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Why are SNES games still $50 when you can snag a copy of the Japanese version for like $6? I get that no one wants to play a Japanese game, but games like Mario world, Mario kart, Yoshi's island, etc are still fully playable. Hell the Japanese version of Super metroid had an option to enable others Japanese AND English, and it's still half the price of its American counterpart. Who's to blame; normies who have no perception of value, worth, or what's overpriced, or nostalgia faggots who pay anything for their childhood games?

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Probably a combination of ignorance regarding how to play imports, inability to understand Japanese (yes, even if some JP games are perfectly playable without needing to know Japanese), specific desire for Ess-En-Ee-Ess, and the mere fact that JP games don't seem to be as desired in and of itself. If collector-peen factors in at all, the simple belief that other collectors don't care as much about JP games will drive collectors away from those games, a self-perpetuating scenario. Many new collectors are probably not particularly knowledgeable about old games beyond checking pricecharting, frequenting local game shops, and aggressively bidding on ebay, so I think it is safe to assume that a lot of new collectors just don't know things that you take for granted.

That being said, most of us here already know about this, but you'd probably be better off not advertising the relative cheapness of JP games all over the place. If you know how to get a deal, the surefire way to kill it is to push it on other people until they finally buy in and hop on your bandwagon.

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Agreed, but I think that the average normie doesn't see the point of collecting and chooses instead to emulate

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Most people here know Japanese and frown upon English versions.

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Honestly, I have most of what I'm willing to pay the big bucks for as NTSC-UC.

I'm going to actively start learning japanese just because of general interest in playing JP-onry releases and the fact that after 25 I've really taken a liking to do anything I can for self-improvement.

The cheaper price tags are just a nice bonus feature of that I think.

I'm actually really interested in PS2 and onwards Japan only games and imports are still so cheap. I honestly think once I reach a certain level of fluency I'm just going to go to japan, buy a shitload of games and just mail them to my house.

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I don't think that is necessarily true. I doubt that people who are shelling out $20 for Super Mario World are seasoned collectors.

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>I'm going to start learning japanese
unless you're taking classes, don't bother. I don't care what any weeb says, it is not possible to become fluent in Japanese without a teacher. The absolute basics, sure, but not fluency. I ended up switching to traditional chinese and haven't looked back

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A big thing is that when most collectors were kids they didn't rent the jp version from their local rental store or they didn't play the jp version at their friends house or they didn't stare at a jp version in the glass case at their local store.
Nostalgia aside tho, I think most people are catching on, the cost for all imports has more than tripled in the past year.

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Yep. It's over.
The only thing now is to wait for the 30 year olds to die off.

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Cartridge hoarders are retarded, simple as that. I'll feel sad when they all find out how cheap loose carts are in Japan and then suck the market dry without realizing WHY they're so cheap. (It's because you can't rent video games in Japan so people buy games, play them, and then trade them back for like 90% of what they paid.) Unlike the West, they prefer to only buy games they want to play, play them, and then return them instead of wasting all of their money acquiring piles of roms in plastic casings.

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>Why is SNES collectors be so retarded
FTFYK. You sound very mad. Does your mom not let her use her credit card to order jap games?

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Because PAL

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Most people here are weebs with no lives outside their parent's basements.

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>Who's to blame

The American resellers who grab up every used copy of any given game they can find, artificially driving up the game's value.

I can understand some rudimentary Japanese, so I don't mind importing. Most of my library consists of imports at this point. It was just a lot more affordable that way.

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japanese market is going to dry up sooner or later. American scapers are already in Japan to plunder their game stashes

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>Japanese version

I was in Akihabara a few weeks ago and they are rapidly ramping up the prices of old games.

The bigger anime figure stores are adding retro game sections, and they have signs up listing what are most wanted and how much the store will pay you for them.

In the elevator in one store I saw an add on the wall that the store was looking for copies of Salamander on Famicom, as an example. The adds for "wanted to buy retro games" were right there alongside ads for upcoming new release lewd anime figures.

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Also there seem to be dozens of different super famicom games selling for well over $300. These are open package grade "B".

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Do you rather buy SNES cartridges than emulate them? Do you buy them anywhere for cheap? Do you care how much money other people spend on them? Then congratulations, you're part of the problem.

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The other odd thing with Japan's retro market is that some of the really popular games are the expensive ones.

In the west it is the unreleased/dogshit/"end of life" titles that are worth the most due to scarcity from not selling well (if they were ever sold at all), while popular titles tend to be worth fuck all.

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They just want their shit and dont care what it costs

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Because they got popular due to Nintendo re-releasing shitload of emulated old games on Virtual Console, and also due to youtube e-celebs doing shitload of retro gaming videos, as well as sites like hardcore gaming 101.

japanese games stay cheap because those are not the games you were drooling over as a kid.

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CV1 is common on Disk System, the Famicom Cart version actually is pretty rare.

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>Bomberman 64: The Second Attack! is $80 for an NA copy, and 6 dollars for a Japan copy

Fuck me. That game didn't have much text to read right?

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I don't know for certain, but I'm going to venture that you could play a Bombeman game without knowing Japanese. And you can always take pics of your TV and use Google Translate if needed, I do it all the time.

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The cart version of CV1 is actually quite rare in Japan. It's a 1993 release; CV1 was an FDS game originally, the cart release came way later and was indeed an 'end of life' type deal.

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I ask because I vaguely recall it being super plot heavy for a Bomberman game. But I guess if it was mostly cutscenes that didnt affect gameplay too much then it is manageable.

Likewise, you can play Bomberman Hero without understanding any of the cutscenes because theyre superficial fluff.

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>Most people here know Japanese
Yeah ok

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I guess that makes sense. There seemed to be quite a few famicom games in the $180 to $600 range but also a lot of 1200 yen titles. I guess the market isn't far off from America. Just different titles are rare for different reasons.

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when has anything "collectable" ever gone down in value? never?

especially somthing that has been out of production for so long..

prices are only going to keep going up, get in now or never.

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I get tired of these threads, how often do we have to explain this before people figure out basic economics?

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>when has anything "collectable" ever gone down in value? never?

Comics in the 90s surged and then fell. Comic grading from CGC killed the value of all non-graded comics, and the cost to get something graded is prohibitively expensive for normal comics.

The really old truly collectible ones (action comics #1) continue to rise but the mid tier speculative ones where people collected them as an "investment" all collapsed in value.

Countles comics jumped up to $20-$40 then fell to like $5 or less now. People realized just how many were out there and realized how futile it was to invest in them. Others realized that "forced rarity" variant covers also contributed nothing to their value. Unless it was a 9.8 grade book that was never touched by human hands most comcis from last 30 years have lost value. People are paying $30 to get a comic graded and then declare "it is now a $40 comic!" and the CGC company is the only one really making money for their service.

It's fucking nothing unless it is flawless, and comics sold retail tend to not be flawless.

Games will go that way as well. Loose cart value will soon plummet, and NIB untouched copies will continue to rise in value. Companies will charge you money to enclose your sealed game in plastic so they can never ever be played.


Your loose copy of earthbound will probably lose half it's value by 2020. Unless it is unopened it will have negligible value as a long term collectible.

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Collecting in general is retarded unless you started in the 90s or 2003 top late.

Prices have been increasing since the mid 00s and they're retarded right now, in general, not just SNES.

>all these Saturn games I bought for literal pennies in 2001 which are now at least $50 each

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A good example of this is when the spawn #1 sold for $810 and everyone got excited.

20 years ago that comic was $40 at your local comic shop, with some stores pushing $60-$80 and gouging people. The movie was announced, the hit cartoon was on HBO, and it was the next big thing.

But that $810 was a one of a kind 10.0 CGC rated copy.

All other copies of spawn #1 are worth maybe $3 now, realistically, if you can even find a buyer. Cover price was $1.95. Everyone who wanted a copy has a copy and there are no more buyers.

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You can play any Bomberman title in Japanese, as long as it's not something in the Bomberman Quest / Jetters / RPG series that has a lot of NPC dialog. But I'm sure you could play those as well if you made a mental note of the menu layouts, and maybe consulted a guide to help you solve some of the more obscure puzzles or quests in those games.

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So much wrong in this post.
Comic market crashed in the 90's due to publishers flooding the market with crap. EVERY book had 40 variant covers.
Why did bloodshot #16 need 30 different variants?
Answer: it didn't. And when people all together stopped buying them the market crashed.
I have been collecting for over 20+ years. Everything has and will continue to rise.
And not everyone collects cgc 9.8's. Look up any big key issue. It's going to be expensive even in poor condition, not graded.
But this "everything will go up trend" is for the most part pretty slow. Look at the value of most games and they really have only gone up maybe a couple dollars over the past 10 years. It's only the very hard to find games or the very good games that are really shot up.
Do you remember the old newspapers that funcoland used to put out that had their trade-in values for every game and system they carried? You can find them online. Look at the values. Even in the 90's the games that are expensive now were expensive back then. When they were giving back .05 cents for smb/dh they were also giving back 30$ for little Samson/panic restaurant/etc.
I know how frustrating it is when games keep going up in price. But a 24$ game jumping to 30$ Over the next year isn't going to stop me from collecting.

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>basic economics

Except it's not. It's just resellers trolling garage sells and flea markets, and buying up every copy of a game to drive up its value. Then they list one of their dozens (or god forbid, hundreds) of copies of the same game on eBay and try to tell people that it's now "rare." The economics are completely artificial.

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No one does that. This isn't fucking 2008 anymore.
It's literally all collectors doing the reselling.
It's collectors going to every garage sale and flea market and thrift store trying to find games to flip/use as trade bait to get the more expensive games they want.
It's so retarded. "dude I hate these resellers, they buy every good game and make everything so expensive, btw I just found a cib copy of trouble shooter at this tag sale for 10$ and sold it for 150$ lmfao"
That conversation literally just happened a week ago. I've seen the same people buy 30+ copies of Pokémon red/smb3/loz. And they buy them because it is literally easy money. It's not dirty resellers that don't collect that are ruining the market. It's the collectors ruining the market.
Tldr; it's all our fault.

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>And not everyone collects cgc 9.8's. Look up any big key issue. It's going to be expensive even in poor condition, not graded.

Bullshit. It doesn't matter if overstreet or wizard magazine says your bagged comic is worth $60. If there is no buyer (and there isnt) then it is worthless.

Things were at their worst in the 90s, but very few comics published after 1970s have any actual value with only a handful of exceptions (very significant first appearances of key characters).

A run of marvels transformers #1-4 is worth less today than it was decades ago. A classic run of avengers comics in the 70s is equally worthless. Price guides may put them at $10-$30 per issue but go to sell them and they will offer you $5 per pound of semi-valuable comics. Per fucking pound.

With only a few special exceptions "collectible" comics are literally bought by weight. Comics are shit because every 40 year old has a half dozen long boxes of them and they all started trying to sell them.

A few flavor of the month books (New mutants 98 for deadpool, or walking dead #1) hold spike in value and actually have buyers looking for them, but 99.9% of anything that is not remarkable is worth literally nothing, regardless of what the price guide says.

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Once again, your post makes no sense.
No one goes by overstreet for prices and wizard magazine doesn't even exist anymore. So I think you need to re acquaint yourself with the market since you are obviously out of touch.
You highlighted what I said but you ignored it.
I said KEY issues there bud.
You pointed out how garbage tier comics are worth nothing.
What else would they be worth? Is a mint condition copy of Troy aikman NFL football going to be worth a shit ton even graded? No.
Just like there are shitty sports games and shovel ware there are shit comics. But the difference is there are 10,000x as many shit comics because there are millions of comics compared to the miniscule amount of games. The complete library of games for the sega genesis is 700+ games, just the volume one run of amazing Spider-Man alone is 700 comics. And to say that they are all worthless or that there aren't any expensive comics is Completely false.
I feel like an idiot trying to explain this to a person who the only comics they know are transformers, spawn, new mutants 98 and walking dead.
Bro, there are so many mainstream comics that have just come out within the past year that are stupid expensive.
There are plenty of old books that do nothing but go up in price.
Learn ur markets.

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>t. my ass

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Maybe for writing and understanding grammar and knowing 4000+ kanji but reading Japanese in snes games isn't that difficult

Especially for RPGs were 70% of the text is loanwords and all you need is Katakana to navigate menus

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People who collect Japanese SNES games but can't read Japanese are retarded.

If you are one of those people, PLEASE kill yourself.

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>Wahhh!! No one wants to pay me hundreds of dollars for my nearly disintegrated copy of Earthbound that I got from a yard sell for $5!

Is this bait, or are you genuinely this retarded?

>> No.3660896


What about the games that didn't get a release outside of Japan and don't have any story worth reading.

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I do this but only for games that dont need you to read
Are you still mad at me?

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What are you talking about. Why would you buy Earthbound in a language you cannot read? Collector cred?

>> No.3660917


He's implying that you're mad at those people because their desire for imports is infringing on your ability to sell them overpriced domestic releases.

My Japanese skills are fairly meager these days, but to he fair I've been collecting Japanese releases for around 13 years or so.

>> No.3660920

Yeah, must be fun playing a story-based RPG that you can't even read.


That's fine.

Debatable, but I don't personally have a problem with it. At least you're self-aware.

>> No.3660929

I get that, but he said Earthbound specifically. Which implies that it's better to import a Japanese version of expansive RPGs even though you can't read them.

That's foolish if you ask me.

>> No.3660940

>I get that, but he said Earthbound specifically. Which implies that it's better to import a Japanese version of expansive RPGs even though you can't read them.

Earthbound is the English version of Mother, which was released outside of Japan. Your post makes no sense. If a scalper is buying copies of Earthbound in shit condition for five bucks and listing them for hundreds of dollars on eBay, they're ripping people off. Wasn't that kind of the point that you missed?

>> No.3660945

>That's foolish if you ask me.

Starving yourself for a month so you can afford an SNES game is foolish. It's not as if no one has transcribed Earthbound's script and put it on the Internet, so there's no necessary reason why you couldn't play the Japanese version of the game.

I would wager someone has even provided a more literal translation of the Japanese script and put that on the Internet as well.

>> No.3660947

My mistake, Mother 2.
The point of mine you missed is the Japanese equivalent of Earthbound (Mother 2) is still useless to a non-Japanese reader. Other than shelf fodder, that is.

>> No.3660950

if carts like earthbound were so readilly available as people say, the price wouldnt be where it is.

there are not enough "collectors" out there to buy up enough copies to drive up the price, they are rarer carts than the norm.

>> No.3660953

>The point of mine you missed is the Japanese equivalent of Earthbound (Mother 2) is still useless to a non-Japanese reader.

How is it useless? Read the script online.

It doesn't take much effort to get a feel for the menus, or better yet, memorize katakana. Most menu items are direct transliterations of English terms like "Item."

>> No.3660954

>Yeah, must be fun playing a story-based RPG that you can't even read.

You're retarded if you think it's hard to learn snes Japanese

Not only that but most rpgs pre-2000 are terribly translated and you might as well nt know what's going on

>> No.3660957

Bingo. great post.

It's the same way with hockey cards etc. Back when the whole hockey card scene exploded in the early 90's to about 95/96, the cards are essentially worthless, as you said, the market was flooded in an attempt to cash in on the hype.

Before, and after however, the rarer cards have only ever gone up in value, literally -NEVER- down.

Rarity is everything, and condition comes second, same goes for old carts imo.

Games like Earthbound, Chronotrigger, etc. will never be cheaper than they are now. The prices may plateau but you're an idiot if you think prices are going to "crash"

>> No.3660960

>Read the script online.
That sounds awful.

>> No.3660969 [DELETED] 

I think you misinterpreted my post. I made this post >>3660862 so I'm actually in agreement with you.

Who the fuck wants to use a script while playing a video game? If you're going to do that, you might as well use a Japanese dictionary instead and actually learn something.

>> No.3660980


I played through the entire King's Field series in Japanese. As much as I like ASCII / Agetec as a company, their localizations are incoherent at best. So reading up on some of the series' lore online actually probably gave me a better picture of what was going on than sifting through Agetec's weirdly translated NPC dialogs.

I have no idea what the case is with Mother / Earthbound's translation, but I know Nintendo was notoriously stupid with their censorship and localization policies at the time. You'll likely end up reading a re-translated script online anyway if you're that serious about the game.

Bottom line: Telling people to kill themselves because they aren't forking over hundreds for their favorite retro games just goes to show what an insufferable individual you are. I have no doubts you have few - if any - friends in real life. If people want to save money, play imports and go out their way to read script dumps online, that's their prerogative. You may think it's a waste of time, but that's not an excuse for you to sperg out at strangers who are simply trying to relive their hobby.

>> No.3660995

BTW, I'm not the guy who told importers to kill themselves. I just agree with point, minus the retarded sperg-talk. Personally, if you want to play Earthbound go emulate it or get a flashcart. Or buy it on the VC.
Getting the japanese version just for the sake of playing Earthbound is jumping through too many unneeded hoops.

>> No.3661084

>Flash cart

That's still an outrageously expensive investment, unless you plan to play most or all of a platform's library. I could import all the games I'd want to play for that platform and still pay less than I would for the Flash cart itself.

Besides, Flash carts aren't 100% compatible, and even though a ROM may be bootable, that doesn't mean there won't be inaccuracies like missing sprites, missing layers, fucked up sound or palettes, etc. Imports don't have these issues.


But if I already have real hardware, why would I want to do this?

>unneeded hoops

It hasn't been any hassle to play imports in my experience, but you (or the other anon?) seem insistent on telling me otherwise for some reason.

>> No.3661153

>i can't read a lick of moon
That sounds awful
Seriously. It takes something like a week to learn enough moon to play a game like that.

>> No.3661179

I looked it up the other day and it's like 7 dollars for a loose Seiken Densetsu 2 vs. about 60+ for a Loose Secret of Mana.

It's getting insane. Obviously each console is going to have their insane priced games (even OG Xbox has Metal Wolf Chaos)

I kind of wondered legality. I know no one will ever go and seek legal action against you for roms/flashcarts but I'm building a website and wanted everything to be done "legit". I was thinking about if there's some fundamental difference between owning a japanese version of the game vs. the North America version of the game. If you have a physical copy of the japanese version, and then use a flashcart to get the ROM of the English version, is that legal? You still own a copy of the game.

Just some musings.

Honestly, at this point, I would say for most people, the only winning move is not to play. Spend your money on stuff that you can't emulate, like hardware. Buy controllers, fighsticks, consoles, other cool peripherals like gamegenies or flashcarts. Do not go and buy a 1000+ dollar Little Samson "just because". I like owning physical copies, and it's starting to wear me down on retro. It's even starting to wear me down to the point where I'll wait for the majority of modern to drop below 30 bucks before I move on it.

>> No.3661204

>and even though a ROM may be bootable, that doesn't mean there won't be inaccuracies like missing sprites, missing layers, fucked up sound or palettes, etc. Imports don't have these issues.

I don't think you will have any of those problems if it's just a normal ROM.

>> No.3661208

>If you have a physical copy of the japanese version, and then use a flashcart to get the ROM of the English version, is that legal?

No one gives a fuck at this point, but no, it wouldn't be legal even if you own the PAL or USA game or do retarded shit like deleting the rom 24 hours later.
I don't think security copies affected cartridges at all, but I could be wrong.

>> No.3661292

>I don't think you will have any of those problems if it's just a normal ROM.

Yes you will, because Flash carts don't always support all the features used by a particular ROM. e.g. Mappers, special chips, etc. Not supporting these features can lock the game up, or break things in very noticeable ways.

>> No.3661298


It's legal (within U.S. law) to make backups of any media you've purchased. Doesn't matter if the media is copy-protected or not. You just can't distribute your backups, or download them from other people. The latter would be kind of hard to prove though.

It doesn't matter what policies a publisher may try to push in some enclosed license agreement. They can't make up laws as they go along.

>> No.3661353

Yeah, that's a load of bullshit.

>> No.3661367

>Read the script online.
Might as well just emulate at that point.

>> No.3661376

>Why are SNES games still $50 when you can snag a copy of the Japanese version for like $6?

Just came back from Japan. Can confirm the US resale market is taking care to rape (J) releases like Super Metroid.

>> No.3661471

It's also bullshit communities like Speedrunning that are hurting the japanese market, not just collectors. I would argue that it's more likely that collectors aren't ruining it since they want the NTSC-UC releases instead.

Speedrunners want NTSC-JP releases usually because they're "faster" with less text boxes and such. That's going to immediately make everyone who wants to get into speedrunning be forced into buying the japanese version because of autism.

>> No.3661483

>emulating when you own real hardware

Yeah, no thanks

>> No.3661602

t. reseller scum

>better buy now guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.3661659

akiba and other '''specialty''' import stores generally have the worst deals around, to be honest.
But yes, Famicom/Super Famicom games have been increasing in prices in recent years, boxed titles are especially pricey nowadays

>> No.3661908

>outrageously expensive investment
Only for eBaybies

Ignorant armchair baby lawyer detected. Learn2DMCA.

>> No.3661914

Because collecting itself is retarded.
I fell for this shitty meme just to realize that if you actually are passionate about retro, you should be more interested in playing it than hoarding plastic

>> No.3661928

>I fell for this shitty meme just to realize that if you actually are passionate about retro, you should be more interested in playing it than hoarding plastic

This. Most """"collectors""" don't play or care about the games at all, or they're just """"""collecting"""""" (hoarding) a ton of shit within a year to sell off and hopefully make some money out of it

In my experience, most people I've met & talked to in the last couple years, when they say they're "collectors" it's just code word for "I'm buying up anything I can get my hands on to sell it in 6 months-1 year from now"

>> No.3661931

Unless they're first party Nintendo titles in which case good fucking luck.

>> No.3661940

>he fell for the traditional chinese meme

I'm sorry anon, you will never be able to find a job.

>> No.3661962

dat poor fag detected?

always funny people get so up tight here about how others spend their money.. really a sign of inner hatred.

When i buy carts i may test them out or play them for a couple days, then they go away with the rest of the collection to be forgot about. I just like having the original games i grew up playing so i can look at them once in a while and play whenever i want.

I've got a $4500 PC and every console, i dont need to play them all the time, it's just a casual drop in and i'm done.

so many poor fags on dis forum.. start working harder or grow up, your opinons are tiresome.

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File: 1.45 MB, 1920x1080, steins-gate-face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not even about being a poorfag, but people who don't even care about playing the games are snatching away all the copies from people who would actually use them.

Either that or making them way more expensive than they should be. Once a game has exceeded it's original MSRP is a no-go for me but I think most people don't even want to pay brand-new price for an old copy of a game.

It's a painful hobby to get into, on one hand I appreciate collectors because they make sure to rescue this games and preserve them. On the other hand hoarders and resellers and the fact that this things are so valued now means I'll probably never be able to get all the games I want to play on original hardware. Also some of us don't live in rich countries so getting a job isn't really helpful.

>> No.3661983

>I've got a $4500 PC and every console, i dont need to play them all the time
>then they go away with the rest of the collection to be forgot about

So like I said before, you are buying plastic just for the sake of it.
Buy all games you want, you will still be a clueless fuck about retro because you don't even play half of them. True appreciation of retro comes from spending time with the game themselves, not knowing some inflated ebay prices.

>> No.3661991

He's also retarded for having a 4500$ PC which he most likely does nothing that even remotely justifies the price with.

>> No.3661998

>dat poorfag and butthurt

Not every collector is a retarded hoarder like Mr. $4500 PC. Fuck off and grow up.

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>Have job

>Browse Ebay occasionally when bored

>Occasionally buy a game or two every once in a while

>Paying $30+ doesn't bother me

Can't for the life of me figure out why you autismal faggots whine about this so much, still a lot cheaper than new games and consoles nowadays.

You didn't seriously believe that these things would stay at cent price tags, did you?

It's not like I want the entire SNES library anyway.

Just stick with your sub par PC emulation if it bothers you so much.

TL;DR: Stay BTFO cheapsters. :^)

>> No.3662024

>Not every collector is a retarded hoarder like Mr. $4500 PC.
Yes you are, for the simple reason that your focus is collecting and not playing, as simple as that. I'd have much more respect for a person who owns 5 cheap games he absolutely loves and know them like the back of his hand, compared to a collector that owns 100 "[email protected]" games he haven't even cleared, the first guy is clearly passionate about the games, the second one is more interested in money value and status among the hipster crowd.

>> No.3662035

Must be hard. Getting so irreparably assblasted about shit that affects you in no real way.

Maybe you just like bitching on the internet probably?

Sheesh, first world problems, amirite?

>> No.3662048
File: 22 KB, 276x276, ugh (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why is SNES collecting so retarded

>"Why it cos' suh mussh"!?!

Hobbies are inherently expensive, especially when it entails collecting.

Get the fuck over it and go collect pogs or some shit if it bothers you so much.

You might as well be asking why older, vintage firearms are so expensive.

>> No.3662057

Not "assblasted"; just letting you know that you are enjoying this hobby the wrong way, you can still fix it.

>> No.3662061

>that you are enjoying this hobby the wrong way

Not the same fag you were talking to anon.

I actually play my games.

>> No.3662070

What the fuck are you talking about. McD in the few TC using parts of the world is paying as much as much as US$4.25. Anon could even get a job in Canada and make more. Until the sale the the Chinese gov goes through next year and they officially replace english and frog with SC.
Love TC BTW. It's just going to be useless for anything except reading the price of a catty of chicken feet in a market in HK in a few years.

>> No.3662304

Xbox 360 games are really cheap now, should get in on that before it gets somewhat old and price rising. I've noticed at least in my country PS2 games are more expensive now than 5 years ago, so it'll happend, people get nostalgic and harvest games and prices rises.

>> No.3662312

Literally nothing good to stock up with for 7th gen
At least 6th gen had weebshit

>> No.3662361

shhh the resellers may hear you and start hoarding them too

>> No.3662395

it's hard to feel nostalgic when shit's in japanese. 99% of buyfags simply want to relive old days and the 1% have autism, even if it's something they never played in childhood it'll still feel more childhood-like in english.

>> No.3662435

First time a heard of it and never happened anything remotely similar to me.
If the game uses a special chip and the everdrive doesn't support it it will just not work at all. And you can easily know what games aren't supported.

>> No.3662478

The Japanese know what they have and they're well aware of the Americans that want to buy Japanese copies of games.

You aren't finding bargain basement prices for the quality Japanese games you don't need to read Japanese to play, but they're still cheaper than the American versions in most cases.

>> No.3662480

I'm really afraid that japanese market will become the same shit as western market due to filthy gaijin (like myself). At least I hope it gets contained to 16 bits. I want to be able to buy a Panzer Dragoon Saga JAP if i have learnt enough japanese without having to pay the bullshit they ask for the USA/PAL version.

>> No.3662481

Here's my take on this whole topic.
I've been reselling as a full time job for 3 years now. The emphasis is on videogames, but i do buy and sell other things too.
Just a few points:
-Sonic 1,2,3 + SMB1,2,3 (PAL copies, loose) will cost you the same £45 a new game costs nowadays.
-There is no difference between reselling videogames to any other business on the planet. (ie:please don't single s out as being "fags")
-Collectors collect to collect, i don't know anybody locally or through facebook sites who is collecting games as a kind of investment. There are certainly people out there who do that kind of thing, but i would not call them collectors.
-Emulate, emulate, emulate. If you are poor, or like me, cannot see the point in spending half a monthes rent on a crappy game which just so happens to be rare, then buy a PSP and emulate.
-Buying and selling is becoming alot harder, noticeably this year. Everyone seems to have wisened up due to Facebook buy and sell groups, CEX now selling retro, etc.. I sincerely miss the days of regularly buying stacks of MD games for 50p each.
-I personally think people are retarded to get games graded and then never play them. But it's your money i guess.

>> No.3662483


>> No.3662515

Actually, a lot of speedrunners use flashcarts or repro carts instead of an original one, especially if an original cart is incredibly expensive. Also, lots of runners just emulate.

Greetings, an ex-speedrunner.

>> No.3662743

>I've been reselling as a full time job for 3 years now

Get a real job you pathetic waste of flesh.

You fucking disgust me.

>> No.3662771

At least memerunnners actually play the games, unlike most collectorcucks

>> No.3662774


You're fags and you drive up prices

You fags

>> No.3662881

>Paying $30+ doesn't bother me
Because that's reasonable. There are some games that are going for multiple hundreds of dollars, and I can't quite grasp why. None of these games are as "***RARE!!! [email protected]@K!!!****" as ebay sellers would have you believe. I can stomach prices up to about 70 bucks for games that are sought after, and legitimately good enough to garner the prices they demand, but once you go above 100, that's just stupid.

For example, I remember renting this game on Genesis when I was a kid that reminded of of Link to the Past. I recalled enjoying it for the weekend I had it, and decided I wanted to own a copy. Some quick googling revealed it was called "Crusader of Centy" and on ebay, its average selling price is $300. There is no fucking reason for this. I feel like the reseller community will latch onto a lesser-known game that has any quantifiable appeal and just start selling it for insane prices. All it takes is one collector with more money than sense to buy it, and that's it, we're all fucked.

>> No.3662921

This is the sort of thing that happens in a capitalist society, it's not going to change in the foreseeable future so I don't understand why people keep posting these "resellers r shit" threads.

It's common fucking knowledge and it doesn't add to the overall "discussion" of retro vidya, it's just hopeless whining.

I'm just sick of all this cancerous bullshit /v/ tier shit flinging.

Then again, this being a /v/ offshoot it was only ever to be expected I guess..

>> No.3662925

Yeah man they take retrogaming to the highest level

>> No.3662942

>I don't understand why people keep posting these "resellers r shit" threads

probably because resellers are shit and pricing pretty much everyone out of this hobby.

>> No.3662945

>I don't understand why people keep posting these "resellers r shit" threads
Because it's something that is affecting anyone who wants to actually own retro games, which is a good chunk of people on this board. Surprise, surprise.

Not much here actually adds to the overall "discussion" of retro vidya. 80% of the threads are just shitflinging over whether or not some game was best/worst of all time.

>> No.3662969

memerunning is made up pile of shit for loosers, get fucking real and play for score. there is a reason why japs hold all the world records, the west just can't compete on such a high level and prefers to abuse glitches in casual oriented games(like 95% of console games). of course not all console and even arcade games are fit for competetive scoring, but nearly all have a score counter, while none were intended for memerunning(beating the game as fast as possible even if it means skipping most of the game by using shortcuts/bugs), you can get a bonus for speed in a lot of games, but that would be scoring.

>> No.3662993

>This is the sort of thing that happens in a capitalist society

No, you're just ignoring valid points that are brought up in every single iteration of this thread. Resellers buy up every single copy of a given game that they can find. Doing so artificially increases the game's value. Having dozens of copies of a game sitting your basement collecting dust isn't supply-and-demand at work, it's an artificial attempt to create scarcity.

It's like a console manufacturer producing several million units of their console, hyping the console through an extensive advertising campaign, and then releasing only a few thousand units to create artificial scarcity. This is not supply-and-demand; it's a calculated deception to maximize profits.

Fact: If I purchased millions of copies of a currently inexpensive game, said game's value would be driven up. Now, consider the hundreds or thousands of resellers who are actively buying every spare copy of the most popular franchises they can think of, typically Nintendo's first-party titles.

No, there are not millions of individuals who are into retro games, and who are naturally buying these games for themselves to play. It's entirely a reseller-driven economy wherein the resellers hoard existing supplies, artificially drive up rarity, then try to extort as much profit from the minority of individuals (us) who actually want to buy retro games.

>> No.3662994

lolno, playing baby games fast isn't really "high level"

>> No.3663005


Some games are just absolute dogshit when played for score

The most recent game I've beaten was Chiki Chiki boys, and sonce there's no timer on the Megadeive version, getting a score record would boil down to standing in the right place and mashing B for longer than the last guy to kill a few more respawning enemies--and you could just do that for hours to overcome any score gained by superior play before leaving the early levels.

That's one shit anecdotal example but in the same or similar ways some games are juat absolute fucking garbage to compete in score.

>> No.3663014

It is if you do glitchless
Someone sounds mad

>> No.3663068

they already are faggot

>> No.3663087

i know that there are plenty of such games. when such exploit is found the game is banned from jap competitions, they could've agreed on not abusing, but nope, it just gets completely banned. besides nobody cares about console ports as they are inferior to arcade in most caes.
>It is if you do glitchless
which professional memerunners don't do. the official position is anything goes, if you use a glitch that lets you skip 99% of content it will be allowed. memerunning, while sometime fun, is taken way too seriously.

>> No.3663093


>Don't play for speed, play for score!

>But this game is shit for score

>Well I didn't mean that game obviously duh


Well maybe people can play that game for speed then since score is shit for it

>> No.3663104

play something else then retard. plenty of games to score in. nobody cares about your shitty console port, so playing for score is a self-imposed challenge, so just don't abuse you dumbass.

>> No.3663112


Or maybe people like those games and want to find challenges to improve their skill level in them above beating the game

Like speed

>> No.3663123

play the arcade version if you like the game so much, i bet it's superior. or alternatively don't abuse the shit out of it. but seriously just play the fucking arcade version which doesn't have that issue.
the problem with memerunning is people playing dumbed down console ports from their childhood that were never intended to be played seriously, instead of moving the fuck on to something else or having some dignity and not abusing the shit out of the game. there are fucking retards who do freddi fish speedruns i shit your not.

>> No.3663132


You're getting way to focused on the one shit game I picked because I happened to have played it recently, but the speedrunning communities mostly don't play arcade ports of shit as far as I'm aware.

Fuck, I dunno, maybe they do. I'm not into speedrunning at all, I'm only tangentially aware of it because my girlfriend watches AGDQ every year and I'm in the room sometimes.

I just think this is a weird fucking hill for you to die on here. If someone likes a game and wants to explore the depth of it with a higher level of play, speed's a pretty valid way of doing that, particularly for many games where score is shit or games that don't even have a score. Playing a different game isn't going to scratch that itch.

>> No.3663154

>If someone likes a game and wants to explore the depth of it with a higher level of play, speed's a pretty valid way of doing that
if a game is fucking freddi the fish it's not gonna help, and that's what most memerunners do, play easy as fuck games "competitively". or worse, dumb down the hard games, who cares about your ghosts and goblins speedrun? go do a counterstop, oh wait, you can't, but some jap can, and you all you can is win in a completely made up competition without any fucking rules whatsoever.
>Playing a different game isn't going to scratch that itch.
i don't think you understand mentality of most memerunners, they want to feel skilled without actually putting effort into mastering a game that takes fucking years to just 1cc, they'll just endlessly grind kid's games instead, do they really feel such an urge to constantly play some shallow platformer? nope, they just want to be good at something but don't want to put any real effort, it's that or legit autism.

>> No.3663160


Man I don't think that's true. People speedrun Mega Man and Metroid games all the fuckin' time don't they? You can find speedruns for all sorts of balls-hard shit too.

Like again, I don't really know, but it seems like you have some major beef here for some other reason.

>> No.3663167

>there is a reason why japs hold all the world records

Confirmed for not knowing anything about speedruns. Take a look at speedruns dot com at several games and you'll notice quickly that most speedrunners are from America or Europe. Only a handful are Japanese.

>> No.3663169


I think he's talking about score there

>> No.3663174

nope, you are telling me they are skilled, i am telling you they are skilled at picking their nose or jumping on one leg while they could've been playing some real sport, where they would get totally rekt, which is why they prefer playing footbal with their hands with other tards and call it ADHD or whatever. that's all i'm telling. if someone enjoys, it that's fine, but to me it's a complete waste of time.
lol. i'm talking about actual achievments like getting a world record in a shmup, not about memerunning(which japs didn't even hear about). all record holders are japs or at best other asians.

>> No.3663180


Like seriously though what bruised your bum so hard about this

Is it literally just people liking something you don't like?

>> No.3663181

i told you it's fine to like it for fun, are you fucking retarded? i'm explaining why it shouldn't be taking seriously.

>> No.3663185

And why do you think they do? Because they know it makes them profit. How do they know that? Because tons of people kept buying retro games and consoles. Why? Because there's a revival (it became "cool" to own NES or SNES stuff) of demand.

Also, ever noticed it's usually people who wanna buy original retro games for cheap who are complaining about this? It's not like original cartridges are the only way to play them or that you even have to pay to play them. Emulations and flashcarts are still a thing. You can bitch about MUH RESELLERS as much as you want but it's up to you if you wanna spend money on games or not. It's still a hobby, not something you're forced to do or forced to buy for high prices.

Now go ahead and call me jew, "t. reseller", hipster, autist, kid or whatever fucking buzzwords you guys use. If you make such a deal about it then that's your issue.

>> No.3663189

>i'm talking about actual achievments like getting a world record in a shmup

Yeah cause playing a shoot'em up for score is something to be more proud of than speedrunning a game. Really dude. Really. You better be shitposting cause if you're actually serious about this than I feel bad for you.

>> No.3663194


I guess I can't understand that either. There's a very clear way to determine winners, it's not really based on luck or anything. It's got solid hallmarks of competition. Well, I'm sure some games are luck-filled shitfests though.

>> No.3663219

>Yeah cause playing a shoot'em up for score is something to be more proud of than speedrunning a game.
it is. shmups were made for high level competition and people still make new records in say dodonpachi, hell even in xevious.
a simple analogy - it takes more effort to be the basketball superstar than to be the fastest eating man on the planet or some shit like that.
you don't get, it's not really about games they play, they can be tough as nails but memerunning will still be just for lulz unless it's something designed for speed, like a racing game, which is pretty much identical to playing for score if you don't count time spent in menus and other non-competition related shit like they always do in speedruns.

>> No.3663220

>Yeah cause playing a shoot'em up for score is something to be more proud of than speedrunning a game.
Not him but it's you fucking retard. Shoot 'em ups were MEANT to be played at high level by talented japs, which is why they have complex scoring mechanics, much higher challenge, looping etc. Most console games memerunner play are just kiddy easy shit played fast, not impressive at all.

>> No.3663225

>you don't get, it's not really about games they play, they can be tough as nails but memerunning will still be just for lulz unless it's something designed for speed, like a racing game, which is pretty much identical to playing for score if you don't count time spent in menus and other non-competition related shit like they always do in speedruns.

I admit, I really don't get it. I'm not talking about games when I say they're ripe for competition, I'm talking about speedrunning games. I fail to understand what's non-competitive about it.

>> No.3663240

>I fail to understand what's non-competitive about it.
you don't take eating contests serioulsy do you? and you can't name anyone who is into eating contests?. but you do know who is colin mcrae, michael jordan, aerton sena, tiger woods, even though you don't care(let's assume that) about F1 or basketball, golf or rally. all i am saying this, memerunning is just a meme, it's just for fun.

>> No.3663241


Is this a samefag falseflagging as a SHMUP fan? I seriously hope so.

>> No.3663252

No faggot just telling the truth, memerunning is nowhere near as comparable as arcade high scoring.

>> No.3663258
File: 43 KB, 570x311, 224565636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


So competition is only worthwhile if it makes you famous?

I don't understand

>> No.3663261

samefag making two posts in the very same second? lol someone is butthurt. don't be, i find some memeruns amusing, but that's all their - amusement. i don't know why there is such a big cult around it.

>> No.3663264

are you pretending to be retarded senpai? i'm talking about real tears and blood competition between japanese chads(and stacies, afaik garegga WR holder is female) versus daycare for autistic trannies.

>> No.3663292


But you don't seem to be making any actual argument about it?


I want to understand your point of view but I cannot

>> No.3663304

read my posts again and don't focus on banter this time, if that won't help you to understand what i'm saying then nothing will. i'm going to bed.

>> No.3663319

It takes no longer than a few videos to see the enormous difference in skill level.

This is a "speedrun WR" in a Megaman game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bk3lDLuQPk4
This is a regular high level play in a shmup:

>> No.3663324


You haven't said anything to debate man


I haven't claimed speedruns are more or less skillful than score attack

I'm saying they have all the criteria for a good competitive event

>> No.3663328


Okay so lay it out for me: what are the elements of the MM speedrun you find uncompetitive?

>> No.3663346

why how old are you?

>> No.3663349

>Okay so lay it out for me: what are the elements of putting your socks on as fast as you can you find uncompetitive? i mean it's totally on the same level as baseball becouse someone is really good at it.

>> No.3663350


>> No.3663353


Are you just memeing on me at this point?

Didn't claim it's on the same level. I don't know enough about either. Help me understand your beef here.

>> No.3663360

well my girlfriend is watching streams where people put on their socks as fast as possible. help me understand why it shouldn't be taken as seriously as sprinting. i meant there is that guy that spends 12 hours a day putting his socks on really fast trying to get a WR, no way i can put on my socks so fast, how is that not the thing as sports?

>> No.3663364


Okay cool good shitposting you got me

>> No.3663368

If I've told you faggots once, I've told you a million times.

Just because your boyfriend wears mascara and puts on a wig for you, it DOES NOT make him a girl.

God you denial homosexes are insufferable.

>> No.3663372

How pathetic of a human being do you have to be to consider having a "girlfriend" as some sort of accomplishment that's worth noting smugly on an anonymous imageboard?

Fucking kill yourself, literally no one cares.

>> No.3663419

loool look at the virgin and laugh!
>implying my gf needs make-up like some 3d whore

>> No.3663438

Lol this forum is so funny..

So everyone slams the classic NES cause it's just an emulator

All the poorfags cry about buying a $65 console over "emulating" everything a computer or some shit that is a completely different experience.

Then when people make an argument for buying a cart, everyone gets all butt hurt because cart prices are so high

Guess what? If carts are too expensive for you, then collecting and having the original games and hardware is not a hobby for you. Plain and simple.

A guy driving a corolla doesn't cry about not being able to afford a Ferrari.

Keep emulating, it's fine, you can't afford his hobby.

No one is "driving up the price" the market is what determines pricing and when people are buying carts are the prices they are, he market continues to thrive and grow.

And lol @ accusing me of not "appreciating" games because I buy them to put them away, how old are you geeks accusing me of that? 18? 25?

I'm 31 I actually played these games back in the day, I owned the original hardware, I know what it was like to walk into a video store and pick up the box for an SNES and NES came and rent a cart

Some fucking geek playing an emulator on $300 HP laptop with a ducking Xbox controller trying to call me out on collecting? Lol fuck off

>> No.3663441


>A new line for every sentence
>inconsistent punctuation

Not sure if high quality b8 or newfag

>> No.3663451

>Some fucking geek playing an emulator on $300 HP laptop with a ducking Xbox controller trying to call me out on collecting?
yep and that geek will always be superior to you, becouse he actually plays those games instead of collecting kid's toys for the sake of nostalgia.

>> No.3663457

go back to /pol/ you insecure fudgepacker

>> No.3663460

People with the jobs enabling them to actually afford this "hobby" don't have time to play games all day

Keep feeling dat inner hatred doe

>> No.3663462


cry harder, please.

>> No.3663464

>then collecting and having the original games and hardware is not a hobby for you

Sure it is. Just import. Which is what many anons already do. Did you even read this thread before you sperged out on your keyboard?

>No one is "driving up the price"

One again, for your consideration, since you didn't read a single post in this thread before replying:

>Resellers frequent yard sales and flea markets in search of games belonging to popular series, usually for Nintendo consoles
>They buy as many duplicate copies of these games as they can find for pennies on the dollar
>The many resellers engaged in this practice are thereby artificially increasing the rarity of these games, by keeping them out of circulation, and out of the hands of actual hobbyists who intend to play them

This should be evident with the number of eBay sellers who list auctions containing multiple quantities of the same titles.

>> No.3663472

>I'm 31 I actually played these games back in the day, I owned the original hardware

Then why'd you get rid of what you had, dipshit?

Is it maybe because you're just as much of a retard as the rest of these fags?

I think so.

>> No.3663474

lol, fag enabler.

>> No.3663480

why would i hate a wageslave? i feel pity if anything, must suck not having a good job that lets you have plenty of free time like mine does. games were meant to be played you know.

>> No.3663482

Yes I do. You don't speak for me, faggot.

>> No.3663483

Thereby wasting money on shit you don't use while making it less accessible to people who would use.

>> No.3663487

That's the enjoyment I get out of it.

>> No.3663494

Lol, nothing like the nostalgia of buying a copy that is different not only in label but language! Lol love reading Japanese!

And in reference to the flea market re-sellers, again..this is the market determining the price. Would these resellers be buying these games if there were no market? Of course not.

If your buthurt buy it, go to these flea markets and garage sales people are buying all these games which are seemingly worth their weight in gold to some of you and buy them yourself.

Oh, you're not willing to put in the foot work to actually go and do that? What a pity.. you really do deserve to purchase them at below market value

>> No.3663502

This is the worst thread

>> No.3663503

There are few games with these issues. More expensive flash carts narrow that list down even further. For those few games you will want to own either the original cart or a repro if it's unreleased/impossibly rare and expensive. Seriously, the flash cart manufactures have lists of which games are incompatible. There is no excuse for ignorance.

>> No.3663509

Another thing I wanna mention real quick. As a collector you should want to own those games for one reason other than not being able to run them on flash carts. The people who make repros buy them and hack them up to run other games that require those chips. While they may not be rare now it's quite possible the market may start to dry up. Pay close attention.

>> No.3663512

I disagree, I'd say the "games hipsters play" is currently the shittiest thread.

>> No.3663525

>again..this is the market determining the price

Now you're just moving the goalposts. Nowhere in your original post did you acknowledge that scalpers were controlling the market. To quote your earlier post, "No one is driving up the price." Now it's "resellers are the market. lol I was right all along!"

I'm going to reiterate my post one more time before you make any further attempts to spin this into some retarded strawman: The resellers are creating an artificial market. When only a handful of people actually care to buy retro hardware and play it, there's no actual scarcity. A reseller buying up every spare copy of a game just to turn around and scalp people is not supply-and-demand in action, it's extortion.

>Lol love reading Japanese!
>If your buthurt buy it
>Oh, you're not willing to put in the foot work to actually go and do that?

>all these ad hominems

Kindly fuck off with your shitposting.

>> No.3663528


I take it back, you're right.

This is the second worst thread.

>> No.3663531

>>implying this whole thread isn't shitposting

If you're gonna use some argumentation theory words than I might as well join in. Nice confirmation bias, faggot.

>> No.3663556

Resellers, garage sales, etc that is enveloped within the market for this commodity.

There clearly is scarcity within the market because you actually think the minuscule amount of garage sale hunters and retro game shops have enough sway to control the market as a whole? Really?

If this tiny group of people has enough influence on the market to completely control pricing then your assumption that scarcity doesn't exist is incorrect.

You do realize these games are a commodity that are no longer being created right? The amount of games being destroyed or simply discarded never to be recovered year to year is enough to maintain current pricing imo.

The "retro market" is not just going to dry up and die. If anything Nintendos ingenius marketing of the retro NES, partnership with Apple, Mario maker, etc etc is only going to drive interest, and therefor prices up.

Good discussion though, you clearly do not have a grasp on even the most basic concept of economics.

>> No.3663591

>If this tiny group of people

Except they're not tiny. Going back to my earlier example, try searching for a retro game on eBay and see how many of those listings are multiple quantity auctions. The resellers listing these items had to have come into their stock somehow, and it's doubtful they're ex-rental store owners or ex-game store owners just trying to unload their inventories.

>If this tiny group of people has enough influence on the market to completely control pricing then your assumption that scarcity doesn't exist is incorrect.

And here you are moving the goalposts yet again. First it was "resellers aren't driving up prices," then it was "but resellers ARE driving up prices," and now it's "but these games are actually very scarce." Which is it, Anon?

>You do realize these games are a commodity that are no longer being created right?

That doesn't change the fact that there should be millions of copies of these games still in circulation, even accounting for those that were severely damaged or otherwise rendered inoperable. You're grasping at straws.

>Good discussion though, you clearly do not have a grasp on even the most basic concept of economics.

And more ad hominems. If you had an actual point to make, you wouldn't need to resort to personal attacks to deflect anyone who contradicted you.

>> No.3663626

>Paid $70 for a copy of Umihara Kawase recently

>Most I've paid for a cart thus far is $145 for a copy of Pocky & Rocky

I love that you fags get BTFO about this.

>> No.3663647

Sorry kiddo, but millions of copies of games is a modern thing.

Most games in the old days had print runs in the 500k at the maximum, most were much less.

They are naturally more scarce than modern games.

>> No.3663650

Just bought allstars jap vers for 8.25
U cucks mad

>> No.3663756

Quick research shows a benchmark game such as A Link to the past sold approx 4 million units total, worldwide.

While a "rare" game today in earthbound sold a mere 140-150 thousand units in North America.

Those basic numbers alone completely justify the price of the EB cart imo.

Link to the past was released over 25 years ago, game can still be readily had for sub $30 prices.

The market seems pretty bang on to me imo.

Again, it doesn't matter how you feel about it, it is what it is and if you can't afford to collect, you can't afford it.

>> No.3664046

What a ripoff.

>> No.3664071
File: 55 KB, 164x183, 50d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SNES games that sold over a million copies:

>Super Mario World
Super Mario All-Stars
>Donkey Kong Country
>Super Mario Kart
>Street Fighter 2
>The World Warrior Link to the Past
>Killer Instinct
>Donkey Kong Country 2
>Donkey Kong Country 3
>Street Fighter 2 Turbo
>Disney's the Lion King
>NBA Jam and Tournament Edition
>Mortal Kombat 3
>Super Scope 6
>Final Fantasy 6
>Final Fight
>Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse
>Super Mario RPG
>Super Metroid
>Mega Man X
>Super Street Fighter 2
>Super Ghouls n Ghosts
>Final Fight 2
>Chrono Trigger
>Kirby Super Star
>Secret of Mana
>Final Fantasy 4

This is only counting SNES games (you say the old days which implies consoles like the NES and Genesis as well) and only counting games that had English releases (if I count Japan-only games like Dragon Quest 5 and 6 the list becomes much bigger)

>> No.3664085

Most I ever paid for a an SNES game was 5 dollars for Zelda at the flea market and that was after jewing the guy down from 8 bucks.

>> No.3664089

Are you retarded? Nintendo themselves have claimed that the original nes super Mario brothers sold more than
40 million copies.
And I don't even want to know how many copies of combat for atari exist.

>> No.3664104
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Got this at the flea market for 25 cents

Couldn't find out too much about it but it was given out for 100 million consoles or mario games sold, or maybe for both. Who knows?

Also bought some lapel pins that were given out by Nintendo from the same guy, all were a quarter each.

>> No.3664118

t. pleb. t.

>> No.3664224

Each game that had a million copies sold I guarantee you 250,000 are gone today.

>> No.3664240

>Collectors collect to collect, i don't know anybody locally or through facebook sites who is collecting games as a kind of investment. There are certainly people out there who do that kind of thing, but i would not call them collectors.

I've been collecting since the 80's and when I'm at a flea market or garage sale and see games or consoles that are insanely cheap I do buy them and hold on to them so I can sell them later.

>> No.3664289

>-Collectors collect to collect, i don't know anybody locally or through facebook sites who is collecting games as a kind of investment.

I think it is a fine line, outside of people who clearly just buy then immediately resell with so little time elapsed that it leaves no doubt that their intent was profit. Some collectors might not say that they are buying as an investment out of fear of being rejected by collecting communities, some might not explicitly collect with investment intent but their belief that old games are indeed an investment makes them feel comfortable with collecting, and some effectively turn it into an investment by buying a lot of shit then flipping it just a few years later for profit once they jump over to the next hobby/fad.

I'd wager that the main reason people bitch about investors, resellers, hipsters, etc is because of their immediate negative impact on the hobby for people who have been collecting during years prior to the boom and didn't just start because it became trendy a few years back. If you were on the boat before everyone else wanted on board and the new people hopping in are making things worse for you, then yeah, I don't think you need to be all sunshine and rainbows about it. If you just started collecting old games after going rates had already jumped up, then I don't know if you have quite as much room to bitch about inflated prices.

>> No.3664309

as in destroyed?

>> No.3664323

Yes. Not in circulation any longer.

>> No.3665480

>things didn't happen before I was old enough to remember them
Irony: The Post

>> No.3667674
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>> No.3667692

but anon
free shipping

>> No.3667834
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Believe it.

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