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ITT: awesome Western retro vidya

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fuck yeah. best way to play this game was to use gameshark cheat for enhanced car damage and turn on death race mode in options (no respawns). it turns the game into road rash with cars.

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Western retro vidya sucks in general, but I guess I enjoy some of Rare's stuff

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Console peasant.

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except I posted an arcade game retard

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I think he is trying to imply that only console peasents get the impression that "western retro vidya sucks in general".
I'd agree with him, you underage.

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nah you just have shit tastes, PC gaming is also trash except for maybe a few titles

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nah you just have shit tastes, PC gaming is also mediocre except for maybe some late 90s titles, in arcades western games were a fucking joke compared to japanese games, Midway's garbage was just poor man's Sega

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Anon was right, you're a peasant.

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>awesome western retro vidya
Does not compute.

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No, Western retro is trash and nobody wants to pay real money for it on the market, unless it's some rare game.
Sorry nobody wants to pay more than $10 for that loose copy of Planescape:Torment, fàm.

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This.All day, everyday.

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>nah you just have shit tastes,
>PC gaming is also mediocre except for maybe some late 90s titles

You are really not in a position to be talking about other people's tastes being shit.

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Western and made by one guy who used psychology and pigeon testing to make it as addictive as possible. If Tempest came out in 2016 it would be regarded by /vr/ as indie trash.

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>muh graphic adventure
>muh planescape torment
fuck off with your 90s movie-game trash retards

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I have never played Planescape Torment, that game looks bad and PS was a shit D&D expansion. Congrats trying to call other people retards when that's all you can come up with though.

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roguelikes are even worse retard, randomized design is fucking garbage

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been playing this recently, not very far in because I suck but its pretty fun. its like abes oddysee but a little more action-oriented

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Do you really think a childish response like that is supposed to make your point more convincing? Or is this just a console kiddie pantomime to bump the thread with bait?

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congrats you finally posted the one genre PC isn't completely shit at!

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You are truly infantile.

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and you truly autistic over a shitty platform 2bh

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What have I said that makes you think I'm autistic? Because I pointed out PCs had many great games in the 90's? Or because I pointed out that you saying "retard" and " randomized design is fucking garbage" is at best a weak troll attempt and more likely just immature shitposting.

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>What have I said that makes you think I'm autistic?
the part where you get triggered because someone doesn't like your shitty western games to be quite exact

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I'm not triggered, I don't care if you like roguelikes or not. You're the one who can't even say why you think they're bad without just throwing around meaningless buzzowords like faggot and garbage and how other people have "shit taste"

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>implying stage randomizer isn't garbage game design
>implying the 90s moviegames have good gameplay
you are this desperate aren't you

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>implying stage randomizer isn't garbage game design

Saying you don't understand why a long running and popular genre is good really doesn't help your case.

Referring to movie games I have never even mentioned doesn't help either.

What am I even supposed to be desperate about? I'm just finding it funny that you can't make a decent argument to save your life.

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>muh popularity
guess you are an avid call of duty player too, but even those are better than crappy roguelikes anyway, which are jjust a bunch of brainless games with no careful thought put into the stages, random messes are garbage compared to actual deliberate and smart level design.

>avatar fagging
this is fucking sad, kys nigger

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You write like a 12 year old having a fit.

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that's all the effort westiefaggots deserve

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I just like all manner of games. Console, PC, eastern or western, new and old. You're the one going to great lengths to try and say the kinds of games you don't like are bad but not being able to articulate why in a meaningful way.

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An oxymoron if I've ever seen one.

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>it needs to be rare and sought after to be good
Oh, you're one of THOSE people.

I was a fool for thinking someone would be actually into videogames because they're fun and enjoy them.

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People on /vr don't enjoy video games, just collecting.

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>What have I said that makes you think I'm autistic? Because I pointed out PCs had many great games in the 90's?

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>PC haes no gaems!
This is an 18+ board, friend.

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