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What is your favorite games to watch speedruns of/speedrun yourself? My personal favorites are Super Mario 64, Super Mario World, Super Metriod, and Portal.

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MOTHERFUCKING FREDDI FISH. i mean just look at this shit, pure fucking skill.

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speedruns are cool, but why is it that everyone who does it looks like an autist?

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Are you serious?

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You're literally doing the same thing every run trying to shave off microseconds.

It's textbook autism.

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It's more "Diminishing returns" than "Shaving off microseconds"

Tomb Raider. Saw a guy beat his TR2 world record by about a minute last night.

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I like retro shooters a lot, particularly doom and quake, especially quake 100 nightmare runs. Love that quake movement mastery.

Blood also has some nifty ones with the dynamite jumps.

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holy shit this guy has mad skills

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EVO is pretty entertaining and clever, I played that game for years before I saw the SR strat. It's hard to find a good run I can actually watch, 15 year olds that no life a game and glitch fests are boring unless there's a guy explaining the programming live (ALTTP reverse boss run). Ridiculously clever use of game mechanics for something I played ignorantly for years is a much better experience.

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I like watching the challenge runs like castlevania whip only or ninja gaiden pacifist. That and NES Batman

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>Tomb Raider. Saw a guy beat his TR2 world record by about a minute last night.
Link? TR is one of the few games I like to see ran

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>Almost an hour long video

I can't believe people actually watch and subscribe to this arbitrary "accomplishment" shit.

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Most speedruns are cool the one time.

I can't understand people who sit htere and unironically give a speedrunning stream their undivided attention because it's so grueling.

Sit through the first 5 minutes of a game a dozen times becuase "need a good start" have the whole run blow up because of "RNG" and "Bad pattern" and do it all over again.

I'd rather watch the WR run offline honestly. TAS' are cool but are often so fucking ridiculous that it's not even close to an accurate showing of whats actually capable.

Speedrunning must be some new age kind of self-flagalation honestly. I enjoy playing a huge swath of games and I honestly can't imagine sitting there grinding attempts on games I've already beaten and enjoyed just to go a little faster. It seems awful, and I genuinely think it would make you hate the game.

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To go along with this I'm only really interested in games that have a high level of technical skill involved.

Not like "Menuing" and "mashing through text" I mean games where you can actually go faster by understanding the combat system.

No one speedruns them though, because they're "bad" "speedgames"

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Athletes do the same thing.

>inb4 "hurr you're saying speedrunners are athletes"
No I'm fucking not.

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gotta go rng-free.

either that or go to the other extreme with procedurally generated and just deal with whatever the game throws at you. that way it's just an excuse to play a game you already enjoy but with an added challenge/motivation.

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There's a difference between something that's socially acceptable and beneficial to you (Athletics) and something that's fucking retarded (speedrunning)

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Why is caveman so fucking based guys?

>manly beard
>not a hipster faggot like the rest of the speedrunning community
>isn't afraid to put autistic retards in their place/isn't politically correct
>conservative christian
>married to a hot qt3.14 christian girl
>plays manly games
>hates anime

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Except that ends up being the same garbage

Take Binding of Isaac just as an example
>I need a good starts
>This isn't good enough
>I spent too long reseting, so I'm restarting the run.

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>just deal with whatever the game throws at you
what part of this did you not understand?

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>not a hipster faggot
>that stache


Anyway, Mischief Makers speedruns are pretty fun.

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I want that Klonoa plush

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I don't watch speed runs. I like to actually play video games myself.

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You can learn some cool tricks to improve your own play by watching speedruns.
It's not like watching let's players like Game grumps which are just 2 retards talking and playing games without skill or strategy.

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This is legitimately the gayest post I've seen today.

And I'm sick, so I've been here ALL fucking day.

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Doom and Super Metroid

I don't give a shit about being the fastest ever, but it is fun to try to beat me personal best time or my friend's. Been playing games "fast" since middle school, I just find it fun to do, but not anything worth obsessing over.

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that's the guy who got really popular because he told the little kid to shut up during his run right?

is he even any good or just cool because hes anti-sjw and a runner? don't get his popularity

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Some TAS videos are weirdly soothing. There's something pleasant about players going through the game at full speed, cutting through enemies like knife through butter. Reminds me of Win 95 maze screensaver

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hey narcissa, still see you're a butthurt literal faggot. stay booty blasted you tranny literal faggot

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>You can learn some cool tricks to improve your own play by watching speedruns.
I feel like a lot of people lose track of this and forget that speed runs can show a lot of neat shit that can offer new things to do when you play yourself, thus replayablility.

I know I've gone back and replayed games when I saw new things I could try out from speed run videos. In fact its probably the main reason why I like watching them.

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What about >>3663921 implies Narcissa?

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>hey narcissa

I-I-I'm fairly certain you have no fucking clue what you're talking about.

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This is why twitch streams shouldn't count as world records. There's zero pressure

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you responding to me? who is fucking narshia?

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>beneficial to you
>implying that athletics don't wreck your body

you can devote your entire early life training to become an athlete just to have a few good years when youre in your prime and can compete at top level and then spend the rest of your life suffering from having pushed yourself too hard

you might not even make it anywhere and can potentially sustain serious injury. yeah, there's nothing retarded about that

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DKC2. Once you learn the levels it becomes very satisfying to breeze through them with Diddy and exploiting glitches is pretty fun.

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YT name is the same as his twitch name

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you do know how imageboards work, right

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It's not one guy single sitting, it is a collection of speedruns in one vid. There are single segment complete nightmare 100 speedruns of quake though, of course.

That's definitely my favourite speedrun vid, I fucking love it.

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- somebody who's never worked out

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Anyone who waxes their mustache is most certainly a faggot.
>conservative christian
As if it could get any worse.

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I agree with this a lot.
Have fun playing fast but don't be obssessive.
This is why I don't speed run for its own sake.

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I dont speedrun games but I'm glad autistic speedrunners exist cuz that shit is rad to see.

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professional sports were a mistake

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Athletics is for people who are too autistic to play a real sport like football.

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Anything new and involve glitches

By new, I mean new to me. Not interested in watching the same game speedrun over and over again as if I'm speedrunning watching speedrunning

That TASbot shit is cool too

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>using glitches
Worthless. Might as well just do a TAS run.

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>I don't understand how it works

Wew lads, we got a real winner here.

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Only speedrunning scene I really care for is the one in Japan, and I'd hardly call that a "scene." Reason being, they don't attach all kinds of e-celeb rep or retarded video game "politics" to it like Americans do. It's just something people do for entertainment.

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Memerunning was a mistake.

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TASs are fun to watch but I don't give a shit about speedrunning.

I'm interested in seeing a game being pushed to it's limits but not a person playing to their limits.

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mischief makers is a good game for speedrunning.

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I never watch speedruns.
It's a pewdiepie sperg level autism.

However I did read about some popular games speedrun tactics on wiki just to improve my own re-runs.

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I love watching them even for games I've never played. It's addicting.

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>they don't attach all kinds of e-celeb rep
You've never heard of Batora, have you?

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Fuck off Treasurecuck.

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>what meme games do you watch memeruns of on memetube
None. But occasionally a TAS on shittily coded games can be good for a giggle.

Ill give you one guess

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>socially acceptable

Why would anyone even care about this? Do you always seek approval of other people for everything you do?

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Good goyim keep ignoring what other people think of you. They are just oppressing you!

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>Good goyim keep ignoring what other people think of you. They are just oppressing you!

Being unconcerned with others' opinions certainly isn't bad advice. The world is full of miserable people. If you base your sense of self-worth on others' opinions or values, then you'll just be miserable and worthless yourself.

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but jews want you to be part of the heard, you are tax-cattle after all.

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Doom 1 and 2

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it's not autism, it's obsession
t. autist with general anxiety disorder bordering on OCD

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to watch: ones that don't involve too many off-the-wall tricks but also don't have too many long stretches where you're just doing normal stuff but optimized
to do: I haven't tried in some time, but, simple ones and ones I know very well
I spent a while trying to speedrun StarTropics because I played the shit out of it when I was little and it's not complicated

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Mario Kart Double Dash

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Tons of speedrunners end up with horrible carpal tunnel or other issues with their hands and health.

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I did a speedrun of the Saturn version of Exhumed/Powerslave.


It was pretty exciting to be the first to try it on this version and I was able to use things unique to this version to the max. I exploited bomb jumping to the max of its potential for shortcuts, and I also found new unknown tricks like finding a way to use pots explosions and sprites to make higher jumps (even though the game is programmed so that you can't stand on them and if you try, it acts like it's all slippery and you fall back down)

I also compared the different region releases of the game and found some interesting stuff. Luckily for me, the PAL version is the fastest.
Running speed is the same as in the other versions, however timing of some attacks are different, so some guns have a lower firing rate and some enemies attacks are faster. The PAL version also has less items to refill HP to be found in the world. All this makes the PAL version the hardest, but the true reason why it is the fastest is that this version has a couple of exclusive glitches, including one that lets you skip level Canyon of Chaos altogether.

Other than Exhumed, I used to be not too bad at fastrunning Resident Evil 1 and 3. That's until I saw other peoples runs and for some reasons I really hated the abuse of inventory menu screen in RE1.

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That's because they don't stretch, do any extensor strengthening or take breaks. This is a problem across all gaming, not just speedrunning. This also affects musicians.

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Seconding this. If you're doing the same thing for a very long time (no matter what actually but it's most common for musicians and gamers because of the way they move their fingers more than other limbs I guess), it will cause several issues. I've seen some gamers playing hours or even a whole day/night and they needed quite some time to recover from it.

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I understand your point and agree, but there's a very small handful of games out there that just feels good to breeze through. Like for me I like the NES Contras because they're just under 20 minutes, very smooth and fluid, it just feels good to skate around around the enemies and blow them up without slowing down. There are not many other games out that there give that satisfying feeling. I don't technically speedrun them, I just go fast and don't time myself. But for 99% of games it just seems like it would be torture to force a restart because you lost 0.5 seconds. You gotta just find that one game that is so fun to blow through and it won't feel like a chore.

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I found a couple games that I can sit down and complete in 15-20 minutes that are fun. Zero The Kamikaze Squirrel for the SNES is really fun in my opinion. The same goes for Super Mario Bros 3 but I usually don't beat it, just get about half way through the game doing any% with no warps because it's so fun to play these levels I used to have so much trouble on and just breeze through them.

I can understand watching some streamers over and over because they have good commentary but a lot of the super autistic ones that start getting upset and do resets because they lost half a second are cringey to watch.

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Semi-/vr/ related, but one of the best games to watch speedruns of (and try yourself) is REmake. The addition of crimsons adds a new layer to the planning a route around the mansion that you have to weigh taking the hit and saving time or fighting them or taking another path. There's just so many options it's really interesting seeing what people come up with. Plus there's the incentive to speedrun it since if you get under 3 hours you unlock the infinite rockets.

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it's crazy how much there is about speedrunning RE games. You got all kind of runs, low%, 100%, with/without glitches, with/without bonus weapons. Then, you got all the different ports and versions, etc Shit's crazy, just look at a speedrun.com page.

I find it fascinating that the RE2 version in which you can skip door animations but not cutscenes is actually faster than the version in which you can skip cutscenes but not doors. I would have bet otherwise.