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Game of the genre.

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Cannot say the same about Dragon Quest 1

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Both Tiberian Sun and RA2.

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And Brood War, I didn't forget.

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Came here to post that.

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>ageing meme

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>aging meme
>aging meme meme
>sonic adventure meme
>sonic adventure bait

What a fine thread.

What is the subject again?

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Almost everything about this game is perfect.

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Nah this game is hot trash. Even 2 is more interesting these days.

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>le sonic was never good maymay

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I always point out that AND DQ1 as games which have aged horribly. Now remakes like the one on FF Origins are much better, because it removes annoyances like whiffing that the air where a recently-defeated enemy was.

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>shit graphics
>fully immersive

How? You can't explain that

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I would like so much to get into the original fallout but i feel so detached from the game

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Yeah. Never even played RTSs before until recently, and Tiberian Sun actually seemed pretty easy to get into.

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In regards to sound design, I'd even argue that nothing has ever topped Thief in this regard. They really put in a lot of attention to detail with its sound propagation system.

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What do you mean shit graphics? The only better looking RPG from '98 is Baldur's Gate.

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I always remember what someone wrote on here - "In relation to quake, thief was the more innovative fps, and it isn't even an fps"

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Games don't age. Once a good game, always a good game.

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Some games become deprecated. When they are vastly outclassed by others in its genre, like Dragon Quest by Earthbound and Chrono Trigger, they have aged badly.

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Dragon Quest was always inferior to Wizardry and Ultima.

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those are not the same genre though.

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That's not true per-se, some of the greatest examples are pre-2000s era games.

Back then, the raw amount of content in games was not very high, and the gaming market was rather small.

With a niche customer base, they generally amplified the difficulty of games, (often artificially/arbitrarily,) in order to pad the duration of the player's experience.

Plenty of things that were once considered "mechanics" or aspects of the game, are simply considered annoying and often bad game design from the modern perspective.

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>simply considered annoying and often bad game design
By who? Maybe I agree, but what if those people are stupid faggots?

Just another example of why people should simply say what they like or don't like, with reasons, instead of slinging these terms around trying to pronounce judgment on games being "outdated" or whatever the fuck.

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