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>try to play super mario kart with a friend
>damn bruh how do i even turn
>how do you even tell whats going on with these shitty graphics
At least they can comprehend nba jam and bomberman

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Mario Kart is one of those series where I can't believe the first entry was successful enough to warrant the number of sequels it got.

I mean, F-Zero seems fine to me but I just can't handle Mario Kart.

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Its a magical game anon
Bit of a learning curve but once you get into it its awesome
For social purposes youre better off with the later entries tho since they were made easier

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>My friend keeps bugging me to hang out so he can play my nes (I have an everdrive and he mainly likes doing megaman 2 runs)
>I decide to show him something
>Boot up Smash TV
>Grab the player 1 controller out of his hand and tilt it sideways
>hand him the second controller
>He looks REALLY confused
>the game starts
>His mind was so blown nuclear fission gives us less energy
It was great.

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Fuck yeah nba jam and bomberman!

Why would I play SNES when n64 is the definitive version?

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Because it's fun.

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My cousin who is obsessed with Dark Souls and "hard" games couldn't handle Super Mario Kart. He tried, but all he ever did was make it in 7th or 8th place every time.

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It's still a good game. It has good courses and some very challenging gameplay.

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I've never played Smash TV. Please explain.

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can't really blame him desu, game is dated as fuck. try the n64 version instead.

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Just play this, better then any of the Mario Kart games

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Git gud. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxfJ2RP-0ig

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It's a twin stick game. You can use two controllers to get two d-pads in the NES port. You can also do it with Star Wars Pod Racer on N64.

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