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considering playing pic related
What am I in for? Is it s good as people make it out to be?

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Starts out a little slow but picks up about a few hours in. It's a good rpg, but I wouldn't say it's number one.

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It's long and very grindy and slow paced, but it looks nice and has decent music. The characters are alright if a little boring and the storyline is very somber and kind of anxious and depressing and not fun at all. Mechanically you have a lot of content with all these masters and dragon forms and the gene system, and about 90% of it is completely unnecessary and adds absolutely nothing to the actual combat except for more poorly balanced mostly graphical content.

Breath of Fire 4 is better in literally every way.

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The pace is slooooow, as in even slower than normal for the genre.

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Best version? ps1 or psp?

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They're the same.

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>Is it s good as people make it out to be?

Who, fanboys?

This RPG had me-too syndrome all over it, Capcom really showed its inexpeirnce in the RPG field with BF3. Everyone else was doing it better than them, as far as big names go.

It's not bad though, and BF4 proved they could make a worthwhile RPG.

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This. Skip to 4.

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The most interesting part is how they wanted to style on Chrono Trigger with all the music and encounters on map and break the chains of fate plot, but failed to copy its party mechanics where every character is useful.

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OP here.
Thanks for the info guys. Might try it someday, but for now it sounds pretty boring

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>Breath of Fire 4 is better in literally every way.

Pretty much this. If you're planning to play all of them then start at 1 and work your way through. Otherwise just play IV if you want the best BoF experience.

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>failed to copy its party mechanics where every character is useful.
Frog is useless.

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>Frog is useless.


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The frog in Chrono Trigger was still more usful than the frog in Breath of Fire 2.

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I tried III and got to the timeskip, decide to drop there as it seemed just okay. Would you still recommend IV? I want to like it as they seem genuinely interesting but III was a mixed bag for me.

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Only way you'll know is to try it yourself. No one is a mind reader.

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Honestly maybe just go play Wild Arms instead, Breath of Fire IV might just make a person quit videogames (or life) entirely.

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I played Wild Arms before but then there was this part where you have to save people from a burning town in a very short time limit. I couldn't save all and that shit frustated me so much that I quit videogames for a long time.

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4 is trash. Fuck off with your Sephiroth-clone RPG.

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It's excellent. Slow but steady, definitely the pinnacle of BoF. 4 looks nicer, but the gameplay is gimped and the story is emo garbage.

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... wut?

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comfy, classic rpg with lots of content.

If you use the equipment the game provides through exploring and a minimum of sidequests you can make it through without grinding more than an extra dungeon trip or two, and it will be somewhat challenging.

4 is basically the same game except you play the antagonist at some points, and the budget was obviously cut because all of the dungeons are two rooms long until the last one lol.

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>points, and the budget was obviously cut because all of the dungeons are two rooms long until the last one lol.

And the game was all the better for it.

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>What am I in for?
A really average RPG.
Is it s good as people make it out to be?
The gameplay is the same boring tripe you'll find in any FF or DQ and the vast majority of your options are useless fluff, the Dragon Gene systems looks cool on paper but it's borked in practice, just like most of the dragon systems in the series anyway, so it's not like it's that much of a letdown or particular flaw, but it's still worth noticing.

IV streamlines III's gameplay cutting off all of the useless mechanics making it way more polished and adding some cool stuff of its own, it also has a way more interesting storyline and scenario and much, much better pacing.
Play it anyway, if you can't bring yourself to finish it try IV and see how that goes, if you don't like IV try DQ, even if it's NOT RETRO.

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Anyone with white hair is a Sephiroth clone to kids who had FFVII as their first RPG. Even if the character in question isn't actually like him at all.

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Problem with that. Sephiroth has silver hair

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I'm pretty sure it was hair, not metal.

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What stuck with me the most is that, whimsical as it may seem, BoF 3 was chock full with grey morality as storytelling device. Worse yet, some questionable acts are perpetuated by the party, but you have no say in this matter because the game railroads you into it. No other game of its time did this. Whoever calls it generic clearly didn't pay enough attention to what was actually going on.

These aspects are completely lost in its sequel along with the superior dragon system. Sure, it looks prettier, but that's it. BoF 4 is literally the Apple of the series; all style and no substance.

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>These aspects are completely lost in its sequel along with the superior dragon system.

lol okay
and IV improved upon the master system, added combos and party switching

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>No other game of its time did this.
[citation needed]
And luckily, many games also did it before BoFIII.
>These aspects are completely lost in its sequel
Not true at all, but whatever floats your boat.
>along with the superior dragon system
The Dragon Gene system is, to borrow your own words, all style and no substance.

Most of the hybrid forms are utter garbage and most of the normal forms are next to useless, BoFIV streamlined this by cutting the vastly useless hybrid forms to concentrate on the normal forms, and it is arguably much more balanced, there's also the element of hunting your dragon forms throughout the world which is pretty fun.

Not to mention this>>3658741, the Master system in IV is way better than III, combos add another strategic layer into the game and there's also party switching which makes the game much more fluid and truly gives you the option to use everyone equally.

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wew angry BoF 4 fanboys

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Breath of Fire III is the Final Fantasy VII of the Breath of Fire universe, and BoF4 is the FF6.

Breath of Fire III was more popular, sold more units, and is the more recognizable title from the series. And just like with FF7, the fans of *second most popular title* FF6/BoF4 are pretty rabid online with their hate and criticisms of it.

Take this thread for example. The OP asked how good Breath of Fire III is. The majority of the thread are BoF4 fans talking up their game and shitting on Breath of Fire III. No one solicited the comparison, and it appears that for all intents and purposes, BoF4 fans can't even critique Breath of Fire III on its own merits. It will forever be set in contrast to BoF4. Which really is a shame.

As far as the OP's questions... yeah, it is an excellent game. The lore and world building are on-point and tie it to the universe very well, something that the series loses a lot of in the last couple of titles. Of course, if you don't know anything about the BoF universe, there's nothing that needs explaining before jumping in. The story itself is very much the traditional hero's journey, with a constantly evolving world and themes. You'll find every few hours that much of the game seems to be so wildly different than it was before that it'll feel sometimes like you're playing something new constantly.

The mechanics of the game are excellent too, and really mark the high-water point for the series. Dragon gene splicing was a stroke of genius, and little things like the Master system, skill learning and changeable stat growth really give you the chance to customize and delve into the numbers behind the game if that's your thing. A Garr Mage or Tank Nina are entirely possible. And of course, fishing returns and continues to be the kind of mini-game that you either loathe or love.

All in all, it's an above average RPG regardless of your favorite BoF worth a play.

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>no argument
>"y-you m-mad"

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Honestly, I prefer the BoF4 fans shilling their game to what usually happens to Breath of Fire threads.

I mean, ideally, neither group of autists would shit the thread up and just post on topic. But hey, if you had to pick one group, at least it isn't the one spamming furries to thread death.

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Agreed. Kattfag is the fucking worst.

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SHHH you guys, we're having a decent thread for once, why do you have to summon him.

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>BoF 3 thread
>90% of posts are BoF4fags shilling their own game
>think they're above Kattfag shilling his BoF2 waifu on unrelated BoF threads

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>Be in high school
>Talking about RPGs
>That one faggot kept calling Ghaleon a Seph clone
>And Yes I was talking about the Sega CD versions at the time

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I used to piss them off by saying he's a Setzer clone. Or refer to him as Other Alucard

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>>90% of posts are BoF4fags shilling their own game
There are 6 posts on 37 total that praise BoFIV, hardly 90% of the thread, maybe you just have inferiority complex or something, but I suggest you don't keep up with this shitposting, the mods are awake.
I don't think you know what that word means.

If you are so buttblasted about a few people preferring IV to III I suggest you to see a doctor, maybe you're not used to handling different opinions but at your age you shouldn't get this much of an anal fissure.

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Hi, I am making a BoF2 mod.

I like her for her sexy back & abs too, anon.

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>Breath of Fire III is the Final Fantasy VII of the Breath of Fire universe
Agree except the part where Katt is Tifa of BoF and she's in II.

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welp, it was fun while it lasted

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It's always nice to melt people just by your presence.

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>Breath of Fire III is the Final Fantasy VII of the Breath of Fire universe
Except Katt is Tifa of BoF and she's in II.

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Reporting everybody just the same way my legit posts were reported beforehand. Have fun.

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The saddest part is he honestly believes this

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The saddest part is you life son

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Just finished this game recently. I haven't played 4 or DQ yet, but 3 is easily miles ahead of the first two. The only thing I didn't like about it was the forced minigames that came up all the time. The entire Rhapala segment made me want to kill myself, but the whole rest of the game was pretty great.

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Frog heals worse than Robo, hits worse than Crono, Ayla and Robo, and his magic is worse than Lucca, Crono, Marle, and Magus.

This means there is literally never a time when using him is desirable for reasons other than personality.

Even Marle can steal stat boosters even though she's otherwise just the worst.

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Just look up a vid on youtube of where they're hidden. That part gives you like 2-3 minutes more than you even need.

You were probably missing the kid who would hide in the wooded area

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It's funny because Sephiroth is just a Griffith clone in the first place

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he's an Elric clone, like Kain and Geralt

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>No other game of its time did this.
I'm pretty sure the only thing BoFIII really did that no other game does is provide the opportunity for your child character to unwittingly get one of his party members raped by gigantic demon horses.

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File: 73 KB, 590x1040, I have actually converted it to machine code myself including operands for branching instructions and rewrote it to ROM every time I needed to insert new code.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reposting anyway.

I am 3/4 the way through finishing my BoF2 mod "New Item Descriptions" which enables every item to have its own unique description, unlike the instance when items of the same type have the same, basic description (as it was in the original). For now descriptions are simple text "Description [Item ID]", but I am gonna rewrite them to actually describe an item. If an item can cast a spell (MedusaSH/Ares Shield), gives elemental resistances (RainbowCL/Rainbow Robe) or attack (ThndrST/Bolt Tonfa), gives instant KO chance vs. monsters (SoleSD/Solblade) or +1 hit (TwinBW/Twin Bow), it receives an appropriate description. Originally, players didn't know because the game descriptions were basic, now they will, and the game will be more fun to play.

I've learned 65816 assembly for that.

After this I may consider hacking BoF2 to make shamanized characters not to revert back when on critical health, only when KO'd. I also would like to make ultimate fusions available as soon as you get the first shaman.

Some results:

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>Breath of Fire III is the Final Fantasy VII of the Breath of Fire universe, and BoF4 is the FF6.
You can just go ahead and compare BoF4 to FF8 if you're gonna do that, since in both cases the sequel improves on it's predecessor in every single way.

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Reposting because mod is a retard and deleted a showcase webm.

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>A Garr Mage or Tank Nina are entirely possible.
Everytime you post this I don't understand why it matters at all. It's such a meaningless choice, and even then it's still not entirely true. When you're training under masters your gains can go as high as you want but can't go below zero, so playing to cover your weaknesses is way less of a good decision than enhancing your strengths, and you might as well praise the game for giving you the option to level up a lot if you don't want to use items, which would be an equally flimsy statement.

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>miles ahead of the first two
>Rhapala segment
>when re-translation of the second exists
Surely you jest.

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I meant thematically and in terms of his background and role and actions.

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Vas te faire encule

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Would Jean be happy if I gave him snes9x codes so he would always have NoTwinRP in his right hand?

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BoF2 is the worst JRPG I have ever played

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Reminder that Ershin is the best character, because Ershin is Ershin, and Ershin is the best character.

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File: 1.00 MB, 384x360, diet wiz 1.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the most baseless opinion I've ever heard.

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Très Bien and then only use him.

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I member getting the title a month after its release. I fucking over did it. 20 hours of play with minimum breaks.

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Load ROM. Input these cheats in cheat editor. Don't apply them yet.
7E50BE A2
7E50BF 11
Load your save. After you see character party, apply. Go to inventory last slot, see NoTwinRP/Balmung. Disable cheats. Equip new item to Jean/Tapeta.

MeowST/Kitty Staff for Katt in last slot:
7E50BE 8B
7E50BF 11

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>Hey Ryu, remember that time we fought the Nue?

Why did they make a scene this important optional?

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Honestly enjoyed this more then 4.

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>tfw forgotten

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No lie the part in the desert where you have to do that thing but it doesn't tell you to do that thing is my favorite part of the game.

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do you think a real woman will ever touch you

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Real womyn can't hold a candle to Katt.

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Was there ever a funnier moment in any BoF?

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>implying you have to choose

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Careful bro, mods here dislike Katt.

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play the psp version through ppsspp

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Make sure you never grind. Especially in the early game

Infact run away from almost every battle
Your stat gains depend on npc's you choose as a tutor, and not only that, they teach you moves for every time you level up under them.

This is a terrible game if you have autism, I'll tell you fucking what
Also the onion is the strongest character in the game

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oh it's ok I do too Katt is trash

She's got like a 90 IQ or something

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more your blatant samefaggotry, tbqh

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>Make sure you never grind. Especially in the early game
If you were really OCD you'd know that you have to knock out Ryu and Rei so you can use Teepo to learn all the spells from Magus at the start of the game, which means you actually have to do quite a bit of grinding at the start.

The game is of course beatable without ever leveling up to 99, I think you actually end up around 50.

You can also get stat up items and max your stats that way if you really want to, so not raising levels isn't really worth the time investment.

>> No.3659394

I really don't mind grinding as long as it's through an emulator

Just tap r3 and unlock the framerate. takes like 10 seconds to do 3 battles

>> No.3659419

Or just use a hex editor

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Without using Masters at all, it isn't a terribly difficult game. So while you're correct in that minmaxing and stacking peoples' strength will ultimately be more effective than rounding out characters or even attempting to redefine their general roles, that really wasn't the point.

The point was that the option exists allowing you to break the mold if it's something you're interested in. Believe it or not, the notion of coming up with non-standard or interesting builds will occasionally appeal to your average gamer, particularly in games where the difficulty is low enough to not absolutely require minmaxing.

>> No.3659476

I'm sure some think it's fun to hammer nails with a shoe. That doesn't make it an interesting or meaningful decision.

You can roleplay in this game if you want to but that doesn't make the bloat any less bloated.

People who play games to escape from reality are worst than trash anyway.

>> No.3659953

People who spend their time judging the motives of why other people share the hobby that we're here discussing are worse than people who don't know the difference in usage between worse and worst.

>> No.3660013

Go in with 0 expectation. Amazing OST. comfy game.
Combo system is an amazing idea, unfortunately it completely breaks the game. There is very little challenge once you get the dog. This iteration of the master system is superior vs 3. Party switching is another incredible feature but unnecessary, it trivializes even the most difficult enemies.

Once you get warrior gene transform into warrior, use focus for turn 1, focus on ex turn, then aura for 2-3k+ damage all you ever need to beat every boss. Once you figure this out, the rest of the forms are just eye candy at best. Tiamat gets special mention for curbstomping Myria.

Forced minigames are a valid criticism, no idea what they were thinking.

that would be exceptional for the final dungeon, those enemies hit like a truck and have incredible speed so defusion is inevitable with the massive amount of encounters you face in that final area.

The fetch quests journey burnt me out, once you enter the church you get the meat of the story but most people I know drop it before then. Its not the worst jrpg though.

bof 4 let me down with the Fou-lu vs Ryu showdown. They meet, hey Ryu become one with me NOW! No? Okay lets fight then. Incredibly anti-climatic. But losing the fight unlocks the best scene ever, You vs your party. regarding bof3 Peco GMO arc, Weretiger sin city, and final battle are what I adore most. endgame spoilers! Considering Myria was protecting the remaining world from the desert of death by using the outer ocean as a barrier, the party can be seen as unwilling antagonists of the remaining life left. the final ending scene has a plant sprouting which might be Peco aka Yggdrasil trying to revive the land in the desert. it really is left for the player to wonder if it is a good ending or not however. A sequel battling desertification would have wrote itself.Also why did Teepo hate the brood?

>> No.3660134

You're in for jazz music. Good game.

>> No.3660259

my personal fav JRPG. definitely worth playing. fucc deez haters senpai.
like jrpgs to any degree? then yeah it is definitely worth playing. i guarantee you will love this charming rpg. from the golden era of JRPGS

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ayyy tfwu go super saiyan ryu 4 da first time

>> No.3660269

Except FF8 had worse gameplay mechanics and even more obnoxious characters.

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That's a good one.

Ghaleon was so much cooler than Sephiroth ever was going to be anyways. It helped that he was the only good voice actor they hired.

I don't know why there's all this arguing over BoF III and IV. Even if you prefer one, they're both well worth playing. Why squabble over it?

>> No.3660434

An allegory for America's nuclear policy.

>> No.3660572

The best fishing mini-game I've ever played.

It's so nice that they added it as a bonus mode in the PSP port so you can fish without having to play the RPG.

>> No.3660783

I saw no orange man hitting the button.

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Ursula's Fucks given: 0

>> No.3661389

If the cut off tree is to be believed, Myria deliberately fucked most of the world over to maintain control over the small rest she "saved".

Teepo was brainwashed!

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Ghaleon and Sepherioth are the same villain archetype- fallen hero- that's probably why they seem so similar.

Ghaleon actually had personality- and you get a glimpse of it when he's in his mage rags traveling with Alex, playing his lute, and when you see his fairy sanctuary. You actually get to see Ghaleon's rage, hatred, and hurtful feelings spill through in little bits as you interact with the various people and places (Dyne's grave) of the world.

Ghaleon makes Sephiroth look silly.

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File: 41 KB, 528x580, 1368172295406.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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The problem I always had with Sephiroth was that he went from "hero" to mass murdering pshyo waaaaaaaaaay to fast. Holy shit.

He just reads some books and then decides to massacre Cloud's village on the spot for seemingly no reason. It would be one thing if he was cutting down people in his way but the towns folk had no reason to stop him, if he went to the rector they'd probably just think "Boy those shinra guys sure have been here a while" and stayed the fuck out of his way.

>> No.3661521

>He just reads some books and then decides to massacre Cloud's village on the spot for seemingly no reason.

He's a vessel for Jenova. I'm not really sure what triggered the Jenova cells dominate Sephiroth's will, but Sephiroth's ego is very much gone, or at least wholly tethered to Jenova's.

Remember that Jenova cells do all kinds of wacky things when injected. Taking over people's minds is not out of the question.

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Ghaleon on the other hand, well you get the chance that he's had time to really let things STEW. You see where he's begging SCREAMING Dyne not to go through with removing the goddess from the world. You see him walk away in despair and understand WHY he feels different than Dyne and Althena.

And then he lays low. It took time for him to enact his plans and even when he does do shit all his strikes are calculated. Precise. Eliminate the four heroes, the dragons all while gaining the control of the Vile tribe whom Althena herself was kind of a bitch too.

He didn't just jump off the loony wagon and start hacking and slashing. Fuck, Kefka has more subtly than that. Sephiroth just start murdering everyone left in right. Kuja, whose whole plan WAS to kill everyone everywhere didn't just randomly slice up dudes.

>> No.3661546
File: 86 KB, 640x360, jenova.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah Jenova herself is a whole nother can of poorly written worms that I don't even want to get into. The thing barely has any real presence beyond exposition dumps an throwaway boss fights.

>> No.3661557
File: 154 KB, 1000x760, ff7-turks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

actually if Im being honest the whole semi decent villains in FF7 where the Shinra gang. At least they had clear goals and consistent motivations. Hell a lot of them even had discernible character traits. Heideger had his laugh, fat guy liked to eat, Reno and Rude where pros but took their vacation time seriously and Elena was a naive over achiever. Even the department heads had their own individual priorities and desires.

It's not complicated stuff but despite whatever anyone may tell neither is an extraterrestrial Oedipus complex

>> No.3661830

The instant "combustion" into a monster was a theme in Parasite Eve too. It's a good horror plot device, but annihilates rich immersive story.

Add that to Sephiroth's "fall" being he came to see his place in the world as above people the same way people are above ants. So his backstory is presumably- he always struggled with his identity, felt special, and he excelled in every way at everything. That's basically Superman's story. But what makes Superman's back story interesting is how he manages to live among humans fully aware of his power without using or revealing his super powers against people- that's a real struggle or source of conflict. There is no interesting conflict in Sephiroth's superman backstory. Sephiroth isn't protecting something fragile- like a love interest or human civilization- he isn't emotionally fragile like Cloud or Ghaleon. Sephiroth doesn't have any weaknesses- other than, as it turns out, his lack of humanity. Ghaleon has weaknesses, he's a powerful wizard- but physically unimpressive He's musically and artistically inclined. He created a paradise for his fairies who love him as their protector and he's motivated by wanting to create a paradise for people. He wants to protect the weak, fragile, and misguided humans from themselves. In short, Ghaleon isn't really a bad guy as far as intentions go, unlike Sephiroth. That's why we don't connect to or love Sephiroth the same way we can connect to and love Ghaleon. You can feel like there's hope for Ghaleon because you see the love and kindness he's capable of- you don't see anything like that from Sephiroth.

>> No.3661837

Not speaking from nostalgia it is truly a very fun game dude you're in for one hell of a ride. Enjoy!

>> No.3661892

Nice memes. Memes generally go on /v/ and /pol/ though, so please go there to post them.

>> No.3661898
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BOF4 has some pretty good grills.

>> No.3661919

The Silver Star Story is one of the most comfiest JRPGs I have ever played. Also the cards you got of Luna made my dick really hard when I was a teenager

>> No.3661943
File: 47 KB, 640x480, 24-capture_04062011_212518.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The instant "combustion" into a monster was a theme in Parasite Eve too.

That's completely different. People combusted around Eve as a side effect of her greater goal. She didn't read a few notes and then go WEEEEEEEEEE KILLING SPREE!

Seph went out of his way to kill those people when it would have been faster and more direct to go to the reactor without doing so. He has nothing to protect, sure and he lacks hope but that doesn't equate to psychotic contempt either.

His actions don't make sense beyond "We need a reason for Cloud to be mad at him now"

>> No.3661947

Sephiroth isn't the villain in FF7. He's a casualty.

In FF7 the villain is bad science or something. It's kind of odd, even Jenova is more like some kind of parasitic virus type organism that probably isn't actually cognitively aware of it's actions, Sephiroth is like one of those ants with a mushroom in it's brain that has to climb the tallest piece of grass to get eaten by the bird.

Far from being a villain, Sephiroth is just some guy who's parents made sick when he was a baby, and he does a whole bunch of messed up shit cause of his disease.

If anything, Hojo is the villain, but even then the shit he does wasn't even on purpose, he was just grasping at straws and made a big mistake as a result of his boss's misunderstanding about Jenova and the ancients.

The whole thing is basically just an accidental biohazard rather than the intentional acts of any of the participants.

>> No.3661976


I really loved this game when I was younger. It's strange because nothing about it is mind blowing but the music, the art style, the story all come together to make a very enjoyable experience. I liked it a lot.

>> No.3661993
File: 46 KB, 225x350, yuna 22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, guys.


>> No.3662056
File: 47 KB, 620x320, kaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>completely different

Well, I'm using an analogy. Think of all the times in the horror genre that a monster pops out of nowhere- chest bursting, breaking down a door, crashing through a window. That's the instant combustion i'm talking about- rapid unexpected violence. As opposed to planning and plotting- threatening etc.. Sephiroth does annihilate people the same way a cruel child will burn ants with a magnifying glass. There's no real thought or care put into it. It doesn't affect him at all emotionally, he isn't overcoming anything with the deaths of others- so you need to say more if you want to deny "psychotic contempt".

That's an interesting way of looking at it. I think of Sephiroth as a puppet- letting external forces dictate his aims. So in that sense we don't diverge too much. Why is he such a good soldier? Because he excels at doing what he's told. In that way he's drifting along with no real aim or purpose in life that he can call his own. That to me suggests he's a coward afraid of making choices or committing- to friends, family etc. When he does make a choice it's to allow other forces to direct his aims/goals. He still wants parents, because he's still a child unable to confront the absolute horror of choice. He's superman with child-like needs for direction.

As for Hojo, sure he's Frankenstein, or the mad nazi scientists.

>whole thing is an accidental biohazard rather than intentional acts.

Again, interesting thought. Isn't more accurate to say that the consequences of exploiting the world are beyond what we can stop/fix? The take home message is a non-anthropocentric view that we have to live in harmony with nature rather than continuing to exploit it at risk of annihilation.

>> No.3662109 [DELETED] 


Next time just say Frankenstein's Monster.

>> No.3662341

Ah I forgot about that, I think there are a couple cut Yggdrasil trees among a few standing ones. That has precedence actually considering she even sealed her sister Deis. Possibly she wanted to forcefully be the mother of the planet, purposely fucked the balance so the world had no choice but to embrace her motherly love(which they do until the final showdown). Jealous gods and their pissing contests, don't that beat all?

Teepo could easily had his own sidestory, how he traveled to Eden and concluded his mentality/world views. The brainwashing thing feels lazy compared to an actual character arc
I hated that part so much, I searched for that fucker everywhere pre-timeskip and after timeskip why Teepo why?!

Its comfy as fuck.

fuck himsurprised you dont have more (You)s

>> No.3662571
File: 50 KB, 256x224, 1001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wrong instructions.

1) Load ROM. Input cheat codes in cheat editor. Don't apply them yet.
2) Load your save. After you see character party, apply. Go to the last inventory slot, see a new item. DON'T disable cheats now. Use 'Sort' menu command to copy the new item to an EMPTY slot. Don't copy to a taken slot - it will remove item in it permanently. Copy at least once and disable cheats. Original new item you were copying from that was in the last inventory slot will now become 1000 Zenny. It has no use, discard it. Equip copies to characters.

>> No.3662572
File: 50 KB, 256x224, 1002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3662710

Why is Katt socute? Not even into anthropomorphic

>> No.3662721

You're gross kattfag

>> No.3662775

Not to mention even after his "development" he just really sucks as a development. He has all these awesome super deus ex machina god powers, yet the only time he ever tries stopping the party was when he killed Aeris. That's it. He makes no other attempts at stopping the party up until the final battle.

>> No.3664138

its not that bad. I loved it a little better than four only because the dragons in four look like new gen pokemon trash. it's worth a run.

>> No.3664195
File: 174 KB, 730x800, tumblr_luat7x1Iei1qginzlo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Four has some of the best dragons in series you tasteless lizard

>> No.3664395 [SPOILER] 
File: 620 KB, 1280x960, 1481184088611.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3664468

>Isn't more accurate to say that the consequences of exploiting the world are beyond what we can stop/fix?
I doubt it, considering that's exactly what you do in order to progress in the game and win battles.

Really good luck winning without materia or grinding.

>> No.3664587

The Endless are an awesome idea, but they are not even mandatory for the good ending in the final battle. You can skip them completely, something about that bothers me.

Not to mention they just disappear without any input of their own in the ending, so much for being gods.

>> No.3665364
File: 110 KB, 575x800, tumblr_luat7x1Iei1qginzlo4_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If you'd paid attention they flat out admitted that they where never GODS in the first place. Humans summoned them without their consent in the first place and just decided to worship them because they where much stronger than normal mortal creatures

>> No.3666457
File: 66 KB, 640x437, bof1-cover-snesus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kindly allow me to hijack the thread. I've never played a Breath of Fire game before, and as I always like to start a new series in order I'm about to try pic related. What am I in for? Any tips/tricks you want to share?

Also, best version? I'm partial to snes just because I prefer the best graphics/sound available, but I hear the gba port is less grindy and, unlike with BoF2, I haven't found a hack to change the exp rates in the original version.

>> No.3667150


It IS less grindy but grinding is never really an issue to start with

>> No.3667171

>Any tips/tricks you want to share?
In BoF1, if you see a suspicious NPC then talk to him with Karn (the thief) as your front party member. He can learn broken fusions that way.

>> No.3668767

Its pretty disappointing tbqh, the weakest in the series.

GBA gives you more gold and exp per battle. Early game is the most difficult part when i played actually, most enemies can 2-3hit ko you at that point.

>> No.3668781

>Early game is the most difficult part when i played actually, most enemies can 2-3hit ko you at that point.

I hate when RPGs start of challenging and then within the first 1/4 of the game you steamroll everything for the rest of it.

>> No.3670637

what game is this?

>> No.3670681

That is the westernized box art for the snes Breath of Fire 1.

mooscles and testosterone

>> No.3670724

is BoF 4 on psp as well?

>> No.3670887

no ps1 for console, and there is a windows version. No clue if the PC one is any good.

>> No.3670897

If you have that sort of autism (it's okay, I do too), then you already know how to duplicate stat boosting items via the fairy village.

You likely also know how to gain tens of thousands of experience per battle in the volcano.

I can't decide if normie or cancer.

But to answer your question, people who enjoy things sometimes try out a new and unconventional approach when doing things that they previously enjoyed. Strategies such as speed-running, ironman, living-off-the-land, et cetera, are all examples.

No, it is not hammering nails with a shoe. It is removing external fasteners from the construction entirely, and choosing to route dovetails instead. Still solid, durable, and outwardly the same.

>> No.3671269
File: 147 KB, 800x816, bof3pal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

could be worse.

>> No.3672942


Thanks for the input. I decided to try out both versions so see the differences for myself and in the end I stuck with the GBA (don't b& me). Sure enough, the graphics and sounds are better in the SNES (the music is great too, wasn't expecting that) but there are a couple of changes in the GBA port that really help the flow of the game, in my opinion. You have a sprint button, a big plus given how slow the default walking speed is, and the interface is just so much more streamlined and intuitive. You can see if a piece of equipment is better without having to put it on, or use that special icon in the seller's menu, and you can see what every item does also without having to use the "?" command. All in all, I felt like these small improvements go a long way to make it a better experience.

And talking about the game, I read a lot of stuff about it being a long series of fetch quests without any real plot or character development, but I'm finding it a very pleasant experience. The combat is simple but interesting enough, the music as I've said is awesome and the world and characters are pretty cool, if a tad simplistic. Overall it's a very comfy game. If the sequels are even better I think I just found out another favourite RPG series.

>> No.3672961

PSP can run most PS1 isos. Try it out.

>> No.3673291

Anon this isn't carpentry, it's a videogame with no practical purpose, it is intrinsically a waste of time, going back to it to waste time in different variations is double idiotic, and we both know we had to be a certain kind of idiot to spend this much time playing videogames in the first place.

>> No.3673294

Not him, but wow.

>it's a videogame with no practical purpose,
It's primary practical purpose is entertainment, like most novels, movies and music.

> it is intrinsically a waste of time,
Relaxing is important to maintaining optimal efficiency, so when not done to excess it's actually not a waste of time.

>going back to it to waste time in different variations is double idiotic,
You might not see the appeal, but people are individuals.

>> No.3673324

>It's primary practical purpose is entertainment, like most novels, movies and music.
I the case of this particular game I'm going to have to disagree and conjecture that this game was made because the bosses wanted a product and this is the production team's job. The player is an afterthought in-so-far as they might as well be a floating wallet. You can see this reflected in the way that this game is a depressing drawn out slog of forced plot developments and endless padding to give it the required dragon quest 40++ hours of content.

>Relaxing is important to maintaining optimal efficiency, so when not done to excess it's actually not a waste of time.
I'm not sure whether I should be questioning the fact that you think this is a good game to relax with or that you genuinely think you haven't done it to excess.

Let me say, if you played this game enough to finish the whole thing even once, that was already an excessive waste of time.

>You might not see the appeal, but people are individuals.
Not all individuals have equivalent value to me, and I gotta be honest, at least play a better game. I can forgive someone for living life however they want, but I can't forgive them for having shit taste.

>> No.3673336

>can't forgive them for having shit taste.
4chinks in a nutshell.

>> No.3673340

On point.

Sephiroth in many ways is just a physical manifestation of the post-industrial disaffection that has taken hold of FFVII's world. It's a very interesting dynamic.

Unfortunately, Square-Enix forgot all this subtlety in their FFVII compilation and sequels

>> No.3673341

Breath of Fire 1 is incredibly generic and boring. It's like a cookie-cutter NES Dragon Quest clone with prettier colors.

Breath of Fire 2 is also incredibly boring and generic but its updated to SNES standards so its boring and generic with some more polish.

>> No.3673346

>The player is an afterthought in-so-far as they might as well be a floating wallet.

That argument could be made for the vast majority of games. If someone has made the decision to play it, they're presumably doing so because they enjoy the experience.

>Let me say, if you played this game enough to finish the whole thing even once, that was already an excessive waste of time.

That's your opinion. It's not going to be everyone's. I played through it and it didn't blow me away but it was an enjoyable adventure. If you think it was a waste of time for me, that's fine but it's also a pointless thought to have.

>Not all individuals have equivalent value to me
That's fair, but also keep in mind that most people think the same of you. Virtually none of the other seven billion humans out there care even a little what you personally think or what your opinion is of what kind of entertainment other people happen to enjoy.

The mere fact you think there is such a thing as good or bad taste indicates how immature your outlook in general is.

>> No.3673374 [DELETED] 

>That's your opinion
Look you little faggot I'm not the type of person who thinks everybody's opinion matters. You're wrong and your game is shit and you're stupid for defending it.

>> No.3673385

This is supposed to be a forum for people over 18. Why are you acting like a child?

>> No.3673387

Not in transformation system and world map system!

>> No.3673396

Play BoF4 first instead

>> No.3673398

His criticals with masamune on the mammon machine, Magus, and Lavos made him really useful. He also has some good dual techs and he has healing techs that target everybody unlike Marle.

I agree that he's not the most useful member of the party (IMO Magus > Crono > Marle > Ayla > Robo > Frog > Lucca) but every character still has their uses, you could beat the game with literally any endgame party the first time through

>> No.3673402 [DELETED] 

because you can't accept that the way you have formed your very identity and soul is incorrect and that's why your opinions are bad and wrong. Your entire being is a failure and you need to be told that explicitly.

>> No.3673407

Man you're just shit at this game if you think those are the tiers. Like I seriously question whether you have some fundamental problems with basic math.

>> No.3673414

That's nice. You're either really bad at trolling or you have severe emotional problems.

>> No.3673426 [DELETED] 

I'm just stating the facts friend. I don't really have strong feelings about it other than that it needs to be said if that's what it is.

>> No.3673435

lol You haven't said a single thing that's even close to a fact. Serious question, what do you get out of pretending to be this stupid?

>> No.3673438 [DELETED] 

You seem really upset to find out that your favorite game is mediocre and not worth anyone's time.

Accept the truth, child.

>> No.3673440


Sort of? PSP VIta can play PSone classics (Or via custom firmware) so yeah there's nothing stopping you from either pirating it or even buying it

I actually ended up buying it myself. bucks ain't a bad price and if theyre gonna actually make the games available I don't mind paying the cost of what's basically less than a trip to mcdonalds

>> No.3673446

You seem to think I'm a fan of BoFIII, a game I barely liked.

I'm also not even close to upset, but I am genuinely curious what compels someone to act like you do. Assuming you're not actually so emotionally stunted that you really don't understand individual opinions, why would you go about acting like a school kid? You must be getting something out of all this effort, but what?

>> No.3673456 [DELETED] 

I actually understand other people and their feelings exceptionally well.

That's why I can confidently declare when someone is just blatantly wrong and foolish.

The reason you think this is some sort of blasphemous affront to common decency is because you've pretty much been brainwashed by the capitalism special snowflake machine that wants us all to be fat sluts who buy lots of toys.

>> No.3673464

0/10 word salad

You need to work on your trolling.

>> No.3673465

Magus has all the elements and great magic + defense and can use good equipment like amulet (which I combo with the haste helm if I'm not using the gold stud) plus black hole being useful in shit like the son of son boss fight

Crono's a pretty good powerhouse with cyclone, his life replaces those shitty revives, luminaire is just epic and his dual techs are always on point

Marle has haste which already puts her above the other females, but also god tier healing spells for those who are stingy with their items. Aura whirl is a life saver since early on and see helps with charming, plus her ice is pretty decent too

Ayla's charm skill already makes her a must have but she's also physically the strongest, just lacking in magic which is why she's below Marle

Robo and Frog are about equal, both have all targetting healing techs but Frog Squash is surprisingly ineffective unlike Uzzi punch, Frog is very useful in a few battles where his Masamue matters and whatnot but overall Robo edges out

Lucca is just kinda meh to use honestly

>> No.3673469 [DELETED] 

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion" is still something that a cuck says.

>> No.3673474

lol You really, really need to up your troll game.

>> No.3673480 [DELETED] 

>he doesn't deny being a cuck

>> No.3673497 [DELETED] 

Oh wow, I guess I'm just too cool for school, even the janitor got his feelings hurt.

>> No.3673834

It is my personal favorite of the series. The master system and skill inks offer a surprising level of customization. The music was kind of jazzy and refreshing among RPG's of its time. It also has that old special effects reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics beams which are just wonderful to me. Overlooking a few faults I really enjoyed it and have played through it more times than 4.

>> No.3673865

My friend, you aren't wrong. But the fact that we're having this exchange here or even at all means that this ship has long since sailed.

>> No.3674642


>> No.3674649
File: 153 KB, 1022x770, 36625-Breath_of_Fire_IV_%5BU%5D-8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Breath of Fire 4
>looks pretty
No. BoF3 blows it out of the water in literally every way. Gameplay. Story. Visuals. Music. Content. Fuck BoF4 and all of its muhfirstrpg fanboys.

>> No.3674680

apart from visual, you can replace 4 by 3 and 3 by 2 in your sentence :^)

>> No.3674695

>bof 4 let me down with the Fou-lu vs Ryu showdown.
Actually we miss a key scene that sets the pace before this showdown due to censorship. You know what happens, but you never do see Fou-Lu behead the emperor. Among other things by the time we get to him Fou-Lu is definitely not in the exactly right frame of mind. The questions between you and him are also him trying to weigh your mentality to his so he can absorb you and become whole.

Also, you don't actually have to lose the fight against him to unlock that scene either. You can simply just agree or say "i don't know" to all of his questions and you'll get merged regardless if you were ready for it or not.

On Myria:
Myria was stifling growth of the world, had committed genocide on a peaceful species, manipulated many events and wars, and herself may have been responsible for the ruination of the world that she's attempting to stop We have to consider the Myria of BoF 1 who is NOT a good person. She may have grown up. But her vendetta against the Brood is probably more of a personal grudge than some deep seated motherly compassion.

What's more She may give you an option but you have no choice. Either accept her offer and be confined to an even smaller cage than the rest of the world forever, or deny her option and be struck down because you want to live.
Following this, considering that she's the reason that Yggdrasil was split up and scattered about in hopes that they would eventually cease to exist in regards to consciousness and that Yggdrasil was budding in the desert of death and her imprisoning of her sister and manipulating history and even a religion praising her name It can be surmised that she's also holding the so-called "desert of death" back as well.

In no uncertain terms are you wrong for fighting her.

>> No.3674707


Really? You're doing this now? BOF3 is literally the FF7 of the franchise and you want to play this card?

>> No.3674736

>BOF3 is literally the FF7 of the franchise
That's an arbitrary distinction that has no basis in fact. Also, the fact that you try to validate your criticisms in that manner shows how much of a dumbass you are. Congrats!

>> No.3674751

Isn't this an example of the pot calling the kettle black. "ff7 of the franchise" is pretty stupid but "muhfirstrpg" is also stupid. When using the phrase "no basis in fact" that works both ways.

>> No.3674763

Great way to set the tone of the thread.

You guys are gay as fuck. Were you even alive when this shit came out? BOFIII is the fucking shit. Go drown in sperm.

>> No.3674921

holy shit this thread is still up

>> No.3674941

This is the trickle down from /v/ who think that just because x does 1 thing right y is irrelevant.

>> No.3675035

BoFIV has the most annoying and toxic fanbase in the entire BoF series. This thread makes it painfully obvious.

>> No.3675472

Ursula's grandpa was supposed to pop out after the ending (right after Yuna's monologue) and break his neck to FINALLY deliver justice on him.
It was left out because Bof4 was a rushed game.

>> No.3675474

doesn't that beat it all

>> No.3675667

That can't be, Yuna is supposed to build Myria isn't he?

>> No.3676760

its on regualr PS so...

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