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Astrologers proclaim the month of Might.


Old thread: >>3554712

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That fucking card

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The legendary dildo sword is found

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I check back here regularly just to see what astrologers are proclaiming and which, if any, creatures get a boost.

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Only beard length doubles this month

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Puts me at a manly 1/8 of an inch then.

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A mighty beard

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Not sure if it cheats - i'm not that well-versed with HIV camps to say for sure if they should have such big armies is normal. The biggest hit in the balls is certainly the size of neutral units at the very beginning, ESPECIALLY on maps on which you start with no city on your own. Other than that, you just cheese pretty much every fight until the very end, and the game is choke full of opportunities to do so, mainly thanks to spells, most of which have no time limit in this game.

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>HIV camps

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The more I play MM8, the more painful it gets to remember that Enroth canonically perished in Heroes IV. I get that 3DO was going down, JVC got tired of everything and so on, but still it feels like they put a huge cross on a well-connected, living world they had been building for years.

It's like the whole Enroth happened for nothing. First the war against Kreegans took place, then the world got nearly destroyed by Escathon. Through that time, a lot of story building happened too, Heroes/M&M got its characters like Gelu, Erathian royal family and so on. And then they get wiped out in a flash, just like that? It just doesn't make sense.

It's also weird how in MM8 it took 4 whole elemental planes to bring Enroth to the brink of destruction; but in Heroes IV just 2 blades were enough—and they weren't even some artifacts made by the Ancients.

Feels bad man.

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>Age of Wonders
>Kings Bounty

Whats the best HoMM type game?

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Each of the swords were strong enough to destroy the world on their own according to AB and Chronicles.

>The more I play MM8, the more painful it gets to remember that Enroth canonically perished in Heroes IV
It was widely seen as a mistake, and the disaster that was MM9 only confirmed it.

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> Each of the swords were strong enough to destroy the world on their own according to AB and Chronicles.
Yeah, but I never really got that.

> Elves of Vori make Sword of Frost
> Get frozen themselves

A metaphor for nukes?…

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Do you guys have any tips on where to go / what to do in MM6?

Right now i'm wandering around kind of aimlessly, completing random quests and getting my shit pushed in by random mobs. Fucking fire archers and grand druids are destroying my party.

Currently have the cash to buy some spells and already picked up fly. But most dungeons just seem too hard for me unless I cheese the fuck out of em. Toughest thing I cleared so far is the temple of the moon, and I got that lich asshole as well by luring him out and then blasting him with sparks.

MM7 is a lot easier for sure and had some more hand holding for sure. In mm6 I don't really have an idea what I'm supposed to be doing.

There's probably a lore reason, but that is the most sad looking legendary item I've seen in a while in pretty much any game. Looks like a rotten banana in a tacky candle holder.

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I would clear out new sorpigal, castle ironfist, and bootleg bay first. Keep in mind there are some high level dungeons near the start of the game that require access through water walking and fly so you might be heading into some you aren't intended to wander into early on.

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I cleared all the areas you mentioned except for a few dungeons like the temple of the sun (fuck that) and the temple of baa. Also I didn't give the forge in new sopringal a try yet. I'll do a sweep of whatever remains.

Any areas I should be looking into next? I cleared free haven and mist as well.

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Temple of Baa is pretty easy. You can sell temple gongs in Free Haven for 2000 gold too.

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Sounds like a great way to get more spells. I felt a bit cheeky and went K/C/S/S

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Would've been cheekier to go P/C/S/S

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That's true, but my knight is the eyepatch guy so I believe it balances out. That guy has carried the magic babbies to safety by himself so often that I've lost count. Fucker got more hitpoints than the other 3 combined.

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Do you have master water? If not get it immediately. Master Town Portal and Lloyd's Beacon will make everything so much easier. If you want to make things a lot easier, once you get master Lloyd's Beacon go to Kriegspire. Set a beacon at the well right next to the training hall. It gives temporary +30 levels.

Once you have that and Fly expert you can work on promotions, and can consider starting to get Dark Magic. You get the first knight promotion completed just by walking around in Free Haven. All the Sorcerer and Cleric promotions are pretty easy.

As a general rule slowly move west and north.

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Yeah going to look for that fucking fountain of youth soon. Have expert water magic now, and town portal. But it does fuck-all ATM. Expert level fly as well. I've been investing in spells but my MP consumption is high.

I'll clear out the dungeons I skipped now and then give that snow place another go. Those fire archers and harpies are complete bollocks though.

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White Cap doesn't really have much other than the dungeon with the Archer promotion. There isn't a real reason to clear the area out. Focus on quests.

What it does have are two castles with the Archer and Cleric promoters. Both have council quests which are super easy if you know where you are going.

The end winter quest is on the top of the mountain splitting north and south Kriegspire (just fly up to it), the Prince of Thieves is in the far Northwest corner of the Free Haven sewers hidden in a bed.

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What's with M&M's thing for mummies? I just reached the Plane Between Planes, and I expected it to be some surreal hell, but was surprised to meet mummies out of nowhere.

Is this some reference I don't get? Asking because I haven't yet played MM6, but I saw tomb of VARN screens and there were anubis-like warriors there. Are these 2 things related? Literally ancient aliens.

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Pyramids are a recurring thing in M&M. You're going to see them a lot if you go back and play through the series. and yes it's basically ancient aliens that use pyramids

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But do they always signify that the shit is about to go down? They weren't anything special in Heroes 2 and 3 IIRC. But in MM8, they're the protectors of Escathon's castle for some reason.

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Pyramids are the shapeships of the ancients used to bring people to populate the VARNs (artificially created planets) and occasionally the naturally occurring planets. If you read some of the walls in the Tomb of VARN in MM6 it talks about the long voyage to get to Enroth.

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Pyramids indicate an immediate connection to the Ancients, so basically yes. You will get the connection once you get to the endscene of MM8.

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How convenient you guys start talking about pyramids as I start tomb of VARN. Will post cropped pics of the walls later.

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I see. This makes sense, not in Heroes but in MM for sure.

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I barely even noticed this square potato. Too bad I got them late

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Is this supposed to happen? Went to the fire plane, got bloody red sky in Ravenshore.

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Anything left to do in the game now?

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Damn that is a sexy lich

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Here's another pic, with more skeltal gear

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I am much more proud of my dark knight though. NWC did good job in the game with evil equipment.

Btw, am I the only one who thinks that shields should give way more protection? +20 max is a joke, they should give as much as plate.

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I like Disciples a lot. In the middle of full playthrough (completed all base campaigns) and had a lot of fun with it; the game has amazing presentation and solid plot, even if gameplay is really basic and it's RNG heavy.
I did play some KB some time ago, was okay. Never took the candle from HIII tho.

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Post a pic of your full party cropped to form a line.

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I'm playing the expansion campaigns of HoMM2, I feel like I'm taking more time organizing the logistic of bringing my reinforcements to the front than actually playing the game

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Sounds like a good thing to me. Actual strategy in a strategy game.

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This is not "strategy", this is micromanagement.

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logistics is part of strategy though

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Somehow I forgot to get Chain for my dark elf. Didn't have skill points to waste.

Also, I think I need to change the lich to look more formidable.

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Digging that celtic shield.

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Strategy is "macro" by definition. The "macro" part of logistics—the routes, the timing, etc—is part of strategy. But managing all those heroes one by one to form supply chains is not. It is micromanagement, and it can become disproportionately time-consuming in Heroes, especially on larger maps.

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It's super powerful too—"of Spirit, Mind and Body magic". No wonder necromancers hid it in their castle.

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So I finished MM8, sharing some thoughts about it.

First of all, the good. The whole game has much less hand-holding than before (ironically, you can even finish it before you get to Regna due to a bug). No "war clock", pointless alignments from MM7 and so on. Good riddance.

Exploration is more interesting too: I already mentioned the interesting action/adventure elements, more activity outside dungeons on the maps and so on, so I won't delve into it more. One thing I'd like add though is the increased amount of dungeons scattered on maps, 3–4 dungeons seems a norm for any map.

Next, I feel Light and Dark magic skills are executed way better in the game than in MM7. No need to choose one or another. Dark is only for necromancers, Light is only for clerics—this both divides the roles for the party and makes thing so much simpler. Also, you get both right from the start, which makes them so much more useful. And enemies aren't as weak to light/dark as they were in MM7.

The equipment is miles better than in MM7. Looks much cooler, more evil/good diversity (ironically, it would fit MM7). Plus, there are some quest items which combine "of Fire/Water/Air/Earth" and "of Spirit/Mind/Body", which is great.

Also, finally, elemental resistances came in handy somewhere. They made little sense in MM7, if any: aside for Lincoln, I didn't see the point of buffing just one resistance anywhere.

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In MM6 you can grab both light and dark magic with mastery just requiring very low or high rep.

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Now for the bad. The skills are almost the same as in MM7. Meaning, plenty useless GMs are still there (most weapon skills, alchemy and so on). At least dodging, stealing and unarmed are gone.

I haven't yet tried other classes, but they already seem pointless. Dark elf + necro + cleric + knight covered 99,99% of my needs for just about everything. I only lacked 2 things: GM Perception and GM ID monster. The first I could make up for with the dark elf, the second—with google. I could try a dragon though,

While some dungeons were actually great, others were not. Regna as a whole left a pretty sour taste, it was far less interesting than I expected. It was just one straight line dungeon, plus a dragon cave. Speaking of dragon caves, I hate those places. Literally zero level design, random relics scattered around. Maybe they are there for low-level invisibility scumming? I don't know.

Now, the later game got more annoying and empty than anything. By the early stages of the game, I already felt little need for GM Merchant with all that gold. Now, towards the end I realized I should just throw away most stuff I find, because with 1,5 mln gold selling it was stupid. The sheer volumes of high-level items falling and falling on your head get annoying after some time—and I feared I'd miss some artifact/quest item.

It didn't seem very enjoyable. Hordes of same enemies, empty hostels, tons of loot I had no need for—is that it? I'd be really glad if someone told me how you're supposed to take on the last part of the game. I cleaned out two planes, but the rest I just cheesed out with Invisibility.

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Nice. Gonna try it next. Frankly, I got tired of all the imbalance and GMs of MM7–8.

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Forgot the pic

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Dark Magic is still OP in MM6 but elemental magic can still be really good.

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Yeah I don't dislike it in general, but for large maps it's just a pita

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Might and Magic 8 had the best paper dolls.

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True, without arguing. I saw the sprite packs, they even had a new different pose for trolls this time around—almost all armor contains specific sprite for them. That's a surprising amount of effort—and 99% of stuff lines up with dolls perfectly (with slight exceptions for belts and some helms).

Not only that. They also made leather armor actually contain pants. So now you get full pieces of clothing which look much better than before, and you don't get to look at your lich's ugly half-rotten legs which is great.

Another good thing is that they made closed helms for MM8. These look badass and actually make more sense than half-open stuff from previous games. But of course the main benefit is that they always "line up" with the characters.

Last but not least, plenty well-bodied female characters, in rather revealing outfits.

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>new different pose for trolls
My bad, for trolls AND minotaurs.

Just checked—looks really cool. They even have pants too. Weird.

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>Last but not least, plenty well-bodied female characters, in rather revealing outfits.
I'll say, had some faps when I was kid over the Dark Elf female on the bottom right.

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I think it was TES Arena that had open helms but were actually a generic sprite so your redguard would turn into a white guy when you put a helmet on.

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The last part of the game is easy because you should have such good loot by the time you finish Escaton's Palace that nothing can stand up to you.

The only tricky things are the rock blast casts, but if you have preservation and regeneration on you won't have any real problems.

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I totally forgot about posting this.

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also this

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Well, I beat MM8 solo character with every class.

Necromancer>knight>dark elf>cleric>troll>minotaur>vampire.

Dark elf is only that high because bows can get stupidly low recovery time. Bless and heroism (or hour of power) are pretty much the best thing ever because they give the same damage/attack as a weapon skill, but getting spirit and your weapon skill both to 20 is way cheaper than weapon skill to 40; GM armsmaster takes this a step further. Damaging spells are pretty much useless (except shrapmetal, but that spell is stupidly overpowered) so every character except Necro is better off hitting stuff to death.

>> No.3597984

Good job. I only don't see much point in weapon skills for most classes. Armsmaster or light/spirit is almost always better. Both give attack/damage, when most weapon skills only give recovery and attack.

What's your strategy for elemental planes? Are they worth exploring at all if you have good equipment already?

Also, do you know if there's a guaranteed "of Light" item anywhere?

>> No.3598000

I usually do an even split on the skills that give at least 2/3 of damage, attack and reduced recovery. For example, my vampire did 5 armsmaster(basic, recovery only) with a haste potion to give me 30 recovery time (minimum possible) with daggers, and then split all the points in dagger(damage and attack) and spirit(damage and attack). And 7 in leather and alchemy.

Depending on the character you want to clear as much of the elemental planes as possible, because it's very good experience, like all 4 of them probably give enough to take you from level 60 to 100. Some characters are just too weak to do it though, especially the Water plane. Levels are the most important thing in the game as they tend to give you most of your damage and health.

Finding loot for just a single character is actually relatively easy. Got to make sure to get the +40 elemental resist ring in the Dwarven mines though, which I think is the only guaranteed non quest item in the game.

As far as I know the only guaranteed 'of <skill>' item is Eclipse (spirit, mind and body).

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> vampire
Yeah, I guess that's the only case I can think of where this matters. Dagger skill gives both attack/damage so it's good.

> because it's very good experience, like all 4 of them probably give enough to take you from level 60 to 100
Oh, I guess it's no use to me then… Not only I played with 4 characters, I also aimed for shortest game time. I stopped at around level 38 for all of my members.

>> No.3598035

Why are staves so garbage? Highest recovery, two-handed, end-game stuff is like 2d4+8. Simple math says that two 3d3+7 daggers are infinitely better than that. No point whatsoever in wielding staves even for necros/sorcerers, except if you find some really amazing artifact.

>> No.3598264

I hope someday we'll see a proper sequel to Might and Magic where you travel back in time to prevent the Reckoning by acquiring either Armageddon's Blade or Sword of Frost after killing Gelu (for evil parties) or Kilgor (good parties).

>> No.3598269

Literally what I thought several days ago. Time traveling/retconning is cheap, but better this than Reckoning.

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File: 137 KB, 800x374, Stronghold edit 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Something compelled me to fiddle with this small project in GIMP. I want to fix the Stronghold's town screen a little bit.

At a first glance it might look the same, but I only fixed the details:

—Map structures now cast more realistic shadows (see the flagpole)
—Sharpened the ground texture to reduce "tilt shift" effect

I am thinking what to do next. Maybe sharpen the BG too to make things seem even bigger?

Also, the whole screen has a fundamental fuckup. One mountain chain is lit from the right, the other one—from the left. I don't know what to do about it.

>> No.3598329

The shadows need to be a bit more subtle, it's like it's being illuminated with a nuclear explosion

>> No.3598332

Yeah I know, but look at that tower in the background. It's lit this way, pretty much.

Plus, it's lit by desert sun, so that's what I was going for—the harsh, bright lighting. I guess I'll lower it a bit nevertheless

>> No.3598376

Anyone knows how "double damage against X" enchantment work? Does it only double that weapon's base damage (e.g. 2d4+8)?

>> No.3598404

>Time traveling/retconning is cheap, but better this than Reckoning


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File: 142 KB, 800x374, Stronghold edit 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, I eased up on the shadows. Added some relief to the mountains, to make them look more detailed and further reduce the tile shift effect.

I wonder what else I can do to make everything look less tiny.

>> No.3598465

>I wonder what else I can do to make everything look less tiny.
Redraw the entire screen from scratch?
This shit was done in times where file weighing 3 GB wouldn't fit on Average Joe's PC

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I know, but the problem is not in rendering's quality.

Look at this BG. You can see the problems with it already:
—the houses don't cast shadows
—the ground simply looks too blurry and flat
—everything simply lines up in an awkward way

Really, it's not anything that can't be undone with image editors. But still, the details just seem off… the scale of things, for example.

>> No.3598490

>the problem is not in rendering's quality.
I know.
The problem is with the fact it had to be done in most resource-efficient way, with minimal data usage and highest possible reusability of assets.
You aren't going to get nice pic out of it, because it wasn't meant to be nice.

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File: 144 KB, 800x374, Stronghold edit 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Added textures to the ground, they worked surprisingly well. I guess I'll stop here, maybe only add blue glowing to behemoths' lair.

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File: 158 KB, 800x600, stronghold.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

looks good, WoG came with edited backgrounds, but it replaces one blurry texture with another one

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File: 6 KB, 78x65, my eyes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could've been better. Looks like a horribly outdated CGI, poorly cut and put together. Also, is that sea? In my stronghold town?

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File: 339 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault-8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Redraw the game
> Still no shadows
Why HD Edition exists, again?

>> No.3598915

>redraw 3D renders
what were they thinking

>> No.3598930

I wonder who did more damage to M&M universe: Kreegans, Sheltem, or Ubisoft.

>> No.3599032


Sheltem only wiped out 1 planet and caused wars on a few others. He wasn't even near the others.

>> No.3599101

I think it's more that dagger expert should never have been given to sorcerers.

The other problem is GM staff is useless and needed to be something more like GM mace.

>> No.3599112

>The other problem is GM staff is useless and needed to be something more like GM mace.
And master is useless
And expert is useless
And normal is close to useless

>> No.3599148

I have no idea how it actually works, but every time I try it, it seems to have a very minor effect.

This looks hideous.

I don't see what the problem is, it gets attack and damage which apart from recovery rate is all you want from a weapon skill. It doesn't seem that much worse than sword for example. I do think it makes sense for it to be worse though, it's just a long stick, not a long sharp piece of metal.

>> No.3599156

The problem is for a 2 handed weapon you need way more to offset the loss of that extra enchant (whether it be another weapon or a shield). There are no other weapons in the game that do not have a 1 handed variant.

>> No.3599860

>I don't see what the problem is, it gets attack and damage which apart from recovery rate is all you want from a weapon skill.
> damage
Only on GM level, and in MM8 only, so sorcerers/necros are out. This is crucial: other skills like Spear/Mace give damage on expert.

But why would you seriously give a staff to anyone else? To whom? It's a two-handed weapon that does less damage than all one-handed weapons (aside from daggers), to say nothing about two-handed swords, axes and spears. Even if you give it to trolls, who can reach GM in it and thus get damage bonus, you still hold it with two hands. You're by far better off with 2 swords.

Also, the recovery rate is ridiculous. They have 100 recovery like axes/bows. A bit too much for long sticks, don't you think? Sorcerers/necros can leave all hope of ever getting to 30 recovery with it.

> It doesn't seem that much worse than sword for example.
How so? Sword master allows you to put the weapon in one hand, making swords a staple for dual-wielding. A lot of swords are single-handed and deal up to 3d4+12 damage.

Staff gets outclassed by every single weapon in the game. Even clerics' maces are better, because they are single-handed and you can hold shield with them. Heck, maces and staves deal about the same damage, but mace skill actually gives damage on expert.

>> No.3600067

So I finally got why the mountains in the pic are lit from 2 different sides… Because that's the same mountain, except mirrored. Goddamit, NWC

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File: 894 KB, 1280x720, randy savage lich crown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was looking for pics of Randy Savage to make Crag Hack memes. Found directly the opposite

>> No.3600126

The cheeky lads. And it still looks kinda good.

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File: 428 KB, 640x480, Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 20.22.47.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Comfy house. 7 by 3 ft. Just enough to fit a bunk bed

>> No.3600861

Looks spacious when you enter them

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File: 311 KB, 640x480, 1478330993441.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These guys are more annoying than all of VARN

>> No.3601464

You aren't going to like the Control Center then.

>> No.3601902

That is the control center

>> No.3601904

I'm pretty sure that's a screenshot from the last room in the Tomb of VARN right before the cube.

>> No.3601907

Well shit i thought I uploaded a screenshot of the control center.

>> No.3601959

Control Center is pretty easy other than those fucking Terminator Units. Without Protection from Magic like MM7/8, those instant eradication effects are just nasty.

>> No.3602045

I can't tell if that looks so ugly because of compression or a bad edit job.

>> No.3602381

Heroes 1-3 never use the Ancients thing at all so the pyramids don't have the same implications in there.

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Interview with Paul Romero and Rob King


>Is there anything you would like to say to your fans, let's start with you Rob
>My fans to told them.... uhm....(long cringeworthy silence)

Is Rob King autistic?

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File: 621 KB, 1920x1080, screen1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How someone could interpreted pixels so wrong?

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File: 34 KB, 600x600, Jesus HD Edition.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just HQ4X my shit up

>> No.3602517

It's silly I know, but I just love me some metal soundtrack when playing MM. Nothing beats listening to something epic when embarking on a big fight.

>> No.3602527

>Not experience Paul Romero's art


>> No.3602543

It better not be meme shit like Sabaton or LotR metal

>> No.3602550
File: 58 KB, 500x492, cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mostly picrelated, plus some Iron Maiden and Dio

>> No.3602552

I listen to Korpiklaani myself.

>> No.3602563

I've listened to it enough times. MM6–8 are action RPGs, I don't want serene and sorrowful classical music when there's some heavy action going on.

>> No.3602615

Is this the famed HQ version?
Also slav power best power

>> No.3602630

It's Ubisoft's Heroes III HD Edition

>> No.3602632

And they charged 20 dollarinios for that?
Fucking kikes.

>> No.3602635

no expansions either

>> No.3602646

Yup. It's only worth $10 they charge now if you get it for Android/iOS. You're not going to get a better Heroes 3 there, and there aren't many knockoffs either.

>> No.3602650

I have my old Golden Edition from days when this game was actually new and I ain't buying glittering shit.

Also HDmod exists for reason, doesn't it?

>> No.3602652

There's palm kingdoms for iOS. You're fucked when it comes to android though.

>> No.3602691
File: 13 KB, 230x230, golden poop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Umm, I'm not sure about that. The ""updated HD graphics"" look like brushed up upscales most of the time. Sure, sometimes there's added sharpness. But 99% of new hero portraits look awkward and plain worse. What was 3D got shitty painted feel.

Otherwise, it's literally just RoE with new bugs.

>> No.3602837


fucking retarded. The lack of ability to protect from eradication and broken items and the dependence on lloyds beaconing out every four fucking enemies is the only thing that makes me say mm7>mm6

>> No.3602842


>> No.3602883

It doesn't come with the expansions.

>> No.3602891

one shitty dungeon doesn't invalidate all of mm6's top tier dungeons that blow mm7's out of the water

>> No.3602909

>big empty room
>walk for 90 seconds between enemies
>cringy star trek references

>megasuper temple of baa
>literally forced to skill perception to progress main quest

>top tier


>> No.3602921

and it's not one shitty dungeon, enemies are breaking your shit and status affecting you all games. Titans instadeath you

>> No.3602924

>every dungeon is skyrim tier linear and tiny as fuck

>> No.3602929

You mean supreme titans which have an instadeath equivalent in MM7?

>> No.3602937

except in mm7 you get protection from magic which nullifies it, exactly the thing missing from 6, exactly the thing I was complaining about.

>> No.3602950

The hardest dungeon in mm7 is arguably The Pit itself, which is all kind of wacky and branching if you fight your way into it without ever having toured it on the dark path, as opposed to MM6 'this door requires the blue key' go flick that lever at the end of the hall style "puzzles"

>> No.3603098

>2 dungeons out of an entire game invalidates the entire game
>implying either of those were bad
VARN was great and was loaded with enemies. The only empty part is right before entering the inner pyramid which makes sense. The verticality was great and took good advantage of the game being 3D, separating itself from its grid based predecessors. Perception is a skill any class can get for the Supreme Temple of Baa and you only need 4 points in it to be able to finish the quest. If you have less than 8 you can just take a longer route through the dungeon. And dungeons are not just “go flick that lever at the end of the hall". Castle Alamos and VARN both come to mind.
Protection from magic does exist in MM6 and also helps with eradication spells from terminator units although it does not make you immune to them (see https://sites.google.com/site/sergroj/mm/mechanics). Saying MM7 has better dungeons is a flat out lie. They improved in other aspects like making knights not shit and added cool stuff like Arcomage but the dungeons were a straight up downgrade.

>> No.3603123

>flick that lever at the end of the hall". Castle Alamos and VARN both come to mind.
>Protection from magic does exist in MM6 and also helps with eradication spells from terminator units although it does not make you immune to them (see https://sites.google.com/site/sergroj/mm/mechanics). Saying MM7 has better dungeons is a flat out lie. They improved in other aspects like making knights not shit and added cool stuff like

I'm not saying mm7 had significantly better dungeons. i'm saying that both games had equally shitty dungeons, and that the fun of these games comes from number crunching, prophylactic preparation, and comfiness.

>> No.3603139

Nah fuck off. Go play Wizardry for number crunching.

>> No.3603376

Is there a way to continuously attack while moving in MM6-8? Moving cancels my blaster spray.

>> No.3603423

You can hold forward and attack, but any change in input after that will stop you attacking, making it not really useful.

>> No.3603958
File: 1.37 MB, 1920x1080, that lich lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apex kek

>> No.3604024

Fuck the weapons in MM8 are so bad. Not only doe they look tacky as fuck the handles are far too big and the character's hands keep clipping through them. Were they supposed to be placeholders or something?

>> No.3604040

Arcomage is better in MM8. In MM7 the card distribution made any strategy other than tower focus weak as fuck.

>> No.3604042

Unholy shit

>> No.3604130

>fly spell
>4 blasters
i have become laser A-10
hear me brrrt

>> No.3604154

This is just poor example. Most are good, see any other pic

>> No.3604419
File: 295 KB, 640x480, Score.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Definitely one of the most fun RPGs I have ever played all the way to the end. The dungeons were long as fuck but still compelling and the magic system you get has lots of satisfying and weird spells. Being able to place down 5 beacons of teleportation is great and random secrets scattered around the maps kept me from just flying from dungeon to dungeon. The combat was really simple but there was good feedback to back it up with fireballs knocking enemies back and into the air as they died.

>> No.3604421
File: 99 KB, 640x480, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also after beating the game I checked online to see if I missed anything in the final dungeon and found out you can fail the game at the very end and destroy the planet.

>> No.3604426
File: 270 KB, 640x480, Game_Over.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3604448
File: 297 KB, 1000x673, bf5sac.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

where my underground spookmasters at

>> No.3604479
File: 5 KB, 58x64, why can't I hold all these movement points.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Dungeon is really underrated. I don't understand why people never seem to put it in the higher tier along with Conflux and necro.

Best tier 7 in the game? Check.
Army full of fast flying units? Check.
Two ranged units with no melee penalty? Check.
Actually useful auxiliary buildings? Check.
Self-sustaining? Check.
GOAT heroes? Check.

Other than its mediocre tier 1 it has basically no weak points.

>> No.3604502

also minotaur kings are almost tier 6 creatures

>> No.3604617

Do monsters in dungeons respawn in MM6? Not particularly looking forward to clearing out some of them a second time.

Also currently in a ghost mansion near castle ironfist, there's a bunch of switches around but I have no idea what they do. My guess is they're opening doors somewhere but I can't seem to find it. Haven't found that archmage (I'm guessing lich?) either yet even though I explored all dead ends. Any hints?

>> No.3604668

too expensive my man

>> No.3604670

>Do monsters in dungeons respawn in MM6? Not particularly looking forward to clearing out some of them a second time.
Yes but it's really slow. New Sorpigal is one of the fastest respawns and that's 6 months. Major places don't reset until 2 years. It's more a punishment for being a slow faggot than a real obstacle.

>Also currently in a ghost mansion near castle ironfist, there's a bunch of switches around but I have no idea what they do. My guess is they're opening doors somewhere but I can't seem to find it. Haven't found that archmage (I'm guessing lich?) either yet even though I explored all dead ends. Any hints?
The whole place is designed as a maze, but yes. Eventually you will get to a place with a power lich who has a chest behind him with the Crystal of Terrax.

The switch to the last room is near the bottom floor (you have to fall down to get to that room). You can either press the button with Telekenesis (suggested) or jump in the well in the next room, press the button to lower the wall and walk back to where the button was before the well. Honestly if you are stuck just youtube a Let's Play or something.

>> No.3604675

The main key is to cross the narrow bridge in the room with the ~50 ghosts. If you fall it's going to take a while to get back. Other than that it's relatively straightforward.

>> No.3604702


Oh wow, I don't recall the insides of dungeons respawning in MM7. I'll keep it in mind then. Thanks for the hint, I'll retrace my steps and try again.

I've got mixed feelings about MM6 dungeons so far, the MM7 dungeons were too short and you could just use invisibility to skip them, but the MM6 ones are a bit on the boring side. Its mostly just long corridors with monsters, and the puzzles in a lot of cases are kind of trial and error. Then again that's how the series works.

>> No.3604707

It's a little different in MM6 because it's damn near impossible to take 2 years to finish the game unless you are trying to be slow.

In MM7/8 it's 8 days per level times the most levels trained by 1 person
In MM6 it's 8 days total, regardless of who trains and how much they train.

>> No.3604709

>8 days per level times the most levels trained by 1 person
8 days times the most levels trained by 1 person

>> No.3604720

The only place that has respawns you could realistically notice are the very last dungeon (where they respawn every couple days) and inside it Town Portal and Lloyd's Beacon are b& so you are intended to finish it in one try anyweay. Don't worry about them.

>> No.3604732

I tried a game with Dungeon against bots and it was a pretty good game. Creatures felt above average for the most part, good clearing capabilities with the two shooter stacks and all that. But the strongest part was actually the Mana Vortex for me. I actually rolled Sephinroth as my starting hero and got Expert Intelligence early on. After I found a Dimension Door scroll and expanded my Mage Guild she was an unstoppable mage force with high movement.

tl;dr Mana Vortex is strong.

What do you guys think about Mana Vortex in comparison to Magic Spring? It seems to spawn pretty regularly close to Stronghold towns. Better or worse than that?

>> No.3604741

They are same thing, except one is in a city and requires no movement to get to, but takes a day in the city you aren't building something more useful early. Now if you are retarded and waste it on a transport hero that's on you.

It's all situational, but I'd rather have the vortex.

>> No.3604848
File: 205 KB, 800x374, Stronghold edit 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Spent some more time on the Stronghold time view. Added a shitton of shadows, tried to get max detail, even smallest poles/fences have shadows now. Also, fixed lighting on some buildings, and shooped out the mountains. Just gotta brush up these mountains next

>> No.3605231

Looks pretty good.

>> No.3605302
File: 92 KB, 640x480, ooga booga.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In the final dungeon you already have blaster so you don't need to rest. I ended up using shrapmetal anyways in that one big room.

>> No.3605441

>GOAT heroes?
these are BULLS, not goats

>> No.3605747


and then you saved it as a .jpg

good job

>> No.3605951
File: 780 KB, 800x374, Stronghold edit 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's barely any difference. Here's PNG

>> No.3606023

Planning on doing an evil playthrough of MM7 with a Dwarf Unarmed Monk, Human Cleric, and 2 Elf Sorcerers. Does this sound solid?

>> No.3606039

Really nice, would set as my phone wallpaper/10

>> No.3606072

Very good indeed. The power of dark is in the damage spells. So it's a good thing you have 3 casters. However, they will totally outclass the monk in damage eventually, but still he will be useful in the beginning, and will come in handy for disarming traps and occasional melee later.

Races don't matter much after the beginning stages of the game. Personally, I just pick whoever looks better.

>> No.3606110


dungeon is OP as fuck

Draggongeddon potential is better than with inferno

portal of summoning and a dragon dwelling means you'll be swimming in dragons, even conflux can`t touch this. you can forget about buying anything else buy dragons.

two ressurection specialists, logistics and a mana specialist

fucking portal of mana.

Dungeons only real problems are manticores being shit and too many hero portraits being basically recolours of the same stock minotaur and troglodite.

>> No.3606119

Pretty solid party, 3 dark magic grandmasters with scrapmetal and armageddon are enough to clear the game with ease. The monk is just gravy, and will carry the team through the early to mid game.

Thanks for the help, looks like I missed a switch, which caused another barrier to drop allowing me to get on with it. Power lich went down easy peasy. Went ahead and grinded out the other promotion quests as well and now my party is ready for the mid-late game. I've got M water and air currently. Wondering what I should try and master next. I'm guessing dark would be good? Where's the master dark guild located anyways?

>> No.3606167
File: 532 KB, 800x374, Rampart-in.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I wondered why I was so autistic about the Stronghold town screen. So I checked if other towns had the same oversights.

Surprisingly, Rampart doesn't have any of those problems. Notice how every house has a shadow. There are some exceptions, like Dwarf Cottage, but otherwise it's near perfect. The ground texture is blurry but it's fine since it's supposed to be grass.

Then I checked Inferno and Necropolis, but these towns lack sunlight, and are very dark already. So even if there are some minor oversights, they're barely noticeable.

Castle town screen lacks sharp shadows per se; but it looks good nevertheless—everything appears to be lit from front or above. It has great sense of depth too, with roads and bare ground near houses, so perhaps it is the best-designed town screen in the whole game—closely followed by Rampart and Fortress.

So, surprisingly, pretty much only Stronghold town screen has so many oversights and looks so half-assed. The only town which comes close is Conflux. I think I might try to edit it as well.

>> No.3606171

Master dark guild is in Paradise Valley. You need notorious rep for it but its free.

>> No.3606174

I'm guessing the master light guild is also around that area and needs a green reputation? What a pointless mechanic because it's so easy to manipulate.

>> No.3606175

>dungeon is OP as fuck
You should have a shitpile of moniez to use their power though.
Stronghold is better for early run.

>> No.3606183

Is stronghold dependant on early rushes, as in, they are fucked if they reach late game? (thinking about multiplayer)

>> No.3606206
File: 211 KB, 640x640, 1478106018832.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I believe Stronghold player should have conquered other castles by the late game. That's like Mongols conquered the Eurasia, they took the smartest people to serve them.

>> No.3606237

They're all about pure damage. If you can get the first hit in you're usually good to go.

>> No.3606242

Master Light Magic is in Alamos in the eel infested waters map. I prefer it being tied to rep rather than a path since you're not locked down to one or another since Dark Magic is straight up better than Light. Still glad they changed it up a bit for MM7 rather than just being a straight repeat of MM6. In some ways MM6 is rougher around the edges since MM7 fixed some of the complaints with the previous game but the fact they only had a year of dev time really shows and it came out a lot buggier than 6 and some of the new features aren't really balanced.

>> No.3606252

Yeah I'm glad to have both types of magic, but I haven't really used light magic at all. Hour of Power seems nice though.

I'm not quite sure if the split path in MM7 was a good or bad idea. It was my first MM game and I remember it as being pretty cool, and adding some replay value. Once I finish MM6 I'll post a TL:DR review here that compares the two.

The only thing I know for sure is that mm6 has a lot more content.

>> No.3606258

Play Xeen or Isles of Terra next.

>> No.3606264

I've got 3,4 and 5 installed. Going to have to get used to their playstyle though, the grid based game play is a bit out of my comfort zone.

>> No.3606270

I think you'll find the grid based games more intuitive gameplay wise aside from some missing a few modern features like checking weapon damage without having to go to a blacksmith to identify an item. Just keep a hint sheet open while playing to tell how much damage certain weapons do.

>> No.3606501
File: 4 KB, 58x64, Hero_Galthran.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you’re in the club and this guy slaps your girlfriend’s ass with 7000 skeletons. what do

>> No.3606504

Too bad the resolution is 800x374

>> No.3606589


>> No.3606595
File: 20 KB, 92x101, just fuck my shit up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But undead are immune to dark

>> No.3606615
File: 175 KB, 364x312, why live.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw last 15 years of M&M franchise

>> No.3606619

how did that many skeletons even get in

>> No.3606621

In MM6 it does physical damage

>> No.3606625

Town Portal

>> No.3606634 [DELETED] 

O. You kill 9 skeletons, spent 30SP. 6991 left

>> No.3606640

OK. You kill 7 skeletons, spent 50SP. 6993 left

>> No.3606645

>Implying I didn't run straight up to the guy to use it and instead bothered with his minions.
Even if we're indoors I can still cast jump to go straight to him. Or maybe just shoot a billion arrows. If this is an outdoor club I could just cast meteor storm or armageddon. Actually, how strong are those skellies? Could an incinerate deal with them? How bunched up are they, would dragon breath deal with them?

>> No.3606664

> Could an incinerate deal with them?
Congratulations, this is the answer I had in mind.

>> No.3606736
File: 10 KB, 300x350, r_046h.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wish there was a mod with naga race for MM8. Sextuple wielding sure sounds cool

>> No.3606882

Which kills 1, I think you meant Inferno.

>> No.3607321

Cast inferno and then raise dead on girlfriend.

>> No.3607330
File: 5 KB, 59x79, zombie f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reanimate works too

>> No.3607336

yeah I was about to post I'd reanimate her before I considered the consequences.

>> No.3608083

Men I would like to finally git gud at HoMM. Should I play the campaign to learn how to play properly?

>> No.3608089

Have you read the pastebin? http://pastebin.com/6G9B1cMA

>> No.3608094


>> No.3608115

Campaigns are fine. But, they can be somewhat unfair, especially SoD ones. E.g., there one map that's designed in a way that all the enemies have one-way portals leading to you, and every road is blocked by ridiculously OP garrisons. Or Yog's whole campaign, where your main hero can't use magic at all.

>> No.3608116
File: 7 KB, 130x143, forsakenpalace.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does forsaken palace look so different on map?

>> No.3608427

Different lighting and angle, but i'm pretty sure it's the same model

>> No.3608658
File: 313 KB, 800x373, Inferno-in.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, but the square "foundation" part is missing I think. Maybe because they tried to make it smaller.

Also, the original look completely orange.

>> No.3608795
File: 88 KB, 279x403, archie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's time to make Enroth great again! Crooked Roland is unfit for ruling this great kingdom!

>> No.3608824

I wish Inferno got a different Grail bonus than all weeks being the week of the Imp. They fuck up the map in long games.

But then - what else could they get? Only thing I can come up with something related to fire magic:
- any hero casts fire magic on expert level, even if they don't have the skill
- all heroes get all fire magic (would be to weak compared to Conflux getting all magic)
- all fire magic gets 2x power bonus (including the efreet sultan fire shield)
- all fire magic gets mana cost cut in half

or some combination of some of those.

Or, is the week of the imp bonus necessary because it is meant to make Demon farming more efficient?

>> No.3608859
File: 5 KB, 58x64, Hero_Coronius.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's a question the best minds of Enroth had been pondering for centuries

>> No.3608882

Pit Fiends resurrect their comrades as Pit Fiends.

>> No.3608894 [DELETED] 

He promised to build the wall. But what about the moat and arrow towers?

>> No.3608897

I wonder… Why didn't Archibald become a lich? Even his skin is normal human color, not white like most necros.

>> No.3608959
File: 387 KB, 639x480, based archie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He'll make them pay for those too.

>> No.3609285

The Sword of Frost was supposedly made by Ancients and placed on Vori. Actually, I can't recall if it was ever clearly said who created the sword.

Anyway, the island also had some strange issues on the flow of time (see H3 Adelaide's bio for detailed info).

>> No.3609534

>They benefit Nekro more than Inferno in long games.
Literally only Grail that you want your enemies to have.

>> No.3609584
File: 60 KB, 192x256, archibald.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He was too young to do this, he couldn't lost all his favourite pleasures of life

>> No.3609932



>> No.3610001

Spengies drama should stay in spengies

>> No.3610054

Gib context

>> No.3611431
File: 306 KB, 375x523, Tazar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would it be awesome to have fanmade Might&Magic CCG game?

>> No.3611492

You mean a larger version of Arcomage? Not really. I could easily see Ubi expanding it and making it into something like a Hearthstone clone.

>> No.3611493
File: 329 KB, 1680x1050, dpc_halloween_art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They officially closed their card game few days ago

>> No.3611504
File: 63 KB, 400x300, Absolutely Disgusting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3611695
File: 803 KB, 1300x781, septienna_by_basaktinli-d6s5m55.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That feel when all those years I thought that Septienna supposed to have something like "spider legs" coming out of her hair but now I see she supposed to wear a weird turban?

>> No.3611754

>tfw you accidentally learnt Kyrre was female

>> No.3611856
File: 63 KB, 640x640, 04-soulpatch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's a male in Homm IV

>> No.3612754
File: 328 KB, 500x459, 1388230939302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3613210

Best soundtracks:
IV > II > III > V > I

>> No.3613238

not a fair representation of HoMM1

>> No.3613243

Ugh, it's exactly why they are so low. Except the town themes the combat and adventure map soundtrack is sucky.

>> No.3614535


>> No.3615087

>Best lvl 7
Totally fucking not. Other then depending on rolling armageddon in mage guild they are not so good.
>fast flying units
You got that right, Dungeon exceeds in town siege.
>ranged attackers
Both pretty good, yet you get outshooted by everyone except inferno and fortress.
Dungeon has god-tier special buildings, mana vortex and that portal are almost game breaking.
All in all it is good town, very expensive though. Best on S and L-XL.

>> No.3615556

For pastebin:
MM4-5 Specific Tips:
1) I recommended to play in a World of Xeen version (not play them one by one). You can download it without any problem from myabandonware.com
2) You will be need a keywords to evade anti-pirate security. Look at this pdf http://www.oldgames.sk/en/game/might-and-magic-iv-clouds-of-xeen/download/3555/ or if you have an original manual look at correct word.
3) I think that looking on every weapon stat is a high waste of time. If you want to know the items powers you must pay the blacksmith to identify them (big waste of moneys) or look every time in manuals (big waste of time). Just simple try to sell them and see which item cost more - that is your choose.
4) In World of Xeen and every other part of franchise you will get more experience from quests than killing monsters
5) From highest difficulty to lowest: Lava > Deep Water > Desert > Snow > Mountains and Forests > Rest. Lava == death, in early and medium game
6) Most of the spells are fucking useful.
7) Clairvoyance, Jump, Levitate, Etherealize, Light, Lloyd's Beacon, Walk on Water, Wizard Eye, Teleport - helps you in explorations of new terrain and during solving the puzzles. Part of them are necessary to process.
8) Don't claim the female guard of towers from darkside as your waifu - she's mine

>> No.3615574

pastebin already has a link to WoX but I'll add the rest later

>> No.3615631

It was -actually- pretty good for some time. Shame.

>> No.3616220

1) In the pastebin
2) Same as 1
3) As a rule of thumb yes, but it can be problematic for things like platinum versus quartz.
4) Already in the pastebin, there are exceptions like Energy Dragons though where you really do want to hunt them all down.
5) Correct
6) Things like Golem Stopper and Insect Spray get weak very quickly. I honestly can't remember the last time I actually used Golem Stopper.
7) I'd add that there is no reason that you don't have Day of Protection and Day of Sorcery on at all times, especially once you have fixed the Rivercity well. Even the gem cost isn't a real issue as gems become largely worthless after midgame.
8) How did YOU get a key?

>> No.3616224

Also Suppress Disease and Suppress Poison are completely useless. Just do the bone whistle quest for the statues.

>> No.3616371
File: 64 KB, 500x709, mm8-ps2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there's a japanese console version of MM8

>> No.3616670

Cool art and aesthetics but there's zero depth or strategy which makes it feel like a waste of time.
>Age of Wonders
My game of choice for years. Play by email was a fantastic feature, and its soundtrack was GOAT. The big issue with it is that even though the early game can snowball hard and as fast(as it should) the fact that unit stacks move slowly and sequentially means it's still incredibly tedious to actually close out games out.
Comfiest battle system more than makes up for almost nonexistent overland play.It's a fun distraction but it won't fill out an entire NEET existence like any of the others.
>King's Bounty
Never played so no opinion.

>> No.3616675

can you play homm 2 with keyboard only? i want to map it on a pad.

>> No.3616679

They're fucked at any point. Worst town in the game.

>> No.3616682

>Wait till end of turn
>Have Devil TP in and smack skellies around with a stick.
>Have Devil TP out
>Repeat ten thousand times.

>> No.3616936

I saw that thread on /v/ the other day about jap covers of western video games, I wonder if Japan got all M&M games.

>> No.3617834
File: 86 KB, 625x626, 1376581791487.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3617842

Currently running through HoMM4 and just finished Gathering Storm.

Is there a point to the arenas other than easy levels?

It would be a lot easier if I could limit the number of skills I could get on a level up. It's one thing to have 1/8 like in HoMM3 that can only be ranked up 3 times, but it's 1/25 that can be ranked up 5 times in HoMM4 and I don't want basic stealth or basic resurrection for my level 34 character.

>> No.3617846

MM6 had the best item designs, although the graphics were poorer.

>> No.3617949

that would be inferno anon

>> No.3618230

Can there be any hope for inferno? I always want to play them, but the only decent units are the cerberi and efrets. I always feel like I'm playing them wrong.

>> No.3618240

Was the fortress bad as well? I just realized I never used it. Maybe rushing straight to Wyverns was viable.

>> No.3618490

I you have a choice to live in the world of Heroes of Might and Magic 3, where do you want to live and as which creature?

My choice is Tower as Naga Queen. Who doesn't want to live in an elegant society and be praised as deities?

>> No.3618873

Their advantage is their lack of resource requirements (except wood) and gorgons and basilisks or both very solid. Wyvern rushing isn't actually that good from my personal experience. Typically I go for mage guild->town hall>city hall>serpent flies>basilisk in the first week if possible then upgrade both the second week first thing. 16 dragon flies and 8 great basilisks is a strong early army. Their weaknesses is their late game, since wyverns and hydras have obvious issues, unless you get expert magics to cancel out their weaknesses. But mighty moos have been able to carry me through. Once you stack 50-60 you're talking about dropping 4-5 tier 7 with just the stare alone.

>> No.3618874


Either Rampart as a dorf or Dungeon as a troglodite

>> No.3618879


Inferno is great if you have several inferno towns due to the portal. You won''t have to upgrade creature dwellings and can defend all towns without a problem.

Also that armageddon. Which will win the game for you.

Otherwise yeah standalone inferno gets rekt

>> No.3618929

There's always demon farming, imps are pretty much designed for it.

>> No.3619012

I believe the main problem with inferno lies in the fact that their heroes are so shitty, there's not one who particularily shines compared to other factions. Ayyden has intelligence specialty I guess, but that's about it

>> No.3619013

Every instance of free skills is vital in HoMM IV exactly for the reason you stated. Even a single grandmastery requires something around ~20 levels to get. And you really want at least some levels in Fighting, even for magic resistance alone. If time permits, you should always get the most out of the map, especially in the gathering storm - the last campaign is really about your heroes being as ridiculous as possible.
Also a quick tip - if you have troubles with colliseums on the last camp, equip the chosen hero with all the sets possible - especially Dogwoggle's one is super useful when taking down dragons.

>> No.3619020

Inferno's problem is that -literally- the only above-average creature in the town is efreet. I am firm believer that the town has been nerfed prematurely before release for some reasons.
Heroes are also not amazing, focus on fire magic is the worst for magic users of them all and they have nobody with main-worthy speciality (offence/logistics/armory/some strong unit).

>> No.3619029

Oh, a honorary mention - yes, Pit Lord can be seen as an excellent unit given proper usage. However, you do still have to pay a rather hefty sum for an otherwise heavily understatted unit, sacrifice some of your own units beforehand and do a tiny bit of tactical gymnastics to get what is at the end of the day weaker necromancy that comes online much later.

>> No.3619031

I think it's more like that the game has so many broken combinations, that Inferno just doesn't come off as strong enough.

spamming Armageddon and expert Berserk is extremely hilarious, but it won't do fuck all when your opponent has a cursed armour and a single archangel to guarantee them first hit.

You just won't get a turn to fight back.

>> No.3619113


Curse is a great spell, so is berserk, which can cut down big numbers off of enemy troops. Blind is tactical as fuck. Fire magic is highly underrated imo and can be super nasty.

>> No.3619142


The real problem with fire magic is that a lot of creatures have resistances to them because its effects are OP as fuck

>> No.3619384

So pretty much factors out of your control (multiple inferno cities and getting Armageddon). That sucks.

That always felt really gimmicky to me, building imps to suicide then into demons. Feels like an unnecessary level of micromanagement for a lesser necromancy.

>> No.3619593

9 imps make just 1 demon. This is pretty inefficient no matter how you look at it.

>> No.3619669

Especially considering gold wise 5 imps = 1 demon

>> No.3619895

Nah, I had GM archery on 4 characters and Hypnotize on 2 and raped everything with them. I chased down everything in the last campaign but I really didn't need to. Winds of War seems like it will be a joke.

>> No.3620448

Well, i was playing on Grandmaster and it was honestly pretty challenging. Last fight was just savecumming until i figured the opening that made AI have a stroke and it still boiled down to spamming disabling spells and stacking every buff i had on Dogwoggle and constatly reinforced summoned stack of mantises
At the end of the day, DD/TP are still the best spells in the game period, and slow/haste are the best battle ones. Fire has a big problem that it lacks spells that actually benefit that much from expertise sans berserk - bufffing/debuffing spells are okay but worse than options like slow/haste/shield/prayer, blind is okay-ish, sacrifice is overall not that impressive. And direct damage spells really dont benefit that much from fire magic levels. You could make argument for fire possibly being better than water (I personally still say you just benefit waaay to much from cure/dispel in some scenarios), but that's about it.

>> No.3620458

Forgot to mention - Since Recanter's exist, you cannot truly depend on lvl3+ spells during clutch battles. So another point for earth and air.

>> No.3620662

I usually go with Fiona since she starts with advanced scouting and doggies. She doesn't scale well yourself but if she makes sure that you have a smooth start you'll be in good shape to transition to someone else later.

>> No.3621276

Yeah, it's not like -having- to start with inferno hero makes you want to kill yourself - they are still worse classes to have. However, being able to start with a barbarian or any other powerhouse hero (Gunnar obviously comes to mind) is a perk nontheles.

>> No.3622001

demoniacs are not bad heroes for the most part. they tend to have fairly good skill probabilities. fiona, pyre, nymus, and marius are decent starting heroes. other than ayden, heretics are pretty bad though.

the worst heroes is the game are tower heroes

>> No.3622004
File: 5 KB, 58x64, Hero_Melodia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least tower doesn't have the most useless hero of them all

>> No.3622018
File: 5 KB, 58x64, Hero_Daremyth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think you're mistaken.

>> No.3622020

I'm really not. Melodia has basic luck as default skill, Daremyth doesn't. That automatically makes her better.

>> No.3622027

Melodia has higher chance to gain attack/defense/archery/armourer/logistics/earth magic/resistance. You know, basically everything a hero actually wants wizards have terrible chance to get on leveling. I'd take Melodia over any wizard (except Solmyr) every time.

>> No.3623058

These are the best songs of MM7

>> No.3623217

Whichever race I got to be to fuck pixies all day, desu.

>> No.3624370

After a generous tip, the barkeep whispers:
> Inferno worst town lol

>> No.3624551

I've rolled some heroes randomly just to see how they'd play, just to explore some other heroes than generic powerplay ones.

Turns out Sephinroth has a bad special that did help me out in trading resources every now and then, and that starting with Intelligence is pretty hype.

Never lost a siege with Bron.

Shiva actually rolled some decent skills most times I got her, like logistics/earth magic/air magic in the first few selections.

>> No.3624663

Do people view Bron and Shiva as bad? I've always liked using them. Definitely not the best, but they've always seemed decent.

>> No.3625108

Damn Arcomage is really addicting.

>> No.3625210

They both come from what are the best classes in terms of skill tree, so they cannot be -that- bad. Resistance and Scouting are not great, but not useless either.

>> No.3626075
File: 270 KB, 640x480, tqnczs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

send help i can't stop playing this minigame

>> No.3626092

Then you go to MM8 and get more cards. Addictive as fuck.

>> No.3627445

Back when I was 12 I tried to recreate acromage IRL for me and my friend to play. Including drawing up the actual card arts.

Never got very far, but it's just really fun.

>> No.3628303

Tracking resources IRL would've made the game hell.

>> No.3628751

Finished up Winds of War. Last campaign was an absolute joke because I had been using the life and order universities and had a full set (5 skills with all 15 subcategories filled in) including GM archery/magic resistance and GM order magic.

Went ahead and did champion mode to attempt to make it slightly harder and it made no difference. Everything until I got to the middle area just died almost instantly and at that point I had 20 cities pumping.

Kind of hilarious facing all the other heroes I built, but I didn't bother with magic resistance on anyone else so I could just nuke everyone down with Ice Bolt and Dark Sorceress Implosion.

Also it seems dumb to have a 1 scenario "campaign".

>> No.3628889

Well, Winds of War is in genral ridiculously short. But at least the maps are not as painfully plain and unappealing as Gathering Storm ones. Which is a shame - HoMM IV has by far the best map editor and really lively scenery on adventure map.

>> No.3629384

This game isn't playable irl

>> No.3629564

You'd need a piece of paper and some imagination.The tracking part is somewhat doable, but it just takes a long while.

How come it isn't? I'd imagine giving both players the same deck and assigning rarity to cards. You'd have 4x foundations in your deck, but only one dragons heart for example.

Besides all that at some point I realized it just wouldn't be very fun to play IRL. Mainly due to having to keep track of all that info and the game itself not being very fun to play against a real player.

>> No.3629598
File: 148 KB, 640x480, h2archie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How come the necromancer is so ridiculously overpowered?
>hero starts with Haste which is extremely useful on low-tier walkers to lure or hit-and-run monsters
>skeleton farming
>vampire lords can resurrect themselves as long as there is at least four of them in the stack
>liches are great for clearing neutral slow monsters due to the cloud attack
>6-tier dwelling can be constructed on the first week: it doesn't require a tremendous amount of any specific resource, can be streamlined by building graveyard > mage guild > mausoleum, while almost any other 6-tier dwelling requires full build-up
>bone dragon is easily the best 6th level unit: it costs 50% less than the green dragon while lacking only 50 HP
>ALL units are immune to blinding, paralyzing, and berserking

>> No.3629603

Yes game can be played but it wouldn't be fun because resources and tower+wall tracking

>> No.3629609

Can the necromancer be the good guy?

>> No.3629640

And totally forgot:they've got a special snowflake 3rd level spell that permanently resurrects the undead. Meanwhile, all other factions have to rely on 4th and 5th level spells - the former doesn't even resurrect troops permanently!

>> No.3629658

In Might & Magic universe no

>> No.3629726

Gauldoth was kind of a good guy.

>> No.3629763
File: 93 KB, 400x544, 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

HoMM IV was a mistake

>> No.3629773
File: 51 KB, 219x297, ArchibaldCampaign.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Archibald did nothing wrong

>> No.3629775

Was he a necromancer?

>> No.3629780

He was a Warlock but also the king of Necromancers

Kinda wierd

>> No.3629781

He was in charge of the necromancer's guild

>> No.3629791

Well, he gained support of the necromancers' guild to strengthen his cause in the War of Succession but he wasn't actually one of them, at least as far as I remember. But sure, gameplay-wise, Warlocks do have a little chance of learning the necromancy skill.

>> No.3629827

MM7 manual has him talking about necromancy and researching new forms of necromancy to use against the Ironfists.

>> No.3629881

>against the Ironfists
Uhm, you mean Roland's family? You know, he's the lord Ironfist's rightful heir.

>> No.3629882

of course

>> No.3631103

How easy is it to get into HoMM2 if you have a bit of HoMM3 experience?

>> No.3631620

HoMM2 is harder and has worse ballance

>> No.3631691

Much more heavily focused on attack. It is basically is just get to top tier ASAP and steamroll. It gets a lot trickier once you get to the expansions.

Gold is a major problem because cities only give 1000/day.

>> No.3631798

Overall it's a weird transition but not hard. Tiers are less extreme, even higher tier things die rather quick. Battlefield is smaller. I'd say overall the game plays quicker. Both have different feels, I prefer homm3 but always like to go back to 2 for a bit.

>> No.3632241

also interesting

>> No.3632295


Why this beta trailer looks better than actual game?

>> No.3632356

It happenes all the time, but i'd say it's mainly time/technology constraints (even moreso important back then) coupled with marketing benefit.

>> No.3632707

Only thing that really looks better is the view distance which is neutered in the release version.

>> No.3632805

Grass and sky looks better

>> No.3634060

Realistically, what is the first M&M which is worth playing for a person who didn't play it in childhood? I beat Bloodwych on ZX Spectrum back then, but I tried M&M 1 and it was kinda meh. It was shortly after I tried Wizardry 1, kinda appreciated it but instakill ninjas were too hard for me.

>> No.3634147

There are basically two sagas - I-V and VI-IX. They are all fine for individual playthroughs (the main plot is non-intrusive before the end of the game). I'd say the best ones for non-hardcore retro players are IV-V.

>> No.3634158

Thanks. And what about M&M III? It looks kinda cute. Are console versions of MM1-3 any good?

>> No.3634219

AFAIK (i would have to consult wiki or maybe pastebin) I and II are coupled, while III is kind of its own thing (within Sheltem/Corak saga of course). No idea about console versions, i do know opponents may look more or less ridiculous depending on version.

>> No.3634597

4 and 5 play identically to 3 which is the best of the three games. Start with 3 and use the DOS version.

>> No.3634697

All the console ports are weaker than the PC/MAC versions.

Start at 3 unless tile based gameplay isn't your thing in which case just play 6-8. Read the OP pastebin. It talks about the different generations and general gameplay.

>> No.3634818
File: 252 KB, 1610x730, nec_tree.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rate my autism. I've made a tech tree for some factions, the necromancer and the sorceress. It's kinda pity that the NWC made tech trees only for

>> No.3634820
File: 301 KB, 1570x860, sor_tree.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3634876

anon where you were 20 years ago

>> No.3634880

Might want to change Vampire Lord to "Restores its own stack by attacking living enemies".

>> No.3634923

Actually, in HoMM 2 vampires drain life from all creatures whether they are undead or not, same for the liches' cloud attack.

>> No.3634941

I appreciate your effort but HOMM2 is just too simple for -tech trees.

>> No.3635172

thanks anon i plan on starting a campaign soon

>> No.3635765

HOMM2 buid system has much more depth than 3

>> No.3635832

Can you elaborate on this? Just curious.

>> No.3635948

In HOMM2, factions are strong in either early, mid or endgame. Build trees are also really different, unlike HOMM3 where same tier units are mostly homogenized and carry obligatory obvious upgrades. Unit upgrading cost is twice the difference between upgraded and unupgraded units, so you have to plan if you actually will use the vanilla unit. In HOMM2, vampires and vampire lords feel like different units, and investment into upgraded mansion is really considerable compared to plain mansion cost. You can't just build capitol and buy entire weekly stock in HoMM2 like in HoMM3. As the result, failing the correct building timings can leave you really fucked up.

>> No.3636098

I didn't even mention HOMM3.

>> No.3636293


You have the same in Homm3 you can even skip creature dwellings.

And many creature dwellings aren't worth investing in.

>> No.3636331


>In HOMM2, factions are strong in either early, mid or endgame.
Same in Homm3. Fortress and Stronghold for early, Necropolis, Tower, Dungeon for late game, etc.
>Build trees are also really different, unlike HOMM3 where same tier units are mostly homogenized and carry obligatory obvious upgrades.
I'd say you have pretty bug differences in Homm3 trees also. Stronghold and Fortress can rush their high tier fliers, the former can even rush behemoths. Others like Dungeon or much more dependent on a full city build, also requiring their mage guild built up. I enjoy homm3 building more since if feels like more significant choices. In homm2, towns build so fast it never really felt like what order matter much.
>Unit upgrading cost is twice the difference between upgraded and unupgraded units, so you have to plan if you actually will use the vanilla unit. In HOMM2, vampires and vampire lords feel like different units, and investment into upgraded mansion is really considerable compared to plain mansion cost.
Maybe it's just my play style, but upgrade costs should never really affect your decision to build a unit, except maybe units like dwarfs. Most cases, the original unit is nearly just as good save for some stat difference, but HP and damage to gold ratio is usually around the same if not better for unupgraded. There are some exceptions, like unless I need to I avoid building gorgons before might gorgons, but I have had many games where my main army never even had a chance to have mighty moos.

>You can't just build capitol and buy entire weekly stock in HoMM2 like in HoMM3. As the result, failing the correct building timings can leave you really fucked up.
Obviously you make more gold in homm3 but you typically can't buy the whole stock of creatures in a week, even with cheaper teams unless you have absolutely nothing else to throw money at which the game usually ends before that time.

>> No.3636343

Not really. You can't skip half the dwelling and bone dragons like in HoMM2. And titans are basically different units compared to giants despite being upgrades of latter. They cost more than 2 times more and are ranged instead of melee. And Castle in HoMM2 doesn't really have tiers, it got peasants who are hilariously useless and then bunch of units who are more like different tactical variants of same unit. Castle ultimate unit in HoMM2 is slightly buffed up crusader from HoMM3, they literally don't get units more powerful than that. If your warlock opponent gets to black dragons while you play as castle you are so done.

>> No.3636394


The only factions that you have to build fully are Tower and Dungeon to get to level 7 units.

If you're playing castle you can skip archers, griffins and cavaliers. Ones you get Angels and Archangels you've pretty much won the game. The upgrades in Castle are all great allowing for x2 attack on two units and counterattack on griffins. Cavaliers and pikemen are shitty units though.

If you're fortress you can skip gorgons and get hydras instead because the cost of gorgons with upgrade is ridonculous. Otherwise gorgons are a useless basic without the upgrade. Gnolls are also pointless to buy.

You can skip on dwarves and their line of upgrades in rampart. No point in buying dendroids or unicorns unless defending.

You can skip on getting hell hounds. In inferno. And buying demons and imps is a waste of money.

Necropolis lets you skip wraiths and you don't really need to buy either skeletons, zombies or even bone dragons. You'll do more than fine with vampire lords, liches and dread knights.

Barbarians lets you skip ogres cyclopes and orcs.

>> No.3636429

Why would you ever skip half of these units?

>If you're playing castle you can skip archers,
griffins and cavaliers.
You should never skip this units. Marksman and Griffin's are so important early and mid game

>If you're fortress you can skip gorgons and get hydras instead because the cost of gorgons with upgrade is ridonculous.
You should NEVER skip gorgons as Fortress, they are literally the reason why they are viable.

>You can skip on dwarves and their line of upgrades in rampart. No point in buying dendroids or unicorns unless defending.
Unicorns are a cheap yet strong tier 6 (almost half the price of Naga yet still great). It's one reason why Rampart is so good.

>You can skip on getting hell hounds. In inferno. And buying demons and imps is a waste of money.
Why the hell would you skip the hounds? Them and efreets are pretty much their key units.

>Necropolis lets you skip wraiths and you don't really need to buy either skeletons, zombies or even bone dragons. You'll do more than fine with vampire lords, liches and dread knights.
>Barbarians lets you skip ogres cyclopes and orcs.

These I can agree with though, depending on circumstances.

>> No.3636431

And demons are not a waste of money. They are extremely HP efficient for their cost. Ya they are average tier 4, but they are dirt cheap.

>> No.3637246

Is HoMM5 not being retro the only thing keeping us safe from rampant waifuposting/xanaposting?

>> No.3637264

More that it's largely a different fanbase to begin with than the NWC era.

>> No.3637885
File: 432 KB, 500x394, [agitation intensifies].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw my friend recently replayed Homm4

>> No.3638516

They retconned the old setting so that's something new.

>> No.3638527

Ubi didn't retcon it, they just ignored it.

>> No.3638841

What about alternate upgrades? That's never been done before right?

>> No.3639584

Well aside from the 1 per tier gimmick in HoMM4. The problem with the alternate upgrades is there was almost always one that was obviously stronger which defeats the point.

>> No.3640082

>I have never won a single game of HoMMII as a kid

>> No.3640238

Alternate upgrades suck ass. It should be done like in Disciples

>> No.3640715

How is it done in Disciples?

>> No.3641176

Alternative upgrades are completelydifferent units Like you can upgrade fighter into zombie or into Initiate a magic unit and uprade tree goes on. In Homm V there is no real choice between those upgrades

>> No.3642351

H5 is nearly dead, judging by the activity on HC, so I wouldn't worry

>> No.3642817

>tfw HoMM3 is my favourite game
>Suck absolutely dogshit at it

>> No.3642830

>tfw love strategy games but bad at all of them
Only exception is Total War.

>> No.3642859

Define sucking
HoMM 3 is basically original casual game, i.e. more of pastime than activity. I'm puzzled by people who turn it into competitive, with that skill and magic system which is essentially throwing dice.

>> No.3643051

Running out of money quickly. For the most part leaving me unable to upgrade shit and get curbstomped by enemies with larger armies.

>> No.3643106

The AI in the campaign ruins my shit, however I've got a clear advantage over my only friend that wants to play.

I'd get destroyed by any "regular" player though. Which is a shame because I really like this game.

>> No.3643113

There should not be early money problem in HoMM 3 if you play random map and upgrade to capitol. Otherwise you expand too slow and don't capture enough cities, or expand enough but try buying everything everywhere which is not possible.

Make sure to get 2nd hero and use him to collect unprotected stuff. Also don't get into battles which make you lose units unless it's really worth it.

The AI in all HoMM games is absolutely stupid.

>> No.3643116

"Regular" HoMM 3 player is probably completely autistic at this point. I once wrote combat calculator to absolutely nail what units I need to optimally resolve an encounter, but then told myself "it's only a game" and stopped using it.

>> No.3643120

You may have a point there, I just fuck around mostly. The game has a pretty relaxing atmosphere and for me is perfect after a day or work. Just some good oll mindless combat on the middle difficulty.

>> No.3643125

Yeah I figured that out. To be fair it has been a while since I played seriously.
I mostly play it like: >>3643120

>> No.3643128

That's why King's Bounty happened. Running around the map trying to get to tasty artifacts before AI does only detracts from relaxing atmosphere of the game.

>> No.3643420

VCMI 0.99 is out men

>> No.3643431

Still better AI than other strategy series like Total War

>> No.3644565

AI in total war doesn't run from his last city taking entire army to capture gold mine, letting his town be captured without fight.

>> No.3644578

They abandon the castle without even having an excuse like that...

>> No.3645343

oh boy

>> No.3646363

How would you fix HoMMIV?

>> No.3646401

Also it has to stay isometric.

>> No.3646563

Make the battle more grid-based like homm3. Put in all the UI improvements homm3HD has. Make in not crash on my computer.

That's pretty much all it needs.

>> No.3647128

Turn back time
Make JVC involved in its development
Fast forward 15 years

>> No.3648117

He was involved near the end of the development tho.

>> No.3648297

An interview suggested he was mostly saying it was too late to fix anything. And that he didn't like the game too much.

>> No.3648636

Has anyone ITT played Legends of Might and Magic?

>> No.3649190

Is it physically possible within the constraints of the present time-space continuum to make a HoMM game in such a way that it won't trigger HoMM 3 autists?

>> No.3649476

So you're blaming the sad fate of the franchise on fans who supposedly won't accept anything straying from the formula? That's rich.

It doesn't matter if devs hired by Ubisoft did or didn't do something new. They simply weren't up to the task and wouldn't have enough budget. It's been said time and time again now: Ubisoft was only interested in making quick buck with the franchise. They chose barely known small devs to do the job. They've been cutting corners on the games so hard that Heroes 7 simply died after they abruptly announced the end of support and updates for it. And their attempts at milking the franchise with Heroes Online were so bad that few even knew they existed. You seriously think that anything worthwhile would emerge from it?

It's impossible to make a good Heroes game because the original devs are gone, the golden age of PC strategies is over, and almost every old PC dev got switched to consoles now by publishers. 1990s was the time when Maxis, Westwood etc. were huge—but look at what remains of them now. Look at Firaxis, who have been making the same game with better graphics for years now. The few remaining series are either no-graphics simulations like Paradox games, or somehow surviving Total War which found a niche with its graphically impressive premise of epic battles. As for others, they had sunk long ago with their hopes of PC being a viable platform for games.

Even if a miracle would happen and someone would make a good Heroes game, no one would care about it. Few play strategies on PC anymore, and Ubisoft has ran the franchise into the ground, spoiling every last bit of Heroes' fame. The "millions of slavs" supposedly playing the games didn't make much profit for Ubisoft either.

So you'd have to somehow get a very talented dev, make them create a great game in a dead at a loss, and market it on a half-forgotten piracy-ridden platform. Sounds easy, right.

>> No.3649530

By making it actually good and not on a shoestring budget.

>> No.3649563

You are wrong about every point, except
>Even if a miracle would happen and someone would make a good Heroes game, no one would care about it.
HoMM is not moneymaker for UBI, their annual revenue is 1400 millions, 10 or 20 millions of revenue they could make from HoMM game is not relevant for them. Most likely they did HoMM for promise of some tax breaks from german government or something like that. This year alone, 3 full price strategy games happened on PC, selling more than million each. None of their developers had much to do people who started their franchises 15+ years ago. Last year Cities Skylines sold almost 3 millions. Problem with HoMM is obnoxious fan base with refuses to crawl out of their HoMM 3 cradle.

>> No.3649585
File: 609 KB, 800x600, 345260_20161128102541_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

TW survived because they focused on flashy graphics over mechanics. Its even more apparent when you go back and play the first two games that the series really hasn't changed for the better in about 14 years and the newer games are just more and more streamlined with less control over your game and more scripted elements. I only wish the /vr/ date would move back 3 years so I could discuss pic related and Stronghold crusader but it hasn't so I'll fuck off now.

>> No.3649587
File: 68 KB, 640x486, argument pyramid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You are wrong about every point,
Wow, great argument bro. You totally refuted all my central points here.

> This year alone, 3 full price strategy games happened on PC, selling more than million each. None of their developers had much to do people who started their franchises 15+ years ago.
This year is almost over. What were those 3 games again?

> Problem with HoMM is obnoxious fan base with refuses to crawl out of their HoMM 3 cradle.
Problem with your logic is that you start with insults and end with insults without giving any solid examples to your claims. The burden of proof is on you because you don't even bother to back up anything with evidence.

Another problem is that you still expect UbiSoft to seriously invest in a Heroes game when Heroes 6 team literally went bankrupt after making it. But I see you're probably underage or simply retarded, so here, have an insult—you've earned it.

>> No.3649595

Yep, and it only shows that most successful strategy games have been mostly doing exactly the same thing for 15 years, but with more ebin graphics.

Once in a while, occasional miracles might happen, but the problem with miracles is that there's no guarantee you can repeat them.

>> No.3649610

Seriously now, are the old Might and magics any good or is it just nostalgia? Somehow I completely missed them through all my life, I havent even played a single demo. I love Morrowind and can see the charm of Ultima underworld (even if I didn't play more than the first level), do you think I would like the Might & Magic-series?

>> No.3649616


That's way too pessimistic. There's new really good strategy games, look at that space-game, whatever it's called, Stellaris.

>> No.3649618


The mecanics of the first two sucks ass though. One army can literally take all of your country unopposed if he breaks through your line, you can't catch him in any way.

>> No.3649636

Learn to use navies and fortifications.

>> No.3649665


But he still takes the income, even if you take back the land the turn after (in Shogun, at least), which cripples your nation completely.

>> No.3649692

Probably. It depends on what you like about Morrowind. Try 6 first.
Check out medieval sometime it's a straight upgrade mechanically and you can actually use a mod to play Shogun with the updated mechanics. Doing land grabs like that means nothing when the enemy can just retreat inside a fort/castle and retake the land if you don't besiege it. Definitely the high point of the series.

>> No.3649695

> developed by Paradox
It's true there are still some good strategies on PC. But a lot of these are either
—Paradox games
—licensed games
—More of the Same IV: The Dawn of Even Better Graphics.

Everything else finds scarce popularity, and there are almost no games like Heroes anymore. I see American devs make few if any strategies too, they are mostly a European thing now—especially the least fun kind. I've never really those, so there's been absolutely no PC strategy I've wanted to play for 10+ years now.

>> No.3649704

More non retro off topic posting but indies are the way to go with strategy games nowadays unlike the good old days where you would find lots of AAA strategy games. Games like Battle Brothers and Dominions 4 keep the genre alive.

>> No.3649707

Quite believable. Euro games are too autistic. AAA devs take 0 risks because they work with 8 figure budgets and hundreds of people.

>> No.3649723

Because I don't see point in discussing things with person who believes in "golden age of strategy games". Total Annihilation underperformed in retail and HoMM 3 with tons of expansions was not enough to even properly fund HoMM 4. Yeah Civ 1 performed well, because it was ported to every single platform - including goddamned SNES and PS1 consoles.

As for fanbase, how can fanbase which claims HoMM 3 HD sucked can be described otherwise? Literally stuck with nostalgia goggles ingrown in skull.

>> No.3649751

> Because I don't see point in discussing things with person who believes in "golden age of strategy games".
Pointless ad-hominem.

>Total Annihilation underperformed in retail
Wikipedia states it sold 1.5 mln in its lifetime, and is on the list of best-selling PC games of all time. Is it called "underperformed" now?

> and HoMM 3 with tons of expansions was not enough to even properly fund HoMM 4.
Heroes 3 was not the biggest seller, but it had NWC and Jon Van Caneghem behind it. Plus it was a 2D game and I doubt it had a huge budget.

> Yeah Civ 1 performed well, because it was ported to every single platform - including goddamned SNES and PS1 consoles.
Oh, so you aren't going to remember all the other strategies? Like Starcraft, all the C&C and Red Alert games, Age of Empires 1 and 2? The big simulation/strategies like Theme Park, Sim City, RollerCoaster Tycoon, and so on? It's almost like, you know, they are the games from the golden age of PC strategies.

> how can fanbase which claims HoMM 3 HD sucked can be described otherwise?
Have you played Heroes 3 HD? It's a shitty brushed up upscale of the original, without any expansions, sold for more than Heroes III Complete. I think they can be described as people with common sense.

>> No.3649770

NWC was profitable until the end with all their main games. 3DO's financial issues is why they went under and M&M was one of their big brands. The fact that you defend HoMM 3 HD shows you know nothing about what you're talking about.

>> No.3649786

>NWC was profitable until the end with all their main games.
Not him, but is there anything close to sales figures for Heroes games? I only found this on Celestial Heavens:

> I got the number from heroesofmightandmagic.com, on a published interview with Greg Fulton about the Forge town. … The direct quote is "As a series, Heroes has sold over 750,000 copies world wide." That said, Heroes 5 still sold over twice as many from the unofficial 2008 count, and that is the base game alone - not including expansions. You can see my previous posts for a link to that number.

But I assume they were profitable at least, since they kept making the games and 3DO rushed them. Although it's hard to tell since 3DO was going down anyway.

>> No.3649792

>Wikipedia states it sold 1.5 mln in its lifetime, and is on the list of best-selling PC games of all time. Is it called "underperformed" now?
1.5 lifetime at 10$ discount bin? It sold around million at full-price which was stated as disappointment by media compared to other much more popular PC games of the time.
>Heroes 3 was not the biggest seller, but it had NWC and Jon Van Caneghem behind it. Plus it was a 2D game and I doubt it had a huge budget.
The revenue it generated was meh, despite xpacs, casual and console spinoffs. Couple flops and NWC was done.
>Starcraft, all the C&C and Red Alert games
All ported to consoles
>Age of Empires 1 and 2?
Basically bundled with Windows
>simulation/strategies like Theme Park, Sim City, RollerCoaster Tycoon, and so on?
Still made today. Where is your golden age?
>It's a shitty brushed up upscale of the original
Amazing autism. It is redrawn, making it possible for someone younger than 35 to get interested into, ported to mobile expanding the audience for TBS, and updated to work with modern OS. But it's irrelevant for neckbeards which means it's shit then.
>sold for more than Heroes III Complete
Because no one gives a shit about it. There is no reason to play game with 800x600 resolution in 2016. Age of Wonders III is better. MOO 3 is better. King's Bounty reboot games are better. GalCiv 3 is better. It's just an aged PC game in the ocean of 4X.

>> No.3649846

I'm not sure anymore if you're trolling or not.
> It sold around million at full-price
Million is not very disappointing unless you're set to break records. It was one of the best-selling games of 1997 along with Quake II and Age of Empires. In any case, it's one game, a cherry-picked example from a number of chart-topping strategies.

> Couple flops and NWC was done.
How about you read why the company closed on Wikipedia first. You even got told that by >>3649770 .

> All ported to consoles
I only mentioned the PC best-sellers. Also, yeah, I totally believe those shit console ports few cared about made C&C what it was.

> Basically bundled with Windows
Retail sales of 2–3 million for every installment.

> Still made today. Where is your golden age?
There are nowhere near as many big sellers among PC strategies today. It's the general downfall of PC strategies except for a select few devs I've mentioned time and time again in this thread. If it's a strategy game that came out in the last 10 years and it's not Blizzard, Maxis, Firaxis, or Paradox game, it probably didn't sell very well. You can see for yourself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_PC_games

Also, how about you finally provide examples for your claims?

> It is redrawn, making it possible for someone younger than 35 to get interested into, ported to mobile expanding the audience for TBS, and updated to work with modern OS.
Trolling? Heroes III works perfectly on Windows as it is. Even if it somehow doesn't, HD mod has fixed these issues long ago. There are less bugs in it than in HD Edition.

> Because no one gives a shit about it. There is no reason to play game with 800x600 resolution in 2016.
Ever heard of HD mod? Also, "muh graphics are everything" won't get you far on /vr/

> Age of Wonders III is better. MOO 3 is better. King's Bounty reboot games are better. GalCiv 3 is better. It's just an aged PC game in the ocean of 4X.

>> No.3649864

>It is redrawn
It's ugly as fuck and sometimes it's barely apparent if it's been redrawn or not. Hero portraits are worse in 99% of cases. They redrew 3D renders in Photoshop and I can't say it looks better than original. Slightly sharper but very ugly.

You don't get all the content from 2 addons, which is quite a lot. Can't install mods. New bugs too. That's why it was panned. Otherwise, it's literally the same thing but less.

> making it possible for someone younger than 35 to get interested into
These games weren't popular because of the graphics to begin with. If you want ebin graphics, you'd better fuck off to /v/ and forget about playing Heroes ever in your life.

The only good of Heroes 3 HD Edition is that it's playable on mobile. For this purpose, it's the only real way to play Heroes 3 on mobile.

>> No.3649964

>The "millions of slavs" supposedly playing the games didn't make much profit for Ubisoft either.
Because the newest installments are shite. Don't blame this on us.

>> No.3650005

Why bother with ubishit when VCMI is almost done?

>> No.3650020

You mean on mobile? Well, HD Edition has been out for several years now. Plus, is there a way to run it on iOS? Don't know that.

>> No.3650024

I meant in general but VCMI has android support.

>> No.3650054

In any case, H3 Complete from GOG runs perfectly fine on Windows 10 and on Wine too

>> No.3650096


I like the sense of exploration and wonder

>> No.3650098

You'd probably like exploring in MM6 then.

>> No.3650101


Yeah, I played it a lot when I was a kid, but I've forgotten the details about how Medieval worls compared to Shogun, which I tried to play through last year

>> No.3650102


10+ years? Whew man, Act of War was a really good LAN-game (without the shitty expansion).

>> No.3650106


It looks pretty cool, I'll see if I can find it somewhere

>> No.3650110

Check the pastebin for it.

Check out Samurai Warlords mod for Shogun TW in Medieval.

>> No.3650112

Sorry, meant to say "in ~10 years". Got my mind occupied with other things.

But this game actually slipped under my radar, thanks.

>> No.3650447

>Because no one gives a shit about it. There is no reason to play game with 800x600 resolution in 2016

> gee it's the CURRENT YEAR

If the game was designed to be played in 800x600 then it is timelessly good to play in that resolution.

>> No.3650512

Even if you take his retardation into account there is already a mod to play HoMM3 in any resolution.

>> No.3651378

Oh, they are still alive. Pretty nice

>> No.3651457

I recommend you try lobotomy because it's the only thing which can help with case of necro-autism as severe as yours

>> No.3651873

I played swords of xeen as a child, my uncle got this from somewhere. It provided much better combat experience than original 4/5 World of Xeen. Died a lot, puzzles were harder, and I liked it.

Basically it's the only game in a series besides Isles of Terra, which I played on genesis (bootleg cartridge), that I still love to this day

>> No.3651876

>Have you played Heroes 3 HD? It's a shitty brushed up upscale of the original, without any expansions, sold for more than Heroes III Complete. I think they can be described as people with common sense.
There's more to it. It has some stupid vanilla bugs and control glitches that just don't exist in later versions. Some chad bought source code for this and remade into high-res.. What a fucking rip-off, its baffling

>> No.3652009 [DELETED] 

If you just want harder WoX combat I highly suggest http://www.jeffludwig.com/xeen/. Named monsters get 10x hp which makes Cloudside a ton harder and it nerfs a ton of the experience boosts.

He also has a mod for IoT but I didn't feel it didn't add all that much.

>> No.3652014

If you just want harder WoX combat I highly suggest http://www.jeffludwig.com/xeen/. Named monsters get 10x hp which makes Cloudside a ton harder and it nerfs a ton of the experience boosts.

He also has a mod for IoT but I didn't feel it added all that much.

>> No.3653842

bring back the cut factions

>> No.3653878

Is there a way to play HoMM 3 (or any other games from the series) on a Linux natively, or do I need Wine?

>> No.3654042

Check out VCMI. It's not finished though.

>> No.3654210
File: 6 KB, 78x65, Dispel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can earth and wind magic even compete?

>> No.3654230

>cast haste on exp
>annihilate enemy army before he even gets time to act

>> No.3654249


More like two fastest units reach the enemy line. Then get pummeled

>> No.3654257

>he doesn't roll with all dragon army
look at yourself pleb

>> No.3654287


Can't ressurect those niggas. I prefer stacks of archangels.

Dragons are only good for dragongeddon anyway.

>> No.3654327

I played it on Wine on OSX. Ran so perfectly I even stopped giving a fuck about Bootcamp.

>> No.3654773

Anybody running M&M 9 on windows 10? Thats the only game in the franchise i havent finished yet.

>> No.3654793

Afte reading this thread I wanted to keep playing MM6 but for some reason when I launch the game it crash. What's going on? It used to work well a month ago.

>> No.3654801

Weird. Do you have GrayFace's patch installed?

>> No.3654803

Yup, I guess I have to reinstall everything, I hope the saves keep working after that.

>> No.3654806


I'm thinking of doing a KKKD run. Giving all my horsehoes to the druid of course. All the knights will start out with daggers (gonna keep dat shit at level 1 because I don't use the unofficial patch) then gonna go all out with axes (like level 30-40) for all of the knights.

Will this party be fun ya think? I've already beaten the game years ago with a SSSS group. I don't wanna replace the Ks with As or Ps because I just want tons of HP and don't wanna deal with magic most of the time. The Druid is for fly and lloyd's and to have someone that can actually benefit from personality and intelligence barrels.

My biggest worry is that since my group is gonna be a close range group, enemies with debilitating attacks like those high level ghosties will make me take thousands of trips back to a temple

>> No.3654812

Oh, and the druid will also be used for starbursts on the worldmap because dealing with baddies on the worldmap with melee will be way too tedious. Not to mention that I'll need a master level Haste for once i get blasters. So replacing the druid with another K and hiring a wind and water master is not for me.

>> No.3655265
File: 177 KB, 635x479, the girls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am getting my ever-loving shit pushed in by these shadowguild mooks.
Am I doing something wrong? I cleared temple of Baa without too much difficulty but there's tier 3 rogues everywhere and they cut hard
I don't know exactly where else I'd go except maybe new haven or butcher bay?

bear in mind im bad at videogames

>> No.3655474
File: 31 KB, 350x525, 1480387905403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nevermind! I started exploring other places.
Managed to get to Mist where I got me some water walking and I've been screwing around in Bootstrap Butcher Cannibal Holocaust Bay.

I like how the women dressed in indian garb are "cutpurses" and the only blacks in the game are cannibals and witchdoctors.

Have some 80's JPop

>> No.3656272

A few of the early level areas have some high level dungeons.

>> No.3657573

> I'm puzzled by people who turn it into competitive, with that skill and magic system
They just learn to minimize it by knowing which classes are most likely to learn which skills, and by scouting every witch tree, etc. It's usually not completely over until one side gets access to Town Portal and Dimension Door which is why those two spells are usually flat out banned.

Don't bother with every upgrade and with recruiting every unit. Just get the ones you need to keep clearing out mobs safely while your secondary heroes keep exploring and collecting.

>> No.3657595

Would Conflux still be banworthy if it didn't have access to Hogwarts or the no-retaliation clause on Sprites?

>> No.3658309


Not really you'd still need to do something about elementals being immune to everything.

>> No.3658539
File: 1.20 MB, 1021x767, dragon pass.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>decided to play HoMM1 because of nostalgia (I've actually started with H3 but I liked the overall style and feeling)
>choose Dragon Pass map
> in the first few days AI heroes suicided against the pack of dragons in the middle of the map
AI is literally retarded. There's zero point in playing with AIs which wasted ~4000 gold worth of the hero and army each.

>> No.3658554

Conflux is just OP across the board. There's no real fixing it.

>> No.3658576

Not the guy you're replying to, but I've only played with conflux once. I can see why they're OP, but they were also terribly boring to play with.

>> No.3658579

>3 flying units
>2 no melee penalty shooters
>3 units immune to Armageddon
>6th tier unit combines hydra's no retal attack on several enemies plus black dragon's magic immunity
>7th tier unit is the fastest in the game, can resurrect itself, and has a double growth
>2-6 tier units have immunity to mind spells
>overall units are cheap as fuck and have even cheaper upgrades
>heroes are overpowered as fuck and blow the fuck out of anyone else

>> No.3658807

I like the style of HoMM2 more

>> No.3659661

Phoenix down to 1/week base growth would do so much to bring the race in line. They are already the fastest unit, but to get 4 a week is ridiculous.

Should probably do something about Magic University as well.

>> No.3659783

How can you haste a team of dragons?

>> No.3659851

The orb that nullifies magic immunities can let you do it.

>> No.3660316

Basing your entire stategy on the odds that you find a specific relic-class artifact in your game is kind of counterproductive though

>> No.3660392

or you can cast antihaste on enemy team

>> No.3662189

sometimes i wonder if there are timing issues causing the AI to fuck up on modern machines. i mean, some of the things it does is so fucking dumb, i'm just left scratching my head.

>> No.3662347

I think it's more that computers were very bad back then, modern AI programming techniques hadn't been made. and the team/person in charge of AI wasn't given the time to make it good. I imagine it's mostly my second point.

I don't even think the guy who originally suggested it was implying he'd haste his meme dragon army.

>> No.3662487

did they fix hommo 3 HD(bugs, lags etc.)? i don't want to use HD patch becouse shit is too tiny on a laptop and remaster looks nicer.

>> No.3662510

Why not play HD patch at a lower resolution?(assuming you're playing fullscreen)

Also, the HD patch doesn't only make the game acceot higher resolutions. It also adds a bunch of UI features, like army/artifact swapping, a buy all creatures button, the ability to move the last stack of a hero and just automatically leave 1 behind, all the ctrl, alt and shift commands, an exact number for remaining movement, and more I can't think of off the top of my head.

Basically I'm saying HD patch shouldn't be considered optional considering how much it improves the game.

>> No.3662549

hadn't thought about lower res
>It also adds a bunch of UI features
woah, i thought those were always there, haven't played in almost a decade.

>> No.3663230

I play HoMM with the HD patch at 800x600 and it works just fine with all the QoL improvements.

>> No.3664595

You need at least 664 vertical resolution to get all the improvements.

I'm fairly sure when I first got it, there was no english documentation so people may have never seen this link.


>> No.3664827

Got it right except heroes who are utterly shit mate.

>> No.3665765

All their magic heroes start with an extra stat because fuck balance, and it's all in spell/knowledge. Meaning the fire wall and magic arrow specialties in particular can kill small stacks with only a single sprite at level 1. All the spell specialists start with the respective magic skill, so their specialty is actually useful without depending on luck.

Their might heroes aren't quite barbarians but they're the next best thing. And you can just buy earth magic on them. They're all unit specialists though, which is kind of bad

>> No.3665870 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.42 MB, 1912x984, 1481252152589.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not retro but there's a homm3 mod for mount and blade that's surprisingly fun and lets you live your troglodyte/evil eye fantasies

>> No.3665887 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.53 MB, 1912x984, 1481253130838.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3666115

This looks cool. I've been thinking these 2 games would go well together like this for years.

>> No.3666875

It's mostly translated but some of the lines are still in polish. Supports SP and MP and you can even play as gorgons or other weird shit. Also they somehow managed to implement the HoMM3 spellbook.

>> No.3666887

>It's mostly translated but some of the lines are still in polish.
Wanna help on that?
Or is there official translation?

>> No.3666992

There's an official translation they just left a few lines in polish (at least i think it's polish) for things like closing the spellbook and a few events. I think the mod might be dead as it hasn't been updated in a while but it's got a lot of content and is worth checking out at least for the novelty.

>> No.3667164

Maybe one of you guys can help me out. I remember playing some form of Might and Magic as a teenager that wasn't HOMM3. A friend had it. All I can remember is that there was a section where you talk to angels and I think you visited heaven. Also, it was first person. Two questions: what game am I thinking of, and is it fun?

>> No.3667386
File: 268 KB, 640x480, 282696-might-and-magic-vii-for-blood-and-honor-windows-screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does this look familiar?

>> No.3667518

Hmm. If I remember right, it was FPS style, meaning you could see the weapon the PC was holding. Damn, it was so long ago, probably about 15-20 years. Thanks for the response, my friend.

>> No.3667530

Legends of Might and Magic? There's a lot of shitty spinoffs of M&M once 3DO started having financial troubles.

>> No.3667631

Guys, why is Inferno so underpowered? It's almost as if they were deliberately crippled.

1. The mage guild doesn't have Bless which is crucial for gogs and hounds with huge damage range.
2. Gogs have higher durability than archers, sure, but also a higher cost and lower growth rate which cripples them in the long run. Plus, the magogs' fireball attack is mostly detrimental since it affects even efreets.
3. Hounds have a way too low growth rate. Even with the horde buidling which is identical to that of griffins (+3 per week) they are too small in numbers: griffins with castle and bastion get +17 growth while hounds only +13.
4. Shitty 4th tier unit. 4th tier is consistently the strongest one among all towns since every creature of this level got one or even two strong perks like crusaders' double strike, medusas' stone gaze and shooting, ogre magi's extra health etc. This one is just cheap and can be amassed through some intricare farming, and that's all.

>> No.3667671

The central problem is that fire magic is by far the weakest.

I think mostly they overcompensated for the no retaliation T7. If Devils had 300 hp or fire immunity for Armageddon, you could make a much stronger case for the race.

>> No.3667969


Expensive to develop, especially if you play on hardest. Its hard to get the beholders into play with the special resource requirement and they are the first good unit in the faction. Dragons are a bitch as well, almost impossible to get first week, and hard even the second.

Black dragons are the real stand out units for their level with minotaurs and beholders being above average and trogs/harpies/manticores being below.

Overlord have good secondary skill percentages with 8 log, 8 off, 6 arm, 6 arch, 10 tactics. Gunnar is a great main hero and Shakti is a fantastic starting hero. Damacon bring fast starts as well.

Warlocks have good chances to get earth magic and have among the best stats for dedicated a magic hero. However, magic < might.





>> No.3668694

switch Rampart and stronghold around and I'll believe you.

Rampart has a really string start with centaurs and elves, but their teir 4-7 are kind of bad.

The heavy defense specialty is significantly worse than barbarians.

Their only really good unit is grand elves, and they don't really scale because one good hit in a big fight will cripple them. But they're also the only ranged unit in the team which, considering how easily they can die is fairly bad.

Dragons suffer the same problem as Dungeon that they're quite hard to get. Only 250 hp is bad for a t7 too.

After more thought I'd say rampart is just plain bad. I'd say they're even worse than dungeon. Worse than Tower too, as they both have strong early games and but I'd much rather late game Tower army.

>> No.3668950

I don't see how rampart can be considered bad. They have very the best unit costs for their HP, non of their units are bad (the worst for it's tier is probably the Pegasus but they are also cheap). Their tier 6 is amazing for it's cost, meaning you can field plenty of them early game. And their dragons are considerably cheaper than dungeons dragons as well, including the dwelling. Overall, they offer a very flexible offensive army (you can pick from centaurs, archers, Pegasus, unicorns, and dragons) at a low cost unlike castle, dungeon, and tower. Really their only weakness is one shooter, but there is no way that makes them a bad team.

>> No.3668974
File: 247 KB, 817x354, c7yQ1PJ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some MM6 mods got updated recently. Neat that the modding community is still alive.

>> No.3669529

Also interesting

>> No.3669540

woaaaaaaaaaaaaah there are MM mods????

also does bless even work on ranged to-hit chance? I thought only accuracy spell would work for ranged attacks.
Furthermore does Heroism work on ranged?
FURTHEMORE, is "Protection from magic" just "Protection from earth magic" or does it literally give you resistance to all forms of magic?

I found a guy who can identify all my items and gives me an experience bonus and Im really chafing over the fact that to have a truly great team you have to plan your characters from the beginning. :(

>> No.3669543

true day/night cycle is pretty fuckin sweet. Aside from that though, what exactly are the benefits of porting it over to unity. Im short-sighted and can't imagine there to be much

>> No.3669578

MM6 Heroes is taking exactly 200 hours to finish all campaigns including DLC.

Damn it, it's such a great game, I think I'll re-download it to play some scenarios.

>> No.3669623

Potentially more mod support, higher resolutions, increased view distances and other stuff. MM6 doesn't need it as bad as something like Daggerfall.

>> No.3669631
File: 73 KB, 1024x492, XwbTKsa_zmk_zpswyrku1fu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Might and Magic 8.5 is also still in development.

>> No.3669634
File: 70 KB, 646x508, h8JAnUGpmc0_zpso7bsavfg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3669635
File: 69 KB, 1024x555, ftHJmN2Oa7Q_zps0821r629.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I missed this for MM8 too. Pic related is from 8.5 though.

>> No.3669640
File: 309 KB, 1280x478, LkBZcIQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And to go with that link I remember someone was complaining about MM8 looking pretty drab and colorless so check that out.

>> No.3670072

TCC for MM6 and Rev4 for MM7 are definitely worth playing. I believe Greyface has them on his site. There are balance mods out there for any of the games, but since you can edit the skills yourself with MMExtention most people don't bother.

>Furthermore does Heroism work on ranged?
No, that would make arrows triple in damage.

>FURTHEMORE, is "Protection from magic" just "Protection from earth magic" or does it literally give you resistance to all forms of magic?
Unlike MM7, there aren't school based damage. Poison, Ice, Fire, Lightning, Magic, and Energy are their own attack types.

>> No.3670081

>Poison, Ice, Fire, Lightning, Magic, and Energy are their own attack types.
To add to this, Water Magic has spells that do Poison and Ice so if one doesn't work you can try the other. Since you should go up to Water Master as early as possible, it's notable that you don't lose any offense while you get up to 12.

Dark Magic also has Physical (Shrapmetal) and Poison (Toxic Cloud/Dragon Breath).

>> No.3670146


HoMM3 is a game with very fast acceleration. If you can win the early fights you can get the resources faster which gives you more units and xp. You want a faction whose power comes early and cheap.

Rampart has a fantastic start and a decent late game. Centaurs are clearly the best level 1 before pikemen and master gremlins and you get them at the start. The upgraded homestead is very cheap for such a strong unit as grand elves. Pegasi are very good for their level: they have 5 growth to all others 4, they cost 250/275, have decent stats and are super fast fliers.

Dwarfes and dryads are cost-efficient tanks arly on but can be hard to include as you do not want to slow your hero down. If you can get tactics and haste they are useful on the offense later in the game.

There are a lot of fine rangers even though barbarians are a better fit for rampart and rangers for stronghold later. Kyrre and Mephala have amazing specialities and good SS. Ivor Jenova and Ryland are great starting heroes as well. Druids suck tho, but not as much as witches or wizards.

Late game stronghold suffers from low speed and only 1 flier. Their hero advantage is muted as everyone can hire barbarians. Rampart ont the other hand they have dragons and pegasi. They also get mage guild level 5 and the treasury.

>> No.3670359

>This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games. Retro gaming means consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier.
So why all the new heroes shit in this thread?

>> No.3670571

are we reading the same thread
are you retarded

>> No.3670719

>Age of Wonders
>My game of choice for years. Play by email was a fantastic feature,


PBEM is still alive at the GoG.com forums, come play with us. We are starting a 5-6 player map soon.


>> No.3671180

MM6 is not the same as HoMM6.
MM7 is not the same as HoMM7.

There will occasionally be comparisons and contrasts between Heroes 3 and 5, but the focus in this thread is and has been the NWC era.

>> No.3671221

>*rattles tits* *rattles tits* *rattles tits* *rattles tits*

Just report him, don't explain anything to him.

>> No.3671715


I'd say fortress heroes are a better fit for rampart because rampart troops have low defence.

Is it just me or is Rampart the most comfiest town?

>> No.3671721

>name my band

>> No.3672345

They are the comfiest

>> No.3672519

started Might and Magic Book One (I played through 6 and 7 before and I want to play through 1-5 before playing them again as well as 8)

HOLY FUCK IS THIS GAME HARD, loving it though

>> No.3672592
File: 364 KB, 640x480, Might_and_Magic®_VII_2016-12-11_23-16-43.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trust nobody, not even yourself.

>> No.3673539

Speaking of which, this is perhaps the most useless bonus in the whole game. You barely even need to fight elves, even on dark path. And double damage means double BASE damage, AFAIK. So instead of 1d9+5, you will get 2d9+10—but all your other bonuses from Armsmaster and so on won't be doubled.

>> No.3673736

the "double damage against X" bonus are shit
you won't ever notice this when playing

>> No.3673767

We warned you. Start at 3 if you don't want to have a particularly steep learning curve.

>> No.3673769

Book One isn't too big though which balances it out.

>> No.3673798

Well if you are using a guide yes. If you are playing it as intended it can easily take a year. 2 isn't nearly as obnoxious because of the automapper.

>> No.3673897

You can notice the devil slaying bonus in MM6, but by the time you need it you have blasters which makes it pointless.

>> No.3673942

Now that I think about it, Ogre slaying in MM8 is actually useful because of how many you end up facing all the way through Regna.

>> No.3674325

But by the time you get to Regna ogres are trivial to fight. They're like 5x weaker than the pirates.

>> No.3674386

Once you get to Regna sure, but it's definitely noticeable clearing our Alvar and Zog's Fortress.

>> No.3674624

I know it's not retro so I don't wanna derail the thread but is there a consensus on MMX? Is it any good?

>> No.3674629

No consensus as far as I know I see some people claiming it's great and others saying it's shit.

>> No.3674635

>New grid-based Might and Magic game taking place on Ubisoft's new setting Ashan. Has very little to do with the original series or backstory but worth checking out if you want to play more grid-based dungeon crawlers. Just don't expect anything like Might and Magic.

>> No.3675004

Sure they are good at the begining, but so is the troglodyte guy in Dungeon. Is he good in the long run ? No and neither are they. Flux got only 1 hero who isn't THAT useless in late game - Brissa. And she gets blown the fuck up vs Neela or Craag.

>> No.3675183
File: 263 KB, 1210x446, h2rekt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>killed a peasant mob
>artifact requires Leadership skill (basically you need to roll through heroes in your single town until you get a knight)
>it also blocks the path to the ore mine and treasury chest

>> No.3675383

In the OP as mentioned >>3674635
It's an ok game but the replay value is pretty bad and has no connection to M&M aside from random visits from the elemental lords or even Ubi's HoMM.

>> No.3675395

This was one of the things I really didn't like being changed in MM7. There is no way an ice bolt does the same type of damage as an acid burst or a spray of poison.

>> No.3675820
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The thread is reborn like phoenix from ashes as usual >>3675812

>> No.3677056


>> No.3677062


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