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can we talk about retro devs?

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Oh my god that can't be true.

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it's true, he likes to collect gas station memorabilia.

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nah romero is a mobile games shitter now.

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He collects retro gas pumps and oil cans. A lot of people like to do that kinda shit.

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Mobile games can be pretty good. I was playing the DS port of Orcs and Elves the other day. It's pretty fun. Carmack can still do work.

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has romero done anything good since id other than get that guy who made anachronox to make ion storms only good game

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his recent game was published by zynga.

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The guys on American Pickers always talk about their obsession with classic car related merch (gas cans, pumps, signs, etc.)

Personally, I've never really seen the appeal. But I've never really been opposed to collecting nostalgia purely for nostalgia's sake either

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His wife is longer oh my god I'm about to flip.

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he already dumped that hag, he's fuckin some young CoD gamer grrrl now

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Some anon saw Tim Schafer riding home on MUNI. I was jelly as fuck.

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i want to motorboat romeros ex-wifes rack

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Holy shit Romero is a fucking midget

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That's his current wife. His third, actually.

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>makes a shitton of money in the video game industry
>collects oil industry memorabilia

It's funny because my family made their money in the oil industry and I collect video game stuff

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Mohammad from Qatar? is that you?

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your favorite retro game dev hasn't gone to space.

mine has.

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nope, midwestern oil from the US, not mideastern oil from durkastan.

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i would fuck warren spector

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who wouldn't?

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I'm taking a class taught by Romero's wife right now. He's going to come in at some point to guest lecture. Also going to get to meet Warren Spector at an on campus conference.

She's actually quite knowledgeable and doesn't seem particularly casual or feminazi. She even made a Daikatana joke in lecture today. She picks on John a lot.

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Shit, are you for real? That's pretty damn awesome if it's true.

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Yeah. My uni has one of the top game design majors. That's not my major, i'm just taking it for fun and to be more well rounded. Specialization is for plebs. When she said Warren Spector was gonna be on campus I felt my dick twitch.

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Garriot is clearly insane.

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I really hate Anna Anthropy.

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He's a space ace now.

Now he can get the time machine and prevent Origin from being bought out by EA.

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All it needs is Tom Hall...

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as far as game devs go I think Romero is shit and at no stage was good. Doom to him was a fluke, if he was good at making games Daikatana would have been amazing if he had any skill in game design daikatana would have been average, but it wasn't it was the blunder of the decade. then again Warren spector was good he made Deus ex but then he went on to make epic mickey 1 & 2 so maybe I am wrong.

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Tom Hall is the real Kane.

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Much of it coincides with just historical american pieces or "Americana" if you will.

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is it a class on how to make good games then follow with absolute cock ups

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his daddy was an astronaut, thats why the first few ultima's had spaceships in them, and how he could afford to start up the comapny n the first place.

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Tom Hall is my hero.

Anachronox is what got me back into enjoying games again. Also modding the crap out of them.

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Why is Romero so handsome /vr/?

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wasn't epic mickey considered actually good for a kids game? I mean, it's not deus ex for kids or anything but judging from the badass concept art for it I'm sure disney held back on what he really wanted

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I thought this was common knowledge.

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man he looks like eric clapton

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I have no idea. He's able to pull decent chicks with such little height.

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>if he was good at making games Daikatana would have been amazing
Daikatana wouldn't have sucked so badly if he hadn't opted to switch to the Quake 2 engine with only months to go. That's what screwed the entire project over. Q2's engine was completely different from Q1 and effectively required them to redo everything in only a couple months. If he'd only stuck with the Q1 engine it might've been a decent game. Nothing revolutionary like Doom, but certainly not the blunder of the century.

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It's one of my dreams in life to meet Koji Kondo.
Few people, if any, share this dream, but it is my dream and it would just complete my life. Kondo's a big reason why I decided I wanted to get into composing.

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