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>the epitome of bad level design

Why this games is considered a masterpiece?

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Tell me how the first 5–6 stages are bad. I'll wait.

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Are you shitting me? Boring "do what you want" stage, the only good part of SM64 are the Bowser levels

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>Boring "do what you want" stage
Not him but what the fuck does that even mean and why would that be considered negative or an epitome of bad level design. Give us some solid opinions, anon

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do what you want = no level design

Are you retard?

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How do you feel about Galaxy 2 and 3D World?

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The shit bro? Open ended is a form of level design. But have fun in your thread.

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so by your logic not being able to do what you want = good level design?

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Are you retarded or just pretending? The stages have clear objectives in case you can't read. Specifically for children like you to not get lost, there are levels like Whomp's Fortress and Cool Cool Mountain, which have obvious pathways you should follow. There's a ton of secrets, alternative paths and other stuff to explore at every stage too.

Opinion discarded.

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>the epitome of a fucking retard.

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I like how nowadays every idiot turns into a master game designer after playing an astonishing 10 games! What a fucking retard.

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I discovered today after two decades playing the game that you can milk up to five coins from whomps before killing them

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People have a certain fondness for N64 so they think any game on it is GOAT even tho Gamecube was like N64 2.0
Even so having the games on carts was hella comfy

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>In before this guy gets destroyed and spends 4 days convincing everybody he trolled us and made us mad.

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Okay OP, as long as we're dealing with extremes then you also need to tell us which game has the BEST level design so we can properly compare & contrast.

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Super Mario 64 is considered a masterpiece because it invented the 3D platformer genre.

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please no
never again

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>the epitome of bad level design

Who are you quoting?

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>the epitome of bad thread design

Why this faggot is not b& yet?

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>the epitome of a stupid fucking cunt

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So if they restructured the levels in a linear fashion you'd think of SM64 as GOTY?

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SM64 levels are godlike, and work organically with your moveset.

The freedom of movement you have within the stages scales directly with your skill level.

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Because you're a child who wasn't old to play this game when it was released.

Because you're a child and aren't old enough to understand that video games did not slowly evolve into 3D. Instead, there were milestone titles which set the bar for everyone else.

Because you're a child and not old enough to understand the reasons that Mario 64 is a masterclass in game design.

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Did I start some new meme or something? I made a post in some thread like a month ago saying that I don't like the way SM64 controls and now it seems like there's always some thread up shitting on SM64 using extreme terms and criticisms that aren't even valid half the time

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>the epitome of a stupid mtuahfucka

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Sm64 is one of the most popular games of all time, I doubt you created a meme to be contrarian about it. Don't feel guilty.

Contrarians gonna contr.

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