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Name a better Kart Racer

you might be able to, I don't fucking know.

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That was easy.

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he thinks 50fps is better than 60

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Oh, just thought maybe the pal version had more stuff be he was just being a dip.

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>Maxed Stats

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> pal version is unbalanced

Glad they fixed it then

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Mario Kart 64.

But goddamn CTR. A buddy and I are fucking badasses at MK64, but his wife grew up playing CTR. Neither party can make a dent on the others turf. Bah, CTR is twitchy and crude anyway!

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Mario Kart 64 is horrible, one of the worst game in the series.

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It really wasn't fun at all, was it. That 4 player input standard. new 3d graphics. Battle arenas. So shit.

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Hey listen, it was great, but to be honest, later games in the same vein greatly improved the gameplay for the genre as a whole.

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Loved this game as a kid, BTFO of anything else.

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>not posting about this game with a Sewer Speedway video


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it's a ok game but the music really makes sonic r kinda better

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such a strange series to make a kart racer after

i've never played it though, maybe it's a good game idk

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>60 fps

i dont think so tim

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As much as I love CTR, I don't think it's got a community like SNES SMK's.
SMK has world championships with three different categories, and a very active community for time trials, romhacks, etc

Apparently the skill ceiling is higher in SMK too.

Wait, you mean this fucker isn't OP as fuck in the US version?

Any other differences?

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Penta was unfinished in the NTSC version, he also had placeholders voices. It was fixed in the PAL one.

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>skill ceiling higher in SMK

Thats false.

Besides SMK is easily the worst mario kart.

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I had this on PC as a kid. Made a good substitute for a 3D Sonic game for me at the time, since I didn't have a Dreamcast to play Sonic Adventure.

Honestly, I still love it.

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It was great at the time, but SMK, Double Dash and MK8 are all superior. MK64 is probably the weakest in the series.

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>CTR shills everywhere

Diddy Kong Racing

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>Thats false.

I presume you know that because you've competed both in the SMK world championship and against the best CTR players in the world.

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>with those comfy graphics and music
Na senpai

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> Game wasn't good because later games would be better

Time is linear son

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>Besides SMK is easily the worst mario kart.
Can you use a tripcode so I can never take your opinions seriously ever again?

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US version came out first, so no.

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