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How many sprite-based games are there on N64?

Is it true that they aren't actually 2D sprites, but basic polygons made to resemble them? I remember hearing something vaguely along those lines.

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>Is it true that they aren't actually 2D sprites, but basic polygons made to resemble them?
Yeah. Two triangles to form a square and then textured with the image data. You can kind of see it if you turn on wireframes.

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There are actually more than you'd think. N64 has probably one of the best 2D-animated games from that era, Wonder Project J2, and it was also an early game from 96.
Pic is from Rakuga Kids, that's the sprite animation sheet for just 1 of the characters.

>Is it true that they aren't actually 2D sprites, but basic polygons made to resemble them?

I also remember reading this, but I think it also applies to PS1 and even the Saturn, I guess it had to fo with 5th gen's architecture change.

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Is yoshis story worth playing? I really wanted to get on it when it was new but ended up getting a psx and not an n64
PC version still has online up its pretty gud

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>Is yoshis story worth playing?
Only if you go for all melons and hearts. Just beating the game is a joke and takes like 20 minutes.

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Lots of games do this and still do with billboard sprites.

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Couldn't you call a lot of games sprite-based? Like the characters in Mario Kart 64 are sprites. The trees in Super Mario 64 are sprites... Or did OP actually mean siderscroller games?

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Word. I already own yoshis island anyway
Is this actually good? It looks shitty desu

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>Is this actually good?
it's fucking amazing. one of my favorite n64 games.

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It's overrated on here.

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>Is yoshis story worth playing?
I've always been a big fan. IIRC, they made it easier for kids by breaking the full 24-level Story Mode down into "paths" so you only play 6 levels per game, and a lot of people dislike that. I think it has a lot of replay value though.

>Is this actually good? It looks shitty desu
It's a fun, quirky platformer with a unique atmosphere.

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Don't let the late nineties shitty 3D art fool you. Another game suffering from Panzer Dragoon syndrome. Anyway the game is brilliant, my all time favorite platformer. Controls like butter, visuals are crisp and colorful, music's great, speedrunning is required to 100%, and overall worth it for the cheap price tag. Got every gold gem and A/S ranked every stage.

I wish there were more 2D N64 games.

Another Treasure game was sprite based but was a Japan only release. The original Bangai-O! is an omnidirectional shooter later ported to Dreamcast. Unfortunately it was limited to 10,000 copies so its legimately a rarer title. Runs about $100 for a cart, I'm saving up for it right now. Supposed to play good. There was a sequel on DS which got released in America, that looks cool too.

Other 2D titles include The New Tetris, which has some 3D menus and cutscenes but is otherwise all sprites.

Bust A Move '99 and Bust A Move 2 Arcade Edition are entirely sprite based.

Doom 64 is technically 2D because all original Doom games were like 2.5D and it uses sprites for literally everything but the environment but I won't count it because it uses polygons.

To my knowledge that brings the count up to like 7?

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Technically, when you write a graphics engine to draw triangles giving the illusion of depth, you seperate from the screen itself, which is where sprites are.

Things are drawn on a raster, and... it would be much easier if you honestly just learned how Cathode Ray Tube technology works.

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>A/S ranked every stage.

How many S-ranks did you get? There's quite a difference between getting A and S ranks. God damn.

but yeah I agree with you, Mischief Makers is a must play for anybody with a N64.
Bangai-O is also worth its price, the Dreamcast remake is good too, but the N64 original has better controls and a different game system that IMO makes it more challenging and exciting, it's worth playing even if you've already mastered the DC game.

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>To my knowledge that brings the count up to like 7?

Yes yes, well done Anon...


Bust A Move 2: Arcade Edition
Bust A Move '99
Clayfighter 63 1/3
Clayfighter: Sculptor's Cut
Dr. Mario 64
Killer Instinct: Gold
Midway's Greatest Hits
Mischief Makers
Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub Zero
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Namco Museum
The New Tetris
Pokemon Puzzle League
Rakuga Kids
Rampage: World Tour
Rampage 2: Universal Tour
South Park: Chef's Luv Shack
Wonder Project J2
Worms: Armageddon
Yoshi's Story


Doom 64
Madden 2002 (has a 16-bit "classic" mode)
Paper Mario (BIG "maybe")

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There are more that were only released in Japan.
Pic related is Bomberman 64 (not to be confused with the 3D "Bomberman 64", which got a different title in Japan). This one also happens to be the last title released for the system, and one of the rarest.

Some others that come to mind are Ogre Battle 64 (has some 3D on the map, but all characters are 2D) and Super Robot Wars 64 (3D backgrounds, 2D sprites).

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It's rated just fine.

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I feel Nintendo's sprite usage on N64 was partly a conscious design choice. They knew they couldn't use as many polygons as they probably would've wanted so they took all the necessary steps to justify the aggressive sprite use.
Yoshi's Story's sprite-rich worlds are "supposed to look like that, it's a story book!"
Paper Mario's a sprite-heavy game because "It's paper, dude!"

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>Yoshi's Story's sprite-rich worlds are "supposed to look like that, it's a story book!"

I don't get this... you mean the map screen, or the actual levels?

Yeah with Paper Mario that was the main gimmick, the sprites are like paper cutouts in a 3D world of polygons, and it works.

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>It's overrated on here.
stop shitting up every Ikaruga/Radiant SIlvergun thread you buttfondling cuntsniff

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The N64's GPU has a mode that allows developers to bypass the triangle hardware, and just accelerate the blitting of sprites straight to memory. PS1 actually has something similar.

But I'm not sure if any N64 games actually used it since developers would have to manage everything manually.

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>Is this actually good? It looks shitty desu
if you don't like mischief makers you're probably retarded. there aren't many 2d platformers on any console with movement mechanics this good.

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Makes me sad they see Paper Mario in a literal sense nowadays rather than a means to an end.

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I do no such thing. I have better things to do than shitting up this board.

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I mean you were only wall-jumping and sprinting, unless you were talking about the fluidity of the movements overall.

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there is no wall jump or sprint in mischief makers.

try actually playing the game and you'll understand why that webm is impressive.

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>last title released for the system

In Japan. There were actually a few US releases after, off the top of my head Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 came out midway through 2002. Last game worth playing I'll grant you, though - those ports were terrible.

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Yoshi Story has a bit of extended ending if you score over 30,000 points by the end of story mode. It's worth a shot.

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Namco Museum 64 blits straight from CPU to framebuffer. This technique was used to render FMVs in RE2, and also in a wide range of other games for various stuff. JFG uses it to render crosshairs and targeting boxes, for example.

the 64Doom homebrew is one of the most sophisticated examples of the technique.

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What would you call tapping the d-pad if not sprinting? You literally compete in track-and-field events with that technique.

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>blits straight from CPU to framebuffer

Yes, this is certainly possible. But it's different to the actual GPU mode that accelerates blitting. Copy mode is the interesting one.

The GPU has four modes:

1 cycle - triangles with all features except mipmaps/trilinear and full quality fog

2 cycle mode - triangles with all features

copy mode - which is basically a blit mode that puts out 4 pixels per cycle with an extremely limited number of features working

clear mode - which just fast clears the framebuffer

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Well considering you can do it upward and downward in addition to left and right, "boosting" would be more appropriate. I believe that's what the game refers to it as.

There is dashing too, where you hold down and press A, which you can combo into a longer/higher jump. Maybe that's what you mean?

And again, "wall jumping" is not a thing in mischief makers.