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Never ever played a BoF game, where should I start?

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By the first game i suppose.

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First one is not that good. Second one is best.

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Id say 3, only played a little bit man did i love that art style. 4's is really good to though ill

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III is the ONLY one worth playing. Every other game is a step down. The first two are crap by SNES standards.

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The only thing 4 had going for it was the art and visual style. There's nothing else like it on that end, but it's otherwise a dull game.

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it also has the best battle system in the series

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First game wasn't very good.

Second game was much better, but the localization is garbage.

Third game is my personal favorite, but the localization still isn't that great.

Fourth is good, and has some of the best spritework I've seen on the PS1.

Dragon Quarter is extremely divisive, and there's no way of knowing whether or not you'll like it until you try it. It tries a lot of new things, and is a dungeon crawler instead of a standard BOF-style game. I didn't like it the first time I played it, but when I replayed it a few years later, it kinda grew on me.

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The first game is the most generic 16-bit JRPG of all time.

Second game improves on the first but has a horrible translation/localization. Play the fan patch if you can.

3rd game is beloved by most people but I never really enjoyed it. It has a lot of good qualities though.

4th one is basically a horizontal move from the 3rd one in terms of music and gameplay - not better or worse, but just different. The story is better. And the graphics include some of the best sprite work of the entire PSX/N64 generation.

The 5th game is wildly different from the other 4 and isn't representative of the rest of the series in any way, apart from character names and minor thematic elements.

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Why is Dragon Quarter disliked so ("it killed the series!!!")?

Doesn't Dragon Quarter have the most involving and difficult combat (the core component of any RPG) of all BOF games?

Do people prefer "press A to win" because it is more comfy for them?

Which BoF has the hardest dungeons (massive and difficult to navigate)?

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Games that bring about massive differences in style tend to become the black sheep. BOF5 is one of these kinds of games.

Unlike most RPGs, it's one that's meant to be played multiple times.

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i love DQ but III is one of my favorites. i traded in my SNES and all my games to buy it at gamestop when i was in the 3rd grade haha. I think i will replay III sometime soon. the arc where everyone is still a kid is super cozy

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Dragon Quarter has fans, but it's likely few of them are among the people who were drawn in by the earlier series. It now requires mindfulness of spatiality and the environment, something almost no game in the JRPG genre ever uses, and switches to a distinctly more futuristic and "uncomfy" setting. It further alienates the players by requiring them to be modest in their actions, dishing out harsh consequences for playing in the leisurely manner they might usually do. How many JRPGs will tell you to fuck off and restart because you used too many super moves? It's my favourite of the franchise and the only one I feel is a great videogame, but it's a given that it would be the black sheep.

>Do people prefer "press A to win" because it is more comfy for them?
Yes. You see it makes the experience cerebral for them. They are fighting enemies using their smarts because they pressed A on a menu prompt rather than having A directly connected to an attack animation like in an action game.

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3 and 4. 1 and 2 are okay but haven't stood the test of time. Avoid 5 like the plague.

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couldn't get into three. four was alright.

dq seems like it was made by a team where about a quarter of the staff were clever and innovative and the rest were dullards. and decisions were made by consensus.

example: most bosses have tactics or at least a gimmick that makes it interesting to figure out how to beat them. but this isn't something you'll figure out immediately, and by the time you get it you're worn down enough that you're forced to transform or die. and transforming is basically press-x-to-win (but press it enough and it's game over). combine that with the fact that save locations only come -after- you beat a boss, and bosses only come after a decent amount of dungeon crawling, and you're left with the choice of plowing through the boss on easy mode or resetting and taking an hour or so to get back to where you were to beat the boss using whatever tactics you've come up with rather than simply transforming. both options are wholly unsatisfying. the overarching gimmick of the game (combined with save placement), which ostensibly was implemented to impart a feeling of impending doom and to force the player to utilize it wisely as a resource, makes the would-be interesting and challenging boss battles either tedious or brainless. it's not really a problem if you emulate and use savestates, but it's still stupid - it's design at odds with itself.

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But the second one is just a shittier version of the first one

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^ disregard this

>BoF 1
One is a bit tedious and predictable at first but gets really damn good 1/3 in. Has a damn good soundtrack, and Bleu will give you a boner. While there's little for dialogue in the game, it's still good.

>BoF 2
Two is a slog. One big annoying slog. Ignore the Kattfags please, they're the ones who praise this the most, and they're furries.
The battle music is terrible, which is bad because the encounter rate is retarded, and the rest of the music is average at best. The story starts decent but then end up being bleh.

>BoF 3
You'd need to play a bit of it first before you decide it's worth playing, that sounds odd but it's true.
As far as story goes for an RPG on the PS1, it's a mixed bag. Some of it's good and fun, the rest is a little bad. The music aside from a couple of areas is by far the most dull.
There's a lot of really stupid shitty mini-games you're forced to do. The characters are interesting, they're the best part of the game actually, unfortunately there's not a whole lot of character development things in the story aside from using camp and talking to them outside the tent in between each little piece of progress in the story (and that's all you get). For something that's supposed to be an rpg that's a console ahead of BoF 1 and 2, it doesn't do its job.
Momo is best character btw

>BoF 4
Never played. Sorry.

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>Ignore the Kattfags because they are right and I am so wrong
>P-please ;_;
This is how pathetic you are. 2 is the best BoF game, or at least superior to 1 in every regard possible. Install the re-translation and XP/Zenny patches.

Pre-patched with re-translation ROM:

XP/Zenny patching utility:

P.S. Bleu/Deis is fucking shit waifu.

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People who say 1 is any good are shitposters of the highest degree.

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>Do people prefer "press A to win"
Do you prefer "press dragon mode to win" and they SOL Restore? Because the game is that kind of grinding crap, and not any harder. Also, not retro. Fuck off.

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People who say Dragon Quarter didn't kill the series are also shitposters.


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>Do people prefer "press A to win"
Do you prefer "spam dragon mode to win" and then SOL Restore or whatever it was called? Because the game is that kind of crap, not any harder and not any more intelligent. Also, it's not retro. Fuck off.

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It's an extremely tedious game, to be completely honest. The soundtrack is good, the graphics looked cool at the time, but there's just so little of the text that you would typically cling to in an RPG. And you'd think the fallback would be the combat system but no, The battles are not fun. At all. There is no fun here. You start out not having fun and you end not having fun. Which is made even rougher by the fact that it's despairingly easy to abuse. By the time you get to the (real) final boss fight you're going to basically be auto battling her into bits assuming you got your shitpushing ability which you should at that point. I would recommend nobody play this, and only reading about it before they started the rest of the games in the series as the final boss is kind of important in remote ways to 2 and important in a direct way to 3. But hey if somebody wants to get enamored with the series on a personal level, this IS the series beginnings.

A feast on the eyes at the time it was released. It had some bits of humor in how bad the translation is but you still come to enjoy the game by the end of it. The plot is definently present but the characters sure aren't in a large enough capacity. Given that this was kind of the norm, I won't fault the game for it. The music is.... not the best thing in the world. I mean didn't Lufia 2 come out at this time or at least less than a year later? Is my memory fucked? This
while good, ain't as good as this in my opinion
Regardless of the faults which are subjective anyways, I tuned in hard as fuck to the series at this point and this fucker kept me coming back for years.


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No one but autists and furfags give a shit about the first two games. 3 and 4 are great.

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The superior feeling of a "journey" throughout the entire series. You feel the adventure as you start on one end of the continent and end up on the other side of that continent. It doesn't have the best story telling experience in the world but it's consistent and everything fits the tone. The music is great. The fucking title screen itself is fucking amazing.
And some of the idfferent boss themes are great.

There's not a lot to say really. It's combat was functional but wasn't the most complex in the world. And I don't care.

>BoF 4
The story is probably one of the best in the series on a personal level. It takes you to places a lot more darker than you would initially realize. It also has a military complex that isn't just a few figureheads fighting head first in every fight, but an actual military doing things as a nation to fuck up Fou-lu

The music is also amazing. Great music all around. When Bastard Sword started playing I was blown right the fuck away. Probably because, at the time, I didn't own a lot of RPG's and so I thought they all had to sound like Final Fantasy 7.
I used to just listen to this shit Probably the most engaging combat system out of all of them besides. There's a customization element with the whole master mentor thing that let you creatively build your team (as far as that went) and maybe I'm an outlier, but that village building shit was my jam. By far the prettiest of the series as well. I think it might be one of the best looking games on the playstation.

It not being in the same world as the other 3 isn't that bad. But while you do globe trot it never feels like the same scale as BoF3. Regardless of the shortcomings and the censorship it remains one of my favorites along with 3 and 2.

Because they're ALL good.


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>Dragon Quarter
Except for this one. Were we to rate it on it's own I would definitely rate it higher. But we're not rating this on it's own are we? It's a Breath of Fire Game.

>Why is Dragon Quarter disliked so ("it killed the series!!!")?
Because it did. Anybody growing up with the series can tell you that. And a simple google search can tell everybody else

>Doesn't Dragon Quarter have the most involving and difficult combat (the core component of any RPG) of all BOF games?
A game is not just combat in a scenario. It's:
1) Aesthetics
2) Sound
3) Presentation
4) Feel
Were that not the case, RPG's would just be nothing but combat systems trying to out complex each other. What's more if you're making a sequel to an already defined series you have to have
A) common elements
B) similar game feel

When you make a system that plays nothing like every game in the series you alienate them. What's more, even on it's own merit BoF:DQ did not do well enough to make up for it's distancing of the series. I remember being hesitant when I saw this shit on x-play but purchased it anyways.

>Do people prefer "press A to win" because it is more comfy for them?
Comfy? It's what we know. You don't just change an entire system and call it good. That's how you piss everybody off. This is the whole thing about having a "target audience". People who liked where there RPG was aren't going to welcome changes. Still, it MUST be played to form an opinion. So.

Moving on;
I won't actually talk about this "game". I regret ever wasting the time to see how bad it was.
I like how they attempted to play on series nostalgia with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJ2Yuu8FmJ8
But the game actually just has generic modern anime faggots complete with brown haired self insert protagonist.
Hours of my life that I will never get back. Also not retro.

1 if you really want to
2, 3, 4,
DQ if you really want to

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I should also state that I have no clue what the fuck Capcom was thinking going on with the development of 6. They pull Megaman Legends 3 on a whim which pissed off all of those poor megaman fans. Yet when they posted the trailer of this garbage and that dislike bar was almost solid red (leading them to pull it) they still went forward with making this shit.

I guess some people must like it or they were given positive reinforcement, but for the life of me I just can't see it. Hurts to even think about it.

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3rd is definitly the best, but i liked some point from the 2nd, probably characters design and fusion.

So many people plaise BoF4 as the best but i really don't share that opinion, for me its a copy from the 3rd in less good. Gen's system from BoF3 is god tier.

5 is too strange. Never played the 1st so i cant tell.

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>This is how pathetic you are.

Remember when you made a thread for Katt appreciation and you were literally the only person posting in it, and even then only bumping it once it reached page 10?
'Cause I'm pretty sure that alone gives you zero fucking ground to stand on.

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Katfag is also a /v/ regular. Don't trust what he says.

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You remember only where it is beneficial for you. I don't:

Bleu/Deis is still a shitty waifu no one gives a heck about and any attempted thread about her and Nina are doomed to die unnoticed.

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What reasoning adult would use this word.

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/v/ is much better than this shithole filled with Dreamcast nostalgiafaggots and other fedora tipper sacred cow shepherds.

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>fedora tipper sacred cow shepherds
You have no clue what you're saying anymore do you?

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By what reasoning would an adult use an Chinese cartoon imageboard? Haha. Yet you are still here.


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More clues than you can ever imagine.

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>anime is only for children
Because some anime is designed for adults. On the other hand self-awareness is an individual trait that everybody has that you seem to lack. Pity that.

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You can be an adult as much as you want family all the power to you haha but going on fucking 4chan to tell people to act appropriately is something something IRONING.

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You're free to be as stupid as you want to be under the veil of anonymity but don't get so ass-pained when somebody makes fun of you, stupid.

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Another meme word just like fedora tipper

You want have other people improved if you don't follow your own advice

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>reached page 10
It was deleted by mods, you Retard.

>only person posting


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>Ignore the Kattfags because they are right and I am so wrong
>P-please ;_;
This is how pathetic you are. 2 is the best BoF game, or at least superior to 1 in every regard possible. Install the re-translation and XP/Zenny patches.

Pre-patched with re-translation ROM:

XP/Zenny patching utility:

P.S. Bleu/Deis is fucking shit waifu.

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I wish I had CP (central processor).


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>XP/Zenny patches
Why would you do this the game is easy enough without them? Oh wait you insist on using an underpowered character like Katt/Lin in your party.

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You know all this got me thinking. You know how the Mana series had a actually pretty good game phone game in Rise of Mana and this brought for a revival of the series with a game recently hitting west. And how SaGa isn't dead after all this time. Given what we know about all of this.
And given that Capcom has money now. I mean Ikehara still works there doesn't he?

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What are your complaints against Katt/Lin? I really want to know how she's "underpowered".

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>Ignore the Kattfags because they are right and I am so wrong
>P-please ;_;
This is how pathetic you are. 2 is the best BoF game, or at least superior to 1 in every regard possible. Install the re-translation and XP/Zenny patches.

Pre-patched with re-translation ROM:

XP/Zenny patching utility:

P.S. Bleu/Deis is fucking shit waifu.

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You are retarded to believe that. Typical corporate puppet.

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>The shaman for her fusion is literally in the last dungeon
>Low durability
>High agillity which actually a bad thing because see below

Lin's damage output doesn't matter because the most effective strategy is to kill bosses with the Ryu's dragon transform alone.
The idea for that is for Ryu use the transform and characters slower than Ryu feed him AP restoring items every turn. Early game the two +20 AP items are enough while later in the game you can craft the +100AP for only 1 Fiery Spice and 4 Tuna.

Lin simply serves no purpose if you use that strategy.

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and shamans for other characters that make ultimate fusions are available any sooner???

if you looked up recipes which no one would get blind, with the same ease you could have cooked goldbars and stat boosts for literally every character

the difference is almost none

blind, devil shaman is hard to miss unlike, at example, holy (backtracking) and earth (guideworthy). i am not buying your excuses

devil shaman infinitely improves katt/lin

in recent speedran they fed mc with 100 ap while katt was attacking with attack boost. guy got new wr. again, i am not buying your story as with the same ease you could have bought katt iron mail at coursair making her invicible for long

>> No.3640251

>which no one would get blind
What? Not the anon you're talking to but I figured out a lot of recipes while playing blind.

>> No.3640256

Aspara's girl fusion can be used as soon as you get him. Sten's fusion can also be used since about halfway of the game.

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Aspara's water shaman fusion is terrible.

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Mod blocked me. Now it is expired.

Holy autism.

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>admitting to ban evasion

>> No.3640268

It is block evasion actually. Not outlawed.

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I found that the series improved with each successive entry, though Dragon Quarter is the only one I really enjoyed. The others aren't bad games (outside of perhaps the first one, anyway,) I was just put off by the incredibly slow pace of the games. The plot in most of them moves along at a glacial rate, and the unending deluge of random encounters takes a long time to resolve due to the lengthy combat animations.

I recommend giving either 2 or 3 a try, and jumping straight to Dragon Quarter if you dislike it.

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Choose by fwapping to different versions of the bird grill. If you hate furries, this series ain't that grand.

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I remember BoF3's first third or so being amazing

>> No.3641221

I don't get it

>> No.3641721

I found the entirety of BoF3's story to be, while not the greatest, enjoyable. It's also one of the few games where I found the journey to be just as important as a destination if not more so. When you find yourself across the entirety of your continent and onto the next one it feels like like an accomplishment. It's a pretty special feeling that I don't doubt is a bit swayed by nostalgia

That said, as stated previously I find that I enjoy 2, 3, and 4 in equal parts. Though if I were to share a bit of bias, while good I don't believe I enjoy 2 as much as 3 or 4. And while I do recommend the entire series to somebody, if they were to ask for only a single game to play, I would definitely put up #4.

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I guess I should check out 4 then. I've played 1-3 but 4 always starts off a little too drab/depressing for me to get into.

>> No.3641806

The story and tonal shift is actually one of the biggest contrast. I mean getting targeted by a hit squad in 3 is pretty nuts, but it doesn't reach the deepest depths that this game sometimes dives into. But it's because these things are done for the storytelling experience and not the shock value or the fact that there is no so called "shock value" at all in presentation that I consider it probably the best story telling experience in the series. From both sides of the coin is pretty sublime. It starts as well with a pretty strong clear goal and while Ryu is our player character and ultimately is the protagonist, the driving force of it is Nina.

But still for a rather darker storytelling experience, the game doesn't lose the levity that you come to expect in a series. Just don't expect to see it on the forefront of the story. It at least doesn't lose the charm of some things like fishing and what have you. Fishing music certainly does break things up, as does the mechanics that depend a bit on it. Continuing from that it has the most punchy soundtrack that, while I can't say accurately conveys the emotion all the time, is pretty awesome nonetheless. I would give more examples, but it's something that's better experienced.

Anyways if you do decide to go for it, good luck. I can't remember the difficulty of the entire game but I do remember the final boss being soul crushingly difficult, even with the best final form. contrasting to how easy 1 is with the ultimate form, 2 is when people are feeding Ryu items, 3 is because you can split, heal, and then re-henshin Keeping with series tradition as well there's a pretty fucked ending you can get at the final fight, so you're in for a ride.

>> No.3642192

Finished BoF II for the first time.
My biggest problem with the game was the progression of the plot. There are only 2 things to do in the game - find the bat-winged thief and defeat the monster from Gate, but the game keeps blocking your progress with stupid stuff.

Hey, something happened in Gate
You should get a grassmen to ask a tree about what happened
You want this grassmen? Well, go hunt a monster for me
You did hunt the monster, huh? Well just kidding, beat me now
We have the grassmen, let's ask the tree
The tree can't remember anything, let's bring a magic pillow to read its mind
Want the magic pillow? Well, you need a magic flute to speak with the queen
Want the magic flute? Visit Sten's hometown and do a whole quest about his past
Well, you have the magic flute now, but you won't receive the magic pillow for free
Go get the doctor to save the queen
Go find a mushroom
Now defeat the monsters inside the queen's body
You have the magic pillow now, but that's not enough, let's enter the tree's mind
Go though another dungeon, now we can finally ask the tree about what happened


>> No.3642201

Anyway, I made some codes, is anyone interested? Those will allow you to fuse the same shaman with multiple characters.

7E5696 00
7E5697 00
7E5698 00
7E5699 00
7E569A 00
7E569B 00

>> No.3642253

>where should I start
With a better series altogether.

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>> No.3643060

3 is the best overall, 4 looks nicer but that's it, 2 is a fucking grindfest and 1 is boring like Dragon Quest. Never played DQ because of that horrid sounding time limit bullshit.

>> No.3643092

4 has looks, music, (arguably the battle system), and a stronger story (in my opinion).
3 has strength of characters, the scale of an adventure, reasonable stakes, and a fully functional story that ties it all together. Also one of the few games where time skips don't hamfist you with a "meanwhile in everybody else's lives" and just lets you see how they've been doing by yourself.
2, while grindy, isn't particularly more grindy than the average game at the time, despite the encounter rate. It looked good, played well for the time. It's biggest flaw is the lack of strength of the characters or the plot. I went more in detail on my opinions above.

Really I hold them all to the same acclaim with the exception of 1, because it's not the best thing ever and DQ, because it's not indicative at ALL of what the series is and should be.

>> No.3643095

i hate to say this but goddamn BoF series is overrated as fuck even then, and has aged like shit now

bof1 was an average grindy rpg. 8 different characters which seemed cool but over half of them are complete shit fodder garbage. also notably most late boss battles take literally forever to complete because of huge hp pools which causes a couple dozen turns minimum to complete.

bof2 was a sad case because it had a ton of potential but was translated so poorly it was nearly impossible to follow. again a bunch of half baked characters that hardly get used giving the player the illusion of choice when there isnt. also the spar and jean story arcs are pure shit and make me never wanna replay it again

bof3 admittingly ive never beaten and it seemed alright from the first few hours play that i got through (up to momo's tower iirc) and from what people tell me its the best one in the series, but idk if i can play through it because it shows its age with bad graphics and terrible 3d camera angles. seriously i can play a lot of shit but when it incorporates a combo of those two its a turn off.

bof4 again, havent beaten, played through most of it though. i would say its the best game in the series but its considerably different compared to other bof games. actually looks like it aged well and i would give it a play through again, perhaps i will after i finish xenogears and soul hackers

we dont talk about dragon quarter here.

>> No.3643108

>BoF series is overrated
By whom? How often is this even brought up as a series compared to DQ, Final Fantasy, some SMT shit and what have you. I hear this as seldom mentioned as Lufia 1 and 2. Even when it came out I was the only person in my circle to own Bof 3 when it came out; doubly so when BoF IV launched.

>> No.3643109

also hardest dungeons imo would have to go to bof2, the final dungeons are extremely long and its rather easy to fuck up and lose your fusions if your characters go into critical low hp status because a bunch of monsters there have death spells and do lots of damage, which is to be expected since its the last area, but losing your fusions down there can suck big time if youre not overleveled and theres no way to get them back unless you leave the entire place again

>> No.3643306

>final dungeons are extremely long and its rather easy to fuck up and lose your fusions
You lose all your fusions in a story sequence after the first half of the dungeon anyway so you better forget about them.

The shaman system was really badly thought out especially once you consider that 3 of 6 shamans are only optainable after the second last dungeon.

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