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Picked this baby up for 5 dollars at my local game store.

I've seen it sit on the shelf for like 3 months so I finally got it.

Played two levels and turned it right the fuck off.

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I did the same with Pac Man World 1

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>Pac Man World
>A decent game

>Mort the Chicken

>One of the worst games ever made, probably one of the top 5 worst on PS1

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Really? I had a lot of fun with that one.

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did this with doom

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Has there ever been a good video game starring a chicken?

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>Alfred Chicken
the fuck

Was this like, the PAL version of Mort the Chicken?

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That be impressive considering Mort the Chicken is PAL itself.

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oy vey annudah shoah

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>hating on Alfred

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I have a very weird nostalgia for this game.

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Some of the Back to the Future games are alright.

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Billy Hatcher?

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