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This console right here is a piece of shit. There is not a single game worth playing on this piece of shit, there never was. If you grew up with this piece of shit, congratulations, you wasted time moving 3 pixels around a screen pretending there was more to it then that.

There is no point in even appreciating this piece of shit. It was so fucking shitty that it caused the industry to crash. I doubt anyone here but the biggest hipster trash even plays atari games anymore but if you do you should know that you failed at life.

If you played atari back in the day and nowadays think it's a console with no worthwhile games on it, congratulations, you evolved as a person.

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Kill yourself, OP.
I can name 20 god tier atari games right now:

Demon Attack
Spider Fighter
Pitfall 2
Jungle Hunt
Space Invaders
Ice Hockey
Super Breakout
Miner 2049er
Keystone Kapers
River Raid
Fast Food

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And why the fuck would anyone play Ice Hockey on the atari instead of Blades of Steel on the NES? To appear hip? To feel the retro flair? Please, don't live anymore you filthy cock gobbler.

If you call anything on the atari god tier you literally don't deserve to breath.

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None of these are worth getting the system for. And
>the few arcade ports that weren't utter shit
>considered "god tier" Atari
Spare me

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Tell that to Sean Malstrom.

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I always had fun playing Kaboom, Demons to Diamons, and Chopper Command when I was a kid. :)

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i think you're the one trying to appear hip by shitting on the atari blades of steel & ice hockey are completely differe

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I agree that they're really different from each other. Blades of Steel is actually a fun game and resembles the sport ice hockey in some way. It offers value as a game despite all the other video games of the sport after it and is still worth playing. ice hockey on the atari on the other hand, well it's kinda like pong with 4 bars instead of two.

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Chopper Command
Communist Mutants from Space
Dark Cavern
Laser Blast
Laser Gates
Midnight Magic
Radar Lock
Solar Storm

By that logic, why play Blades of Steel instead of the newest NHL game? You don't belong here.

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Don't forget these:
Pac-Man Arcade homebrew
Ms. Pac-Man
Jr. Pac-Man
River Raid II

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Video Pinball is GOAT

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I liked playing games with the paddles, but those joysticks were terrible.

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>By that logic, why play Blades of Steel instead of the newest NHL game? You don't belong here.
Nah, this not the logic at all. I'm saying it's still worth watching a black and white movie even when modern films exist.

Atari games are like cave paintings. You might look them up once but they're not worthwhile beyond that.

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Why? The Atari 2600 has several excellent games that are great fun to play.

The only reason something would be worthless today would be if it had a truly annoying limitation, like if the 2600 could only be played for 10 minutes at a time before overheating, or if you had to wait 10 minutes for each game to load.

Why discard a whole library of games like that, especially when it's so easy to access nowadays?

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Because there is not a single atari game worth playing. The gameplay of any atari game can be found on later consoles only more refined. But if you take the NES for example, you won't find anything like SMB3 on later consoles. It's absolutely unique. This is something the atari library completely lacks. Any grade schooler could nowadays make atari games only better. Even back in the day there was no skill involved. Games were shat out in days. The market crashed because the devs didn't give a shit anymore, just crap out the games as fast as possible.

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I and others in this thread have listed over 50 Atari games worth playing. Yes, games like Asteroids and Centipede are not as important when you can now playing a better port of them, but you are ignoring the many exclusives that ARE unique games that haven't been done again.

>you won't find anything like SMB3 on later consoles
Super Mario World
New Super Mario Bros.
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
New Super Mario Bros. 2
New Super Mario Bros. U

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>Super Mario World
>New Super Mario Bros.
>New Super Mario Bros. Wii
>New Super Mario Bros. 2
>New Super Mario Bros. U
Nice bait. We have nothing more to discuss.

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>Nice bait.
How on earth is that bait? Those are games like SMB3. Sure, World is the only one that really matches it quality-wise, but for "you won't find anything like it", those are perfectly legitimate answers.

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Dumb kids. Another reason /vr/ should be pre-1995, you have these fucking idiot N64/PS1 kids coming in here and shitting on everything pre-gaming downfall (mid-90s). Fucking /v/ children.

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It's funny because the only confirmed downfall for video games was caused by the atari.

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The 2600 was great and I still play it today. My son loves it. Granted he's older than you so he's a bit biased. he just turned 13.
Pic related. It's you.

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OP confirmed had no friends to play Atari with his entire life

It was a social console you nerd

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is that your nigger child ur wife had with an alpha nigger but your forced to shamefully raise it like your own because yuore a wet-towel pushover beta liberal?

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i wasn't even hanging out in my fathers ballsack when the atari 2600 was a thing and i still think missle command on it is the best thing ever.

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Adventure is pretty horrible...

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Me :)

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atari can be pretty great if you find one at a garage sell. i have a solid collection now with 3 systems and other goodies but my collection got started with 1 system several controllers including paddle controllers and over 40 games for $5

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My autism won't allow me to buy one unless it's an original six switch from California. Problem is, the cases can be original but the internals can be replaced. So I basically can't buy one.

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i later found this mint atari and 1 controller for $20 from goodwill, didn't really need it but the orange paint still being intact gave me a boner (even with it only being a 4 switch)

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I got the same TV but in blue

Love it to death

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I'm probably going to get my 2600 RGB modded.

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Holy shit I got that same TV back in 2004. Was it really that popular?

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No idea I got mine from a value village for like $8

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>See this stupid thread, ignore it
>Come back several hours later
>Its in the first page with many replies

you guys get baited so easily.

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That's missing a lot of good games.

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I dunno why there's this anti-2600 sentiment on /vr/. Atari threads just devolve into shitposting.
Sure, a lot of the library is primitive, and a fuckton of the library is raw shit, but saying there never was anything worth playing on it is actually retarded.

that being said, if I so much as glance at the 2600 library these days, 90% of what I play is:
>Pole Position (I don't actually like Pole Position proper, but the Atari version is fairly basic and satisfying)
>Demon Attack
>Battlezone (plays ridiculously different to arcade, much more exciting with the attacks from multiple angles and lack of cover, more about movement and reaction, cool visuals)

which isn't much, but it's a far cry from literally zero games of worth
really, even the arcade ports still had something on Atari to make up for their inaccuracy or simplification, like other game modes and shit (one of my favorite examples is Space Invaders' co-op mode on the 2600)

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Atari 2600 dev is fucking weird even by console dev standards. I have respect for any developer who managed to make anything for the system that wasn't a reskin of Pong or Combat.

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Thanks. It may seem like a disaster to code for from a modern perspective but at the time it was great. Full control over everything. Easy to work with instruction set.
Instruction set? I'm sure I could do all that with a few diodes and transistors. But I digress. Here's not the place to blog about that shit.

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>buying AtGames garbage
You will regret that. Guarantee it.

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It's not the instructions set, 6502 assembly is fine. It's the hardware itself. It was designed to be a home Pong machine and it shows. You get 2 sprites, 2 missiles, and 1 ball to work with. Even the background is only 20 pixels to work with and mirrored horizontally.

It's perfect for building games like Pong and Combat, anything else requires all kinds of tricks. Even something as simple as intentionally setting the horizontal position requires counting clock cycles to accomplish because generally you don't care about manually placing them in Pong-clones, you just use the default positions and apply horizontal/vertical movement using the registers.

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If it was designed as a pong machine wouldn't it have two paddles and one ball?

What you call "tricks" some of us just call writing code for that platform. 90% of the time your code is actively writing the display. You can do pretty much anything you want. 2 sprites? Toppest of keks.

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fucking love this game, simple, fun, and difficult.
take a try on this one guys.

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That is one hilarious cop-out

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there's a board for this kind of infantile garbage, I suggest you go there.

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I was doing him a favor. He concluded that SMB3 is not unique since games like SMW and the New Super Mario Bros games exist. That's is really funny since a game like SMB3 covers like 90% of the atari library in a single game. Simple elements like a piranha plant shooting a fireball at you is like the entire concept of an atari game, or most atari games for that matter.

The joke in his retarded statement is and that your biased self won't comprehend is that the difference between two "similar" games like SMB3 and SMW are still worlds apart in the realm of the atari. Even if you get the two games in the entire atari library that have the least in common with each other you still don't even get a tenth of the difference that SMB3 and SMW offer.

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I could barely bring myself to read that. You're arguments are completely subjective, and largely without a point. There would be no Mario of any kind without the 2600, so shitting on it in hindsight is just stupid.

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I don't give a shit about legacy circlejerking like you guys do. Even if we knew the name of the guy who found out about fire, no one would give a shit.

Though you may try to prove me wrong. Name two games on the atari that offer a greater difference than SMB3 and SMW.

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>He concluded that SMB3 is not unique since games like SMW and the New Super Mario Bros games exist

He did, satirizing your "genius" statement that Ice Hockey shouldn't be played because games like Blades of Steel exist. What's the difference? I'm not sure if there's even any reasoning behind your posts. All you ever say is "Hurr atari games are too primitive, they aren't worth playing, there are better games for other consoles". This is the same exact excuse some retards use to dismiss older games in favor of more modern ones. "Why would I play NES Zelda???? It's so primitive!!! Look at this horrible graphics!!! Gameplay is so blocky!!! Not worth it when you can just play Skyward Sword instead!!!" This kind of moronic shit isn't worth bothering.

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Forget it, I just read >>3648663.
Not that I'm at all surprised, I kind of suspected he was trolling already.

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True this system doesn't have a version of earthbound, chronic trigger, or Hagane, but its still great!
Sometimes I need breaks from playing really good games and just want to let my brain relax and play some combat, or pac-man, or e.t.!

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I'm not the /pol/ poster, it clearly shows your extreme bias to assume I'm to find something to dismiss my argument.
I already created a masterful analogy to explain this.

Atari games are like cave paintings while NES games are like black and white movies for example. Modern films and black and white movies have different values and someone who enjoyed black and white movies may be dissapointed how his favorite medium has evolved till now. Cave paintings may be fascinating at first but don't hold much value beyond that. They're certainly interesting from a historic point though.

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is this one of those threads that are made to make nintoddlers look like drooling retards?
whatever, report and move on

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>buying AtGames garbage
>You will regret that

Not him and I agree they are shit, but this is the 2600 we are talking about. Most people can handle maybe 20 minutes of any given game at a time before they start craving the arcade original and fire up MAME.

There are some fun 2600 exclusives but the flashback is just a lazy easy way to play on a whim. They cost nothing.

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>masterful analogy
top fucking kek

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For real. Don't know why there is so much Nintendo hate, all the games are suuuuper comfy.

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More games for me I guess.

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