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Who's the fucking degenerate that did this?

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What's the problem?

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Are you blind?

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>muh filters
Get over it. Some people rike SuperEagle smudges on their chinese cartoon games.

OR stay in your degenerate /CRT/ containment.

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That's actually pretty good filter.

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Fucking disgusting

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>The only correct way to emulate Chrono Trigger is to use the 1792x1344 resolution without any filters.

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dat ayla ass

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What's the orange thing? It's not Mario's leg/shoe, what is it?

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It's mmx4 you nigger faggot

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The problem with these aggressive filters is that they tend to induce details/features which were never actually there in the first place. They can't distinguish actual details from artifacts which exist due to the low resolution's limitations.

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No it's Rockman X4.

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What? How could the saddle possibly be reaching down there?

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compare these sprites
the reason why the saddle looks weird with the shader is because it's not very accurate and overlaps with a lot of colors to combine them.
you can see this with yoshi's tail too.

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if you don't like filters then don't use them

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Why do you care?

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>yoshi originally had no arms

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It's Yoshi's arm.

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