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Is it, dare I say it, the greatest shooting game ever conceived, lads?

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Yes, if only because it triggers the autistic anti-Treasure shitposter.

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Treasuredrones can be categorised into two types of shitposters:

Shitposter A: the Nintendildo. Has only played Mischief Makers and Wario World on the Wii e-shop and thinks they're the best games ever. Never leaves his comfort zone. Very nostalgic memories of Nintendo, and little else.

Shitposter B: the Segaspie. Thinks the Sega Mega Drive is the greatest gift to mankind. Worships the fuck out of Gunstar Heroes and Alien Soldier, despite being mediocre run 'n gun shooters, to put it politely. Thinks Ikaruga is the greatest shump of all time because IGN told him so. Will get laughed out of belt scroller threads for liking/praising Guardian Heroes.

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> it's that thread AGAIN

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