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Does anyone else think Civ1 is still the best in the series? Sometimes simplicity is better.

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Civ II has always been my favourite

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I love Civilization2 on PS1, but it just lacks border management for it to be perfect. Its level of simplicity is perfect for smatphone and portable console.

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I've never played Civ, but I can relate since the first Romance of the Three Kingdoms is the best one.

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civ 2 was my favourite until the A.I became impossible on anything else by novice

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btw has anyone played the SNES version? Is it any good?

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it's more or less the same as the dos version
quite good if you use a mouse with the emulator

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I love it except for the lack of unit health... I fucking hate losing a battleship to a settler.

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It's aesthetically pleasing.

How about Sega Saturn, though?

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I didn't even know that version existed. Looks pretty cool.

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I always assumed it had the same problem as SimCity and SimEarth: not enough computational resources to keep up a proper speed. Haven't tried it though.

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I greatly prefer Civ 2. I'd rate it as the best in the series and my favorite TBS. I've been trying to get into Master of Magic lately, though.

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Civ 1 was most basic and SLOOOW. Civ 2 balanced shit out. Never played Civ 3. Civ 4 was probably the best simulation of muh culture, also had a lot of custom fan made maps. Civ 5 felt more than a /tg/ war or panzer general

Worst version. Snes hardware was too shit for a complex pc mustard rice game. Play it if you love loading times.

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Civ II will always be the best

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Town/city building is like civ in MoM, but more simplified. The emphasis is really more on combat, and killing the AI mages ASAP, otherwise their cheat-tier production bonus will overwhelm you with endless stacks of enemies. Unless you play the newbie mode.

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I really hate /v/. I get banned for anything.

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Anyone dig Civ2: Test of Time with sci-fi or fantasy mode here? I've been looking for a working, Win7 compatible version for ages. It would be worth installing for the civilopedia pics alone.

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Graphics is very clear in civdos. I love it. Also the gameplay is basic but still have good depth. Also civ1 is the only civ that I've played so much that I am 'feeling' the AI and I always know what I'm doing.

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It fixed some problems of Dos version, but at the same time I feel like it's pretty rough and not very polished.

no pollution ever appears on the map (except from the nuclear strikes i guess?) so you don't need mass transit etc. anymore and no global warmings, it's boring.

max city level is all square working people + 8 specialists, so no more than 28 in the best case. I like my ghost taxmen even if they are useless.

Some calculations of squares productivity is different from PC version, so you have additional bonus from railroad on despotism even without irrigation etc.

'search cities' (?) in diplomat menu is actually city screen report. They did't care much about the translation it seems.

Diplomats and caravans can pillage now. Again, they didn't care. You can now very easily devastate enemy economy without declaration of war.

Earth map is different. I cannot say it's better than original, but at least English are not so pathetic now. Also now Japan is a peninsula so Tokugawa can humiliate Beijing.

Also, in SNES version it's impossible to build spaceship part if you already have all parts of this type. Definitely a improvement.

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