /vr/ podcasts?

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I like WOFF personally, even if they occasionaly shit on beloved games

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I don't know if I want to listen to a podcast that shits on my favorite games, but i'll check it out

What are some pretty shitting on beloved game episodes? I heard they didn't like Metroid Prime

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The old Retronauts episodes when 1up.com was still around.

Toastyfrog, aka Jeremy Parish was /vr/ before /vr/ was cool. Talking about old NES games even during the N64/PSX era.


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>Jeremy Parish
Fuck off cuck.

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Yeah, they didn't like metroid prime, sacrifice, metroid fusion, legacy of kain or EBA, though they always give legitimate reasons for doing so and give them an honest try. It's an interesting format, sort of a book club for retro games, check out some of their more recent episodes and you'll get a good feel for them.

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Daaaaamn how old is this archive?

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Oh, I'm willing to bet to bet that the first episodes are like almost 15 years old.

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That's crazy

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>Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross grind Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee to a pulp.

>Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee is a puzzle platformer that was revered in its time for its beautiful graphics, excellent sound, and abundant character. Unfortunately, its trial-and-error nature hasn’t aged well. This is possibly the most negative we’ve ever gotten about a game.

Ugh I don't think so. For starters: puzzle platformer? How clueless do you need to be to call it that? Trial-and-error gameplay hasn't aged well? I'm going to venture a guess that listening to them will be a massive waste of time.

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>For starters: puzzle platformer? How clueless do you need to be to call it that?
What would you call it? A "cinematic platformer"?

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Pixelated Audio and Retro Game Audio are the best if you are into music.

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>ugh, I can't believe someone's assignment of a genre to this game is 2 degrees off from mine

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Retronauts recently celebrated their 10th anniversary last month I think.

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I recently played through both 2d Oddworld games. There were no puzzles. You never try to figure out what to do, because it's always readily apparent. The gameplay is about trying to execute a certain sequence of movements until the next checkpoint. There is no difficulty in figuring out this sequence, only in making it happen. Calling Oddworld a "puzzle platformer" is like calling Another World or Prince of Persia a "puzzle platformer".

When it comes to gameplay, you may like it or not, but the remark about it "not having aged well" is dumb. The only times some element of the game can be sensibly called "outdated" is when some other, later games have improved upon it. Interface can be outdated, graphics can be outdated, control schemes can be outdated, but the whole idea behing gameplay cannot be outdated, it's nonsensical to say so.

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yeah I just remembered that Another World actually had puzzles, don't use that to contradict me, my point still stands

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wtf did Jeremy Pariah do to piss off people?

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exist and have opinions

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theretroleague.com by far.

>not a bunch of loud retarded sperglords
>comfy PBS vibe to it
>hosts are intelligent

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>comfy PBS vibe to it
Are they having fun with a library card?

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Start an intensive high quality catalog of every gameboy game.

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frankly just getting the genre name "cinematic platformer" wrong lends the podcast no favors. Just shows a lack of knowledge - and while there's some charm in listening to people stumble and bump around ideas they aren't positive about, it's irritating when they behave as if they have any conviction behind it.

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Apparently WOFF just announced their doing Symphony of the Night for their 150th ep

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I can get Metroid Fusion and Legacy of Kain?
but EBA? Damn

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BTW, fun fact, the guest host on the latest hg101 podcast sucked off Billy Mitchell then got pissed off when he got all the attention instead of her at the Twin Galaxies event for her high score record.

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i like WOFF because they attack trash JRPGs and praise god-tier WRPGs

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Just as I thought. I listened to the first hour against better judgement and learned nothing. Maybe except for the fact that there are people who find Oddworld too hard and still consider themselves "not bad" at video games.

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It's not retro-focused, but when the Giant Bomb guys get on the subject it's honestly my favorite part of any given episode. Also every time Jeff talks about his garage I almost feel like crying a little.

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i've been listening to Intermission lately, it's a FPS podcast that doesn't have many episodes but is hosted by modders in the community that work on stuff.

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those sound like normal things

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So they're assholes basically.

On the topic, how do you do a podcast and not get hated by /vr/?

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best podcasts ever

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He's cuck.

He's also very boring, but that wouldn't be such a big deal if he wasn't a literal (metaphorical) cuck. He's unironically made references to "muh patriarchy" in a few of his videos, and I simply have to disregard the opinions of people who are that arbitrary in their thought process.

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do you even know how words function?

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literally impossible.

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Kind of figured.

Anyone have any recommendations for recording people over discord? I'm having a bitch trying to route the audio as a device.

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GFW radio is almost retro now

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For those who don't know about it. Its probably the best gaming podcast ever made.


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The completely unnecessary podcast starring Pat Contri aka Pat the NES Punk and his good friend / compadre Ian Ferguson. They wax lyrical over many retro gaming topics and the fact that Ian used to work at Luna Video Games and that Pat owns a near complete NES collection means they can offer great insight into the retro gaming market. Plus, Pat is Mike Matei levels of sexy...

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I heard this guy wrote a book called the ultimate guide to the NES library. Have any of my fellow vr comrades purchased it? I was thinking of maybe buying 2 copies

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>video game podcasts

literally why.
Just subscribe to Dan Carlins Hardcore History or something

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Mac or PC?

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Could you recommend some more obscure podcasts in the iTunes top 10?

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there are no other worthwhile podcasts. Trash media

Get into audiobooks.

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>five hosts

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PC - I basically was trying this:

Unfortunately, I might need to manually build the "devices" since the only thing I can get into Reaper is my mic recording.

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They're no more assholes than anyone else in the gamesphere with an opinion

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What I do for mine is use a combination of Adobe Audition and Audacity. Audacity records stereo mix, Audition records my microphone.
One's recording the other people talking, the other's recording me talking.

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That sounds about right, I don't have much to offer since all my years of audio routing experience are on OS X.
Pretty clever

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thx for the (you) senpai, started to get worried.

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stone age gamer is pretty good, they're affiliated with the store but only by name and branding, they don't run the store. they're collectorfags and don't talk about flash carts all day like you'd expect. the retrospective episodes are pretty comfy and the annoying guy quit the show a few months ago

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I'm kind of worried I'm the annoying guy and that was why I was forsaken.

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are you on a podcast anon?

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The Four Jeans and Shelley

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That sounds like the best option. I'll give it a try tomorrow and see how it goes - thanks!

No problem man, you offered to help which is worth plenty to me.

Different guy from >>3675796 but that's one of my fears too.

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Pat contri and Ian ferguson would have to be the cream of the crop regarding retro anything these days

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I'm thankful that his NES book exists, I want to eventually have that kind of resource available for all consoles, I think there are comparable ones for a few others. But damn if his taste is really questionable in some parts.

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>Ian has AIDS

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Good thread, i may listen to some of these

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Fairly Certain Ian still works at Luna.

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I fingered Ian in a nightclub once, does my finger have aids?

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You can still work and have AIDS though.

>> No.3677378

No but it might mention how it works at Luna every five minutes.

>> No.3678224

Can a podcast with five hosts work?

>> No.3678246

Does Ian actually have AIDS or is this some meme I'm not in on?

>> No.3678264

Not confirmed he has it but he has slept with guys that do have it, so...

>> No.3678343

So wait, he's a literal faggot?

>> No.3678347

Not anymore, we are talking nearly 10 years ago here...

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>"Kind sick of Mackey's attitude. I'll give WOFF a shot."
>listen to Deadly Premonition episode
>Bob Mackey guest host

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I haven't listened to WOFF but from everyone's description here it sounds like a circle jerk. I could handle them hating JRPGs, but not hating JRPGs AND doing what Mackey does.

>> No.3678398

They don't do what Mackey does, if you mean just bring snark and that's all. They're only really negative on a small percent of games and even on the games they're negative about they try to understand why people like them

>> No.3678415

If that's the case I'll be willing to check it out. Mostly I just hate the unfunny SA snark shit that Mackey does and his insistence on putting his personal views on political/social issues into completely unrelated discussions. But mostly he's unfunny and doesn't bring anything to the table.

>> No.3678607

WOFF doesn't shy away from political/social issues either.

>> No.3678707

I think the problem is they did it in the same episode as rhythm heaven, neither have played EBA before and expected rhythm heaven. They loved the aesthetic, but they got their asses kicked when they realised they couldn't win purely by listening to the beat, and need some hand eye coordination. They barely scratched through easy mode, and apparently only liked 3 of the missions. Oh, and they hated 90% of the song choice.

I know it sounds kinda shitty, but I really do encourage listening to the episode, as someone who loved EBA in his teens, I do sorta have a nostalgia for it, and hearing a different perspective was neat

>> No.3678745

Eh, fuck them then. Come to think of it, if they're friends with Mackey they're full of shit.

>> No.3678903

why did they like Rhythm Heaven so much

>> No.3679128

It's quite rubbish. It was torn to shreds in a few threads a month or 2 ago.
>political/social issues
Not a fucking chance i will be checking them out then.

>> No.3679676

Need more pre-2006 podcasts

>> No.3679708

He has a lower intestinal or stomach issue. Think chron's disease

>> No.3679712

How do you know he slept with men. This makes me feel weird.

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Famicom Dojo is pretty good

>> No.3679794

This is 4chan. We know everything about everyone.

>> No.3679892

most of the time we just make shit up and just parrot it until it's accepted

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File: 1.19 MB, 3000x3000, 302010alt_big.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On the subject of retro games, 302010 is a podcast that goes through history week by week, taking a look back at what happened 30 years ago, 20 years ago, 10 years ago. The podcast is right now at the end of 1986 with the Nintendo hitting American shores, and at the end of 1996 with the release of the N64 and Playstation. It's a great flashback. The hosts are pretty good too

>> No.3680108

Gotta agree.

For fucks sake I'm fine with "cuck" simply meaning "fag" but don't let "literal cuck" lose all meaning too.

>> No.3680208

The two biggest factors were 1. Rhythm heaven is more beat based while EBA requires Hand eye coordination (inb4 they had to git gud). While I disagree, from a more casual lay in bed sort of gaming style, I can understand 2. They way preferred the rhythm heaven OST to EBA's licensed track. Of course, this is a matter of opinion.

>> No.3680759

What is a cuck?

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It's the sound a squirrel makes, but that's not important right now.

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my favorite episode of WoFF is their Alpha Protocol episode because they recognize that it's not a fun game to play but it has RPG elements that you won't find in games like Dragon Age. They're good at analysing the pros and cons.

>> No.3681221

Someone who lives in east or west coast metropolitan areas.

>> No.3681989

anyone you don't like

>> No.3682020

In that case, people defined >>3681221.

>> No.3682426

did squirrel girl start GG?

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Lasertime is great, but I wish they had a dedicated retro gaming podcast. They do a podcast called "Vidjagame Apocalypse" but it's almost strictly AAA games. Blechhhhh.

>> No.3682440


Retro League is all right but the hosts don't know a lot about retro games. Also, take a swig every time Rob says "Yeah." followed by uncomfortable silence.

>> No.3682461

The Retroist Podcast.


Not the greatest, but it's the only thing I can think of that hasn't been posted already. The guy talks kinda slow, there's a lot of stuff I usually fast forward through, the trivia he talks about is mostly common knowledge, and the episodes are pretty short for a podcast, 20 or 30-ish minutes. Maybe some anon lurking will enjoy it.

>> No.3682803

Its time, for another completely unnecessary podcast...

>> No.3683206

YOU'RE completely unnecessary

>> No.3683397

Haven't listened to it, but the people involved are obnoxious as hell on Twitter, and IIRC are butt-buddies with Mackey so pass.

>> No.3683447

who cares about Twitter?

>> No.3683478

It's a reflection of their work. If they act like twats on Twitter, chances are they'll be the same on their show.

>> No.3683709

>Lasertime is great, but I wish they had a dedicated retro gaming podcast.

I would love that too. They've probably thought about it but refused the idea because I think they'd believe they would be "trespassing" on Retronauts territory, and they're good friends with Mackey, so...

Maybe if Retronauts ends they could take its place

>> No.3684532

legitimately never heard of this one. Will check out

>> No.3684593


They ARE obnoxious, but that's the appeal to me.

I like Retronauts but their tone is mostly subdued and business-like with a sprinkling of snark. I'd love a crazy, obnoxious, balls-out retro podcast done by people who can articulate well.

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Who do you think Vivian James was based on? But yeah, Jeremy Pariah is pleb.

>> No.3684609

no I like Jeremy Parish. I think he's swell

>> No.3685502

Its time....

>> No.3685504

Time for what?

>> No.3685686

Legacy Music Hour is comfy.

>> No.3686424

Never even hears of this one

>> No.3687324

http://www.retronauts.com/?p=1541 lol

>> No.3687421

I hope this goes good for him but honestly I'd rather him do anything other than Retronauts now

>> No.3687748

I don't know how they'll keep the show fresh by ramping up the frequency, they're long in the tooth as it is.

>> No.3688163

Maybe so but it's been so long they could do repeat episodes and it would be a New Thing

>> No.3688883

I liked the tangents on the podcast because they usually go to interesting places like weird laws in Washington and the one about how entertainment has normalized transgression

>> No.3689745


>> No.3689754

Everything Jeremy does flounders in mediocrity and/or obsolescence. I doubt he can make a living off of it. I mean, he was the EIC of a games site and still having a hard time with his wife's medical bills or whatever. Seems like a dumb move.

>> No.3689762

Also the new Retronauts is good if only for Ray being there to tell Bob Faggy that Sonic 1 isn't actually a hard game, he just sucks shit at games in general.

>> No.3689764

He's not getting an insane amount of money from Patreon

>> No.3690305

If that were a Patreon stretch goal I'd fund the shit out of it. Like, if you could request an episode where Bob has to explain why he's such a faggot.

>> No.3690339

Man, I sure wish Ray was on more often. He's was always the most down to earth personality on the show, and pretty knowledgeable about most of their episode topics. Instead it's been the Mackey power hour for years now. Atleast when Ray is on, he's a perfect foil to Mackey. Not retro, but No More Whoppers is pretty great.

>> No.3690948

Retronauts is too J-focused

>> No.3690990

Almost any TRS podcast is good

>> No.3691013


As a J-focused gamer, this is a good thing for me.

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I dig WOFF and Abject Suffering, but I really dislike that smug prick Gary. Kole is a bro though (and his other podcast Those Damn Ross Kids is pretty funny).

>> No.3691098

Ray is the man and NoMoWo is easily my favorite podcast. Currently trying to catch up on the entire series (I got into it way late), ~60 episodes to go.

>> No.3691105

They're the majority and only retro games worth playing, retard

>> No.3691112

Is No More Whoppers just a general games cast?

>> No.3691194

Not exactly, it's self-described as '...a podcast about two best friends trying to get to sleep at a sleepover. But, Ray and Alex are both into retro games so it comes up a lot. Alex lives in Japan and runs a retro game bar called Critical Hit, and Ray lives on the west coast and works in the games industry, but he does his own magazine called Scroll and is generally just super knowledgable. They're both rad guys and the show is just really funny (it actually makes me laugh, like walking down the street), and often veers into talking about games, but it's not solely about games.

>> No.3691216

Have any of you guys listened to the completely unnecessary podcast?

>> No.3691304

No, I think I read enough from all of the threads here about them.

Seriously, are there any fucking podcasts where the hosts are not East/west coast liberal stereotypes?

>> No.3691365

Not too many yokel rednecks are capable of articulating themselves well enough to put themselves on a platform required to do just that.

>> No.3691369

I'm almost done binging WoFF. What other podcasts on the network do you recommend?

>> No.3691379

So basically just fags and cucks without jobs, got it.

>> No.3691381
File: 491 KB, 500x277, Disappointed Rabbit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's not start this, guys

>> No.3691386

I guess to put it in a less-inflammatory way, are there any retro-gaming podcasts that don't shoe-horn in political/social justice stuff? Retronauts does it, WOFF and CUP apparently do it, the HG101 podcast didn't used to but does now.

>> No.3691614

The guys on Three Moves Ahead are pretty old-school. One guy apparently hasn't played a new game since 2002. If strategy game talk is your thing, 3MA is a definite recommend.

It's very charming

>> No.3691825


I really only listen to the ones I mentioned, as well as Teenage Dirtbags (which is alright). I've heard decent things about Bonfireside Chat, but I'm not that into the Souls games to really enjoy it.

>> No.3691920

i've been meaning to check out BC so I'll start while I'm on Christmas break

>> No.3692028

oh okay

>> No.3692031

Completely unnecessary podcast for the win. It is great to see the famous Pat Contri soldier on while Ian recovers. Has anyone checked out his great new app? It includes pretty much all the information from his book, the ultimate guide to the NES

>> No.3692034

That book was great, I ended up buying 2 copies...

>> No.3692035

Im really interested in this app, so much info at your fingertips for next to nothing...

>> No.3692036

I thought it was a great read, so much info and the anecdotes were amusing, good price to for the size of it

>> No.3692042

I've actually wanted to start a podcast.

What makes a great one?

Obviously you need some people with strong opinions, since wishy washy people are boring

>> No.3692064

When will 8 bit brody do a podcast? That is something I need now...

>> No.3692565


>soldier on while Ian recovers

You say that like it would be difficult to do. Also,


Pat please go.

>> No.3693141


He's stubborn on it

>> No.3693145

Have a format; don't just shoot the shit. Get to the point and stay on it.

Edit that shit; respect your listeners' time, and cut out long pauses or moments when you have to look things up or check facts.

Make sure you and your cohosts don't say "um," "uh," "like," "you know," etc, and just generally make sure nobody articulates like an idiot. I know a knowledgeable, opinionated guy who can hold a conversation about old games, but he constantly misuses or mispronounces words. You know the copypasta that goes "Allow me to play doubles advocate here for a moment. For all intensive purposes..."? That's how this dude talks, and I would turn that shit off in ten seconds if I heard it, even if he was saying reasonable things.

>> No.3693150

If your more into them just fucking around and shooting the shit, abject sufferings alright

>> No.3693390

so it's all the tangential stuff?

>> No.3693785

I want a podcast that doesn't just talk about retro games, but instead compare them to where games have gone. I want a cast that does not shelter in ages past but rather looks back with a modern mind. I don't want a podcast that feels trap in retro, but breaths life!

Is there such a cast?

>> No.3693938

I think thats really important.

A "retro" podcast would die out pretty fast since theres no new stuff coming out and I think people are honestly pretty aware of whats good.

I think the hardest thing about starting a podcast would be finding people to do it with

>> No.3693982

8bitBrody pls go

>> No.3694015

8bitbrody is the hero this thread/podcast needs

>> No.3694017

Who is this strange fellow you speak of, 8 bit brody?

>> No.3694030

And they also sometimes like to talk politics, so if that ain't your shit then be aware.

Also, I love you

>> No.3694117

What about talking to your imaginary friend?

>> No.3694372

I don't MIND politics. It comes down to what my mood is

>> No.3694435

My problem with it is that most of the time people don't bring it into the context of discussion in a meaningful way. Basically it only ever amounts to somebody bitching about things that they don't like.

>> No.3694459


>> No.3694623

I'm up for any podcast now that Super Best Friends is in jeopardy

>> No.3695184

time to start binging CUP

>> No.3696694

I'm hoping that duckfeed's popularity skyrockets so they can do podcasting full-time and start that Final Fantasy podcast that would just be the BFSC of FF

>> No.3698835

Just as Retronauts had a decent episode, they follow it up with an godawful piece of shit. A Christmas episode about a show that no one cares about, commented on by the Lasertime Loser gang. This is the one that makes me unsubscribe.

>> No.3698969
File: 754 KB, 1280x823, World_of_Final_Fantasy_Characters_and_Mega_Mirage_Summons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have left Retronauts (for 11111 episodes) and instead embraced NEW WOFF

WOFF analyses the video games while understanding that all pieces of media deserve to have their pros and cons weighed.

I have been waiting for a LONG time for something like WOFF.

Maybe WOFF should do an episode on WoFF(world of Final Fantasy) although one of the hosts played and didn't like it (Tutorials)

>> No.3699097

Actually just tried the Pokeyman episode and the first thing I hear is SJW whining about muh US election. No thank you.

>> No.3699105

This. This is so sad. I can't believe it's coming to an end

>> No.3699169

which of the Lasertime gang would even do the podcast?

>> No.3699398

Its time.....

>> No.3699403

For another completely unnecessary podcast

>> No.3700335

at least SOMEBODY out there cares about Neverwinter Nights 2

>> No.3700454

Has anyone hear checked out the completely unnecessary podcast with Pat Contri and Ian Ferguson? Thoughts? What could they add to make it even better?

>> No.3700469

>I wish some podcasters would get together and do a franchise-wide retrospective on ________


>> No.3700485

Retro Game Audio is great

>> No.3700652

Anyone else listen to Derek and Don? They're idiots, but the show's got a homely feel. Don't bother with the Is It Worth It? filler guy.


>> No.3700819

Dragon Quest

Retronauts had an episode on it (they're usually anal about any kind of difficulty but they really love the DQ franchise) and it was good! more of that, but maybe not Retronauts people

>> No.3701871

Chris and/or Brett, (though Dave is the broest of bro tiers.) Any retro video playthough they do is usally worth a laugh, but their informational videos have been good too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PV_snTD-Jw&t=465s

>> No.3702301

I like Chris the best out of all of them because he seems pretty wild. Like, he's most definitely done meth

>> No.3702970

Chris, Brett, Dave all my podcast husbandos

>> No.3703563
File: 134 KB, 1280x720, IMG_3547.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uhh these beta men are disgusting, stop shilling these faggots

>> No.3705723

The one and only 8 bit brody, the hero retro gaming needs

>> No.3705758

i like them

>> No.3705765

Why are people so crazy about 8 bit Brody?

>> No.3705909

Probably because you have unkempt hair and man tits

>> No.3707235

Who are they even?

>> No.3707335

I REALLY want to like these guys, but sometimes their knowledge is way more limited and basic for guys doing a podcast about something as niche as Famicom.

>> No.3708320

My hair and chest are fine

>> No.3708335

The duck feed guys and Bob Mackey

>> No.3708620

Sometimes that's what makes the podcast really memorable for me. They come in at an interesting angle

>> No.3708870
File: 183 KB, 956x941, horridus in chains.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The best gaming podcast I ever heard was Video Games Newspaper, which was a truly objective video game review show. Unfortunately it's no longer with us, but when I think of objective game reviews, reviews without bias, I think of VG Newspaper. It was a cut above at a time when the industry was being bogged down by bias and personal interest. I needed that in my life.

>> No.3709668

>ywn have nice hair like Bob Mackey

>> No.3709930

Wow. He looks like more of a twerp than I would have imagined.

>> No.3709947

So a bunch of windbags. No such thing as objective reviews without bias.

>> No.3709996

>No such thing as objective reviews without bias

That's why I only listen to robot reviewers that detach themselves from emotions.

>> No.3710541

That's exactly right, there is no review without personal bias.

The problem is when reviewers blatantly ignore their biases and let it effect the review.

I've always said you should find a reviewer that you can sync up with and have similar tastes too. That way if they say they like X game from a genre that neither of you are huge fans of, it may be worth checking out.

The problem is most reviewers these days are:
>Bad at what they do
>Unprofessional, and have either no standards or think they have good standards but their content is actually garbage
>Let their shitty useless opinions and thin skin ruin their content
Look at TotalBiscuit for a shining example of this. He's a reviewer, but he claims his reviews are "first looks" as a shield to actually not have to have correct opinions. When you make a video responding to fans criticisms and dismissing valid criticisms using that as a defense it's disgusting.
>Focus less on informative reviews, and more bad comedy
AngryJoe and ProJared are really, really bad offenders of this. AngryJoe has absolutely atrocious comedic timing.

>Focus too much on in depth reviews that include heavy spoilers or essentially make the game not even worth playing
Even the smaller guys like Joseph Anderson are guilty of this. His SOMA review is good, but now I have no need to play it since I got the entire jist of the game in that video.

I couldn't even tell you who the reviewers are at IGN, Gamespot, and the other big review sites since they've seemed to just dissipate and it's a new guy every review. I used to know the guys doing the reviews on the big sites and could assert if their opinions were valid or not.

>> No.3710590

>>Talking about old NES games even during the N64/PSX era.
>listening to the first podcast dealing with FF3j
>>Talking about old NES games even during the N64/PSX era.
>talking about the DS RERELEASE OF THE GAME

>> No.3711174


I thought they did a good job on Suikoden 2.

Wish they'd do more though.

>> No.3711182


the book is trash dont wast money on it

>> No.3711203

Reported, mods please delete this comment. This is theft

>> No.3711214

You realize this is 4chan right? There's literally a whole board for 'theft'.

>> No.3711264

Yes, I realize. I had the last thread closed that tried to leak this book around a week ago.

>> No.3711698

Hey buddy, I think you've got the wrong board. /lgbt/ is two blocks down.

>> No.3711714


>> No.3712863

Are you fucking serious?

>> No.3712906

Do more of the Suikoden series?

>> No.3713006

Verficktes Radio Nukular ihr Muschis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.3713031

Not sure if being sarcastic or actually doesn't know.

>> No.3713041

I missed this meme. Help a brother out? Is this copypasta from a shill post?

>> No.3713047

People like you are completely fucking insufferable. If you want a strict format and flow of information than just read a sterile article. Podcasts don't fucking work unless there is chemistry there, and people *are* just shooting the shit for a while and interacting naturally. Unless you've ascended to a level of turbo-autismo previously thought to exist only in legend. You're also vastly in the minority on this one. And objectively wrong.

>> No.3713841

I don't listen to vidya podcast, but a life well wasted is fantastic is generally /be/ focused. I also liked his albums, which he posted for free on the feed.

>> No.3713953
File: 27 KB, 190x331, 1283204582854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>pat starts talking about politics

>> No.3714408

I think he's correct in that there needs to be a format, it doesn't have to be completely strict and on topic but having a discussion topic and giving everyone a chance to speak is good.

>objectively wrong
Yeah usually when people throw this around it's never objective, and its just their subjective opinions.

>> No.3715078

latest Retronauts micro, Jeremy sounds like he's going insane.

>> No.3715117

A good podcast generally does have a loose format and bulletpoints, but as a listener if you have cognitively aware of that workflow they aren't doing a very good job.

Comedy Bang Bang is a great example of this, the show is segmented and obviously has a level of pre planning but flows really well and has great improvisational comedy, as well as having amazing chemistry between the comedians on the show.

If you want an example of a podcast that doesn't work go listen to blow hard on the smodcast network, awful chemistry and just doesn't flow properly, they often grind to a halt to keep the show on track, just really doesn't work.

>> No.3715437

You raise a good point. While not a retro VG podcast, the Duckfeed level podcast is a general video games cast but has a structure that makes me like it over the Giant Bomb casts and Idle Thumbs

>> No.3715460

are you a patreon supporter getting them early? I didn't see a new micro on my feed

>> No.3715472

>thinks there is anything better than the Giant Bombcast other than perhaps the Beastcast


>> No.3715612

Are you the guy that said he likes obnoxious hosts earlier in this thread?

>> No.3715747
File: 97 KB, 945x709, hank hill plays a game.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe I'm just not as sensitive to it, but i listened to the WoFF episode, the recent ones on Never Winter Nights 2 and they weren't that political at all. In fact the most recent episode went on a pretty tame tangent on why its shitty to TOLD YA SO people. The game in question is one that deals with morality on a micro and marco scale so the conversations on politics and ethics aren't so out of place like they might be on an episode of Kirby or Mario etc.

>> No.3716239

I love Brett's freakout when discussing the Final Fantasy numbering, it's so true and real

Also love this retro themed Laser Time video

>> No.3716452

well I didn't even give a shit about the book but now I'm sorta obligated to get a copy and share that link.

>> No.3716723

Why not support one of the hardest working content creators and just purchase the book. It costs less than a good night out and who knows, with enough support other books might get released down the line...

>> No.3717007

Why not just download it 100% for free right here?

>> No.3717116

Downloaded. It's shit. Only a mental retard would spend money on that trash.

>> No.3717165


But seriously though, I had never heard of this thing but now that its posted here for free I might download and read it, thereby giving me a chance to become a fan or supporter.

Piracy does not equal theft.

>> No.3717339
File: 172 KB, 689x763, wolfman sad2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you had listened to video game Newspaper, you would have seen the light. It was truly objective. All these Polygon kiddos saying that gaming news always has bias and is always political, they need to enlighten themselves with Video Game Newspaper.

It was truly something different. Something revolutionary. But no one noticed. I've not heard any discussion on it here or anywhere else. It was something that everyone was clamouring for that got lost in the sea of time.

>> No.3718009

That's cool now upload Moviebob's SMB3 book

>> No.3719347

bump for more video game podcast discussion

>> No.3719559

I'm glad nobody is talking about the one I'm thinking of.

Also, doing a podcast is a bitch if you have a job.

>> No.3719585 [DELETED] 

>Cuckertime podcasts

They're all social justice faggots. Please shill your cuck shit elsewhere.

>> No.3719616

What's the one you are thinking of? is it Cane and Rinse?

>> No.3719619

Nope. Two more guesses.

Hint - it used to be cool but now it sucks.

>> No.3719620

Question: Is it retro-themed or just occasionally about a retro game?

>> No.3719674

>Hint - it used to be cool but now it sucks.
every single podcast you liked back in the day before they got popular?

>> No.3719694

>doing a podcast is a bitch if you have a job
>implying take an hour out of your day is a hard thing to do

Yeah.. nah bro.

>> No.3719704

Retro specific.

Have you done one? I'm guessing not if you think it takes an hour to do anything worth a damn.

>> No.3719751

the thing is even the people who make podcasts don't have real jobs. They lie about it to seem competent but really just live off of welfare

>> No.3719769

Retro League?

>> No.3719871

Nope. One more guess.

>> No.3719906

Actual recording shouldn't be more than an hour or so if you have people who can stay on topic.

Sure, if you're doing it "right" it should take more than an hour, most podcasts don't bother.

What you need to make a good podcast
>Establish topic beforehand
>List of talking points about the topic, distribute it to member so they know
>Record, if people go off topic you need someone to moderate and bring it back
>Edit out the garbage, the pauses where no ones talking or fact checking, any coughing or things of that nature.

Helps to take notes during the recording for time stamps just so it makes editing faster.

It should take -maybe- 4 hours total to do a 1 hour podcast, and that's absolutely long, especially considering that includes listening to the whole recording a second time.

I'm honestly inclined to believe this. The hardest part of a podcast is finding competent people to do it with. The actual content of the podcast is easy if you have a theme or structure and you have people who aren't autistic.

>> No.3719914

I think, for legality's sake, that every podcaster should have to publically detail their dayjob just to prove that they work and don't live off their parents. It's only fair.

>> No.3719919


Jeremy Parish playing some Donkey Kong 94

>> No.3719931

Outside of Abject Suffering and (SOME) of the WOFF extrasodes, the actual episodes are almost always about the game and it's mechanics. People just like to attack the creators instead of the content

>> No.3719937

BTW, if you are >>3719694
I'm sorry for being confrontational about it. It's kind of a sore topic for me.

You're right on the money about your estimate - though when I was on a show, ours ran long, so it would be anywhere between 2 and 3 hours for a 90 minute podcast. The biggest issue was that everyone lived in a different part of the world, so that was a bitch coordinating. That, and one of the things that led me to quit was that there was one person who was always late, and a lot of the time we'd end up having to reschedule.

I have some people that I would love to record with but they don't want to do it. What I'm currently running into is that I'm trying to do a solo one, and to be honest I'm so burned out every day from work that I end up putting it off. There's a lot of little things I took for granted that other people did/took care of as well, like the hosting shit. Not a big deal, but little annoying things.

In the case of my former show, me and the guy that started the podcast had jobs, everyone else was either in college or living off their parents.

What about us that don't want to get doxxed?

>> No.3720073 [DELETED] 

Laser time a shit, they're social justice faggots who more often than not put politics into their shows. Fuck off if you're honestly shilling them here.

No one cares, we already established he's a boring cuck.

>> No.3720117

Classic Game Room?

>> No.3720132
File: 44 KB, 295x296, sad raccoon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh I'm never going to guess this mystery retro podcast

There are too many!

I've only heard of Retronauts, WoFF, Retro State of Mind, and apparently there are dozens of halfway popular retro gaming podcasts out there. How am I supposed to keep up? Sometimes its so overwhelming, all these podcasts. It's like that with bad movie podcasts too.

>> No.3720159

Nah - final hint is that it's not famous or popular.
Nah it's ok, it's one that nobody cares about or listened to before it jumped the shark.

>> No.3720192

That just makes me even more sad

>> No.3720623

They're really reasonable people and the only time they bring up politics are to address shitheads who will complain no matter what they say

>> No.3721616

Retrogaming Roundup?

>> No.3721631

There are many retro game podcasts out there but I only like WOFF and sometimes retronauts because most of the time retro game podcasts (or rather anything related to retro gaming) have this saccharine air to them that I don't like. They're too reverent to classic games (a few Three Moves Ahead hosts have this problem, but not the main ones). This is one of the reasons why I don't visit many threads on /vr/ except for those that allow discussion on modern titles, like the romhack thread and the Doom thread.

While most retrospective media looks back at old games and reminisce, WOFF analyzes old games through modern lenses. It inspires intelligent observation.

>> No.3721695


>> No.3722382


>> No.3722439


>> No.3722443

Ian's not dead

>> No.3722480

>denial is the 1st stage

>> No.3722646

He can survive

>> No.3722670

>implying Ian didn't leave after the Obamacare episode

>> No.3722680

does he have full-blown AIDS?

>> No.3723369

He might not even half-blown AIDS

>> No.3723812

At least one of the guys he slept with in college does, so quite possibly...

>> No.3724458

no WOFF is solid

>> No.3724657

when did the guy get AIDS?

>> No.3724687

His wife gave it to him while giving him a quickie after he bought a retron 5, she got it from her bull.

>> No.3724691

Cool Games Inc, boys

>> No.3724697

You keep using that word i do not think it means what you think it means.

>> No.3725630

Read his Twitter account, I think you'll see that it does.

>> No.3725910

Checked his Twitter. Apparently he's gearing up for a Metroidvania episode? And FF4?

>> No.3725981

Stop shilling yourself you faggot cuck.

>> No.3725983

Seriously fuck right off

>> No.3726012

Didn't Ian get GRIDS and die?

>> No.3726025

I enjoy Rebel Yell.

>> No.3726113

Pretty sure if you hate Lasertime you hate fun, jus' saying

>> No.3726460

I love fun. But reading their posts on Twitter (and the fact that they're buddies with Mackey) are enough to tell me that their show is not for me.

That's a polite way of saying that they're a bunch of cucks.

>> No.3726471
File: 267 KB, 1167x811, xxaass.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Checked some random retro game podcasts that I never heard of and at least one of them is heading towards 400 episodes.

It makes you think what it takes to get into the talksphere of podcasts. anon is always digging up new podcasts but never sharing! How are you going to represent your 'cast if you ain't sharing them?

>> No.3726519

Ah, I meant him talking this morning about how he had a dream about choking Hitler, and then made a Trump comment.

What I want to know about is in what way he was going nuts on the new micro episode (as an anon said earlier)...

Honestly I'd love to know. I can say from experience that being tied to a "name" site definitely helps, but even that is meaningless if they don't spread the word about it or even advertise it on their site.

>> No.3726589

How does anyone hear about the non-name podcasts like WoFF? I know Laser Time is popular but Duckfeed is its own network so I'm curious how people found it. I only heard it through /co/

>> No.3726592

I think it's a combination of luck, who you know, and more luck. IIRC, aren't they pals with retronauts?

>> No.3726595 [DELETED] 

What is the best video games For Game boy Advance for a gamer who only plays the games on Easy mode and just play video games rated E for Everyone on the ESRB?

>> No.3726834

How long has Ian been gone now?

>> No.3726992

uhhhh... what?

>> No.3727053

On the latest completely unnecessary podcast with Pat Contri, Pat has announced he is going to starta new podcast and wants to branch out/away from retro/gaming. He will be discussing his day to day life, thoughts on politics ect. Does he have that big an ego that he seriously think anyone gives a fuck what he thinks about anything else. Who the fuck does he think will listen to this shit?

>> No.3727081

I might try it, he has a good vocal presence and seems to have some interesting opinions.

>> No.3727118

Are you taking the piss mate?

>> No.3727662

Ian isn't the only CUP host people like

>> No.3727941

Everyone is pals with Retronauts

>> No.3729238

Hes not talking about games though, he will just be dribbling shit...

>> No.3729271

Decided to check out WOFF after everyone was banging on about it. They spent 16 mins discussing the "lore" of Megaman in the first episode. Yeah we're not off to a good start :\

>> No.3729274

Including sincere comparisons of some anime robot to Martin Luther King. This is some concentrated cringe material.

>> No.3729460

Yeah at this point it seems like any podcast being shilled here is awful.

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