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This is now a rename OP's video thread

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>King was mo-capped by Pro Wrestler Minoru Suzuki and some poor fuck actually took those moves.webm

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couldn't they have used a weighted dummy?

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Hip Toss, Bridging Inverted Exploder Suplex, Bridging Dragon Suplex , Power Slam, CESARO SWING!

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>Suspenders cheetah eats muff.webm

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I don't get it, where is the problem here?

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I JUST realized why he's called King.

>dress shirt

It's a pun on Larry King.

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>power slam
it's a power bomb dude

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What exactly is happening here?

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Metzitzah B'peh

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what does that mean in white?

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Can't get enough of Alien Soldier. Best 16 bit gen game evah.

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Never played System Shock, but why is there an AK?

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I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream. Pretty messed up game but good.

That's one of the cut scenes

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20 years and no game came close to this.

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To what, being so overrated? Good luck performing all those kickflips and ollies if you're not an autistic speedrunner like Siglemic.

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I agree. It's one of the most satisfying action games I've ever played. It's a shame a legit copy is so pricey, but I'll always have Everdrive.

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Still a good game anon, don't be salty.

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>To what, being so overrated?

It would be a better game if it had more bonus levels and made better use of this stuff, but it's crazy that there still isn't anything that has improved on its platforming physics.

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FUUUUUCK! exactly what is this game called? there is a ton of SNES Sailor Moon SNES games but I can't find the rom of this particular beat em up, all I find are the vs fighting games

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how can I make a good quality webm? I suck at this and I needed to cut a little

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>20 years and no game came close to this.

But we have autistic speedruns like those for hundreds of games.

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shorter webms with higher bitrate
if you have something long to show, consider splitting into few webms

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>People on /v/ actually think kings chain throws are hard to do
>People on /v/ actually think kings chain throws are viable in an actual match

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Wat game? Looks fun as fuck

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This is what nintoddlers actually believe

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The best minecart level and it's only the final.

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nina was so hawt pham

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This is System Shock?

Why the fuck have I not played this game yet, this looks awesome.

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Holy shit that's awesome. How's the rest of the game?

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Is this the first tutorial level in the game?

Because that's some modern-gaming level tooltips right there. Practically "shoot here to win" status.

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I'm like 90% that's the streets of rage engine, just from that webm

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The SNES beat 'em ups are Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R but I'm pretty sure that's the Mega Drive game.

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>going to /v/

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Damn, you could do that move in Tekken 3, but i never figured out how to. (it was probably in the commands list, but they were very hard to perform)[and interpret]{what did the star mean???}

i managed to pull off yoshimitsu's clone grab once when i was a kid. blew my mind. never managed to do it again.

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t. underage

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Amazing. One of the best action-platformers I have played. It's also pretty much the first faux-retro-pixel-art indie platformer. It might look like a high end SNES game, but it's really just a plain PS1 game.
The difficulty also really reminds me of a modern indie game. It's really hard, but with a lot of check points. Like, Mega Man is just moderatly hard, but with few check points. It's like doing a sprint vs a marathon.
And I think Little Ralph's system is amazing. You get multiple check points per level and infinite continues, but you can't respawn at every check point after a game over.
E.g. this minecart section. You have to finish it in one continue, but you do get a couple of check points during it you can respawn at after dying, but not after a game over.
And it has one hit deaths. At least on normal difficulty. Easy is default and only gets you to level 5 of 9. I found myself challenged, but not frustrated.
The game also has multiple paths through a level, secret goodies and it's all a continues journey. No map or even a level screen. You just walk from one to the next.
Most annoying thing for me were some of the boss fights, because it would suddenly switch to a fighting game mode.

It's Japanese, but you don't need language for a platformer. Also available on Japanese PSN.

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No. For whatever reason the game gives you these reminders as if you've forgotten. But don't let that fool you into thinking this game is easy.

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That particular webm is showing Sailor Moon for Mega Drive. It was a Japanese exclusive I think.

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>Bloody Roar Primal Fury/Extreme
Not retro you bob.

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>Being shit and in capable of chain throwing in an actual match,

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baby is getting circumcised

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are you fucking kidding me

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One of the Shinobi games on Genesis.

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No, it's getting eaten. Every time Benny tries to eat something he ends up throwing up.

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Shadow Dancer

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is this the arcade version ?

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I love how similar this is to the arcade game.

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If I were to pick this game up for the saturn would I be able to muddle through it without understanding japanese?

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An FAQ helps but you'll probably be fine if you're patient. Zen as fuck.

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They need to mocap the person being slammed as well.

Someone had to take one, if not many for the team.

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This explains the basics of the game very nicely.

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The dreamcast port of kind of crappy, no native vga output and the framerate is choppy, split screen multiplayer is basically unplayable.

I love the arcade version though, used to play it all the time.

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Yeah, it looks intimidating but it's not. Just need to learn the basic rules to it.

No need for irony. If you'd like I could make an "exciting" one.

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The star means let the stick/dpad go back to neutral

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This is great, thanks for sharing!

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This would give me a major headache.

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Why is that?

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No idea. I just haven't been able to play slow-paced games without getting a headache.

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What's the best way to play SS1? If I played SS2 will I be able to easily get into it? I need me some more lootan n' shootans.

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Enhanced Edition and no. SS1 is very different than 2 in terms of gameplay. There's no RPG shit and the levels aren't just boring hub areas.

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Any tips on gitting gud?
Are there any keys that should be remapped? I see that the enhanced edition adds mouselook and all that shit so I'm assuming some keys are obsolete now (like keyboard turning)

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Nah the EE works perfectly right off the install. They fixed up the controls to a WASD standard and to enable mouse look just press "E" since you'll be turning it on/off throughout the whole game. If you really want to rebind just go into the .ini file, but I don't think you'll have to. As for gitting gud just listen closely to all the audio logs and take notes or else you'll get stuck and be forced to look up a guide or something.

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Awesome. Also is there a mod or option to turn the menu transparent like in this webm >>3591074?
Thanks for your help.

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No mod it's actually an in game option. If I remember correctly you just press the fullscreen icon on the hud (second button from the top on the left side) and it'll make it transparent like that. I can't see why anybody would play SS1 with the default hud with a tiny view port.

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Is it me or was Alien Solider some kind of spiritual sequel to Capcom's Street Fighter 2010?

Always felt that.

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I didn't know nintendo was this lewd. Little bobby won't be getting a Nintendo Wii U for christmas.

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I watched every second of this.

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Stunt Driver, what a crazy game

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She has a hand pupper that turns into a fan? What?

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I assume you're being sarcastic...

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3 of those slams can fuck your fuck if you don't know how to take the bump

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thank you very much famalam

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I'm actually playing here the N64 version but this was just for recording my run on the first track, I'm currently playing it on PS2 Midway Arcade Treasures version

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what Nintendo Olympics game is this one?

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Throwing thugs from cliffs in beat'em ups gotta be one of most satisfying feelings in gaming.

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I like that jump!

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I'd 1up that and say manipulating air movement to cheese a dive kick into an enemy off a cliff is the ultimate satisfaction.

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Never been too into strict simulator games, but holy crap that looks comfy.

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I haven't played Street Fighter 2010 since I was probably 10 but I can see the similarities, starting with the ridiculous opening crawl.

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That one in special isn't that strict.
It's "densha de go ryojou hen" in case you'd like to try it.

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I used to have a track in my game where you drove the F1 racecar, and if you just put the pedal to the metal from the get go, you'd come to a half-raised bridge. Jumping over it at full speed would make you hit a spot between the road and an elevated piece at a perpendicular angle, and the car would just flip 180°, going straight upward into the sky for like half a minute, before turning in the air and crashing down. Blew my mind when I found that out.

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I would really prefer if you would be quiet.

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HNNGH dat nostalgia

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practically pornography

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I'm comfy as fuck now .Thx. What is this gem?

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Densha de Go! Ryojou Hen
Windows version, quite easy to find. If you don't, let me know.

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What filter is this?

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