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Does it hold up?

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One of the worst MK titles.

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How would you rank the MK games?

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Holy shit this game is fun with 3 skilled friends. Green snipes shell ftw.

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It does for me but that could be just nostalgia.

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> not playing best karts

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Fuck yeah it does.

If only for the great battle mode but I also really enjoy the mechanics, character balance and circuit design. I've spent a lot of hours beating my ghosts in trial mode and had genuinely fun. I also did this recently, I didn't care about it back when I was a kid, I only played it with friends sometimes but didn't care too much about it as I did with other games that I liked more back then.
Went back to it recently and enjoyed it fully. I didn't even know how to drift back then. I couldn't read english back when I was a kid so I never read the manual in detail. So it's not nostalgia for me, the game holds up pretty well.
Probably visually is better to use a CRT, because I imagine the sprites and 3D maps would clash a lot on modern HD screens.

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It was great at the time but there's little reason to go back to it now with so many great sequels, I suppose the battle stages are worth revisiting.

It always bugged me how there was no music in multiplayer but that was Nintendo's decision to have no dedicated sound chip biting them in the ass I'd imagine.

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>Probably visually is better to use a CRT, because I imagine the sprites and 3D maps would clash a lot on modern HD screens.

It's straight-up magic on a CRT, it never even occurred to me I was looking at sprites as a kid. It was designed with the hardware in mind though, even the Wii virtual console release upscales it and makes it pretty obvious.

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What's wrong with SNES Kart?

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It's not bad by any means. It's just the most primitive and dated entry. Super Circuit is better in every way.

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Mario Kart is one of the few few series where I actually like the newer ones as much or better than the retro ones. The retro ones are still very good, too.

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>7 and DD in god

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i can see why it'd bore players used to the newer ones but imo it's kind of got this perfect simplicity to it. the courses are all very memorable and fun to get good at and the roster's small enough for you to get accustomed to how every character feels. idk ever since double dash the games have felt kinda bloated to me. the wiiu one is just nonsense in that regard. it has so much shit in it that nothing feels memorable and the anti-grav gimmick feels really contrived and unsubstantial to me.

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Handles like you're turning the map, rather than driving a car, with weird acceleration and drift momentum, and while the character sprites look alright, the flatass mode 7 tracks look bad

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The new ones are obviously better but 64 is still fun. I still think it's a blast to play today with friends. Great tracks and block fort is as fun as it was 20 years ago. My only complaint in the new ones is that in battle mode you play on race courses and not original arenas, really sucks. If possible go for the new ones but I wouldn't feel bad if 64 is all you have.

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I only play Time Trial for any Mario Kart game, so my experience is a bit limited.

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It's better playing the newer ones, but yes. The handling and turning are much better since SMK, and there's more visiblity to see around.

I would switch places between DS and DD. Besides that, I agree.

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especially in that particular point in wario stadium

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I played this again recently and turning was so hard. I'd never had as much trouble coming back to a /vr/ game as I had with DKR

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>I played this again recently and turning was so hard

play as pipsy or tiptup

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Pretty sure you can hold R or something to turn better.

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Super Mario Kart is still the best one, IMO. The tracks are tightly designed, the controls are responsive, and the pace feels rampant and fast. And I like the 16-bit sprite look.

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I know its just because it was the first game I ever beat but I still play the snes mk a few times a month and I still think its the best. The only mk i dislike is the namco arcade.

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Tiptup is easy mode.

I say this because I can only beat the game with tiptup.

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SNES as the worst? Yikes

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It's still my favorite MK. The new ones are okay, but they don't have the same kind of momentum and control as MK64. They feel sluggish in comparison.

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Super Mario Cart is shit.

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Even i like all, i also like the Super Nintendo version most. The battles are the best on there and will ever be!

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why is VR so bad lately. I can't even browse here. Its so shit. A year ago everything was OK. It wasn't shit. But now its complete shit in VR. I think I'm going to start playing modern games again to get away from the stupidity.

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the do' is that way

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>SNES that high
>8 that low

Opinion descart'd.

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SMK is still perfectly playable.

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Why should 8 be high, it's Wii but ooh I can go upside down.

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/vr/ is clogged with pointless threads like this.
Of course it holds up.
But you know what doesn't hold up?
An N64 analog stick.

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Actually Wario Stadium is my distant second least liked course after Rainbow Road.

I used to like it a great deal, but after becoming skilled at the game, you realize Stadium is too long, and if you get spread out there is too little opportunity to recover because the curves get in the way of all the items (unless you know the quirks of the game). To top it off, it's just a clusterfuck of shortcuts that require gentleman's agreements not to exploit (we still allow shortcuts around the final corner).

Nope. The newer games can be entertaining because of the controls, but they are ADD messes.

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>you know what doesn't hold up?
your erection?

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Was one of my favorite childhood games, unfortunately isn't fun for me anymore.

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Why do people praise DS Mario Kart? Is it because of snaking?

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It has a lot more going for it than just snaking.

It just had a shitload of content. Being the first Wi-Fi Mario Kart also.

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One of these days I'll find an N64 controller with a not-broken stick.
I missed my chance in the past, and now they're all loose and broken. Every. One.

Even the 3rd party ones come with pre-broken analog sticks to emulate the real things. Life is frusting.

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Wii U

In best to worse.

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Snaking and you actually got to play with other people who weren't in the same room.

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>got to play with other people who weren't in the same room
the energy of 4 adults screaming at the results of a Kart race is much of the appeal, anon. Yeah, it's next impossible to get people together like that anymore, but that's where it's at.

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Enjoy your 5 fps and simplistic courses

Mk had a steady fps and genuinely great course designs

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What about Mario Kart 8's online play? I played it at a friend's house and you can do splitscreen online which was pretty awesome.

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For all the anons that love Snes MK, check out pic related if you haven't already. it's basically the exact same thing with a couple improvements and just features konami characters instead.

Yes you can drive around as dracula.

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>Enjoy your 5 fps and simplistic courses

That feel when you have to lie just to justify your irrational hatred over a video game

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>skilled at the game
>Stadium is too long
bro you clearly don't even drift

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This one's correct.

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What the fuck are you talking about? It's the second longest track in the game. Even drifting it takes 5 minutes, whereas most others take 3. Boring long level with a bullshit gap and a lot of quirks.

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>people disliking based Wario Stadium itt


I mean yeah, the best tracks are Luigi, Mario and Royal Raceways if you care about drifting and mini turbo only, but Wario Stadium is top-tier.

>dat shortcut you can get if you know how

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holy shit that game was so fucking frustrating I never even got to the first wiz pig

>inb4 git gud

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it's the most fun for and gives you a lot of space for drifting tho especially with how easy the miniboost was to exploit in 64

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why are you so bad at games

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you mean jumping over the left wall at the start and skipping like half the track? i only pulled that off once

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fuck you you fuck

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Best Mario Kart. I still play it with a friend via netplay from time to time.

Item distribution is broken beyond repair tho.

>2nd place - lightning
>8th place - mushroom

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>dat jump in rainbow road where you skip 1/3 of the track

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ehh, lighting really isn't that helpful. still think the item distribution is some of the best in the series. i like how the blue shell is actually kinda rare

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Lightning is always great unless the rival CPU at first place on 150cc is too far up ahead.

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There is no GB mario kart you dumb retard

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turning isn't hard, you're just retarded and don't know the controls.


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Isn't that the one where battle mode is on regular tracks like Moo Moo Farm and shit?

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Except 7 and DD were shit.

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I think he tried saying GameCube? He forgot SNES though so he's still a retard.

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>i suck at the game


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>5 minutes
it only takes 5 minutes if you suck donkey dick.


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wow, it's almost as if he was all alone on that course

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Yeah, that's how time trials works you dumb fuck.

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>That amazing feeling when you use lightning at just the right time, and you go from dead last to a huge lead in the last lap.

Good times.

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>Takes 5 minutes

I thought you said you were skilled at the game. Even when I started playing Wario Stadium, it only took me 4 minutes.

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its not like this is a race or anything

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