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Is there a better retro FPS?

Will it ever be open-sourced?

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Isn't the source lost?

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iirc Atari holds onto it

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its called Doom

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Brutal Doom

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It's definitely my favorite. I have yet to play a game with weapons as satisfying.

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Doombabbies pls go.

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>OP posts a pic of a literal doom clone
>"Doombabbies pls go"

after you, my man

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Build engine is far more advanced than anything id could shit out at the time.

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Duke 3D comes really close, but the weapons in Blood are much better. Doom is great and all, but Blood and Duke are much better games.
Shadow Warrior is okay I guess.

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I like 'Blood', but the color palette is very drab; lots of grays and browns, however plenty of red for the gore. I think 'Blood' might have been the first of the gritty gray & brown shooters that were so popular for a long time. I love 'Quake' too, but after so many brown levels they started to blur together.

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Holy shit I thought I was the only person who thought the same way. Everyone seems to orgasm over how Blood is the most graphically advanced Build engine game or whatever, but its art direction is absolute shit. I'd easily take Duke3D or Shadow Warrior over it any day for aesthetics. Hell, Doom has a much more vibrant color palette and more eye-pleasing visuals despite being on an inferior engine.

I never got why people liked Blood's weapons so much. They feel incredibly weak and clunky to me despite having really dramatic animations. DN3D and Doom II had far more satisfying weapons in my opinion, especially their shotguns.

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No and no

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so this has obviously been going on for so long I've lost sight of the end goal here. What do we gain from having the source code released?

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something other than fucking DOSBox

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like it matters. it's literally Duke Nukem 3d with a medieval skin on it with horror movie quotes instead of cheesy action movie lines.

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> with a medieval skin on it


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Seriously m8? The game can be extended beyond it's original boundries and new content with features not possible in the original engine can be made.

There is no piece of software in existence that couldn't be improved by someone else if it was open sourced, and that goes triple for games that are already good.

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>They feel incredibly weak and clunky to me
I don't know what to say except you're retarded. Blood has one of the best shotguns of all time with satisfying physics that makes every kill so much better. Blood's level design is also more advanced with heavy use of room over room.

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You've never played Blood and have no idea what medieval means. Kill yourself uneducated fuck

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>I'd easily take Duke3D or Shadow Warrior over it any day for aesthetics

Blood looks more professionally put together. Duke and especially Shadow Warrior can look nice in places, but have too many awkward textures and objects that look like shit.

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Most likely Atari doesn't have it. They needed to be reminded they have the rights to the game before releasing it on Steam.
However the guys in this pic, and Matt Saettler who was tagged present in the room, most likely do.

Being able to play at high resolutions at higher framerate (the game is demanding on DOSBox, on my old 2,5ghz dualcore I could only play at 320*200)
True widescreen support.
Easier/better online support
Glitch fixing. For instance that one glitch which changes how much enemies damage deal to you if you load a save during a level.
It will also mean that a lot of people (read: morons) will actually get to the play Blood, and not a shitty recreation of it. It will also crush all these recreations into nothingness where they belong.

At this point we don't even know if the guy complaining really played Blood. Several times I heard people complain about Blood on /vr/ and they in fact never played it and played BloodCM.

The one thing I don't like about how Blood it that a lot of levels, past the shareware episode, are very barebones, underdetailed. I think they had a philosophy of "quantity of quality", but in the end it's something I got over and I'm glad the game has so many levels.

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I like Shadow Warrior more.

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>doom clone
dont you mean Wolfenstein clone?

Doom never had alt-fires or voice acting or even a story really, Blood is superior in pretty much every way, and is an actual challenge instead of the cakewalk that is doom.

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Blood excelled at alt-fires, and also at weapon balance. It introduced enemies being more or less weak or strong against particular weapons and weapon modes in a way that wasn't really done before.
It also made crouching matter combat wise, and not just for the player as even cultists can crouch to dodge bullets.

All of this, to such an extent, was new and unmatched in pre-Half Life FPS era, and makes combat highly dynamic.
It's also why some people don't get it, try to play it like they'd play Doom, claim that the game is "glitchy" because crouching cultists are harder to hit, etc
Then again they'd call everything a "Doom clone", over praising Doom, little do they know that development of the Build engine started before Doom was a thing.

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How to prove you've never actually played a game 101

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Never got to meet Jojo. 3/10.

Actually Blood is my favorite FPS--probably of all time.

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"Doom clone" was literally the term used to describe the genre before "first person shooter" was created.

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I'm aware of that. Doom is still a wolfenstein clone though.

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I played Blood, the original DOS version. It played like crap to me compared to Duke and Doom. If the enemies took less hits to die then I would probably enjoy it a lot better.

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Honestly at first I thought Blood was pretty average at best.
It took me two playthroughs to really enjoy it for what it is.

If you think enemies are "bullet spongey", you probably need to experiment more with different weapons and different fire modes against different enemies.

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