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so /vr/, I've never paid much attention to youtubers for any topic really but recently started watching few /vr/ related videos and it turns out, that they can be quite entertaining.

what are your favourite channels? watched a bit of pic related, who is disgusting to look at and also making me cringe ever so often but his content seems spot on. also SNESdrunk or something and some cygnus guy, the latter i find unbearable though

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weird al really got his shit fucked up

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Comfiest game guy who does a lot of retro shit is Mark "lord karnage" from CGR

It's just "reviews" but I find him comfy

Can't stand "metal jesus" he is so goddamn awful to look at, listen to, and just makes me cringe to DEATH

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Lazy Game Reviews

He is my Spirit Animal.

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I like futurematt5. He rarely posts anymore though.

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I used to love Mark but after watched other youtubers I realized how little effort he puts into his videos, he clearly doesn't do any research, barely even reviews the games, mostly just calls things "awesome" or "fun", with shitty dad humour thrown in, and his "epic" slow tone of voice, I just can't sit through any of his videos anymore.

I get that he's an OG and is just having fun, but if you want an in-depth, well thought out review, he's not you're guy

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>but his content seems spot on

How in the fuck is his content spot on? All he does is hold up the box of a game and just vaguely describe it while saying it's one of his favorites. In fact the way he describes everything is so brief and vague I highly doubt he's even played some of the stuff he claims are hidden gems.

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i won't name youtubers but i'll say what are my favorite series that they make
chrontendo, gameboy world, one credit champ

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semon demon

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Game Sack is alright.

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Classic Game Room. Full stop

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Gerion79, Guru Larry, Kimble Justice, and (somewhat) The Nostalgia Nerd are all good. Besides them, only CGR and Game Sack are maybe worth watching. If you like documentary style videos, then Kimble Justice is the best, even if he thinks he's a woman now. Sad!

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she's for love, not semen.

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Yahtzee would occasionally LP a retro game (or later ones that I like). Don't know what he'll do with that now, he had pretty good chemistry with Gabe.

AVGN can be fun at times but I take his opinions on difficulty and gameplay with a grain of salt.
He's incredibly bad at Doom, like, controls aren't even an excuse, he was playing one of the PS3 ports which has about the best controls the base game can have on a gamepad and he still did terribly.
One really shouldn't do so poorly under those circumstances, I'd hate to see him play Duke Nukem 3D.

Can't think of a lot of others right now, but I use YouTube for other interests too.

I like him too.
Calm, collected, doesn't ever really put on an annoying act for the most part. He has a wide range of tastes in games (all kinds of genres, from old to new), is pretty thourough in what he likes and doesn't like in a game. He's informative. Also does a good Duke Nukem impersonation.

Wish I found out about him sooner. He has a passion for old tech which is neat, it's like he has this friendly and controlled autism driving him.

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I suggest you watch one of his behind the scenes videos if you think he puts no effort in. He doesn't spend a lot of time researching the games he reviews because he reviews tons of them and what would even be the point? It's just a relaxed show where a guy who loves games talks about them. What information do you really need from a review of an Atari game other than "here is what you do, it's fun/not fun."

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Oh, and I guess Vinesauce Joel and Gaming Historian.

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Metalfagjesus was pretty butthurt when Hillary lost.

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I miss 16 bit gems. Even though Clan of the Grey Wolf (or just "Roo") didn't need to call those games hidden gems, it was still fun to see some less talked about games being reviewed with some background history or watching them review a game I know from childhood and still enjoy thoroughly being reviewed in a different light than I saw it.

At least they didn't sell out making "paid content" on youtube but still consider it to be a hobby just like it's supposed to be. Fuck those faggots who think they're "working so hard" on fucking let's play videos and need a patreon for just that.

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It's mind boggling to see so many e-celebs acting like they know so much more about politics than others and using their twitter for their political agenda. The butthurt from guys like Brentalfloss is awkward to say the least. Yes I know they can use twitter for stuff that isn't as much related to their videos but c'mon even after a week guys like Ghideon Zhi and Brent are still being so butthurt about it. Kinda hypocritical how they've been telling trump voters they shouldn't act childish before the elections.

In general, it would be better if they could just cut the political crap and instead worked on making new videos for what they're known for. I'm following Brentalfloss for his music videos, not for knowing what's politically wrong or right. If that were the reason then you might as well follow politicians, parties, news websites or whatever it is what's supposed to be about politics in the first place ...

TL;DR Youtube and the ad revenue system were a mistake.

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>Pat actually being gr8
what the fuck is going on

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I didn't really expect Pat to be so mature and calm about it.
Though I guess he's never the kind of guy to fly off the handle.

Let me guess, he was one of the people who exploded in fury over the fact that third party voters (and lots of democrats) didn't vote for Hilldog?

Yeah, I'm seldom too interested in the political opinions of e-celebs (or celebs in general), many make broad statements on subjects they actually don't really understand that well or have at all looked into or researched by themselves (Yhatzee comes to mind).

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just came here to let you know that as a kid metal jesus played a bit part in an fmv adventure game called Shivers 2

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Is he actually Jesus? He has a nintendo disc drive.

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LGR is the comfiest retro reviewer by a landslide. Don't even get me started on his Thrifts eps.

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A D-list e-celeb played a D-list role in a D-list game in a D-list genre of games?

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Nah he's still missing the jewfro

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LGR is boss. I don't even care about half the shit he's reviewing as I missed out on a lot of 90s PC games but his videos are always super comfy.

Game Sack deserves at least a mention - great production, never gets hijacked by guests or skits or anything, dry kind of 90s magazine show style. Really good for finding obscure-ass shit and information, even though their actual opinions can be pretty...strange.

Also shoutout to SNESDrunk who I actually remember shilling his channel in one of these threads back when he had like 10 subscribers - really enjoy his stuff, it's super laid back and he hasn't changed a bit.

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who's that another long haired nerd that has like million catchphrases in his videos and does beer reviews?

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What are some repair/modding vlog channels?

For example, RetroGameTech



I love these videos. They're interesting and informal as fuck. But every one seems to quit or go on an indefinite hiatus.

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I've been trying a bit of everything to little success.
What exactly do you guys want to watch?

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Someone who can show me an interesting game I've barely (or never) heard of. Especially if they can get me to really want to try it.

LGR and Ross's Game Dungeon I feel are pretty good.

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Fair enough. I think I can focus on those.
Thanks for the answer.

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I really like Stop Skeletons from Fighting

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what annoys me more about those Atari reviews he spends like a good 10 mins "reviewing" that game, while say a PS3 titles he only talks for 3 mins.

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I wish I could be balls deep in her little mouth right now and cum right down her throat. :3

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>please don't throw your cote today. vote against idiocracy

you know he has a point we are getting into idiocracy now because the movie was about a white man fixing up problems a black man caused.

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he was too stupid to even know he had a american n64DD drive until someone told him.

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>what are your favourite channels?

TNT Amusements


every video plays out exactly the same, but I love it: fat lazy boss walks around his warehouse and makes iphone videos while annoying the shit out of his employees

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>Metal "eeeh, I haven't actually played that one" Jesus

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Metal "Hidden Gem" Jesus

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What I wouldn't give to go back to the good old days.

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What's the deal with that guy anyway?

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He's been really lackadaisical for the last few years, to the point where even his most hardcore supporters have now given up on him.

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the amount of videos he makes in one year can be counted on one hand

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I love this channel, even though what you said is 100 % correct, he still knows his shit when it comes to arcade/pinball

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In the span of one year he found out he not only had a heart condition (something about how if he starts getting worked up, his heart doesn't actually really slow down afterwards) but that he was also bipolar, which was misdiagnosed as regular depression, that he was given regular anti-depressants for (which mostly makes things worse if you're bipolar), so not only did he periodically get really weird and emotional (alienating a lot of friends and getting into trouble with Channel Awesome), I think a lot of physical things were progressively more draining.

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and he drinks too much soda

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I think his doctor told him to cut down or something (since the caffeine was affecting his heart).

I actually haven't seen any new content or activity from him in a really long time, he might have quit outright for all we know.

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he did a new counter monkey a week or so ago

he even got all dressed up in renaissance clothes for it, it was nice

I hope he does more like this, but part of me thinks the well is running dry on his dnd stories

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>He is my Spirit Animal

And now I'm probably not going to watch him because of you.

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Disregard the fag. LGR is a decent channel with fun content

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I can't watch his videos, the way he talks is way too fake, like he's putting on a fucking performance

when I hear voices like that I instantly get turned off, like who the fuck are you trying to impress speaking like a fucking radio host announcer, cut that shit out

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>struggling with boss
>look up walkthrough
>"this boss is by far the hardest in the game"

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It can get a bit annoying, yes

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I never said smart, just fun

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>Metal-"this system is really affordable to collect for"-jesus

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He's a pretty alright guy but he is ugly as fuck holy shit I can't stand it.

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Oh my god, he has an opinion I don't like, I guess that invalidates his entire channel of silly retro reviews.

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That haircut does nothing for him. He should shave himself bald and wear a bandana doo-rag.

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Retro Buyers Guide is comfy. Pretty sloppy production values but still nice. Game Sack is good but kind of repetitive. CGR is take it or leave it.

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dont forget he got cucked around the same time

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He's raising another man's child? News to me.

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Fucking lol, can someone make a photo shop of that?

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Wouldn't be the first time an e-celeb has a shit opinion on something.

I don't have to agree with him on everything.

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His girlfriend left him, I don't think there were any children involved.

I think he has a new one who's one of those SJW types, kind of controlling.

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PS3 isn't even retro, so how could it possibly be good?

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LGR makes thing informative an interesting. Dude does his research.

>Game Sack
Oh god the skits get less and less intelligible every time they do them. They need to stop.

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Because new games can also be good.

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That's a perfect description of his videos too, they're also cheesy as fuck sometimes. I like watching them, the atmosphere is comfy. And say what you will about him, dude's a fucking savant when it comes to arcade machines.

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His girlfriend fucked his fans at cons

>> No.3629591

You can be.

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Is there any source to this or is it like the AVGN cuck maymays?

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mah nigga. ive been keeping up with their shit since the hvgn days.

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Did the Metal Jeez redo his room?

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im sorry i bumped this thread

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>Make a Youtube channel on a whim
>Upload 1 video
>9k subs

Why was I born a man and not a cute girl?

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Worst part is that she's a 6/10 in a good day, with makeup.

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She makes up for it with a spunky personality. Gaming girls on video are a dime a dozen these days and a totally vapid 8/10 can't survive on their looks alone.

Say what you will about the Normie Incursion, but at least it's really putting the filter down on the ones who just does it for attention, while the real aficionados get noticed.

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