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Hey /vr/

I was wondering if there's an unofficial patch for Resident Evil: Director's Cut DualShock Edition that changes the music back to the music used in the original version of the game.

I've searched but haven't found any such thing which I find surprising considering how notorious the DualShock Edition's music is.

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Someone will have to confirm this, but I heard the Director's Cut version without Dual Shock support is good.

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I have this for my PS3 but honestly never use the analog stick on the Dual Shock because I think RE's tank controls were meant for a D-pad.

The soundtrack fucking sucks minus this track

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I was half prepared for you to post that awful basement music.

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In late 90's, I got this version after paying RE2. I had no idea the soundtrack was different. I should go and play the original. The original score is SO much better.

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>I've searched but haven't found any such thing which I find surprising considering how notorious the DualShock Edition's music is.
I find it surprising too, since it's one of the FEW RE PS1 mods out there. Seriously dude, your google-fu is shit.

>So to celebrate the 15th anniversary of it's release I'm releasing this mod that finally restores the uncut videos and the original soundtrack.


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I was really tempted to do so

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>mfw every time I see that boxart, I can hear that opening note playing in my head

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I've got a related question.

What's the best versions of RE2 and RE3 respectively?
I heard something about Dreamcast, Gamecube and some SourceNext PC versions.

Can anyone give me a rundown on differences and which one would generally be the most recommended one for 2 and 3 respectively?
And if it's the sourcenext versions, where do I download them in English?

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I'm glad I'm not the only one.

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>In June 2013, a reporter from the magazine Aera interviewed Samuragochi at his apartment in Yokohama, but noticed a number of inconsistencies in Samuragochi's deafness statements, including his ability to respond to questions before the sign-language interpreter had finished, and standing up to answer a doorbell when it rang.[11] The interview was ultimately not published by the magazine due to doubts about Samuragochi's statements.[11]

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Sourcenext for RE2 apparently has a translation patch. I didn't use it because I'm hella familiar with RE2. I didn't see one for RE3.

Found this link on a Youtube video for RE2


You can find the patch by googling, but I didn't try it.

If you need it in English, I would recommend Gamecube.

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For RE2 there really isn't one that's the best because each one has something the other doesn't. I recommend playing through the PS1 version first and then just picking whichever port interests you afterwards, but for the love of god don't fall for the delusional idiots claiming the N64 port is good at anything but being a technical marvel.

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gamecube versions are probably the best due to having all the extras and the best resolution. however, the dreamcast versions of both are fine as well. basically just avoid the PSX and PC versions. the n64 version of re2 is a bit of a downgrade graphically but is notable for having the unique 'randomizer' option which randomizes all non-quest items in a playthrough.

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>Telling him to play the PSX version


See >>3599465

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He said to try it first, not exclusively. And It's not like the PS1 version is cancer or anything, fuck do you even read before posting.

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Oh right, the composer pretended to be deaf. And it somehow took over a decade for anyone to figure that out.

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>He said to try it first
For what purpose? It has less content and looks worse than the versions that came after it. He might as well just get the best versions of the game unless he's a collector.

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Thanks man.

What about RE3?
I want GC version for that?
Or Sourcenext? Cause I don't see any English patch for that.

PS. I never played RE2 or 3 before.

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I'm pretty sure the translation patch doesn't translate everything.

Either GC, Dreamcast or PC are all great for RE3.
For RE2 too btw; except that the GC version doesn't have the extra Nightmare difficulty mode the DC and PC versions of RE2 have.

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>for RE2 too
>240p backgrounds
>RE2 too

Please don't talk about things you don't understand.
GC version of RE2 looks like fucking ass, cause I saw comparison of it already.

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The GC version of RE2 is viable because it's the only one in which you can skip cutscenes. Also the GC versions of RE2 and 3 have no polygon jittering.

This being said I'd rather it third, after PC and DC. I always play the PC versions myself.

> cause I saw comparison of it already

Every single "technical comparison" I've seen are biased pieces of shit.

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>Every single "technical comparison" I've seen are biased pieces of shit.

This. I've looked for them, not a single comparison worth a damn, be it video or screenshots.

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Enjoy your garbage 240p backgrounds.
Might as well kill yourselves and play PS1 version you nostalgiashitters.

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That's one of those worthless comparisons I was referring to.

Good job.

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This is you

Seriously you have to be blind and have brain damage to not see difference between 240p and 480p backgrounds.

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>For what purpose?

To get the most pure experience possible and then picking the port that has the content they find to be the most interesting after knowing how the base game plays really well.

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I can confirm, this is the definitive version. You get the bonuses of the Director's Cut, with music of the original. And in my experience, the game is better with the dpad anyways.

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