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ITT:we post charts /vr/ related

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Zelda's missing. And yes, they're RPGs.

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Yep, anyway the chart is not mine.

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Bump for interest

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Zelda 2 maybe.

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How about retro charts?

Top game rentals from march 1996.

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Nah. Maybe Zelda 2 could be passable, because it has levels and stats, but the game is so awful nobody would "recommend it" to anybody.

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Jesus, Sonyfags had shit taste even back then.

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Fuck off.

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Really good one.
Do you have something like this but for other consoles?

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What console d oyou want

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Is Parallel Trippers really any good?

Only Grandia I have yet to play is that and Xtreme

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Is this a meme now?

Zelda II is great.

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>Parallel Trippers
>Treasure Of The Rudras
>Hybrid Heaven
>Radia Senki

some sweet hidden gems there
I'd also add Treasur Hunter G, Silva Saga 2 and Magna Braban

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Ps1 and Ps2

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>no Killer Instinct

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narrowing it down to two shmups on the snes and gradius iii is one of them?

highly questionable.

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Holy fuck, the SNES has less resolution than the NES!

Next time some Nintenyearold goes "muh colour depth" I know just what to say to shut him down.

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Someone post a PS2 chart.

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I've had this for about 10 decades now

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as opposed to final fight 1

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I have some nice stuff for the Ps1.

The Ps2 ones I have aren't particularly interesting, also not retro.

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Do you have one for the n64?

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I don't think so, don't remember any N64 chart.

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Thanks a lot anyway

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Sounds like the modern equivalent of defending mobile games with unnecessarily high resolution against top quality console games on lower resolution.

Also keep your consolewars obsession out of this thread.

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is that the order youre supposed to beat them in?

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Is it cheating to use this for a first play through? And should I even care?

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Final Fantasy 1 should be on there.

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Shin Megami Tensei and the other two SNES Fire Emblems should be on there. Same goes for Bahamut Lagoon, Romancing SaGa 1, Illusion of Gaia, Soul Blazer, Front Mission, Front Mission Gun Hazard, Star Ocean, Ogre Battle, Tactics Ogre, and Inindo.

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Basically console fanbase is niggers except Saturn?

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No Goof Troop guys?

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Sadly the majority of console owners are in it for the sports games. They are the silent majority of chad-type gamers that never visit /v/ or /vr/.

This was especially true in the 90s. Fighting games were big, but year after year sports games were the core of western console gaming.

While they sometimes make the top 10 best selling lists for any given console, you have to add up each year the same NFL game is re-released with updated stats and minor tweaks.

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*tips fedora while sheathing katana

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I dont even watch sports and i played / play sports games
NBA jam is my jam for four player

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The NES and the SNES effectively have the same resolution since the NES was designed with overscan in mind.

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>no warcraft orcs & humans

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If you guys know more 2600/400/800/XE games it would be nice to name them to complete this one.

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>Caesar II

Mah niggas!

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It has WC2 and that's fine. The first game is assgarbage compared to the second.

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I agree the 2nd is better but Orcs & Humans and Dune II help lay the foundation of the RTS genre. It's worth it just for the history.

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really really wish this had a text list of game names along with it, not just pictures of the covers

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>knights of xentar
oh boy

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>no Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

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Why not just play the psp remake?

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Do you have the image without text?

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Yeesh. N64 was bad

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>Yeesh N64 was bad

Get lost, bandwagoning faggot.

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Anyone got charts for recommended game boy/game boy color games?

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Also interested.

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Ah right.
Here's how we German published charts. Monthly, later even weekly.

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I do not. Sorry.

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Does anyone have a chart for gb games?

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>Die Fugball WM
really makes you think

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>>Final Fight 3 and Megaman X3 actually are in the top 10 of march 1996

I'm actually surprised to read that. Are those charts for only renting or also buying?

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No Elevator Action Returns? Really?

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t. Nintoddler

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it seems I can't post any german charts without someone seeing weird stuff in it.

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Gradius III is neat though

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not that neat.

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>Sonyfags will NEVER EVER have good games like Sega and Nintendo

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Where's the playstation version of this? It has most of the best ones

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I think Adventure of Lomax and Monkey Magic deserve to be on the platformer list
Surprised Skullmonkeys isn't there already

step up

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no dragon warrior 5....how embarrassing.

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See this >>3657881

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