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That feel.

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I feel like a helpless being not worthy of being manipalated in even the most minor scheme of all.


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That feel.

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That feel.

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How did this loser ever become a Final Fantasy hero?

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He looks cool

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>Ultimecia was a globalist

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At least he doesn't look like some weird lego character.

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play it at the correct fucking resolution

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Honestly Squall is probably the most realistic and likable FF protagonist

butthurt autists just hate him because he reflects what they hate about themselves and ultimately overcomes that leaving them behind

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what 977 by 645 is the new rage man it looks really crisp and the edges are super round too

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This is very relateable.

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He's the most redpilled FF protag desu

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ffviii has its moments when its not too busy being a love story and magical mindfuck

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Squall alone made the game worth playing imo

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That feel.

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Stop pretending, you have no feels.

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I feel.

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Squall being a sad sack of shit is easily the best thing about FFVIII

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Anon the reason you have no feels is because you are to weak to stand up straight while taking the pain. Nut up and be a man. Internalize your suffering and feed on it.

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>This is very relateable.

I think this is what makes or breaks FFVIII for people. If you identify with Squall there then you grow to like him and it makes the game enjoyable. If you don't, you then realize you're stuck with a whiny twat for the whole game and it just grates on your nerves.

There's a lot I like about VIII, but I could never stand Squall at all. For one of my closest friends though, it's his favorite FF for that reason. I wish the whole game was about Laguna.

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>I totally found myself when I was 13 guys, this game is childish and dumb

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Had I played it at 13 it probably would have affected me a lot more, but I was 25 when VIII came out and likely part of the reason I found him as grating as I did. My friend who loved it would have been 23 though so there's also just whether it speaks to you or not.

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Sounds like you're trying to persuade yourself you're too "mature" to enjoy a story about people growing up.

Except that's wrong, because Squall's story isn't about a teenager becoming a man, it's about growing as a person, which can happen at any age.

Just saying because if all you disliked was the "whiny side", then you'd end up liking him later on in the story, so obviously the issue doesn't lay there.

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I've enjoyed many, many stories about people growing up. Even recently. I finished this book just last week, it made me tear up multiple times and spoke to me very deeply even though it's about someone nothing like me at all.

I think FFVIII is kind of poorly written and Squall isn't believable or relatable to me. But that's just me. Like I said, one of my best friends loves everything about it and it's not like I think less of him for it. It just spoke differently to us.

All I'm saying is that I think liking the game a lot come down to how much you relate to Squall. To me he came off as whiny and unlikable, but it's not that way for everyone.

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>at least his design isn't charming, stylized and memorable

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While I would agree that FF8 is not as good as any example of real literature, Squall is still the best when compared to other FF protagonists in terms of the character actually being a person.

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>Shit literature

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It really is a good book, I highly recommend. But Hesse in on another level than most authors. The key is to not just read one book. There are many out there.

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No, what broke FF8 for me was the entirely unfulfilling battle/customization system. And the terrible story. The fact that pretty much all of the characters were unlikable was just the turd on top of the trash heap.

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See, the systems are the one thing I quite liked about the game. Mostly just because it was something new and interesting and it was fun figuring it all out as I went through. I only ever replayed it once though and that was just because it was one of the only localized games that had Pocketstation support.

Fully agree on the story and characters. I liked Irvine and Laguna, other than that I couldn't stand the lot of them.

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>unfulfilling system?

Says another "I'll just draw 300 fire magic from this random battle guy". Figuring out ways to get magic, but also strong magics compared to what you can draw, in plenty of different ways was very "fullfilling".

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Because of draw not using MP and being able to draw/cast I used magic more in FFVIII than any other in the series.

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>I was 25 when VIII came out

>mfw I am officially not the oldest oldfag on 4chan

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Is Cannery Row better than East of Eden? Because East of Eden is god tier.

The Grapes of Wrath is overrated

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I totally agree on East of Eden vs Grapes of Wrath. Cannery Row is almost entirely just description of the street. I could relay the whole plot in a couple of sentences, you wouldn't miss much and it wouldn't sound amazing. So it depends what you like about his writing. If you like Steinbeck's writing and the way he describes things you'll love it (for me it's beside East of Eden as my favorites of his) but I've known some people who thought it was just wordy and pointless.

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I was gonna say this. FFVIII was very much dependent on when you played it. It's relatable if you're a teenager, and obnoxious if you played it in your 20s or 30s.

Squall and the rest of the cast put up a front and attempt to bury who they really are throughout the game, but by the end, they break down and stop lying to themselves, much like a kid putting on a persona to shape others' perceptions of themselves. Eventually, that behavior becomes unnecessary as the person grows into adulthood.

I always identified more with Seifer though, a hothead with a dream that saw things in black and white.

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>Basically this.

The whole FF8 setting speaks ver obviously to adolescents. Being based in and around schools for half the game, teenage rivalries, growing as a person and changing your opinions. I definitely identified with Squall and always found Zell to be the annoying one.

It's not just Squall that 'grows up', just off the top of my head Irvine and Quistis undergoe big personal change as the story progresses.

Everything goes down the shitter around disk 3 though.

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Psychotherapist here. Squall always felt like the most human main character of all ff games. Sure he's not relatable to most people and is sort of a cliché of teenage insecurities, but he feels real with actual personal questions about himself and his ability, or lack of, to deal with everything around him.
When ff viii isnt too busy being a romance with amnesia and TIME COMPRESSION its in my opinion on of the best ff games.

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im with you, and i always thought that the best ff games had some good characters, tell me one character from X-2 to XV who doesnt suck. Squal at least made me smile once in a while

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>Squall always felt like the most human main character of all ff games.

That's a very low bar to clear, but even if he is the most "human" he's also the most annoying to have to listen to for a whole game.

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realistic and likable get thrown out the fucking window halfway through the game. Most the hate for 8 is literally from the 3rd disc on, which is actually where most of the game happens.

That shit with Rinoa was in no way realistic. Thats the kind of shit ive seen middle aged women in spanish novellas do with less stupidity.

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