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What went wrong?

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Snes had a CPU too weak to handle it. Thus slowdowns. All the ports of the game save Virtual Console fix the slowdown.

Play the PS1, PS2, Xbox, etc ports.

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>so butthurt and poor he makes a thread about it.

I would tell you to go to the hospital to fix that bleeding anus of yours but we both know you're too poor for that.

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>he lives in a country where health care isn't free

Americucks gonna cuck.

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>25+% tax on everything is free
>not having a real job with full coverage and letting the weak weed themselves out
>implying he even has a job and understands how the world works and isn't just a NEET in his mom's basement
>implying he even owns any of these games he talks about
>he PAYS for others healthcare like muslims and middle eastern trash
>calls someone else a cuck

hahaha holy shit kid you are the king of cucks. You seriously need to go kill yourself you're that stupid.

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Shitty second run.
Shitty levels

All in all a trainwreck of a game. Same with Super Castlevania IV.

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>weak weed themselves out

I'm American and I just get it on the taxpayer's dime. Thanks for helping buy my 700 dollar a month prescriptions cuck :)

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>hahaha holy shit kid you are the king of cucks. You seriously need to go kill yourself you're that stupid.
You've already lost man, just give it up already.

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Says the yank whose country is only 30% white.


Have you even 2-ALL'd the games you're talking about? Probably not. You smell like one of those collectorfags who spends more time browsing ebay than actually enjoying videogames.

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Not him and I don't agree with everything being socialized but socialized health care is better not to mention in the long run cheaper. No one should have to lose their house & savings because they got cancer.

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>Thanks for helping buy my 700 dollar a month prescriptions cuck :)

My dude. You have some serious issues in your life if this is true. I feel sorry for you.

mad cuz poor.

Says muhamed. I've been across the pond and felt like I was in the middle east surrounded by awesome historical buildings built by no descendants around. Where I live is snowy and white and lol@ebay, most of my games I've had forever and beat them all countless but I would question you now that you brought it up. You smell like someone who is 20 and wasn't even around during the era to play them. At least you have your emulator now so you can feel like you know something.

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Having to play through the entire game twice while having to use the shittiest weapon on the second time killed it for me.

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Nothing. It's a great game.

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>Super Castlevania IV
>trainwreck of a game

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It's really not that good compared to the rest of them, and relies on a lot more randomisation than the other Classicvanias. Isn't as tight or refined as them either.

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>Superfags will defend this

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Is this the designated Australia-kun thread?

the snes sucks guys!! the mega drive and amiga were better! Fuck nintendo!

Am I doing it right?

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How'd you know?

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Meh. We already exhausted discussion about Classicvania. IV haters gonna hate, but Rondo also has its own flaws, and overall I think TNG is the weakest of the 16-bit ones.

They're all good games though, retards pretending to hate either IV or Bloodlines only do it for the console wars.

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kys faggot

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>while having to use the shittiest weapon on the second time killed it for me.

you only have to use it at the very end of the last stage before the final boss

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>and relies on a lot more randomisation than the other Classicvanias

there's little to no RNG in SCIV. try again, shit for brains.

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Nothing. It's a fucking awesome game.

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>Isn't as tight or refined as them either
So what? Still an awesome game to play, little random element is good for you.

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True patricians prefer X68000 over the other 16-bit entries, anyway.

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This. Capcom should've made a CPS2 GnG game instead.

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True patricians play Haunted Castle only.

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Too pleb for Castlevania Chronicles?

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How did a GnG shitposting thread become a Castlevania shitposting thread?

Why are there always the same people in these threads?

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The fanbase overlaps, both series are le hardcore games for le hardcore gamers such as myself xD

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Nah, the Castlevania fandom is very different from the kind of castlevania "fans" you see on /vr/.

It's mostly just console war shitposting disguised.

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Might just be your imagination. Even Australia-kun, the biggest Nintendo hater on /vr/, admits that some of the Nintendo Castlevanias are good, like III.

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They made it play at a snail's pace and the SNES still couldn't run it without excessive slowdown. Fucking fail. Shouldn't have made it for that system.

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>Even Australia-kun, the biggest Nintendo hater on /vr/, admits that some of the Nintendo Castlevanias are good, like III.

because there isn't any competition for NES Castlevania on the Master System.
He did try to fool some people by saying Amigavania is better than NESvania though, but not even himself believes that bullshit.

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Master of Darkness exists.

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There are other Castlevania-likes on NES too, but we're talking Castlevania here.

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>there's little to no RNG in SCIV. try again, shit for brains.
>what is stage 8

I rest my case. Try again, kiddo.

>little random element is good for you.
Not really

>Still an awesome game to play
It's still good on the whole, absolutely. It just lacks refinement in its level design, which is a shame, and I'd argue it ultimately renders it less enjoyable than the other Classicvanias.

I don't hate it by any means. It's pretty good, and indeed Rondo definitely has its own flaws, but still seemed a bit tighter on the whole.
>TNG is the weakest of the 16-bit ones
I'd have to disagree really, it's arguably has the tightest gameplay of them, not to mention the brevity of the first game, and to me at least was the most enjoyable experience. All three are good in their own right, anyhow.

Back to /v/ where you belong, child. Men are speaking.

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>stage 8

I assume you mean the disappearing platforms.
You can actually pinpoint a pattern if you look carefully. Each platform has a timing.
You just have to avoid getting hit by the spikes that fall from above.

About TNG

>it's arguably has the tightest gameplay of them

I don't really think so, it seems the least polished 16-bit vania to me, but it is indeed still a good game. Different strokes, etc.

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It's more the fact that said pattern is different every time. In most Classicvania games there's a usual pattern to each situation and you get used to each of them. Having them randomly change per life is just inconsistent with the rest of the series.

And I mean in regards to the rapid spikes from the ceiling as well, though you can get used to those after a while.

>I don't really think so, it seems the least polished 16-bit vania to me

Well, Bloodlines was the most logical, I'd argue. Every situation had a specific solution to the problem presented towards you, as in I and III, which you don't get as consistently in Super IV. The logical aspect arguably makes it a bit too easy once you get it down to a tee, but I just prefer consistency, personally.

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It's still competition to the NES Vanias. And it's not like the NES and MS were the only two game platforms of the time.

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>babies complaining about RNG is piss easy non-competitive game
lmao, if anything that's a good thing to keep the game fresh

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>implying HC isn't hot garbage

>implying Chronicles isn't just casualised X68K with worse art

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Only thing it did right was get rid of being able to aim in any direction.

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I think a lot of different shitposting threads probably share some people between them.

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Sometimes even Australia-kun is right, though. Super Ghouls and Ghosts on SNES is a lagfest.

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In fact, this is one of those games that run better on ZSNES since it doesn't emulate lag properly.

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>Sometimes even Australia-kun is right

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The lag is what the creator intended, faggot!

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>in a game with impaired movement


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The creator really intended for the system to eat your inputs.

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movement is fine, you just suck

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>impaired movement

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Never said it wasn't. It works well with the game's design, but it's ill suited for non manipullative RNG.


Jump is floaty and takes to much time to come back. It's kind of a improvement over 1 and 3, but isn't, let's say, Mega Man X freedom tier. Yeah, yeah, I know they're different games with different philosophies, but my point is that RNG is much more punishing in castlevania games than megaman.

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Can't they just IP-range ban Straya-kun?

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like really? beating it once isnt accomplishment enough?

i get the sentiment. but its retarded.

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The mods enjoy fucking with him, so no.

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>straya this
>straya that
is there even a single fact to backup this bogeyman?

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Bad level design

The slowdown I can deal with

I prefer the Genesis one

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Is this the new game for try hard hipster contrarians to hate?

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Arcade elitists say that the first two games are better. Meanwhile, you have
Nintendo fans claiming this is best. Both camps are retarded, as the actual
greatest GnG title belongs to the non-retro PSP game, Goku Kai.


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>come back after two years
>/vr/ has almost gotten as shit as /v/

what happened

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Backseat moderation and bogeymen

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>handheld 'gaming'

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>greatest GnG title belongs to the non-retro PSP game, Goku Kai
This guy knows what he's talking about.

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>best game comin step aside

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The fuck does "tighter gameplay" even mean. Break those terms down into strict definitions.

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It means that the game is more rigid and precise in its controls, and the game is balanced around it. Castlevania 1 for instance; Simon is slow, his jump is fixed, and his whip isn't that fast. However the entire game is balanced and designed around his controls, making it "tight".

Dawn of Sorrow inversely has more flexible jumping, animation cancelling, and more options in how you can play the game.

Basically, a "tight" game is more consistent and predictable.