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In my opinion, these three consoles had the best game library out of all consoles considered retro on this board. They represent the best of 2D gaming. Does vr agree? And if not, what would you chose?

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Best of 2D gaming should be PC88, PC98 and Windows 9x.

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I don't care for the genesis. What am I gonna play on it, for real? Gunstar Heroes? lol.

Don't even try to say Sonic. Those games suck. Sonic is a boring game that tricks kids into playing a terrible obstacle course.

Every time I see someone talking about a Genesis, it's to say shit like Mortal Kombat and Aladdin are better on it. Who cares? If you aren't playing Mortal Kombat on arcade hardware, you're a moron.

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You could play splatterhouse or punisher or all those phantasy stars or u can play some shining or shinobi or some streets of rage or mega bomberman or some madden or mutant league or rocket knight or ghosts n goblins or castlevania bloodlines but those are all some adult games. Sorry if they aren't as extreme as Mario.

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Every console has had a bunch of great games on it. Trying to pick which one or two or three are the "best" is pointless.

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I think Sonic is legit pretty terrible, but the Genesis is one of my favorite systems and has a boatload of games I like. What kinds of games do you like? I may be able to recommend some.

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I thought sonic was shit until I understood it a bit better. You are not meant to just go fast through all the stages right off the bat. Its meant to be played like Mario, where you carefully platform your way through the first time, and just like Mario, you beat it faster and faster with every subsequent playthrough. Sonic is set up so that later playthroughs allow you to just blaze through it, where as in Mario it always remains relatively slow. That bring said, they shit wayyyy too many sanic games out in too short a time which made it feel repetitive and uninspired.

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>Every time I see someone talking about a Genesis, it's to say shit like Mortal Kombat and Aladdin are better on it
You seem new around here

I guess we do get a lot of Aladdin threads but still

Shape up

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why would I play madden when Cyberball 2072 exists?

You legitimately just recommended I play Madden.

Why? I demand to know right now.

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Swap SNES out with PC Engine. Nobody likes SNES except for Nintendo fanboys and JRPG autists.

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I'm not the type of dude you can ask that question to. I like Pac-Man, Joust, Galaga. Skilled games that you can still wriggle and mash buttons to. I also like racing games but you're not beating Daytona 500, Mario Kart, and F-Zero.

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>why would I play madden when Cyberball 2072 exists?

Why not just play Chel 94 instead?

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Too busy bodying people as the Avs in Chel 98

Adam Foote takes no prisoners.

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What if I don't speak moon?

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>Don't even try to say Sonic. Those games suck. Sonic is a boring game that tricks kids into playing a terrible obstacle course.
Oh shit, thanks for letting me know what games I like. I couldn't figure it out myself...

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Genesis has Streets of Rage 2 which is the best game to come out that generation.

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Then you're a fucking retard. I wasn't posting to help your dumb-ass.

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Snes library isn't that good

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>What kind of games do you like?
>I'm not the type of dude you can ask that question to.

There's a lot of people like that around here, it's weird.

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He's just embarrassed to admit he likes jrpgs and visual novels

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It's just a dumb question. I answered it anyway, but you can see why it doesn't work.

What am I gonna say? "Arcade games!" That doesn't accurately convey anything. I like Pac-Man, will I like Tempest? Doesn't work.

Honestly, the question "What kind of games do you like?" seems more aimed at people who are Jewed out and only play modern trite. Bro I like Call of Duty. Oh then you're gonna love Battlefield! Righteous...

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I just think it's odd for people not to be able to describe what they like and don't. Granted you did give a bit of a description, but "skilled games you can still wiggle and mash to" is ill defined.

I tend to like games that have a good dose of strategic thinking to them and lots of options for the player. One of the most important questions about a game to me is how often do I get to make an interesting decision. So two of my favorite genres are fighters and roguelikes because they both offer a lot of decision making, have very high replay value but are otherwise very different types of games.

Anyways, I really don't know what I would recommend to you and doesn't sound like you're looking for them in the first place. So it's all good.

I find it hard to imagine anyone not liking Tempest, but that's just me.

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You learn it for the 2D girls.

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It's not just you. Tempest is dope.

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Replace NES with PSX and u got vr's taste down to a t

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vr goes apeshit for the n64

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>no turboduo
top pleb

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>I like Pac-Man, Joust, Galaga. Skilled games that you can still wriggle and mash buttons to

That's like half the library of the Genesis. The thing was built as basically an at-home arcade system.

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I started to bring up the Saturn, but on closer inspection, my favorite Saturn games are almost all ports from PC98, and were later ported to Windows 9x.

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Genesis is for Phantasy Star

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I'm a JRPG autist so I like both SFC and PC Engine

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>most people don't finish learning Japanese until they're through school
Fuck that I just want to play video games

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I think Sega Master System was better than the NES

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This. Yanks only got about a quarter of the MS library.

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Agreed. I even find the Genesis "clone" games like Crusader of Centy to be more enjoyable than stuff like ALTTP.

Personally the trinity should be NES, Genesis and PS1. In my opinion the best console of each gen, also offering the greatest variety of titles as well. Everyone will be able to find something they like on them.

>Replace NES
Nah, not gonna happen.

They're both good.

Opinion discarded. Go play your Amiga games.

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that port is utter shit, don't play it

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Why do yanks hate being called yanks? Is it because they don't understand banter.

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I agree with you, OP and 100%.

I prefer the NES over Master System. That console some great games like Phantasy Star, Sonic, Ninja Gaiden 'n all but the game library isn't very exciting imo. I had one but sold it some years later.

About Genesis and SNES...they are opposite sides of the same coin. If you like western developers and games, get a Genesis. If you prefer japanese developers and games, get a SNES. Personally, I like both so I always have fun with them and their hiddem gems. The slowdown/farts/shitty graphics/shitty games/shitty version meme never affected me.

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I don't care for the SNES. What am I gonna play on it, for real? Zelda? lol.

Don't even try to say Mario. Those games suck. Mario is a boring game that tricks kids into playing a terrible obstacle course.

Every time I see someone talking about a SNES, it's to say shit like Street Fighter II and Aladdin are better on it. Who cares? If you aren't playing Street Fighter II on arcade hardware, you're a moron.

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Your parents must have beat you retarded.

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I agree with you for the most part.

That said, I prefer some certain niche Japanese devs to almost any western one, and for me, the Genesis (very slightly) beats out the other two. Let's also not forget that they are both, essentially, Japanese consoles.

This is, of course, only because of very specific preferences, and not at all objective.

OP is correct of course.

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Son, you missed one.

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It's mostly southerners who hate the term "yanks" or "yankees" because it generally refers to northerners.

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>2D gaming = DVD player

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People on the west coast don't like it either

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Read the sticky.

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We use it to refer to all Americans. You're all yankees to us.

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But the 2D girls make it worth all the trials and tribulations.

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Not retro.

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As a Texan, this offends me greatly.

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Okay, yankee. We came up with the word to use against Americans. Just because you tried to change it doesn't mean the original meaning isn't retained.

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>We came up with the word to use against Americans
But I'm Texan. We are better than the rest of America, or any one else for that matter.

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Aren't you less than 60% white?

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>skilled games that you can still wriggle and mash buttons to
>doesn't like Sonic


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That's fine and all, but in the US itself, it's a derogatory term specifically for New Englanders.

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It's not the term I hate, it's the Amiga/tomoko-poster using it and his weak memes. Banter is meant to be good, you know?

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Yankee, sounds like a slang word for a handjob or to beat off. Maybe that's why Americans are Yankees, they are all a bunch of jerk offs.

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Unlike you, were not racist.

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Well the current results of the CRT survey are:

NES 35 8%
SNES 111 25.5%
Genesis/Megadrive 45 10.3%
Saturn 27 6.2%
N64 44 10.1%
Playstation 70 16.1%
Dreamcast 19 4.4%
Retro PC (C64, Amiga, BBC Micro, MSX, etc.) 3 0.7%
PC 38 8.7%
Arcade 9 2.1%
Other 35 8%

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Enjoy your sold blue state in 2020

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Nes/SNES/genesis are the holy trinity when it comes to overall game library quality. Neo Geo, PlayStation and Saturn are the holy trinity of great 2D graphics.

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>I like Pac-Man, Joust, Galaga. Skilled games that you can still wriggle and mash buttons to.
Then why don't you like the Genesis, exactly? You just described like 90% of the library.

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For me it's:

The only Genesis game I ever played and liked was Sonic 2 (just the 2-player race mode). Genesis could've really used some Metroidvanias.

As for N64, it's currently the star of 4-player retro night because of Goldeneye, Mario Kart and Smash Bros.

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And in the rest of the world it's slang for American. Just because Americans misuse the term doesn't mean we all have to.

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Those were my favorite systems too as they were what I had growing up. I bought a chinkerDrive flashcart and a genesis because that shit is cheap ,and gave it a whirl. Fucking blew me away. I never had bloodlines or gunstar growing up and I wish I did.

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I suggest you play more Genesis games, because the Sonic games aren't even close to the best of the system.

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I would pick the PC-Engine. It had the best shmups, clean graphics, the best ports and the Hu-Card game format is superior to SNES and Genesis cartridges. It also has a CD-Rom addon.

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Well every time I ask what games are good on Genesis, people commonly reply with RPGs, beat em ups, shmups, and sports games. I don't like those.

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I think those are very important, and they are looked down for many people.

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Famicom, Super Famicom and PS1 is the Holy Triforce.

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Master system, TurboGrafx and lynx

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Is that your opinion because you've only played games for those or is it actually an informed opinion? Sounds to me like you're just listing the most popular neo /v/ meme consoles. The fact that you pick the NES over the FC is pretty much proof of that. The fact that you limit yourself to three is also a good indicator. Why not just get everything that's good? Some consoles only have a few games worth playing but they're exclusives or the best version.

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>> Assumes only played pic related
>> Brings up v ....why?
>> Thinks assumptions are facts

You remind me of an autist who shitposts here frequently. I bet you love orange pis as much as sucking dick and think muh PAL is better than NTSC.

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I would say TG16/PCE, GEN/MD and SFC/SNES

Are the holy trinity, NGeo is cool af but you could buy an actual cabinet for the price of some of the games. And it was only arcade shit

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LOLololOL Texas is a shithole bro, go explore the US.

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>> Autist

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They're good but, by definition there's only room for 3 in a top 3. Close but no cigar...

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>in Mario it always remains relatively slow.

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>the best ports
most ports that were multiplat were better on the SNES or Genesis

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So confirmed just meme posting. OK.

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>> Faggot cobtrarian from UK who loves orangepi, 50hz and a good hard dicking

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PC Engine is the King of shmups. SNES and genesis suck in comparison.

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Take out NES and put in PS1. Then I would agree. PS1 has better games then the NES

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Mexas is 45% white

They will be California levels of shitty in 10 years tops

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>RPGs, beat em ups, shmups, and sports games. I don't like those.
>doesn't like the core of the selection

The fuck are you expecting to find?

If you're that picky, play bejeweled or something.

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>sexually ambiguous millennial from the US who thinks the dozens of people telling him he doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about is just one guy.

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You're just pissed because I could pick up on who you were by how miserable you are in your posts here. You make a lot of dumb assumptions about posters, and then act out like an autistic Brit. BTW, the queen is on my money, another assumption that failed you...way to go

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