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Guess what, retards. I was given an rpi3 as bday gift. I tried Raspbian with emus, it sucked. But then I got fucking smart and put RetroPie on it. After some minor setup woes, I have every single retro system running at full speed.
You people are fucking stupid. I have it setup via an HDMI-RCA adapter into my CRT as well.
Looks and feels like the real experience with my SNES USB controller.
I got your meme right here, it is my penis.

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>I have it setup via an HDMI-RCA adapter into my CRT as well


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Wow. Just don't stay up too late playing it. Remember, you have school tomorrow. Love you sweetie

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I just started looking in to getting one of these to play emus on? Specifically I want to build a custom cabinet control deck with one of those button kits from amazon on hook it up to a Raspberry pi specifically for games. How hard is it for someone whose computer skills are limited to 4chan shitposting to get retropi running with emulators and actually playing games?

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Search google for a guide
Follow instructions

If that's too difficult find a monkey or a small child to assist you.

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if that's truly your only skill then, yes, it'll be hard for you.

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>SNES USB controller
this kid didn't hook up the snes controllers directly

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Enjoy your input lag, faggot.

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This reads like an eHow article on how to achieve the worst input lag humanly possible.

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not OP but is there any way to get an emulator onto a crt without input lag?
im guessing that the lag comes from the hdmi to rca box? or is it the usb controller as well? the pi?

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>le input lag maymay

I've got a bridge to sell you schmucks

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input lag is real, and easy to test and prove
so tell me about this bridge of yours, fucker

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the pi has composite out, which makes the OP's use of an 'hdmi to rca converter' even more idiotic

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What did you expect? He's using a raspberry pi for emulation.

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>HDMI-RCA adapter into my CRT
>Looks and feels like the real experience
>Interlaced upscaled 480i at the wrong refresh rate instead of progressive 240p
>input lag + even more from the incorrect conversion process

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your penis isn't meme worthy in the least
your mom
p.s. i folded your clothes from the wash, they're on the bed but you'll have to put them away like i taught you yourself

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t-thanks mom

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it's always the ones who fuck up spectacularly who want to tell the world their setup is the greatest and everyone else is stupid
my homebrew'd wii+ flatscreen consumer crt over component is mediocre. i own that. and yet my setup still shits on what op's so fucking proud of

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Of course. Everyone knows there's no such thing as lag.

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Anyone know i can get a good verified romset with only the good games / essentials for SNES?

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I'm considering buying a Pi3, but I've already got a PSP. What can the Pi3 emulate that the PSP cannot? Is dreamcast or n64 emulation any good? I heard that Saturn emulation is pretty shitty.

If there's too many issues I might just wait for the Pi4 or something.

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Is there any no-lag(<30ms) emulators?

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I'm 33, chucklefuck, I actually have real memories of actual systems.

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The point was that it works well, and people have to go shitting all over it all the time like it's the worst possible way to do it.
It's not laggy, it's not ugly. it's absolutely good.
It has a nice frontend, everything works as well as it does on my quadcore laptop, but the CRT makes the 4:3 aspect and low res sprites look great, as they did in the 80s and 90s.
I was mocking the snide smugness of collectorfags and dumbfucks who have never actually used a pi to emulate, or who used plain raspbian and think X-windows doesn't cause all those lagging issues they are on about.

Also input lag is in fucking microseconds, that argument is absolute placebo.

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I tried only few n64 games: SM64 works well, Mario Kart 64 almost well, while Mario Party 2 and Paper Mario are unplayable.
I think the list of working games is really thin.

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Does Wii on CRT even have competition as far as a non-handheld emulation box goes?
Pretty sure native component makes it instantly better than say, an Xbox or a regular computer, doesn't it?

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Just because you don't notice doesn't mean it's not real.

You most likely don't because :
-The last time you played these games was 20 years ago
-You're not playing any precision demanding games.
-You always sucked at retro games so you're not surprised you didn't make that jump in Mario because it was always hard to do anyways.

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Good for you. I have a mini-tower with Hyperspin, Retroarch and decent enough emulation up to the Wii with physical controllers suitable for every system in between.

Whatever suits you, y'know?

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But you learned jackshit since then. Enjoy your and roms with input delay!

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the composite video is in the TRRS 1/8" jack, dumbo

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>Also input lag is in fucking microseconds, that argument is absolute placebo.
this. i destroy shitters in fps and play shmups, the input lag is the dumbest shitter excuse ever, it's absolutely the same on my laptop's screen or on external lcd/crt. i connect a laptop to crt through video to composite converter, and the only issue i have is my tv being too shit, it's composite only so the picture is quite blurry and the image is distorted, not sure if it's becouse the tv is broken or becouse of the curved screen.

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>Shooters and shmups
Well no shit. Platformers and fighting games are the only two genres where you NEED precise input 24/7

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Bought a Raspberry Pi 3. Cannot wait for some input lag, but being able to play roms on my TV screen.

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>you NEED precise input 24/7
lolmao. 99% of platformers are made for casuals, which explains why they always blame memeput for their lack of skill.

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hopefully receiving a pi3 for my upcoming birthday, already downloaded a fuckton of roms. im excited, fuck the haters.

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I got a Pi2 or something from back in 2012. I set up a recommended distro on it for emulation, but I'm not sure if there's another one that's recommended. Which ones would /vr/ recommend? Is there another SoaC that I should be using instead? Like something that's runs x86?

I had previously been using it as one of those offline file sharing things, had it wired in to an outlet at a mall, periodically checked back on it, but had to keep erasing data since people would put CP on it.

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Is the PI's input lag unavoidable, or is it caused by the CRT conversion?

Like, what's the comparison to a regular PC emulator?

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Yea, a couple weeks ago I was really intrested in the NES Classic, seeing the video's of how it looked I was stoked, but now that its barely available, especially snce I work a normal job 8-4:15pm on weekdays and nintendo isn't doing pre-orders or pick up at store, fuck em.

How is the raspberry pi 3 hooked up to a reg hd 1080 tv? That's how I'd play, can't imagine there would be too much lag.
Then again like 8 years ago or so I had one of those ez flash carts for the gba and didn't notice lag either.

Also where should I buy it? Any package? I mean I have usb controllers, I had a spare hdmi cord. I was thinking trying my hand at making a genesis case a case for it, though I've never tried to cut plastic before.

So yea what do you guys recommend?

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>combined 3.5mm audio and composite video
close cabina

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just keep in mind though that the raspberry pi cant output 240p from it's composite video jack

so your old consoled will never run it their proper resolution (everything will be forced to 480i)

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Well I did it, I bought the raspberry pi 3, got a kit for 59 bucks. Will probably buy an sd card somewhere.

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the fact that the Pi can't output 240p over composite bothers the shit out of me

Saturn emulation sucks on pretty much everything that's weaker than a fairly ordinary 2009-era PC, and that's with SSF, which is actually fast.
yabause is garbage, and mednafen is slow but good (but all of its cores are slow, some of them much too slow for a Pi)
an overclocked Pi 3 is still too slow to do DC well
I think it can do N64, I haven't tried.

Wii on CRT is magic, because it actually outputs 240p video. You get horizontal issues in say, SNES games, because the 256px wide SNES display is stretched and then output to the screen (so, you get "rivers" in the output when scrolling, I can't remember if it tries to scale it to 320px or 640px wide), but otherwise, you're golden.
Using Genesis Plus GX on a Wii is damn near perfect.

it's a shame you can't run PS1 games on a Wii acceptably, but oh well

>input delay doesn't matter in two genres based primarily around twitch reactions to shit on screen
what is this reply even

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