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Option 3, even if using the analog stick.

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Depends on the game.


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Are there even any games where the middle one is an option?

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Most FPSs, Sin and Punishment, Bangai-O come to mind.

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>tfw no gf

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What the fuck was nintendo thinking?
I've heard Nintendo always puts a lot of care into their controller designs, but they're all actually completely retarded. They only nailed it with the SNES one, and then Sony completely fucked them over by stealing the design and turning it into the perfect controller.

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I have always held it like Option 1.

No one I've ever known has held it any differently.

The D-Pad is not used.

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I don't like the design of the N64 controller, but I don't think I've ever played a game that actually used the d-pad. I know they're out there, but I never played them.

Not retro, but I kinda liked the GC controller for what it was. I just wish the d-pad was bigger so it wouldn't dig into my thumb so badly. Having the C-stick instead of a legit analog stick was a mistake.

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Ive always only used Option 1. But i guess it depends on the game

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Side-scrollers like Goemon and Mischief Makers used the d-pad only. AKI wrestling games as well.

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Depends on the game.

That's the whole point.

People are too retarded to realize this.

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This post should make it clear why people bitch about Perfect Dark controls.


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I never understood this meme that the N64 controller was confusing to use. I'm not even an N64-fag and I always found it easy to understand.

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sure, if youre an actual butt faggot

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I used option 3 but my hands were big enough that I could reach the thumbstick.

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As unbelievably retarded as the N64 controller was, it did invent the control stick. That's a pretty big deal. It also had the best trigger button on a controller ever, even if it was perhaps too cleverly hidden.

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The way someone who's not retarded does.

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Also one of the mini games in Pokemon Stadium, but it's pretty forgettable.

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Far right.

Everything else feels wrong.

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Did any games used this setup?

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It's a shame the N64 missed most 2D fighting games that were produced in the gen, the controller was perfect for that genre, it has 6 frontal buttons and a huge D-Pad.

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Have you actually used the N64 d-pad before? It was a stiff and useless piece of hot garbage.

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>It's a shame the N64 missed most 2D fighting games that were produced in the gen,

Not really, no. Cart size would've limited 2d fighters a lot.

Besides, there was already the Saturn.

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>It was a stiff and useless piece of hot garbage.

it's the exact same d-pad as the SNES. The reason it's stiff is because it's barely used so it remains immaculate in most cases.
Give it some use and you'll see how it's not stiff anymore.

>Cart size would've limited 2d fighters a lot.

I dunno, Wonder Project J2 has some of the best 2D animations I've seen in games and it was a standard early N64 release.
Rakuga Kids also has a shitload of animation frames per character, pic related.
The reason Capcom or SNK didn't bother releasing fighters for N64 is because it would have been barely profitable considering everyone had the PS1 (and the Saturn, in Japan) and it was a lot cheaper to make CDs.

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Option 2, for Perfect Dark. I haven't played a real 64 in years though.

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>thinking any PlayStation controller is perfect
>not knowing the best controller of all time is GameCube
>not realizing that the Dreamcast and Saturn 3D controllers are better than a PS1 joypad

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1) Nothing is perfect but I prefer the grip of my playstation controller, a design that has been in one way or another aped on by logitech controllers (or is it the other way around) since time immemorial for a reason.

2) The gamecube is not the best controller. One button for interface (only start), an unergonomic location for the dpad (raised and diagonally away from your resting thumb location) less buttons overall, a weird priority for buttons (as in A being the biggest thing on this controller instead of buttons having equal importance like the snes), and that weird clit stick of a c-stick.

3) As much as I like the dreamcast and love it's controller and VMUs that controller was rubbish and so is anybody saying that it was better than anything.

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The largest CPS2 games are 64MB so there's no reason N64 couldn't have done an unabridged Marvel vs Capcom. You'd need the Expansion Pak for tag to work though.

Capcom just didn't do it cause they figured it wouldn't be profitable.

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The only real flaws with the N64 controller are the cutting plastic on the analog stick and the proximity of your hands when using the middle prong.
Yes, it may look stupid, but counting that as a controller defect is even more retarded.

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>sony fanboi detected

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I see no issues

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Where do you even buy a new n64 controller nowerdays? I still have my console but I seem to have lost the controllers.

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That is quite repugenent.

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Good fucking luck finding a decent n64 controller these days man

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what about this lukie games place? any good? or scam tier?

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If you're think of the TTX one, it's sorta meh

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I've used 1 and 3 but never 2

I know 2 exists for some games but I've never played any which used it.

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Less so than the original N64 controller, however.

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>Tfw we've perfected the controller and we'll never have such zainy designs trying to find the best possible way to play games.

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The layout not the quality dumb dumb.

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A good layput means nothing if the controller is kaput. Nice try though.

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You're an idiot.

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You got to be kidding me. Even the Xbox 360 controller layout is flawed in it's own right. Unless you have huge fat American hands of course

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That's a big controller for you? Holy shit how small are your hands? I know girls who say it's perfectly comfortable.

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360 controller is roughly the same size as the Xbox S controller... the Duke is the only one where size is a legit issue. And the only actual issue with the 360 pad is the horrific d-pad which was rectified later.

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but for most games option 1

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Just shut the fuck up retard. The Nintendo GameCube controller is the BEST controller ever made in the history of video games, full-stop.

The best fighting game in the world, Super Smash Bros. Melee, uses said controller. To a point where it's the superior option in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Including a peripheral meant solely for using 4 GameCube controller ports on the Wii U). To a point where they HAD to offer said options, otherwise they'd be shooting themselves in the foot and pissing off everybody. To a point where even Nintendo has to buckle and realize this and model their Pro controllers for the Wii and Wii U after it, including selling a brand new modern Super Smash Bros. GameCube controller.

The D-pad on it was used for ancillary controls, not for 2D gaming. The GameCube controller is the prime controller for 3D gaming. There are no 2D games that use that controller. Go back to the stone age with your crappy rigidly squared NES controller if you care about "muh 2D games" so fucking much. Those with actual taste have left you all behind opining for stupid retro pixel shit.

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Am I the only one that like's this design? It looks and feels 10x better than the fucking Wiimote.

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>try using option 2
>still need to use A and B
fuck that

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Go suck off a Gamecube then, you spastic faggot

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That has nothing to do with its qualitity, games obviously tend to play better with the controller they were made for.

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Nah, I really really like it too. It's very nostalgic too. I feel comfortable every time I hold the 64 controller.

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We share the same opinions about all of those controllers. Good taste.

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Used one for the first time the other day. MAN is it weird. I can tell it takes time getting used to(only played smash bros) but I can see the potential.

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As a Melee tourneyfag, I can assure you Gamecube controllers are indeed the highest quality controller. My actions per second are roughly that of a Korean Starcraft player and my controllers hold up for years at a time.

I really like the Xbox 360/One controllers, but they just aren't a good quality. Neither is Playstation. Even with light use, mine all get loose sticks and worn rubber in the same amount of time my Gamecube controllers do, and those things really take a beating. Like tenfold.

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Found 2 perfect n64 controllers, look and feel like they were never even used, in a Value Village. Super rare but possible I guess

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>As unbelievably retarded as the N64 controller was, it did invent the control stick
Wrong. The 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System had one in 1976.

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And if that doesn't count because it's a joystick, then the XE-1AP released in 1989 for the Mega Drive does.

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Not by Nintendo, doesn't count!

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Option 4

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you're missing a 6 next to that 4

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the option for the kid you don't like but your mom makes you hang out with

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That kid will be destroying you with the edge that analog stick gives him.

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Time to rotate the camera.
*Clicks on octagonal edges*

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I hope you realize that the modern dual shock, x-box (and clones) controllers have 4 possible ways to hold them and you actively switch between them during game play.

>I never understood this meme that the N64 controller was confusing to use. I'm not even an N64-fag and I always found it easy to understand.

Me too.

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>What the fuck was nintendo thinking?

From the N64 days Nintendo strategy was
>Take insane idea
>Run with it
>Make a controller that looks different to everyone else

Wii motion controls

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>rectified later

I got the 360 controller for PC and I have to say while its comfortable if you don't use the D-pad the D-pad is a complete abomination!

Literally if you press right sometimes it registers to be a jump.
This shit can kill you in fighting games.
This is why I use Logitech for fighting games or anything with a d-pad controls.

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Balancing the controller on my lap, right hand over the buttons, left index finger and thumb on joystick, other three fingers awkwardly trying to use the D-Pad whenever necessary

I have a lot of fond memories of Mario 64, Quest 64 and Goldeneye, but it was kind of Nintendo's Jaguar

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is like playing with a fucken brick.
Anything is better then the Wiimote.

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Picture plz.

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I don't have a controller to show you

Just imagine using it like a keyboard, where yuor right hand is over the right side buttons and your left hand is holding the joystick, and there are three fingers left to try to hit the D-pad

Dunno how else to explain

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>I don't have a controller to show you
Whats with this N64 controller shortage?
I have 2 N64 controllers.

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>The best fighting game in the world, Super Smash Bros. Melee

You're outed yourself as an autistic child. Either that, or trolling real bad.

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I gave my N64 to my cousin like... a decade ago. I don't even own any consoles anymore, I'm a poorfag, all I have is a shitty Lenovo Thinkpad and a Hori 4 joystick. I don't even have a friggin PS2 controller.

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Dang, I'm sorry.
You are worse then a poorfag you are a giveaway_self_made_poorfag.

Why did you give your shit away?

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that's forbidden love

So was the cousin hot and did you score?

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Nah, she has always been ugly, but I just wanted her to have nice things

Shows what an idiot I was, never got any gratitude for it.

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>One hand on left side
>One hand on right side
>Centre up my butt

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You must be a anal acrobat to manipulate the thumb stick with your ass alone.

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Holy shit look at this mutant! Freak of nature!

His middle hand is left oriented VS the normal right orientation for middle hands in humans.

You must have being bullied for this in school a lot!

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ITT: underaged OP doesn't understand how the N64 controller works.

>proximity of your hands when using the middle prong
Not even. I'm 6' 2" and have huge hands, and I still have plenty of room on the N64 controller. The only way people could have an issue is if they are so horrifically obese they have bratwursts for fingers.

That analog stick looks terribly uncomfortable to use.

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Joke's on you, I use an xbox controller while emulating

Yeah but with those controllers the switching between modes doesn't require moving your entire hand around, just the thumb.

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>Yeah but with those controllers the switching between modes doesn't require moving your entire hand around, just the thumb.

True, however the meme was
>What is the one true way to hold the N64 controller?
>how do ideal with constant hand position switching on the N64 controller?

And you practically never switched hand positions while playing on the N64 every game did have its own way of controlling and used its own hand position and switching was rarely ever used (you got into a mini game or some shit so you needed to switch the hand position).

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Holy shit I get the reference!

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Not even /pol/ is this level of racist.

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Who started the N64 controller is for mutants/aliens meme?

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What game?

Games that let you use left position only needed d-pad, L and Z.

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Ar there even games who switch the control scheme?
If yes name them.

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Sin and Punishment and Bangai-O.

Bangai-O lets you use 4 different kind of controls schemes, and it's all on the fly, you don't need to change options.

FPSs like Perfect Dark and I think Goldeneye too, but not sure if on the fly, I think you have to set it in options.

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This is how I hold an N64 controller

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You may want to repost this picture friend. You remembered to take a photo of your home but forgot to include yourself holding the N64 controller. Thankfully the nice people on /vr/ are here to politely point out your mistakes :^)

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I know that because you're an N64 fan you have trouble reading, but that's bad even for your kind.

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option three.

What kind of bitch handed faggots are you. Unless you have the hands of a toddler option three gives comfortable access to all of the buttons & analog stick.

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you don't need big hands to hold it like a retard

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Fuckin hell. Clip your nails, man. Or whoever has those nails.

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i had one back in the day, if your hands get sweaty it will randomly shoot out of your hands.

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was this one though, not that xbox original knockoff

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Are you retarded?

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there is no other way

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Only thing I ever used the dpad for was THPS1, and that's because I was used to the PS1

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What am I looking at?

Seriously explain what game is this and what problem is this?

>> No.3647563

you're looking at turok-style controls where you move with the c buttons and turn with the d-pad

>> No.3647635

sounds bad man.
Thank god for emulation.

Why did they not give this
Up/down = forward/back
left/right = turn left/right

L= strafe left
R=strafe right

You can use C and A,B for all other things.

Or why not use the control stick instead of the D-pad and have strafe on D-pad left right?

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Was this really a problem back in the day?
In what games?

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>tfw no gf

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option 46?

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>>3649267dot worry its HIS BF

>> No.3649368

However the fuck you want.

Never-the-less, most games didn' t use the d-pad at all, so 2 and 3 are discarded.

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Whats with this N64 controller meme?