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What makes you prefer retro games over modern games?

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Alien Isolation has a full hour of forced tutorials, cinematics and linear set pieces.

Modern games just do not let you play they have to do this whole "cinematic" nonsense. My god, just get to it.

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I don't.
I enjoy them about the same, but for different reasons.

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I only have little time to spare for video games.

While you can settle down to play your favourite retro game for just an hour , you need at least one hour to watch modern games' opening scenes.

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I like them for a mixture of convenience because of piracy and because when a console is dead, it's easy to find all the really weird and experimental games for it. It feels like AAA took more risks back in the day.

Basically, they have the same appeal to me as freeware indie games.

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I like modern games too, but forced tutorials and cinematics really bog down modern games.

I think modern games would do well for unlockable arcade modes that remove all that shit for people who have played the game before, they know how to play, and they know the story, so it's all stripped down to just the gameplay bits.

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i don't inherently prefer retro games just for being retro. it's just they much more often had much more interesting, player-involved design philosophy that newer games so rarely touch on.

last gen had some really good games but goddamn if current gen still isn't godawful

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Well, most games have skip-able cutscenes now.

Unless you're playing those literal movie games. But why would you do that to yourself?

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Retro games have a pick-up-and-play quality that's sorely lacking from mainstream gaming these days. These days, people don't think a game is worth playing if it's under 8 hours long. Back in the day, if you knew what you were doing, you could plow through Strider or Ninja Gaiden in under half an hour.

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i think cutscenes and tutorials barely touch on what's wrong with games today

i want to think that designers were just better back in the day but eh i think the only reason why forced tutorials and all that aren't in older games is because they didn't have the space to implement them in the first place. i can see how hard it'd be for a designer to make intuitively designed instructions built into the map design with how complicated some games are today but i think, whether intentional or not, retro games touched on something there that the modern dev industry is too pessimistic and market-focused to go back to.

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it's like the market is so genre-saturated today but devs just don't trust the consumer to have an inherent understanding of how these games work for some reason

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I get the preference but I'm not sure how that's a "new" thing for games. Because I played plenty of arcade, PC, PS1, Saturn, and Sega CD games that were mostly just literal movies. And plenty that'd give me a hour before I'd assume any kind of interaction or direction control. And even then interaction fiction was a big fucking deal, much more so text adventures and adventure games than nowadays with Twine, Telltale, and "walking simulators."

Like, Shenmue and Half Life didn't magically change games forever into something you don't like. Nothing really changed, You just don't remember what retro games were like.

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Right, you can skip cutscenes, but it still hurts a games pacing and replayability when you have to backtrack or go way out of your way to talk to a certain NPC to activate the next gameplay segment in another part of the map, and cutscenes and NPC interaction doesn't bug me that much, but it makes the game a lot less enjoyable to come back to later and slows things down.

It really wouldn't hurt for there to be a mode that just cuts the fat for consecutive playhroughs so that the player can just play through all the parts that matter.

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*much so with

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This is why I dislike these threads.

"Retro" essentially means arcade-y games and "Modern" means COD. But there are retro games ahead of their time and modern games that capture "the retro feel" without being nostalgia-fests.

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Just compare Sonic the hedgehog on genisis or Mario on SNES with 'modern games' such as Assasin's Creed or Skyrim.

I know it's not a fair comparison actually. The point is you get quickly into former games intuitively by just taking the control pads into your hand, while playing long tutorials or studying instruction manuals to get into the latter.

Off course, I enjoy modern games as much as I do retro, but mostly, when I am at home for a couple of days in a row or when my wife is out of town for work. There is just plenty of stuff to remember until I take up the game again in a couple of weeks.

If you grew up with them, you can play both retro and modern. If you were born after 1996, you can do not.

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>Imagine a Telltale game in which you had to pay micro transactions every time you failed a QTE
>that's literally just Dragon's Lair and all the clones of it, except it's intentionally bullshit to make you pay more. So these were actually far, far, far worse.
>arcade games were just "free to play" mobile games
>Expansion packs are the same thing as DLC
>Atari kids insisted that NES and SNES/Genesis games didn't have gameplay as deep as what they group up with
>dudes shitposted on the internet about saying that Aisle (by Sam "Her Story" Barlow) and Legend of Lotus Spring weren't really games
>the console wars still rage on

Really, things have changed a lot less since the 90's than people might think

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outside of the weirdly unskippable opening i don't really see what you're talking about here. like yeah it had a tutorial section but it was relatively intuitive by modern standards and let you make your own decisions

skyrim's problems go way beyond it's opening

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>Imagine a Telltale game in which you had to pay micro transactions every time you failed a QTE
>that's literally just Dragon's Lair and all the clones of it, except it's intentionally bullshit to make you pay more. So these were actually far, far, far worse.
>arcade games were just "free to play" mobile games
>Expansion packs are the same thing as DLC
>Atari kids insisted that NES and SNES/Genesis games didn't have gameplay as deep as what they grew up with
>dudes shitposted on the internet about saying that Aisle (by Sam "Her Story" Barlow) and Legend of Lotus Spring weren't really games
>the console wars still rage on

Really, things have changed a lot less since the 90's than people might think

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>i don't really see what you're talking about here

Well, Sonic, Mario, among others didn't have any tutorial section at all. Now got it?

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More focus on genres I like. That's not to say I like all retro stuff just because it's retro though, I vastly prefer modern games of the genres I like over retro genres I don't like.

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>I vastly prefer modern games of the genres I like over retro genres I don't like.

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Honestly my favorite games fall in between what we consider retro and modern. Action-RPG-ish Adventure games which attempted to emulate the feel of Diablo 2 and its ilk were quite prevalent during the PS2, GC, XBAWX gen. Hell, there were like 15 alone based on SnowBlind Studios' Dark Alliance game engine, many ported across multiple systems at the time. Those are the games I tend to play over and over.

This has even led to me to try out retro games I would not have previously touched. Like Brandish and Brandish 2 for the SNES. Fucking great games there. Tried Secret of Evermore, but the collision is so touchy. Kind of ruins it for me.

Also, compare the simplicity of something like PSO, which I still play to this day, with the shitfest that is PSU/PSP/PSO2. Game companies don't make simple, fun games like that anymore. They make an addiction simulator with garbage gameplay, but WHOA, those customizations! It's shit.

tl;dr - k.i.s.s.

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I'm just here to play those great games I've missed out on desu lads.

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it used to be
>we only have one chance to get this right so let's take the time to properly fix all the bugs in the game, and add as much content as possible to give the game replay value

now its
>the game is in a semi-playable state? ok let's release it! we'll just fix the game-breaking bugs and multiplayer balance issues later with patches. that way we can make the consumer subsidize our quality control! also whoa whoa whoa! whats with all these extra features! no no. take those out. or just have the data on the disc but hide it. no need to add too many features to this 60 dollar game, we need to be able to sell the consumer DLC features later and make even more money!

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I can just jump right in and play, no extended tutorials or cinematics.
It's more challenging, not like today where games that either focus on gameplay but make it too easy, or have difficulty but boring gameplay (some rpgs, shooters, etc)
It has a feeling of nostalgia that modern games have ditched. Becauae of this, old video games feel more like games and more fun.

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They did that just fine. It's called the instruction manual.

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because nobody makes checkpoint racers or side scrolling beat em ups anymore

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You do realize expansion packs were basically physical DLC, right?

DLC has always been everywhere.

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There are several reasons on why i prefer retrogaming:

- With the advent of 3D games, the emphasis was put on look and feel rather than playing mechanics. You can see the wide array of game genres that have dissapear or are in danger of extinction.

- Modern gaming cannot risk, the most interesting mechanics can be found in the 90's (compare Daggerfall to whatever that came after. See Ultima too).

- I like being able to enjoy games anywhere, not just by using the latest computer.

- I like RPGs, but what i get nowdays is Skyrim or Mineclone. I miss Ultima and Dragon Quest

- It feels like there is a lot of interesting stuff to be found on the retro-side of the gaming history. I don't feel that excited when i learn about a new moder game.

- I hate the gaming community, is full of manchildren and SWJ. You can't go more plebeian than that.

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Yeah speaking as someone who's favorite games are RPGs, the idea that retro games are about immediate action is kind of funny to me.

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I like 2D (both artwork and mechanics) games with talent and budget behind them

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expansion packs were usually for RTS games, and were largely confined to PC. 99.9% of console games were stand-alone. it was a much more uncommon thing. now its rare for new games to NOT have DLC.

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>I played plenty of arcade games that were mostly just literal movies that'd give me a hour before I'd assume any kind of interaction or direction control.
Name 3, lying garbage-enabling faggot.

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>that last point
It's odd when you think about it. When I was growing up in the 90s, vidya was seen as something mostly for kids. If you still played anything deemed immature (not a shooter or sports game) than you were seen as immature yoirself. That's why we have so much of a surge on game culture these days, as young adults are sort of "coming out of the gaming closet", so to speak.
But that ssid, people my age (mid 20s) that are retro game fans are also super SJW and/or manchildren. I mean there are cool ones in the bunch, sure, but alot of these college activists that mess(ed) with vidya are also at least somewhat into the retro scene. Every year I go to a gaming convention that's heavily focused around retro vidya, and I quite frequently see those types all over the place. Makes sense if you think about it, how many of those vocal active girl gamers would rather play CoD MW2 than say Megaman X? They grew up with the same games we did, same nostalgia, etc. The hipster or elites type, college age, sjws, and retro video gaming all seem to have a similar link, and that link is age, mostalgia, and a form of counter culture (it wasn't cool to be playing vidya like that back in the day, and today not many people play older titles over newer ones)

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>implying you can't like both
I prefer challenging game that focus on gameplay. Don't care about the age. But I can appreciate cut scenes. Whether they're FMV, rendered or old school cinematics. Each day I thank the Jesus Hitler Buddha that I'm not an underage contrarian so desperate to prove my retro cred that I must hate good things just because they are new.

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To add to this, think of modern indie devs. The people who crank out the pixel shit. They desire a return to form of the class is genres and days of gaming, not unlike ourselves.

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1) They are plug and play
2) They are easy to understand and simple
3) They are games and franchises I'm familiar with
4) They often have more freedom than modern games
5) They abide to a culture I was accustomed to at an early age (90s/80s)
6) The lack of innovation and artistic stagnation from modern game developers puts me off
8) Discussion surrounding retro games are often, but not always, more mature and substantial
9) Online play and social medias are ironically alike, favor individualism, escapism and social isolation

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They're what I played as a kid and everything was better when I was a kid.

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Nothing, really, I just play whatever games I think is good, regardless of their age.

Some games I've played the past year are:
>Wario Land 1&2
>Red Dead Redemption
>Doom (classic and mods)
>Far Cry 3&4
>Duke Nukem 3D
>Wolfenstein 3D
>Super Castlevania
>Dr. Mario (classic and 3DS version)
>Shining Force
>Saint's Row, 2, 3 & 4
>Sim City 2000
>Metroid Fusion
>Zero Tolerance
>Resident Evil Remake, Zero, 4

I don't really make preferences for age.

Admittedly, some games try a bit too much for cinematic intros for their own good, but almost all games today are designed for progressive play and saving, once you've gotten past the intro shit, most games get going and you can then pick up here and there when you have time.

Doom 4 is getting an arcade mode in a new update, where you just do some quick settings and then select a level, to see how many points you can rack up.
Kinda hoping this sets a trend.

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like everyones already said, retro games:
>turn on console
>spam start
>playing game before the CRT tube has warmed up

modern games:
>turn on console
>wait 45m for forced updates to console OS
>finally console UI apears
>99% is online or advertising shit, tiny icon to start your disc
>try to run game, have to sign in again because update
>"ops your microsoft account needs to be verified"
>spend an hour looking for phone
>txt with unlock code never came through?
>have to resend it
>finally signed in again
>game now requires 180GB update to reach start screen(do they even have these anymore?)
>go to bed because ADSL
>next day, "error fetching some updates try again"
>put console in closet
>dust off muh snes

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>implying that a $30 expansion pack for a game is comparable to paying $5 so your horse can have armour, or your gun can look like a zebra.

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>>wait 45m for forced updates to console OS
Confirmed for uses his console once a year, or memeing hard.

OS updates are few and far between, it's incredibly rare for me to boot up my PS3 and it forcing me to update, game updates are also infrequent.
Booting up my console and getting straight to the game (assuming the disc is in or it's installed on the hard drive), is at most 1 minute (depending on the game in question, some load faster) until I'm in the game itself.

And 45m? Do you live in a shed with a phoneline in rural Wyoming?

>"ops your microsoft account needs to be verified"
Well that's what you get for buying the Xbone, don't know what to tell you.

>the game is in a semi-playable state? ok let's release it!
Shitty publishers did this back in the day too.

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So don't buy every piece of DLC you see? Some is obviously trite little pieces of novelty, doesn't take a genius to come to the conclusion that an extra outfit or skin is probably not worth more than a dollar combined.

Also it's worth not buying the game on launch, wait a year for the GOTY edition or whatever and pay $20 to get the game with all (or most) DLC that matter, the game also having game breaking glitches (if any) fixed. Compare to buying it at $60 at launch and spending $25 on DLC (if you compulsively do that).

Some publishers still use DLC as a way to publish full fledged expansions.

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Datapacks were the DLC of the 90s.

>Woooah, this datapack makes your SC2K city look like it's on Mars
>What? Uh, no, it doesn't change the gameplay or just add any new content, it's actually just a reskin.
Money well spent.

>an underage contrarian so desperate to prove my retro cred that I must hate good things just because they are new
This tbqh Famicom

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You can just pick up and play them without having to sit through 1+ hour of built in tutorial. Otherwise I can go either way.

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>What makes you prefer retro games over modern games?
Among my favorite games are a few retro games, but mostly indie games from 1999 to 2010. Modern and "retro games" aren't all black and white.

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Hats and aesthetic stuff ok, but some games/game makers are slimy and try to rip you off with dlcs.

mandatory updates when you try to play
Some games have so many, like the game was never finished when they started selling it.

User R&D
Some studios do the bare minimum and expect customers to be their testers.

Disc Media
Only applies to some systems.. I just dont like it (IMO)

There is counter arguments to all of these, but then there are arguments supporting my views. Its just personal preference.

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Modern games being shit.

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>9) Online play and social medias are ironically alike, favor individualism, escapism and social isolation
You mean most modern multiplayer games encourage anti social playerbases? I definately feel like thats the case. Its why i couldnt get into WoW when i tried last year. Everyone is so gated off and unwilling to communicate that its both depressing and a little scary. Discussing a single player game in a general here on 4chan is more social than most multiplayer games nowadays, it feels like.

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Play some good games

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>Disc Media
>Only applies to some systems.. I just dont like it (IMO)
This hardly applies to anything anymore, with all of the major companies pushing for digital distribution.

MS is actually going one step further by rewarding people who buy games digitally with more than one version (Xbone and PC) of the same game when they buy digital.

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What's up with Rocks hand?

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Old games have replay value. Hidden shot, optional content that's gameplay related, multiple characters, etc.

New games are generally either totally MP driven, they're so linear it's sad, or they're just generic ideas and gameplay. Also the whole factor that "choices" usually effect dialogue, but have zero impact on how you play the games in question.

That's why.

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That retro feel.

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a perfect example of my gripe with DLC is Street Fighter X Tekken.

>have to pay 20 bucks for 12 characters
>a whole bunch of other "DLC" like costumes etc is already on the disc too

I'm never paying for a Capcom game again. that is fucking unacceptable.

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Graphics aren't important to me. I like a focus on gameplay. I think the medium is better suited to simple but emotional stories without voice acting like Ocarina of time.
My preference order of media is

>> No.3578709

You really need to play something other than COD anon.

>> No.3578712

For me, the plug and play and no-nonsense aspect of it. Even though some old games have hard time getting to start, once it does get started I'm in for a good time. There's no bullshit updates, setups, totorials, microsactions, or DLC. They are easily emulated so when I'm on the go, I can play them. They are numerous in quantity and are approved, unlike a lot of newer indy games that I don't know if would be good first glance. Also the fact that they're old means plenty of mods for computer games and even select few console games. Lastly gameplay is more focused on base skills. There are no bullshit comeback mechanics if I'm playing an old Fighting game, well, except for Samurai Shodown which coined comeback mechanics, but it's nowhere near as bad as what goes on nowadays. If I'm playing a shooter, it's 100% on my skill and not some bullshit team trolls. If I'm playing an RTS, there are more playstyle to the strategy than "Use X which is overpowered which only lead to one hard counter unit". Horror games had better atmosphere instead of getting rigged with political garbage or fanservice for horny teens. Some of the games I enjoy aren't even made any more, like old click adventure games.

tl;dr just the style and focus which cater to me.

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Nobody in their mind also bought the said Data packs.

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>Horror games had better atmosphere instead of getting rigged with political garbage or fanservice for horny teens.
Fanservice breaks up horror quite nicely.

>> No.3578736

>political garbage
oh yeah look at all that not fanservice in resident evil

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Capcom was always moneygrubbing JapaJews though, there's like 8 different versions of Street Fighter 2, not counting ports to different consoles.

>> No.3578835

You could say the same thing about a DLC for a new hat or car.

A fool and their money are soon parted.

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that's why I don't feel bad for pirating roms

the video game industry brings itself with their shitty greedy business practices

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The redaction was a bit messy but the idea is that I don't prefer retro-games per se, I don't give a fuck about old jRPGs for example while I enjoy some modern games.

>> No.3578873

that's why I don't feel bad for pirating their roms.

the videogame industry treats consumers like shit. has for years, and every year it continues to get worse. few other industries are allowed to get away with such shady business practices for long. they bring piracy upon themselves.

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FMV games in general come to mind, that was an incredibly cancerous fad of gaming (for the most part), and not something I really miss.

I think there'll probably be another senseless technology fad to come soon, something which will be pushed and used a lot, but only be good in rather few games, just like FMV games, unless there's something current I'm not thinking about.

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because they were made by small teams of people who actually give a shit what they are doing. Modern games are made by thousands of people at this point with 0 charm and made to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Games today are basically made by a souless machine and every game has to be a AAA cinematic experience with brain dead gameplay. Normies were a mistake.

>> No.3579000

>more replayable
>no tutorials, they go straight to playtime
>no QTE
>no updates
>no DLC

I still like modern games, some of them are my favourite games even. But if I have to choose something to play there is at least 80% chances that I choose a retro game over a modern game.

>> No.3579025

quit blaming normies for standard late capitalist practices

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More emphasis on cutscenes and typically I just find them to be poorer. Honestly when I play most modern games I just think "I know a game that does this better". Even as someone who quite enjoys story in games from time to time I find older games have more simple and sublter stories. New games unfortunately have a bigger audience to consider. I hate to sound like a elitist but games have become such a large medium hardcore fans aren't the real demographic thought about.

>> No.3579115

Atmosphere, music, visuals, gameplay and sometimes just nostalgia.

>> No.3579121

>hur durr, everything is moneys and normies fault!

>> No.3579126

I like both in about equal proportion. I'm glad that at least indie developers/ROMhackers are willing to give me more retro, and the games industry will occasionally give me a likable new modern.

>> No.3579135


I miss when secrets were actually secrets. Everyone complains about Zelda 1, and how you couldn't tell which walls to bomb or which trees to burn. But that's what I liked about it. It gave a real feeling of mystery to the world, since EVERY wall and EVERY tree was a potential secret; it felt like a secret could be anywhere.

Now, in games, things are almost always clearly marked.

>> No.3579152

That's probably because a lot more resources goes into making a game these days and the devs don't want to make their games appear short on content.

>> No.3579219

I like the simple to play aspect mostly, you don't have to look through manuals and guides to understand the best way to play. Also they can be pretty damn cheap if you know where to look. I always loved pixel art so love the way they look. The only modern games I play are 3ds because they aren't overly expensive if you buy your consoles and games used. I know some retro games are a lot but for the price of a PS4, a new game, and a year of online I could buy all the retro games I would want for a year or possibly more.

>> No.3579267

There are lots of good free old games out there. Most new games don't interest me after about 10-30 hours after I beat them.
Also, my laptop can't handle new stuff very well.

>> No.3579339

Well Daggerfall also had a tutorial dungeon. So

>> No.3579360


Because I feel like going back where there's nowhere to stay.

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>but what i get nowdays is Skyrim or Mineclone. I miss Ultima and Dragon Quest
There's a bunch of good RPGs in the past gen and this gen is getting good games, even next year we're getting a mix between Onimusha, Ninja Gaiden and Diablo loot system.

But probably you're gonna say "no they're shit because they're not like MUH OLD RPGS".

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That new fad is here, it's called VR and man is it awful.

>> No.3579447

As someone who's been gaming since the Commodore era, my answer is this - nostalgia. and it is a bitch. I still think to this day that the golden days of adventure games, mainly between 1990-1995 was the golden age of video games and nothing can compare. Objectively, that is bullshit, but it was when I enjoyed the games the most.

To say that modern games are worse is stupid. Production values increased a hundred fold, people actually have careers hanging on the success of a title, some games have production values of Hollywood blockbusters. It is all very much polished, beautiful and yeah, some games have good gameplay. People bitch about tutorials, but most awesome games even from back in the day had tutorials. They just were not masked as such. First levels were basically tutorials because they were shorter, easy and taught you the basics (without the text and the hand holding, granted), but the jist was the same.

The reason aside from nostalgia is that I don't really have the time anymore to play all the games I want to play that are modern. There are entirely too many, some which are crap, some which are good. But to say modern gaming is horrible is just plain out wrong.

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Today Sega, SNK, Konami etc. are pretty much dead. So Japs lost their lead, and western devs with their PC cancer games came to consoles, and turned everything into new Amiga and Atari.

Everyone sticks to genres they do the worst. Japs can't into RPGs, West can't into action—we all know it. And yet both keep churning them out. The few exceptions like Rare and Dragon Quest are either dead or low-profile in the West.

Games cost too much for their own good to develop. 16-bit to 32-bit era was perfect: enough to implement any idea, at a reasonable price.

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>bawww normies
Fucking faggot.

>you don't have to look through manuals and guides to understand the best way to play
That kind of depended on what you wanted to play, some PC games would come with thick manuals which were required reading if you wanted to play the game well.

Some games had their copy protection in the manual text itself, requiring you to read through it at select points of the game to find a keyword to continue (some games did this in blunt and direct ways, others were more smart about it).

I was so hesitant to VR for the longest time, but now that you say it, yeah, I can see this becoming a bad forced gimmick.

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>western devs with their PC cancer games

>> No.3579514
File: 234 KB, 1024x768, 1432093447419.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Far Cry 3&4
>Saint's Row, 2, 3 & 4

>> No.3579518

They're pretty good.

Not perfect, obviously, but overall very fun.

>> No.3579536

They aren't very heavy so they are easy to pirate and emulate.

>> No.3579551

Elder Scrolls and Bungie shit should have stayed on their containment platform

>> No.3579563
File: 66 KB, 300x290, 1467841474044.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>containment platform

>> No.3579578

One more smug anime face and you'll regret it

>> No.3579590

It's much much easier for me to play current games because I'm a filthy reward junkie. I do prefer old games though, no dirty progression systems to keep you going back, no pointless implementation of every freaking subsystem ever known to mankind just to appease 3% more, etc. Just pure fun doing things the game actually knows how to do.

>> No.3579626

>were largely confined to the PC
Yeah, because consoles didn't have hard drives to install shit on back then.

>> No.3579631
File: 53 KB, 515x408, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3579640

maybe it should have stayed that way

consoles are becoming shitty PCs you play with a controller

>> No.3579641
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>> No.3579645

All gamers should fight all-digital distribution on consoles because that shit flat out will kill retro gaming. I can find and buy PS1 and even Genesis/Dreamcast games to this day, but if it goes all digital, only the distributor can decide what games people can play or not. Say goodbye to borrowing games or buying used/second hand. When the company that made your console keels over, RIP all your games.

>> No.3579651

I play modern games too. But you're not typically going to find worlds as immersive as the worlds from previous games. Where a mood by an environment is actually something you as a player feel.

It's not like reading books where there are thousands of talented authors who can still shape their words. Writing of story in games these days is almost amateurish, and the art direction of a general game can never decide if it wants to go for fantasy or realism, with the later still throwing anatomy out of the window.

But beyond that? I will never play a game with as much as I play Legend of Mana or LUCT on the PSP. New games simply don't have that ability to keep me coming back. Just the way my minds wired, I guess.

>> No.3579656

What other direction would consoles really have taken?

They need more processing power and memory for better graphics and larger games, they need a better storage media than carts to have better audio (and more content), discs is a way to do this, and if you have a hard drive to install the game content on, you can significantly reduce loading times, the hard drive also allows for effectively endless saving.

Online connection allows for people to play multiplayer with each other without being near, and if it's discovered after release that a game has some kind of obscure but important bug that breaks the whole game, it can be fixed.

Now, all of this isn't used in the best of ways at all times, but how else would consoles actually develop and stay relevant?
Sooner or later a game gets advanced and large enough, eventually the consoles have to catch up. What would you do to make consoles still sell?

>> No.3579657
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>> No.3579659

I would just stop making consoles and start making PCs

or stop making hardware and just make games

>> No.3579661

Isn't the other reason consoles are a thing and still actively developed on because stable hardware provides stable conditions for game developers?

A console guarantees everybody can play your game how you want it to be played, and you don't have to worry about the engine you developed being rendered defunct in the changing environment that is PC gaming.

>> No.3579662

On modern consoles, you need to hack the systems to make use of anything on the discs in the first place. At that point, you can usually dump digital games too. So no, digital distribution won't kill retro gaming, it'll just make acquisition of old shit a little less legal in the future (but, also, free).

>> No.3579663

I actually agree on this, all-digital is simply not future proof, there should always be physical media merely for the fact of preserving games.

However, for small game studios, digital distribution can be a good thing, as it's practically zero cost for a distributor, thus something which nobody would risk publishing physically has a chance on the market (of course, this can be a double-edged sword, if you look at indiegames on XBLA and Steam).

Always online DRM is also bad for the same reason, which goes without saying. Thankfully, most people are vocally opposed to this, at the very least.

>> No.3579675

That's the thing though.

Modern consoles are basically a dedicated gaming computer with a rigid standard, something even the thickest of cretins can hook up to his widescreen TV and be playing his new games within a few hours, except it's kind of wonky and not taken to it's full potential.

I think the mere notion of a dedicated gaming PC with a solid standard (for ease of development and compatibility) designed to be hooked up to your TV, would be a really fucking good idea.

The problem comes to relinquishing control and modularity to the people, as well as cost for the consumer. I can't think of an easy way for this to be solved which would be affordable for the average consumer and which Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo would actually want to do.

>> No.3580528

Valve's Steambox aims to be pretty much this.

>> No.3580907

This is the case for me as well.

>> No.3581595

So I hear, but I also don't hear much news about it.

>> No.3581998

And how it this related to RPGs?
>inb4 attributes and levels.

>> No.3582042
File: 2.41 MB, 888x500, final stand.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>different builds
>you get skill points for using and mastering weapons
>skill trees
>gear has pros and cons
>guardian spiritis can be summoned and give you a stats bonus
It's more related to RPG than your generic Final Fantasy clone.

>> No.3582089

The tism

>> No.3582105

I like both. I ain't no hipster shit.

Reasons I prefer retro over modern:
-no tutorials
-story/cutscenes kept to a minimum
-gameplay is paramount
-no spoken dialogue
-design is often ingenius to work within hardware limitations

Reasons I prefer modern over retro:
-less bullshit/artificial difficulty (usually)
-better saving/convenience features.
-more depth
-contrary to what you would expect, cheaper.

>> No.3582229


I don't like how all games now have to be in full 3D, taking no concern if the gametype is right for it or not.

Examples of game series ruined by direct rendered 3D

>Resident Evil

I'm so tired of the way modern games play and look. Controls are the same inexact mess in every game, interactivity with the maps is close to zero. But noone cares, because it "looks good". No it doesn't it's flickering polygons and you're staring at a guy's ass for hours while playing unless you can choose a female character which makes for funny effects in games with marriage systems. Some companies solved that by allowing gay marriages and then the world is filled with lesbian couples who are really 2 males irl. Oh so MODERN of them.

/end of rant

>> No.3582305

I like JRPGs. And somewhere in the early 2000s, the games turned into either blatent fapbait or "cute girls doing cute things". We'll never get another game like Valkyrie Profile or Breath of Fire 3 again.

>> No.3582318

>-more depth
You know I want to agree with you but for the life of me I can't think of a single game that has ever had the balls to include a growth system like Bahamut's Lagoon or the everything of Legend of Mana.

Feels like "Depth" these days is elemental weakness and crafting..

Otaku pandering sales games. It's also cheaper to make these low effort games. I mean when's the last time you've played a JRPG that had an actual map with transitions. excluding Zestiria because that game was fucking garbage

>> No.3582329
File: 94 KB, 640x480, Princess Minerva.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like blatent fapbait retro JRPGs with cute girls doing cute things

>> No.3582335

The problem with that is when the exception becomes the rule.
RPGs then was the breath of fires, the Final Fantasy's, the Dragon Quests, the SaGa and Mana and tales series.

RPGs now are DRPGs with slice of life casts, ecchi humor game #241, and the Hyperdimension Neptunia series.

>> No.3582336
File: 52 KB, 640x575, SMT_Strange_Journey_JPN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also though you can make your team out of lolis in Etrian Odyssey, it's not required.

BoF series already felt like fap bait to me though...

>> No.3582438

Worms should have stayed 2D, but Resident Evil has used 3D well in at least one game.

>> No.3582441

>I can't think of a single game that has ever had the balls to include a growth system like Bahamut's Lagoon or the everything of Legend of Mana.

Weren't those outliers in their day?

>> No.3582510

Now this might be the goggles, but that felt more like the rule, to be honest. Legend of Mana sure was an outlier but RPGs never shied away from permanent growth choices and elemental weakpoints felt like they were the norm.

it's why these days I get excited for a game that has a development system more complicated than the standard leveling system and smeling some iron.

>> No.3582518


You should take a look at the SaGa series, then, especially Unlimited, even though it's not retro.

>> No.3582895

No, the problem is not realizing why the exception became the rule in the first place. Why is there a glut of these games now? Because they're the ones that actually sell.

>> No.3582949

There were more fighting games
I also just sorta prefer to have minimal story.

>> No.3582994


Pretty much this.

I've been pouring over HG101's articles on some older games that I missed or were unable to play when they were out, and the shear volume of neat sounding games waiting for me to play them is mindboggling.

>> No.3583041
File: 248 KB, 1024x687, 1418704043148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MMOs in general used to be far more social. The problem now is they're catering to the individual rather than the masses. Everyone wants everything handed to them right this minute, so the game does just that. So they're spoiled.

For example, dungeon finders in modern MMORPGs (World of Warcraft is a good example). In the past, you were forced to know people in the game and socialize to form groups for quests, training, and raids. Now you can just click two buttons and you're in a group ready to take on the dungeon. No socializing required.

And this is just a single function. When the MMORPG feels like a glorified single-player game (which is what modern WoW mostly is nowadays), why bother with anyone else?

It's not the game's fault. It's the developers' for encouraging this behavior.

>> No.3583054

eh I like not having to depend on other people to advance in the game

having the option to join with other people is nice yes but I don't want to come home after a day of workplace drama to deal with video game guild drama

part of the reson I quit WoW is guild drama

>> No.3583118

>eh I like not having to depend on other people to advance in the game

Then play a single player game instead of shitting up multiplayer games?

>> No.3583124
File: 7 KB, 222x227, mikelove.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>started gaming with N64/PS1
>thought "cartoon" look of 2D 16-bit was cool so I got an SNES
>that got me interested in older games so I got an NES and then a 2600
>I actually got a GC and PS2 when they were new (didn't care for Xbox)
>went through a Sonic phase so I got a Genesis and a DC
>was underwhelmed by the Wii, didn't care for PS3 or 360 so I stopped "progressing"

tl;dr I got into "retro games" during the 5th gen, but kept up to date until the 7th.

>> No.3583220

This is also largely due to controls being more complicated now than they were back in the Super Mario days. Games like Skyrim take a while teaching you the mechanics because there's a lot of mechanics to teach, whereas Super Mario and Sonic are pretty straightforward.

>> No.3583572

Gotta amend my earlier answer, this.

I don't strictly prefer old over modern, BUT there's a lot of old games I never knew about or had the chance to play, so there's a lot of old goodies to explore.

>> No.3583604

Skyrim has far less in the way of controls than PC games used to, and all they had was the manual. Look at System Shock for an example.

>> No.3583608
File: 13 KB, 320x240, Cosmo_Canyon_Observatory.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Each platform had its own unique look, sound, and feel. I really miss that, looking back.

That's why I just can't get in to modern games - they're all the same. They're all just digital audio files, running the same multi-platform engine, with nearly the same controller layout. It barely even seems like there's any point to having different consoles or platforms these days.

It's why I love the way Final Fantasy VII sounds despite sounding worse than any other game at the time. It's a Playstation game sound, it sounds like a game on the Playstation, rather than just an MP3 track being played over the action.

And the character is lost. I love the way the punch of a Mega Drive sounds in an action game. It really forces you on in a way that HD audio can't.

>> No.3583640
File: 1.77 MB, 500x281, mhWrp1trdgzbo1_r3_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think Skyrim was a terrible example for that guy to pick, it's gameplay is really shallow. Monster Hunter would be a much better example. Quite complex controls to learn and long, deep learning curves to master them.

There will always be simpler and more complex games though. I thought Skyrim was awful, but know tons of people who that was exactly what they wanted so it's all good.

>> No.3583672


I'm not against erotism in RPGs, having played and liked some lewd PC-98 and/or Alicesoft games. But seeing the majority pandering to otaku makes me feel alienated, or maybe I'm just too old for JRPGs.

The genre still offered non-retro solid titles with Resonance of Fate, >>3582336, Infinite Space
or most Sting games (Yggdra Union, Knights in the Nightmare..), imo

OT, I still play recent games but tend to also play those I missed as a kid when I could only read about them in magazines, so mostly PC strategy and management games from the 90s

>> No.3583767


1. I don't like how modern consoles force me to fuck around with profiles, regularly download updates, and engage in some "multimedia experience." I like that I can flip one switch on a retro console and be playing a game in ten seconds.

2. I'm a cheap bastard, so modern games' DLC disgusts me. I can buy old games from the era of my childhood for $5 - $60 and get way more enjoyment than I'll get from a $60 game + DLC costs.

3. I enjoy the art and music style. Maybe just because it's nostalgic.

4. I'm a bitter curmudgeonly asshole who is steadily growing older and older, and I'd rather stick with the comforts of my youth than experience anything new. This probably descries 90% of the people on this board, and most of the boards on 4chan.

>> No.3583778

I set up my 360 profile once, years ago. It updates every so often but has almost never been more than a minute or two. It has a start up screen like pretty well any disk based console has had, but other than that it's the same. Turning it on, I can be into any of dozens of my games in under a minute.

I like DLC and other modern things like net gaming though, especially because I'm an old fart. I get together with my old gaming buddies maybe once a month these days because we're all spread out but we game online all the time.

>> No.3583875



Why does /vr/ pretend that shit like story-focused games and movie games never existed before 2000? There's also plenty of arcadey 2d games being released but people say they don't count because of arbitrary shit like graphics and being developed my indie developers.

>> No.3583908

The same reason they're say a game made by a tiny dev team in the 80's was brilliant, but one made by a small dev team in the 10's is invariably shit.


>> No.3583926

I tend to prefer any game that could be played comfortably using an arcade stick without any compromise of features or inconveniences. If the majority of those games happen to be retro, then you have your answer.

>> No.3584158


What does the dunning-kruger effect have to do with being biased towards certain games because of nostalgia?

>> No.3584182
File: 35 KB, 350x263, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I enjoy both modern and retro games equally, each have their own merits; but to the bitter old men in this thread cherrypicking that all modern games are exactly the same and retro games are perfect flawless masterpieces that never had any problems are fucking retarded.

>> No.3584263

More heart, less scams. Mostly.

>> No.3584529

>I'd rather stick with the comforts of my youth than experience anything new

Who needs new games when you still haven't beaten all maps of Heroes of Might and Magic 2, right?

>> No.3584904

I bought a PS3 recently so I could play Symphony of the Night. I also bought some games that my coworkers recommended: Assassin's Creed, Red Dead Redemption and Fallout III. Honestly, I just hated the controls and difficulty of those 3 newer games. In particular, I found Assassin's Creed very frustrating and by no means fun. After that bullshit story in the beginning I gave up on walking through a crowd after about 5-10 minutes.

I like that with something like Symphony of the Night, I'm playing immediately. You're eased into the game... it starts out really, really easy and takes a while before there's anything particularly difficult. The controls are simple and it doesn't slam complex mechanics at you.

Oh yeah... I also got GTA5 and FUCK THAT GAME. After fumbling my way to through the beginning, I drove some piece of shit car with the handling of a boat and after finally getting home, I just gave up, because the controls drove me nuts. I simply don't understand how this game is enjoyable.

>> No.3584959

>hating Red Dead Redemption
In the name of Earth, Wind and Fire I'll revoke your nigga points.

>playing Fallout 3 and not New Vegas
>on a console
You're dumb as fuck.

>> No.3585001

> playing Fallout New Vegas and not the original Fallout on a 90's gaming PC.

It would appear that you are a stupid fuck yourself.

>> No.3585009

>n-no, you're the stupid
Great answer.

>> No.3585193

Well, I'm 32

Guess I just prefer shit I grew up with

>> No.3585206


The arguments people put forward on this board remind me of 'le wrong generation' music defeners who insist that the Beatles and Queen are the only good music around and that modern music is all literal garbage. They forget that right now people are still making music just like from the 60s but there is also an even larger amount of new genres and variety. If you turn away from the top hits on the radio there are amazing bands making awesome music right now, you're just too lazy to find it. The 60s also didn't only have great music, there were plenty of duds and mediocre bands just like there are today. Basically it's perfectly valid to like Queen and The Beatles more than Nicki Minaj or whatever flavor of the month pop is played on the radio but stop trying to claim that things have got worse. The classics are still available to you there's just even more choice and variety. Stop acting that liking retro games somehow makes you more enlightened.

>> No.3585219

As someone who loves shmups, I don't. There are plenty of modern releases that are flashy and still play just as good if not better than older games in the genre.

>> No.3585587

Most of what keeps me coming back to "retro" games, and I have that in quotes because there's a decent amount of games from a couple of years after /vr/s cutoff date, is because there aren't many good RTS games released anymore.

>> No.3585632

The fuck are you on about m8. "Someone who loves shmups" love would extend beyond bullet hell, the only genre that's being made these days.

>> No.3585643

press start, play.

minimal cutscenes, no handholding, next to no load times where you sit back and remember you haven't washed your clothes yet or whatever, and finally everything is just there in front of you and if you die it's likely just you fucking up and not some weird AI shit that you can't see.

>> No.3585645

why are you cherrypicking a bunch of shitty FMV games, no one gives a shit about those.

>> No.3585648

>regularly download updates
Once again, this is a person who almost never touches the console, and then complains when a year of updates pile up.
Actually I don't think I've had a single system update this year.

>I'm a cheap bastard, so modern games' DLC disgusts me. I can buy old games from the era of my childhood for $5 - $60 and get way more enjoyment than I'll get from a $60 game + DLC costs.
If you buy a game on launch at full price and then compulsively buy all the DLC, then you're kind of a fool.
I haven't bought a new PC or console game on launch for years, you save a lot on waiting even just a year. If you want the DLC then most or all of it usually comes packaged in a GOTY edition, which eventually can be found for really cheap, less than $30.

Red Dead Redemption isn't really hard or too complex.

Dead Eye can be cumbersome until they give you the final one, but I personally played the entire game almost not using it at all (made the game feel faster and more intense).

Fallout 3 is a game which frankly has just aged fucking terribly.
The idea of exploring a large 3D world of your own volition, a sandbox, along with levelling a character and gathering loot, with guns, I think was just novel to a lot of people when it was new (even myself), but looking at it now, objectively, it's a really flawed game, it's playable, but there's a lot to criticize and complain about (not just the writing and story).

New Vegas did a significantly better job, both being more of an actual Fallout game, being a better FPS RPG by miles, and not having absolutely retarded writing all over the place. Now, the game is held together with chewed gum, and the best way to play it is on PC with fanmade patches, but that's a bit of another beast.

>> No.3585659

I can run them ;_;

>> No.3585660


>> No.3587520

Not what I was saying, read the post I was replying to. Though people who put a lot of stock in nostalgia tend to be lower intelligence so it probably would apply.

>> No.3587569

I mistakenly thought there would be no console wars.

>> No.3587579

There weren't. A handful of social retards yelling at each other doesn't make for a war.

>> No.3587930

>In the name of Earth, Wind and Fire I'll revoke your nigga points.
Whatever. I just didn't like it.

>playing Fallout 3 and not New Vegas
>on a console
Like I said, this is the shit that everyone recommended.

I should know better, I guess. Back when PS1 came out, everyone recommended shitty games, and nobody mentioned the true gem (SotN).

>Red Dead Redemption isn't really hard or too complex.
Well, I guess I just suck at these games on console. I must be in a very slim minority.

>> No.3587937


Having to download updates for consoles is still ridiculous. It's not supposed to be a computer, if you want a PC you get a PC.

>> No.3587942

>I should know better, I guess.

You really should. Put less stock in what's popular and just pay attention to the kinds of games that interest you.

>> No.3587948

I see nothing wrong with it, aside from "whaa this isn't what I want a console to be" it lets them update and improve functionality over the course of a console's life cycle. Xbox live and the 360 layout weren't too great, but a few iterations and it navigates very well now.

>> No.3587974


It's the idea that you buy a product and it's a finished product ready to use. That's what I expect.

Releasing unfinished buggy things that need constant fixes is just lowering the standard market wide. It's the same with smart phones. Updating your phone? What's up with that, it's a fucking phone. You use it to talk to people and we've had them for like 80 years. Never before did phones need any fixes to work, they were ready made and you just used them.

When you buy a computer you know it will need updates, it's part of the deal. Other products shouldn't degenerate into this, we already have computers. If everything turns into computers, we lost the other products, and only have computers left. It means we no longer have the choice of buying ready made things that work without an internet connection.

>> No.3588005

My PC cant handle most modern games at max graphics and 120fps.

>> No.3588075

>Releasing unfinished buggy things that need constant fixes is just lowering the standard market wide
Compared to the unfinished buggy shit that never got fixes on old consoles?

Stop beign a hypocrite, you hate new games because they're new.

>> No.3588090

You sir are an idiot.

>> No.3588094


I never experienced any hardware bugs on NES, SNES, N64 or Playstation1.

Playstation had some changes made in later versions of the console, like some parts of the laser being made of metal instead of plastic in the later versions, but they where still finished products and no needs to updating/downloading/installing to work.

I -dislike- modern consoles because they are unfinished at release, and they require an internet connection to play single player (or local multi player) games.

If they had been released this way in the 90s I would have disliked them just as much. And noone would have bought them because having internet at home was uncommon.

In 10 years those "new" consoles will be old and I will still not like them - because they are sloppily made, unfinished products that should never have reached the market in that condition.

>> No.3588102

>they require an internet connection to play single player
I'm sure you don't know how modern consoles work.

>> No.3588105

Nothing about hypocrisy in that statement. There was absolutely less tolerance for shitty development back then, because once the game was being manufactured, there wasn't a way to fix it. You had some major blunders, granted, like Metal Slug 2, which meant Nazca ended up making Metal Slug X, but most of the time a buggy, barely working game meant your franchise was dead on the water so everyone had to be way more thorough and careful when making a game. These are all things devs can get away with nowadays.

>> No.3588126

>but most of the time a buggy, barely working game meant your franchise was dead on the water so everyone had to be way more thorough and careful when making a game. These are all things devs can get away with nowadays
Come on Anon, Inafune fucked his debut with MN9 and Hello Games has no future because No Man's Sky was the blunder of the year.

>> No.3588262

>It's not supposed to be a computer
That's pretty much what consoles have evolved to though.
Proprietary and mediocre computers hooked up to TV's, but which have wide compatibility, a low price, and a low barrier of entry.

As a cheap and easy consumer product, it's conceptually pretty sound, it's just kinda flawed in practice.

>> No.3588264

>Releasing unfinished buggy things that need constant fixes is just lowering the standard market wide.
I will absolutely agree with that, some publishers are kind of hurting the industry with bad practices like that.

>> No.3588283

>and they require an internet connection to play single player
That really depends on the game in question. I don't think I have any game on my PS3 which demands you to be online for singleplayer, even the Ubisoft ones, and those French Fucks sure love DRM.

I'm almost positive No Man's Sky was a conjob, otherwise the devs wouldn't have pulled that disappearing act like they did.

>> No.3589020

>It's the idea that you buy a product and it's a finished product ready to use.

But the product is finished and ready to use. But with patches and DLC they can now improve it even more.

But you seem hung up on consoles needing to be different from computers and stay in an old form because it's what you're used to. I have no problem with my phone updating as well. You're hung up that your "phone" isn't exactly what a phone is when you were growing up. I just don't agree with that sentiment at all. I'm happy to watch the world change and grow.

>> No.3589041

Patches are typically mostly used to levy fixes. Completely obvious shit that most of the time is caught during the QA phase. and DLC is only good if DLC is done right.

Witcher 3's DLC is good. The game was full and the DLC is just more stuff to do in a game you liked.
Deus Ex's DLC is horseshit. They just took shit out of the game to make those stupid ass DLC packs.

Guess which one is the rule and which is the exception.

>> No.3589043

*most of the time is caught during the QA phase of most retro games.

>> No.3589060
File: 1.31 MB, 320x180, rajang-from-monster-hunter-o.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Guess which one is the rule and which is the exception.

The only guess I'll make is that we have polar opposite opinions. I think patches, DLC and modern games in general are far more good than bad. What's better is the bad is easily avoided. I love many old games of my youth, but we're in a gaming golden age.

But I've also had this exact conversation if not with you, than someone saying the same things. It's boring and we only ever go in circles. So I'll just leave it at that and we can disagree.

>> No.3589062

If we're in the golden age of gaming then why are there less games each generation.

>> No.3589121

There aren't. There are more games being made now for more platforms than ever before.

>> No.3589130

>for more platforms
Check your facts bro. The only console that has more games than it's previous generation is the PS4 to the PS3, and only because of it's indie library.

None of the current gen platforms have more games than their 6th gen counterparts. Nor have they even come close to the same amount given relative time frame.

>> No.3589182
File: 241 KB, 1506x1200, 1429848710702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's what I grew up with. There is scarcely an experience that has not already been done.

>> No.3589193
File: 956 KB, 192x154, 1328626293012.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The only console
Which is why I said platforms, consoles aren't the only place for games. They never were.

>and only because of it's indie library.
Implying that doesn't count...

Real talk you've heard before, anyone who can't find modern games either isn't looking or doesn't really like video games in general. But like I say, we've had this conversation many times and will never see eye to eye. I wish I could help you see how awesome things are now but I can't, so whatever. Not really my problem.

>> No.3589198

>implying that doesn't count
No it doesn't.

>consoles aren't the only place for games
Historically there have been more games for dedicated consoles released than there has been for your home computer.

And yes we're talking about dedicated gaming platforms. Of course with the barrier of entry lowered we could count literally every piece of derivative garbage released on the PC in reference to numerical value of games. But even then you'd STILL be wrong about your "golden age" claim because of the vast amount of bad to good games in the indie market alone.

You know what happened the last time things were so bogged down with poorly constructed games that caught the public? The industry crashed under the weight. Something that can't happen now with how mainstream things are.

So, getting back onto topic about releases on dedicated gaming systems without the outliers provided by PC and indie gaming:
1) There are less games per platform per generation
2) There are less major developer titles per platform per generation
3) There are less diverse genres being made per platform per generation
4) More major and minor game industries have gone under

But sure, feel free to praise the glory of your supposed golden age. Meanwhile us with the reasoning skills of an adult and basic math abilities will be able to make a more informed opinion.

>> No.3589292

On the one hand, I think that the ratio of good to bad games was better back then, but also >>3577443; there are still plenty of good 6th and even 7th and 8th gen games, but they definitely have a different approach and feel.

It's not quite to that degree, but it's similar to the difference between arcade and home games. Sometimes I want to be in an intense, fast-paced, adrenaline fueled rush surrounded by death for a few minutes, sometimes I'd prefer to just chill and play a longer, comfier game. It's a similar deal for retro and modern, I just think that there's usually more to be found in the retro pool.

>> No.3589323
File: 50 KB, 500x520, tanasinn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But I like old games and new games in nearly equal measure.
Easier to play old games since piracy is getting harder and harder, though.

>> No.3589324

>Expansion packs are the same thing as DLC
Not necessarily sure I'd agree with that. In fact, I honestly think that removing downloads and going back to expansion packs would eliminate a lot of the problems with DLC.
>it seems to have been observed that expansion packs were generally higher in quality and honesty than DLC
>there must be some key difference, then
>what is that difference?
>obviously: one is digitally downloaded, one is a physically produced and purchased item
>what are the implications of this?
>an expansion pack is going to need to warrant the costs of printing, distribution, graphic design, advertisement, etc. No company would put out a horse armor expansion pack; in other words, expansion packs have to be substantial.
>DLC, on the other hand, due to the way that it's handled, does not need to be printed out and distributed, thus it's easy to put out paltry bullshit for a quick cash grab
>in addition, an incomplete game that will be filled out by an expansion pack that you will have to get up and go to your local store and pay a good amount of money for (remember, it has to be substantial) is a much tougher sell than adding bits piecemeal from the comfort of your home (even though they add the fuck up)
>ultimately that added difficulty and cost and means that you had to make it really fucking worth it to get people to buy it
There do exist good DLCs on par with expansion packs of old and I'm sure that you could find examples of outright jewry from back in the day, but the practices are subtly yet importantly different which has resulted in a shift in quality.

>> No.3589327

They feel more sincere.

>> No.3589341

>arcade games were just "free to play" mobile games
I'm actually planning on writing an article/essay on the fundamental differences between the two, despite seeming similar on the surface. I still need to get my thoughts together on the matter, but the core of my argument is (assuming you've read icy's arcade culture article (yeah yeah, the dude is a wacko with NPD, but dig through the hubris and this essay at least has plenty of worthwhile bits)):
>if you don't agree that ye olde arcade games were generally of higher quality than f2p mobile games, you can probably stop reading now, as you won't get anything out of this
>the basic differences between mobile games and arcade games are thus: first, one is on a device always with you and the second are (were) at various public locations, and second, one does not involve a middleman while the other does
>the implications of the former are that arcade games had to attract you to them (speaking of dedicated arcades, as cabinets at restaurants, etc. are generally more of a novelty; how often would you come across something like Battle Garegga at a pizza parlor?), while mobile games are always there with you in your pocket
>thus, arcade games had to be GOOD to motivate you to go visit them and spend your money, whereas mobile games just have to be good enough to serve as a distraction while you wait in line
>in addition, the middleman caused the situation that icy presented: operators wanted players to die, players wanted their money's worth. Solution: challenging, but possible (and GOOD)
>let me then add that the operator gets the theoretically infinite quarters, while devs get paid once for arcades, while devs get the theoretically infinite money in f2p
>this causes a shift in the latter away from fairness, quality and challenge and toward cashgrabs

>> No.3589354

>lastly, again due to costs of development and distribution, anyone wanting an easy buck can develop a shitty, addictive game for mobile, but the various (not just monetary) costs of arcade development/distribution creates a filter that results in the ratio of people who are actually genuinely dedicated to video games to those who aren't and are only in it for a buck becoming much more appealing
>thus, games like Final Fight and Street Fighter II thrived in arcades while games like Flappy Bird thrive on mobile
>rhere are counterexamples on each side, yet the general populations are certainly different, and for good reason.

Still a work in progress, but that's the basic gist of it.

>> No.3589359

>>>3577430 (OP)
>Nothing, really, I just play whatever games I think is good, regardless of their age.
>Some games I've played the past year are:
>>Wario Land 1&2
>>Red Dead Redemption
>>Doom (classic and mods)
>>Far Cry 3&4
>>Duke Nukem 3D
>>Wolfenstein 3D
>>Super Castlevania
>>Dr. Mario (classic and 3DS version)
>>Shining Force
>>Saint's Row, 2, 3 & 4
>>Sim City 2000
>>Metroid Fusion
>>Zero Tolerance
>>Resident Evil Remake, Zero, 4

Are you me? I've played a few of those games in the past year as well,
Wario land 1 and 2
Wolfenstein 3d
Super castlevania
Shining force
Resi remake and 4

>> No.3589364

Be sure to publish your thoughts when you're done, your train of thought makes sense to me.

>> No.3589416

>And yes we're talking about dedicated gaming platforms.

You are. Not me. I never limited myself to one console or type of game. I've loved games on consoles, PC and arcade games since always, from massive developer to tiny team.

>without the outliers provided by PC and indie gaming:
Maybe if you only look at or care about a one specific form of gaming you could form some sort of venn diagram where games now are bad. But if you have to do that it's why I say you're not really a fan of gaming. Just a fan of classic console gaming, which is fine for you but that's not me. I like all kinds of games.

>> No.3589492

Thanks anon, I will

>> No.3589493

Tried to keep with modern gaming casually for a while, but I only have time to play very occasionally, usually for short stints in between other stuff. I found that on modern consoles, every time I turned one on, the console would have to download and install updates for twenty minutes. Then whatever game I had in would download patches before you could play... In the meantime, I could have blown through all my continues of contra hard corps by then and gotten on with my day

>> No.3589543

Games used to be about what the developers wanted to make. Now its about what the publishers think the masses want them to make.

>> No.3589660

>I found that on modern consoles, every time I turned one on, the console would have to download and install updates for twenty minutes.

You must only turn it on every six months at most. My ratio of play to updates works out to maybe a minute of update/patching every 20 - 30 hours of playing.

>> No.3589682

>never use his console
>he gets confused when there's a bunch of updates accumulated

>> No.3589724

He would lose all his continues in Contra in 20 minutes as well. Looks like modern games isn't the only thing he sucks at.

>> No.3589946
File: 104 KB, 640x905, ff1box.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No... Game development has always been about making what they think will sell well enough to keep the company afloat long enough to make the next one.

Sometimes they think they have a hit and it tanks, other times they think it's the end and it's really just the beginning.

>> No.3590654


They play better, they're more challenging, the music is catchier, they have less time-wasting bullshit that makes me want to turn the game off. And fuck it, I think they look better, too.


>> No.3590657

I don't, I love all games. Stoked for the new gen.

>> No.3590658

Nobody said he was cuntfused except you.

>> No.3590886

He sure sounds either confused or retarded.

>> No.3590924

>They play better,
How so?

>> No.3590973

At this point, the only games I buy are from franchises I know are worth a damn, because otherwise its shit about how everyone loves Undertale or whatever the flavor of the month is, but I don't get because I have literally so many games I can play, the risk of dropping a few hours and a chunk of cash on shit that might not pay off is too high.

>> No.3591010

Yeah there are so many choices and demographics getting games now it's hard not to get lost with the choices and what appeals to you specifically vs other people. I love it though, the variety these days is crazy and most games, especially the small weird ones have demo's. I'll spend whole days sometimes playing demos of weird shit I'd probably never buy.

>> No.3591016

>No it doesn't.
I don't see why it shouldn't.

If it's published on the system, why doesn't it count for it's library? Do all those old computer games made by one person or tiny teams for early home computers (ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, later on MS-DOS games) not all count because there wasn't a big publishing house behind them?

>> No.3591021

>Game development has always been about making what they think will sell well enough to keep the company afloat long enough to make the next one.

My point was about trying to appeal to the mainstream. Developers still had to think about sales back then, but not to the point of having to sacrifice their own ideas for the sake of getting non-gaming movie-goers to play them.

>> No.3591029

You must really play very rarely, I almost never ever get updates.

Something you could do is to put the thing on and let it update when you're doing something else, do a bit of planning.

>> No.3591037

I can tell you this is nonsense.

A look at most of which was published under Acclaim and LJN during the 80's and 90's will show that there was plenty of garbage churned out with little thought and just the goal of making a buck.

And not to talk about all the derivatives and clones for things like the 2600 or Commodore 64.

>> No.3591039

You're usually not thinking "Hey, I better update my console and my game" when you're from a generation of people who're used to plugging in a cart or popping in a disc and being ready to go. Makes it a pain when you find something recent and you have to go through what is basically a PC installation process to play something on a console.

>> No.3591040

I remember games for the NES, SNES and Gameboy wasting my time back in the day too.

A lot of devs didn't really have any amazing ideas to put in their games back then either, or their publisher made them rush out a license game and there was no time for creativity.

>> No.3591046

Hey, I get that, but I think it's a habit worth getting into if you want to play them.

Maybe make plans to play a bit on a weekend, and then update sometime during the week when you're doing something else (cooking, cleaning, etc), then come back and check on occasion.

>> No.3591056
File: 55 KB, 721x537, parHNIbGnL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope. Games started off appealing to the mainstream. It was only when they thought that wouldn't be profitable that they focused on niche markets. It's always been about what sells.

>> No.3591061

You know your console can download and install updates without turning it on?

>> No.3591062

I'm in my 40's and have no trouble with it at all, >>3589660 It's literally no inconvenience if you actually use the system.

>> No.3591072
File: 3 KB, 320x200, rogue_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


also >>3591062 I've always been into PC as well as console, so my consoles gaining some PC functionality like patching and dlc was always a good step forward in my opinion.

>> No.3591168

>I remember games for the NES, SNES and Gameboy wasting my time back in the day too.

Agreed. Most JRPGs are Time Wasting: The Genre.

>> No.3591276
File: 55 KB, 350x312, faceball-2000.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's mostly graphics. Many new games try too hard to look realistic, but before that was even possible they had to find different ways of making a game look interesting.

>> No.3591329

It can't do that if its not plugged in, passively sucking power while constantly calling home to see if there is an update.

>> No.3591350

I like getting tapes i never had back then

>> No.3591373

lol are you for real?

>> No.3591431

The only DLC i approve of is Sonic & Knuckles

>> No.3591474
File: 3.29 MB, 450x270, mhGHkfpe6.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3591485

Modern games are shit.

>> No.3591502

It was also a standalone game.
If you bought it because you had sonic 3, you get the complete experience of S3&K
If you bought it because of sonic 2 you get to play as knuckles instead of sonic
If you bought it for sonic 1 you get a really long Blue Balls series of bonus stages.
If you didn't have sonic before but you got genesis/MD games you can actually plug them in and play a single, randomly selected, per-cartridge blue balls bonus stage

Now, are these modern DLCs able to compete?
Let's see:
You can't use them as a standalone game.
They only work for one game, the one they were designed to.

>> No.3591506
File: 35 KB, 283x750, 1450960348426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, also forgot pic related
You can't do that with DLCs

>> No.3591539
File: 90 KB, 580x695, far_cry_3__dragon_blood-2234067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You can't use them as a standalone game.
Yes they can.

>> No.3591668
File: 2.04 MB, 675x389, monhunter-generations-beginners-guide_t58d082a9.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a neat gimmick I'll give it that, maybe if it wasn't for Sonic I'd care more. Platformers were never really my cup of tea.

I like DLC because it's a good way of expanding a game without having to make a whole new product. It's been great for fighting games for example. And also games like Dragon's Dogma or Fantasy Life where the base game is already a full experience but if you really love it there's more there.

The best though is Monster Hunter where they keep adding a extra challenge quests and things you can download for free. But then I'm of the opinion that Monster Hunter is one of the best series of all time so I'm a little biased towards it.

>> No.3591781

With Satellaview you had kind of DLC for some SNES games.
Also SEGA had something similar, but don't know much about it to say if you actually could download games or "DLC's" there too.
For SNES you actually had kind of memory cards which you put in the BSX(Satellaview) compatible SNES game and could download and add new stuff to it.

>> No.3591786

>For SNES you actually had kind of memory cards which you put in the BSX(Satellaview) compatible SNES game and could download and add new stuff to it.
No anon, that's not how it worked.
Neither Satellaview/Sega channel did any of these things.
With the satellaview you actually download whole games into the (included and placed in the cartridge) memory card, the sega channel did the same (without a memory card obviously) on the genesis.
There were no DLCs.

>> No.3591795

Then do some research.
For e.g. "Sound Novel Tsukuru" you could download stuff.

>> No.3591798

Oh, i didn't know about this feature.
Thanks! Now i know more about this.

>> No.3591805

Sega channel was such a rip off piece of garbage. I'm still pissed about it.

>> No.3591815

No problem.
Here about the other ones:


Really sad that this hadn't really took off. But i can understand that it would have been a massive amount of work to get partnership of TV channels which would have send the data in other countries.

>> No.3591979

If all you play is colladoodie I could see why you'd think that.

>> No.3591986

There are plenty of standalone DLC/expansions.

>> No.3592039

Buh muh exclusive Megaman!

>> No.3592359

I just like platformers and chiptune. No more, no less.

That's also why I end up buying a bunch of mediocre crap on steam.

>> No.3592372

>buy ps1 game
>put in console, enjoy

>buy ps3 game
>put in console
>Sign into account
>Game has to install 1-2GB update
>game has to install data to HDD
>then play game, enjoy

>> No.3592374
File: 12 KB, 250x391, 1451792358611.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.3592378
File: 16 KB, 400x400, 1398922907293.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like most consoles.
There's always at least some good games on all of them, and ps3 has quite a few that I like.

>> No.3592382
File: 60 KB, 400x437, 1447556896600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buy ps1 game
>plop onto ps1 cd tray and gives a nice satisfying sound when in as well as hovering a few inches away from the surface of the tray
>when you want to remove the game its still spinning. nice.

>plop onto ps2 slim
>can't find where the center is and ends up minor scratching your games trying to find it and doesn't spin when you close the game
>plop onto ps2 fat
>just a flat surface with no center to hold your game. boring.

>> No.3592386

>buy ps1 game
>put in console
>black screen after logo
>take game out
>clean game
>put back in console
>freezes on loading screen
>take game out
>drive to game store
>pay to use their disc buffer
>drive home
>put in console, enjoy

>> No.3592487

Isn't this true for all disc-based consoles, though?
Not that I've had any issues with discs, ever

>> No.3592917
File: 151 KB, 1024x556, doom-ii.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I never liked the term, but people like you are why the term "console kiddie" got used so much. You just want your game and any effort on your part at all is considered too much. Even simply logging into your account or letting the console install and update a game.

Forget the days when you actually had to install and compile things yourself, it's all automated but even that's not enough for you.

And now you'll declare all modern games are trash and ruined by DLC and patches, but not because they are. Not because it's an imposition for anyone who actually plays games. But because you personally can't be bothered and can't stand the thought of other people enjoying things you aren't.

Console kiddie to a tee, but you'll make tons of veiled references about how mature you are for shitting on anything new and that you're " from a generation of people who're used to plugging in a cart or popping in a disc and being ready to go" Like that's a good thing...

>> No.3592993

I don't know why you're projecting so hard on people who don't want to deal with dicking around for an hour to play a game or why you think they're trying to detract from the enjoyment of anyone else over their preferences.

>> No.3593003
File: 293 KB, 585x318, homerperfection.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not projecting anything. I think the install process for games these days is super easy compared to what it used to be and I think saying modern games all suck because someone can't even be bothered to do that much is ridiculous.

If you just said that it's not your cup of tea that's fine, but you try to make sweeping general statements about the game industry based on just you being lazy.

Really this is all to illustrate to you why I find it hard to take anything you say about modern gaming seriously.

>> No.3593004

install process has been super easy for a while now senpai

>> No.3593016

It's never been "hard". That's really my point. Even stacks of floppies wasn't hard, just time consuming. Now all you do is hit a button and go walk the dog or do a few dishes and the game is ready to play at a moment's notice after that.

Aside from the occasional patch or update, but again if you're actually playing something it's going to be rare. A minute of updating for every 20-30 hours of play really isn't exaggerating even a little, it could easily be closer to 50 or 100. But even if it was even every 10 hours it's really not something worth complaining about if you are into playing video games.

>> No.3593053

Nigger what are you on about

>> No.3593083

Idiot kids who don't know how easy they have it.

>> No.3593340

1) I was around in the late 80s and early 90s when this was what video games looked like.

2)These days there isn't nearly as much anti-consumerism as mainstream modern gaming.

>> No.3593341

>These days there isn't nearly as much anti-consumerism as mainstream modern gaming.


>> No.3593353

>laser dies, or something else inside it wears out
>have to put the console on it's side or upside down and hope it can then read the disk
>if not, buy a new one and hope it doesn't break as fast

>deal with installs and/or updates for some games
>basically do this once, then play game as much as you like

I like the library of the PS1, but the hardware was rather cheap.

>> No.3593358

Basically this.
I don't fancy Sega all that much, but there's some good shit on the Genesis, hell, there's one or two nice ones on the 32X and it had the worst library.

>> No.3593365

I have had the worst luck with Sony hardware. I went through 6 PS1s, 3 PS2s and 4 PSPs all with weird little things breaking on them or disk read errors.

Meanwhile my original NES, SNES, Genesis, Master System, Saturn, Sega CD, GameCube and every other handheld still works great.

>> No.3593372

Oh yeah, and I got Far Cry 3 for $0 from PSN, so that was nice.

My brother had his PS3 stop reading disks, after a long time, but mine hasn't had any problems like that.

I think Sony is inherently just cheap when it comes to most of their products, so they don't necessarily all last very long.
I just remember the original PS being particularly cheaply made.

>> No.3593376

It seems to depend, some of their other electronics are decent, or used to be. I have a cassette walkman that I used the fuck out of through a lot of the 80's and 90's and the last time I tried it still works fine despite looking busted.

Meanwhile I had a PSP for less than a month when the start button just stopped working and nothing ever seemed to fix it.

>> No.3593379

PSN giving games with it's subscription service is one of the best things that ever happened. It basically forced Microsoft into following suit and ever since I've been getting two free games from them every month. I haven't even downloaded half of them, just mark as purchased so it's in my MS account if I ever want to try it later.

>> No.3593423

It's pretty good.

Me and my brother also does this thing where if one of us gets a game, we go over to each others house and downloads them onto each other's consoles so we basically get the same game twice for free.

Feels like I'm cheating Sony out of money, feels gr8 m8.

>> No.3594504

>Feels like I'm cheating Sony out of money, feels gr8 m8.

Well you are since you have to jailbreak the console to get it to do that.

>> No.3594604

Neither of us have a jailbroken PS3. It's just what we've been doing for all these years.

>> No.3594605

Maybe you have magical PS3s that are unlike the ones Sony sold to everyone else.

>> No.3594608

Don't know what to tell you, they're both stock consoles and we've done it for years, maybe they do it differently in your part of the world, are you Brazillian?

>> No.3594614

No I'm not Brizillian. What you're describing is impossible on a not jailbroken stock PS3. If you're not making this up you and your brother probably got modded consoles without knowing it. The only other real scenario would be Sony selling a different spec of the PS3 to South America without the DRM and that seems highly unlikely.

>> No.3594615

I like some new games, i like some old ones.
Can't say i have a particular preference based on some arbitrary age limit but i do dislike a lot of current industry trends.

>> No.3594724

I just asked about Brazil because they have all these weird laws and tarifs on foreign made consoles, and lots of piracy.

We really have done nothing to our consoles, he even switched his out once when it stopped reading disks, what would even be the odds that we'd get three stealth modded (factory sealed) consoles? I just don't think you're right.

>> No.3594749

Well I am correct, it's not something a PS3 should be able to do out of the box. Look it up yourself if you don't believe me.

Think for a moment if it was, it would have destroyed the PS3. Anyone renting a game once would have it forever, anyone could buy a game and return it the same day after just copying it. Sony went to great lengths to make sure that wasn't possible because they rightly wanted to stay in business.

So yes, you are either just lying which wouldn't surprise me at all. There is at least one common poster on this board who trolls and makes random shit up for seemingly bizarre reasons. Or you unknowing both have modded consoles.

>> No.3594757

>Though people who put a lot of stock in nostalgia tend to be lower intelligence so it probably would apply.
Dunning Krueger effect has nothing to do with intelligence

>> No.3594761

Because you suffer from it and don't want to admit being stupid?

>> No.3594821

>We really have done nothing to our consoles, he even switched his out once when it stopped reading disks, what would even be the odds that we'd get three stealth modded (factory sealed) consoles?

What are the odds you're a baby who tells lies on the internet to make himself feel special?

>> No.3594910
File: 8 KB, 512x448, Gradius-Moai.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just like the way they look.

>> No.3595059

Can't play games requiring disks without the disks though, that's another matter entirely.
Like, digitally purchased games, no returns.

I assumed lots of people did this, why would I lie? There's nothing impressive or noteworthy about it.

>> No.3595071

>I assumed lots of people did this, why would I lie? There's nothing impressive or noteworthy about it.

I don't know why you would lie, but you are saying something clearly untrue since the PS3 does not do what you're claiming it does unless it's been modded.

Getting two out of the box consoles that magically have the DRM removed would actually be very noteworthy.

>> No.3595081

>Can't play games requiring disks without the disks though

It's hard to ride a horse without a horse.

>> No.3595104

>why would I lie?

You tell us, baby cakes. This is "my uncle works for Nintendo" tier.

>> No.3595116

I'm using a really shitty computer rn.

>> No.3595132


They don't make Jagged Alliance and Wizardry quality games anymore.

>> No.3595250

I don't hate modern games but because the development costs run into the millions they take less risks on the games they make.

I played Detroit on the amiga which a game about car manufacturing. No one would dare make a game like that for PS4 or Xbox nowadays.

>> No.3595417

Isn't this just what people call "game sharing" with account sharing or something?

>> No.3595421

Even if there were games as good as the retro stuff, I think you all would be too jaded to enjoy it anyways.

>> No.3595459

>What makes you prefer retro games over modern games?

I don't have deal with day 1 10 gig patches to fix a buggy unfinished game they pushed out too early.

Every game now has a day 1 patch that fights for your limited hard drive space.

>> No.3595480
File: 298 KB, 600x512, 084.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>limited hard drive space.

>> No.3595897

>Bahamut Lagoon
>Legend of Mana

One game where the depth equates to feed them things what are good to feed them, then keep doing it until you don't need to feed them anymore. Another where the depth's irrelevant because it's inexorably tied to shitty, shallow gameplay. Try again, faggot.

>> No.3595935

>t-the exact same response but with different games
Great answer.

>> No.3596009

Don't try to trivialize Legend of Mana's mechanics shit head.

>> No.3596086

There are games I love and games I hate from all eras. I generally just hang around retro discussions because there's always a great retro game I never got around to playing somewhere on my backlog

>> No.3596089

What mechanics? The game is piss easy and weapon crafting makes boss killers.

>> No.3596107

GameDev market was relatively scarce back then, so IDEAS sold games. Now, IDEAS are prerogative of indies, and big name publishers are too afraid to experiment and stuck combining basic trendy shit in new variations.

>> No.3596121

Not really. I can smell a good crafted game compared to a shitty one. I see We Are Chicago and I already know it's not going to be a good game. Then I see something like Dragon Quest Builders that focuses on a simple concept of crafting and building your own home and I realize that sometimes, a gold egg can surface from the pile of shit. Technology may have changed, but game design has not. Anything made back then can easily be made now. Devs just don't want to do it.

>> No.3596123

He's saying that despite the easiness of the game, the systems of crafting or monster training in that game were sophisticated. And if the game relied more on those mechanics, it would have shone more.

>> No.3596127

I don't think that's entirely true. Business learned their lessons with taking high cost risks in the early 2000's. Capcom alone has skirted close to bankruptcy 3 times now. Agetec, Imagepooch, Sega's entire everything, G.rev, Mistwalker, pre-darksouls Fromsoftware, Tecmo pre merger with Konami, none of these things survived in their original capacity by clinging to the 3-6th gen practices of "just fucking do it".

Everything is either dead or dying unless they conformed to banking on sure wins. Konami isn't EVEN in the games industry, and where that fails the TALENT simply isn't there. Many of the so-called writers of the book in sound design have either aged like Vinegar or went independent, many of the story and scenario planners don't work at the company when they made the games they're known for, and people that do work in those companies have (in great capcity) been regulated to working on mobile games.

It's not as if IDEAS aren't desirable, with the rising costs of games and the relatively low sale right, I THINK that they just aren't profitable.

Or. Well who knows. Will we see new IP's that are worth a damn as time goes on? Will there ever be a return to form? Probably not, but who can predict the future.

>> No.3596141

I meant that IDEA games were selling back then because people wanted something new and fresh, and thats why IDEA games were being made and sold by what could be considered larger companies back then.

Now IDEAS dont sell games (most recent examples of IDEA games bombed hard due to devs failing to deliver on their promises of greatness), so the only ones with fresh IDEAs that are free to experiment and dont look back on the revenue are indie devs.

>> No.3596456

Internet connected consoles ruined video games.

DLC and patchability means they don't have to do any quality control, they get to shove a half-finished game down your throats to meet a release date and offer patches later.

Also, multiplayer was less of a shithole when you had to be in the same room with your opponent. You can't punch someone for teabagging you anymore.

>> No.3596481

>they get to shove a half-finished game down your throats to meet a release date and offer patches later.
Sad thing is modern customers call this "continuing to support the game after launch."
They actually praise companies when half the game is dribbled out over a year in the form of patches instead of being released finished in the first place.

>> No.3596540

>they get to shove a half-finished game down your throats to meet a release date and offer patches later.
Unlike retro games where they shove out a half-finished game and it's like that forever.

>> No.3596748
File: 95 KB, 700x750, 1449309460197.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But back then, a game could kill your company, so it was a nice balance regardless. If you shit out games, you'll eventually become irrelevant. That's a reason Nintendo, Blizzard, and other companies have remained at the top. They had some bad games, but it's their good ones that sold on quality alone and got them to where they are.

Also for us to return to form as >>3596127 touched on, the only way that can happen is some sort of revolution that writes up some kind of charter or doctrine on how to make a good video game. It should have a limit on budget, as well as a list of standards to follow to keep the game as "gamey" as possible. This doctrine should make DLC kept to minimum purpose and there should be other guidelines to basically size down both development anxiety and the sheer problems with the industry itself. Currently, there is no governing party that is forcing companies to follow standards for the sake and prosperity of the game industry. Unfortunately, all these short term nickel and dimers just want to get the quickest buck in the most convenient way possible. This hurts consumer trust, which is an important thing in entertainment. These people are treating the industry like some kind of run of the mill television show instead of the interactive medium that it is.

Basically, we have the wrong businessmen in our industry. They don't understand the important of the integrity of an entertainment product. They work best in an industry like mobile where that shit is all the rage, but the console and general video game industry is an entirely different beasts. The hardcore and passionate gamer will always be the core audience, and that's who we need to return to making games for.

>> No.3596937

>LJN did quality control
>Acclaim did quality control
>Nintendo did quality control and the emblem wasn't just for show
>Atari did quality control
>Sega did quality control
>Sony did quality control
Nigger, PLEASE

>> No.3596947
File: 121 KB, 317x367, 1477955897911.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what are digitally distributed games
>what is Game Sharing
I know there are people on /vr/ with no actual knowledge of modern consoles who run their mouth, but C'MON.

>> No.3596948

I don't . Fun things are fun. And I play 2000s games too. Fuck austist board rules.

>> No.3596952

It full of anime. You would understand if you weren't normie scum

>> No.3596961

>I like DLC because it's a good way of expanding a game without having to make a whole new product.

I see where you stand in Gaymergate, faggit. Do they give you 40cents and free candy for each positive review of DLCs?

>> No.3596963

>But back then, a game could kill your company
Yeah, it was so good seeing LJN go bankrupt every time they released a shit game.

>> No.3596967
File: 77 KB, 672x1000, sample-012de5111c5199ca1e43ce36fd73841a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck is this guy even saying

>> No.3596969

Why don't you just get a separate 1TB drive to hook up to your TV for those purposes.

Your setup feels pretty ghetto.

>> No.3596990

No idea but I've already called the asylum

>> No.3597001

Are they still around? No.

>> No.3597013

Because they fucking fulfilled their purpose.

They were a shell company used by either Capcom or Konami (can't remember which), to allow them to publish more games for the NES back when Nintendo would only allow a publisher to release a set number of game each year.

Their purpose was made obsolete, they didn't go under because of finances or business decisions.

>> No.3597018

Recently I've played pillars of eternity, gta5, axiom verge and hearthstone.
All great modern games. I generally wait a while before purchasing new games because triple a studios just run out barely working dog shit day 1 and games get really cheap really fast nowadays.

>> No.3597025

This, waiting pays off.

>> No.3597032


What's difficult to understand? These patches aren't tiny and almost every game comes with them. Not to mention the additional space the OS eats. You will hit that wall eventually. If you want more space, and a decent sized and performing one, you better shell out some more money and attach a parasite to the console.

>> No.3597097

>These patches aren't tiny and almost every game comes with them
I don't know, they're at most like 20-50mb at most on average.
At least in my experience.

Otherwise, you could delete some old anime that you've watched. I only keep the stuff I really like.

>> No.3597128


LJN went into the video game business in 87 and was sold off to Acclaim in 89 due to it bleeding money every year. Acclaim later set it up as a shell company to bypass Nintendo's policy for a whopping of 1 year. Even after Acclaim bought them out, LJN still operated the same way. They took popular licenses and out sourced games to no name developers for cheap.

They didn't start as a shell company. They were performing terribly and would have gone under if they weren't bought out.

Konami on the other hand did. They created Ultra Games specifically to get around the policy. The titles published under Ultra Games were mostly Konami's own titles, not some half assed titles.

So yeah, LJN would have gone under.

>> No.3597131

Technically LJN died in 1995 and had a few releases in 2000.

>> No.3597383

>sheathes katana

>> No.3597419
File: 169 KB, 1920x1080, 1474238318208.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Atari kids insisted that NES and SNES/Genesis games didn't have gameplay as deep as what they grew up with
There's actually a few of those old fucks kicking around still, you see them complain about "kids these days" in a thread sometime, insisting that Nintendo killed videogames (when really, the only company who can arguably be said to have done anything remotely similar is fucking Atari, as embellished as The Crash was).

>> No.3597425

Also this was funny because most 2600 games had the gameplay depth of a glass of water when compared to the average 90's console game.

>> No.3597517

Someone already replied for me.

>> No.3598441

They usually are chockful of content and don't hold my hand incessantly. Also usually boasts great level design and tight gameplay.

>> No.3598445

I hope the VR meme dies fast, I've been against this shit since day 1.

>> No.3598484

VR could be good for porn.

>> No.3598491

I don't…?

>> No.3598502

>1TB drive to hook up to your TV for those purposes.
>Watching animu on TV


>> No.3598532

Focus on FUN!
No shitposting about mods that will change everything.
Too hard for Sarkeesian.

>> No.3598541

>- I hate the gaming community, is full of manchildren and SWJ. You can't go more plebeian than that.
Good point. But the other day a work buddy asked if I wasn't too old (I'm 40) for gaming. I replied that I've been gaming on and off since I was a kid. So why quit now?

As long as you do it with style and a sense of self-distance, you can do anything.

>> No.3598587

If I have laptop, and then a large flatscreen TV, and I could choose which I watch animu on, why would I not use my TV screen to watch it?

It's a big clear screen with powerful speakers, I played Duke Nukem 3D on the thing and let me tell you that shit was more impressive than any other way to play it, even the pistol sounds imposing when magdumping, rumbling through the room, with booming explosions lighting up the entire room a bright orange, and the resonance of Duke's manly voice.

>> No.3598713

>Think for a moment if it was, it would have destroyed the PS3.

With this logic PC gaming wouldn't exist. I'd personally hate it if all discs had protection that prevented me from making an image of it to run it from, I don't want to have to load a disc in my drive to play a game.

>> No.3600589


>> No.3600942

I care more about gameplay than I do graphics, but like others in this thread have mentioned, my favorite games are in between retro and modern (about 1993-2007). I think I shy away from most pre-90s games because I played them enough back then that I don't have much desire to go back and beat Stargoose or Super Mario Bros for the 100th time.

>> No.3601013

I miss when action games weren't so story heavy.

>> No.3601086

I like when an action game lets you skip story and cinematics.

>> No.3603368



>> No.3603727
File: 71 KB, 634x386, wowie kazowie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Monster Hunter is heavy action and virtually no story. This is as much "story" as you get for beating the final (incredibly hard) mission.

>> No.3603895

I prefer them because they were from simpler times with smaller teams and every now and then one of these games just fell into place perfectly. After things get big they tend also to go to shit. It's become a pesky business.

>> No.3603903

The classics sure. Monster Hunter 4U and Generations have such a sheer volume of story that it's mind boggling. That said, even the remakes for the psp had a story,i twas just kept minimal and world building was done by reading the text themselves.

>> No.3603963

I put 600 hours into MH4U and am playing Generations now, you're totally wrong. 4 has a little more story to it than the earlier ones, but it's really barely anything compared to most games and more importantly has no bearing on the gameplay at all. I just mashed through it all and could barely tell you the 'plot' other than "some monster virus made them extra cray-cray, go hunt them!"

Then generations is back to 1-3 levels of story and lore bits if you look for them, but otherwise just barely enough to put context to "go hunt shit" I've played every Monster Hunter and aside from missing the original control scheme I think it just gets better and better.

>> No.3603980

He's probably thinking of God Eater which does have quite a bit of story to it.

>> No.3603997

I have almost 400 hours into MH4U and around 300 in generations. 500 in p3rd. I have 600 in MH3U, 800 in F2+U. As you've been mashing through all the text you've of course got no bearing on the story, but the entirety of the story in 4U revolves around prophecy, shaggy, and the virus. And then bam! Gog out of a closet. I personally thing you miss some of the weight out of the cutscenes if you didn't make the effort to talk with the aces and read about their efforts. Your first showdown with gore certainly loses a bit of its bite.

Generations is story is so tied in with it's hunts that you have to go to each location to talk to the quest giver themselves most of the time, and I swear if I have to fucking soak my feet into water again.

Generations has a pretty coherent world building experience, by the way, which is immediately apparent if you read the tens of thousands of lines of text separating the beginning of the game from the end of it.

Anyways none of this is /vr/ related but saying that Monster Hunter is as bare bones in it's story representation as, for instance, ninja gaiden or castlevania is not too correct. I mean sure you can certainly mash through all of it, but there's seriously a lot of text in Generations, probably the most out of every monster hunter thus far.

I could agree entirely were we talking about p3rd or MH3U as the main parts of those stories really only is about a few dozen lines of text, but 4U and generations are certainly not that. Do yourself a favor and read some of that stuff if you ever do a fresh runthrough when XX is finally released. I think you'd enjoy some of it.

>> No.3604114

>Anyways none of this is /vr/ related but saying that Monster Hunter is as bare bones in it's story representation as, for instance, ninja gaiden or castlevania is not too correct. I

See I sort of disagree. I would say it's got more story to gameplay perhaps than Castlevaina 1, 3 and 4. But I'd say on the whole it has less than in SQ, SotN or the other metroidvanias.

Anyways, point more being that as someone who does'nt like story in games very much and mashes through it whenever possible Monster Hunter has been a very good series for lots of great action with very little story bs to have to deal with.

>> No.3604224


if you're not a shitty Gen Z baby, it is ALL video games, not this era labeling

>> No.3604237

Cut that out. I've watched so many series, developers, musicians, and companies go to shit.
It's not about being Gen Z at all, it's about being able to take in facts and make an educated opinion.

A lot of the series I care about: Castlevania, Breath of Fire, Mana (though that IoS game isn't bad), Silent Hill, g.revs everything, Valkyrie Profile, Sonic, just aren't there anymore man.

People say explore indie. Which for the longest time I always consumed anything that tried to appeal to nostalgia for castlevania in particular. But outside of mechanics and looks (both of which aren't particularly done well by the average indie company, especially when it comes to music and sound effects) the aesthetics aren't there. Which I know it's hypocritical, but emulating the gameplay isn't enough, you have to deliver a complete package

That said, I do look forward to games moving forward. There just isn't exactly a lot of them these days. It's like being a movie watching enthusiast. You acknowledge the difference between movies of different periods and moves on.

>> No.3604249

No, I will not cut that shit out, because Gen Z killed games.

But don't worry, I am also hitting the indie juice and will cater to people just like us, because no one else will do it otherwise

>> No.3604259

>Gen Z's killed games
That's not entirely fair. Rising costs of games and bad business decisions killed games. For as many companies I've listed throughout this game most of them died to poor business practices
>Forcing console exclusivity to the detriment of your company
>Mismanaging finances
>CEO going literally fucking AWOL
>Making bad financial decisions on arcade boards and almost going bankrupt because of it
>Refusing to pay employee overtime
>Mergers reducing pay of brainchildren to base and being surprised when heads leave
I mean Vanillaware alone almost got Atlus'd out of existence before they even started up when Atlus fucked up the release date of Odin Sphere and they had to make GrimGrimoire and Muramasa to stay afloat with George Kamitani taking out a personal loan to keep shit alive

You think that it was US? You should look at the industry in general. The fact that some of these companies still existing despite how many fuckups they've done is nothing short of a miracle. And where a company doesn't fuck up shit like:
>Going under despite making several good sellers
>being bought out by an informal takeover and being shut down
>Having your IP exploited by a takeover and silently going out of business
happens. Shit. Moving forward, we have had the LEAST significant impact on what has been happening to the industry.

The literal only exception is more Dragon Quest coming to the west because Heroes did so well over here.

>> No.3604262

Every long running series goes to shit eventually. That doesn't prove the new generation is shit, it means the corpses from the old generations are out of steam.

It's time to try new series' and appreciate what they're trying to accomplish instead of being sour because it's not like what you're used too.

>> No.3604301

>the LEAST significant impact
Oh so you're also a baby

Okay. So of course you don't remember why games hiked up to 59.99, because YOU bought Madden at that price, it was an deliberate market test and YOU answered.

>Bad business decisions
You know what will make even the most disadvantageous deal palatable? Cash flow. You know what provides cashflow? Customers. Guess who were the worst customers. Bad decisions don't lead to no money, no money leads to bad decisions.

Skyward Sword is my most favorite example of how shitty and retarded both the consumers and producer were. Windwaker was made, all the edgy tryhards say it was too childish. Fine, so they made Twilight Princess. Oh no that's too dark and edgy and realistic. Nintendo, being a company following the trends, because you want to follow the money for cash flow, made a game that took both and merged it. That is what it is like when you deal with terrible costumer. Metroid has nearly DIED from this nonsense.

Now look at Mario Galaxy. THAT is being forward, and it was righteously rewarded. You know what else was rewarded? An endless pile of FPS garbage. That was YOU. Paying for online services? YOU. Mobile Games? You and your little brother. Amiibos? After Skylander and Infinity were a hit.

Every single death toll is directly linked to the consumers demands, and Gen Z wanted shit, so they got shit, and now I have one of them telling me elaborate excuses about one studio here and one studio there when ANY of those cases would have simply been improved, with more cash flow.

The ONLY argument you will ever have is that it all falls under the larger blanket of a troubled economy, so you might as well get comfortable using that

>> No.3604307

>Metroid has nearly DIED from this nonsense

The Japs don't really like/buy Metroid games do they?

>> No.3604328

>appreciate what they're trying to accomplish
Look here. I listen a few games to drive a point on how things I used to like is dead.

You wanna know what really chaps my ass? The story telling experience in my RPG's going to shit. Filled to the brim with cliches and archetypes, with extremely predictable stories and static characters. And either weighed so heavily with gritty realism or ecchi humor fanservice. You get the exceptions literally every handful of years like the Witcher 3 so i'm told, anyways but the rest of it is dogshit like self referential indie game #48391, gritty realistic high fantasy with racist undertones for nonhumans, and JRPGs whos cast is cut right out of a harem anime. Around the time I joined the Navy many many years I had to make a conscientious decision to stomach the lower quality of JRPG plots and strength of characters

So yes I'm fucking jaded as shit. And I know I am. And that isn't going to change because that's the shit that happens when you're a human. Thankfully, unlike writing in the games industry, there exist more books for me to read than I can possibly read, and so I get my fantasy fill from that. As I said before, you accept the differences, and move on.

>> No.3604330

>Using a single company as the basis of why the industry is shit
Gen Zers are the reason madden is shit. It's fuckers like you. Why on earth would anybody say somebody who likes Chrono Trigger is the reason why Madden is at the height of it's popularity. Really?

>> No.3604357

what the fuck are you even trying to SAY, fucking focus or you come across as being irrevocably angry

>> No.3604361

Okay because I was going to mention going through the same thing and learning that the writers probably went on to write entire books instead and was gonna advise books

>> No.3604385

The characters were more iconic in retro games.

No bs no downloads just pop that fucker in and play.

I prefer playing SNES and ps1 than playing on my ps3

>> No.3604414
File: 32 KB, 194x300, grumpy-faggot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Gen Z killed games

>> No.3604418

Sorry it was like 5 minutes before I left and I tired to force a point across that only made sense in the context of a bigger more well constructed post. Sorry again. More so that I forgot what I even wanted to say.

>> No.3604430
File: 157 KB, 1920x1080, 1469511788348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's just games, why you hefta be mad?

>Gen Zers
Is this the new millennial?

>More so that I forgot what I even wanted to say
Maybe it's all the alzheimers you developed at your high age? (^:

>> No.3604432

>So of course you don't remember why games hiked up to 59.99
I remember Phantasy Star 4 costing nearly a hundred dollars. A hundred 1994 dollars at that.

>> No.3604436

>Maybe it's all the alzheimers you developed at your high age? (^:
I suffer from debilitating CD due to a medical condition, but same difference amirite? :^)

>> No.3604437

That's chron's disease, right? So you're saying you're suffering chronic butthurt?

>> No.3604440

cognitive dysfunction i'm suffering from "HONEY ARE YOU IN THERE"

>> No.3604454
File: 68 KB, 1323x561, chrons.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doesn't Chrons just make your stomach hurt? It's a bit different. I guess it also makes you go to the bathroom a lot. I've got IBS myself.

Sorry to hear that I guess.

>> No.3604472

It's actually intestinal inflammation which can be really unpleasant.

>> No.3604878

>the new millennial
every time someone blames "millennials", they really mean Gen Z

>> No.3604894
File: 135 KB, 612x612, grumpy-yolofaggot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Gen Z dindu nuffin!

>> No.3604989
File: 635 KB, 259x173, 1416683858686.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I figured that part, but around here, a bitter old person (or "old" person) is supposed to complain about "millennials" (even if sometimes the person complaining is a millennial), when it comes to complaining about youth ruining things and how things were better in their day, you know, rose tinted glasses and stuff.

Terminology matters.

>literally "kids these days"
>n-no, YOU'RE grumpy!

>> No.3605057

>literally "kids will be kids!"
>n-no, YOU'RE bitter!
go to bed, Mom, you have no idea how these shitters are

>> No.3605602

>The story telling experience in my RPG's going to shit.
Going to shit? What RPGs were you playing that didn't have cliched predictable stories?

>> No.3605728
File: 186 KB, 480x320, 284071.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thus, arcade games had to be GOOD to motivate you to go visit them and spend your money
So do mobile games; the same logic applies when attracting customers on app stores.
>lastly, again due to costs of development and distribution, anyone wanting an easy buck can develop a shitty, addictive game for mobile
>thus, games like Final Fight and Street Fighter II thrived in arcades while games like Flappy Bird thrive on mobile
Shitty arcade games still existed back then. Arcades were also filled with carnival-style games requiring little resources and expertise to make. A claw machine probably got more use out of any fighting game in a given arcade in it's lifetime. Mobile games with a similar amount of depth appeal to the mainstream demographic.

Pic related is a $5 fighting released for iphone comparable to the standards you're using of arcade fighting games.

Why didn't you use this game in your comparison instead? Because you never heard of it.

Games like these are not as popular as Flappy Bird for a reason: they don't meet the target demographic for mobile users.

You're choosing to make an unfair comparison.

>> No.3605762

Story telling experience means just that. How a story is delivered, how convincing are the characters, and how often it falls back on tropes. You can be predictable and still be good. You can conversely be unpredictable and still be bad.

Breath of fire 3
Parasite Eve 1 and 2
Treasure Hunter G
Bahamut's Lagoon
Breath of Fire IV
Eternal Ring
Baten Kaitos: Origins
Arc the Lad
SaGa Frontier II
Secret of the Stars
Lufia II
Soul Blazer
Secret of Evermore
Dragon Quest V
Paladin Quest

I mean shit, I could literally just go on and on listing some of my favorite RPGs from my yesteryear and be able to defend most of them against the no inevitable contrarian naysayer.

Now as a contrast the RPGs I've played recently and by recently I guess "current gen"
Dungeon Travelers 2 which mechanically is amazing
MeiQ, Fariy Fencer, CG, Omega Quintet, Tales of Zestiria, I am Setsuna, Star Ocean 5, Pillars of Eternity, Witcher III, Battlemage, Fallout Divinity: Original Sin, Lord of Magna, SMTIV and IV:A
and while the list goes on i'm running out of space. The point being that out of the games in the latest list I've found woefully fewer titles that I actually wanted to play due to BOTH the gameplay experience and the world that it built. Character building in general is rarer to see done with any sort of capacity these days.

This isn't an opinion based on minimum surface exposure either. Because I regularly go back and play the games of my childhood in between bouts of the newer gen and for reasons I've listed earlier, I am more able to make a more up to date summary of my feelings. While the gameplay may not be there all the time, I generally like the experience of the older games for being able to blend storytelling in to a level that I can appreciate as an adult while also have a consistent gameplay experience throughout without the spikes into easiness that accompanies a lot of games today

>> No.3605763

>You're choosing to make an unfair comparison.
Welcome to the "back in my day crowd" of /vr/, where people get surgery to see everything in a rose tint, and behave like their grandpa.

>> No.3605767


I should also mention that I"m a touch (extremely) biased. Kind of like the same reason most people grow into being contrarian the older they get. And I do know that about myself. It doesn't stop me from enjoying newer games but it does make me miss the older format.

Like I said before, it's like movies of different periods man. You acknowledge the differences and move on.

>> No.3605925
File: 2.59 MB, 389x279, QWnsPPf.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>still literally NO U

>> No.3605943
File: 827 KB, 500x347, do it.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Daily reminder that not everyone "old" here is either bitter or dislikes millenials and/or younger people in general playing old games. I'm all for everyone playing whatever kinds of games they like.

>> No.3606021

>still literally NEENER NEENER

>> No.3606120

I've had a closer look at modern games around the time Fallout IV came out and I was bored with it almost immediately.

Games don't improve anymore with sequels, only the graphics get turned up. Hell, games regress. Just compare the game mechanics of Skyrim, Oblivion and Morrowind.

Games also become as samey as possible. Any game nowadays has RPG mechanics, meanwhile most RPG games that aren't purposefuly retro must have some action mechanics...

Creativity has also died. Nobody invents new game genres anymore, or revolutionizes them.

The game industry has become exactly that: An industry. It's no longer the creative playground of people making their dreams come true I grew up with. And that's what makes it worthless as entertainment. If I was entertained by optimizing revenue streams, I'd be reading annual reports.

>> No.3606279

I know, and in fact a lot of the people who ARE crying about millennials are still in their 20's and 30's, which is what makes it all the more hysterical.

It's more the bitter fagotry in general I find fascinating, it's like when a 12 year old comments on YouTube that they're superior to their peers for listening to old rock music and "SO DISAPPOINTED IN MY GENERATION" and cringey shit like that.

>> No.3607398

>it's like when a 12 year old comments on YouTube that they're superior to their peers for listening to old rock music and "SO DISAPPOINTED IN MY GENERATION" and cringey shit like that.

Age doesn't really matter, a 12 year old acting like that is as bad as a 35 year old doing the same thing. Anyone who complains about people not having the same tastes as them is immature no matter what age they are.

>> No.3607436
File: 159 KB, 1920x1080, [FFFpeeps] Shinryaku! Ika Musume S2 - 09 [BD][1080p-FLAC][6C9E2B39].mkv_snapshot_13.50_[2016.06.03_18.47.27].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Modern games have various issues but what I hate the most is how incredibly greedy and unscrupulous publishers and developers are, and how hard they're pushing SJW shit (or getting their shit pushed in by SJWs because they're so scared of some losers on social media).

I'm probably never buying another Western game, unless it's old or used. These assholes can't be trusted anymore.

>> No.3607440

>and how hard they're pushing SJW shit

Damn them for making games that appeal to the people who will be buying them!

>> No.3607442

SJWs don't buy games.

>> No.3607460
File: 32 KB, 591x275, 1442083303017.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will tell you what I DONT like about retro games, and thats PADDING. As a gaming convention I'm glad we moved away from it and focused on more interactive gameplay and atmosphere. I like to get pretty absorbed into a story and superfluous things like collectathons tend to distract me from the believability of an experience.

>Blade Runner
>Fallout 1-2
>System Shock 1-2
>Super Metroid
>lost of other point and click games
>lots of other RPGS

I like MATURE games for MATURE gamers. Lately we have gone backwards with games that waste your time on purpose and I think thats where we went wrong.

>> No.3607461

How'd the sales of the last Dragon Age go? Rhetorical question. I no longer have to worry about the SJW effort fucking with my localization process now that companies like compile heart have gone on interview saying that they shouldn't have censored a game for people that aren't going to buy it anyways.

>> No.3607463

Keep telling yourself that buddy. I'll just keep enjoying games.

>> No.3607464

Go shill somewhere you else you fucking subhuman pile of shit.

>> No.3607474

You have serious problems. There is nothing wrong at all with modern game companies making games for who they think are going to be buying them.

I think Sonic is a boring game but that doesn't make Sega a bad company for making Sonic games for people who do enjoy it.

>> No.3607475

Fuck off, shill.

>> No.3607478

But Fallout and Torment is nothing but complete waste of time.

>> No.3607483

So are you but here we are

>> No.3607486

What do you even think I'm supposed to be shilling? Calling other people subhuman piles of shit because they don't hate modern games is kind of fucked up to be honest.

>> No.3607487

Fuck off, shill.

>> No.3607491

That doesn't answer what you even think I'm shilling. What you say doesn't even make sense. The whole "SJW" thing people go on about these days is absurd enough. But now disagreeing is "shilling" and no discussion, no exchange of actual thought. Nope, it's just "fuck off". This place gets worse and worse every time someone like you posts.

>> No.3607492

Fuck off, shill.

>> No.3607497

>gets worse
The only difference between "fuck off" now and "fuck off" then is that you're still trying to get the last word to somebody who is completely disregarding everything you say. What are you doing with your life right now that you keep responding to inane spam.

>> No.3607501

Telling shills to fuck off does not constitute "inane spam."

>> No.3607502

Just remember this the next time you throw a tantrum over one taking you seriously.

>> No.3607503

inane spam is saying the same thing repeatedly. Anyways this is semantics, keep doing what you're doing.

>> No.3607506

Fuck off, shill.

See >>3607501

>> No.3607508

I'm at work so I'm essentially getting paid to do this. I am simply making it crystal clear how useless and pointless everything that person says is. Because even when they try to make a point at first, any real disagreement just brings out his "fuck off SJW faggot" talk which is just meaningless drivel.

>> No.3607510

Fuck off, shill.

>> No.3607514

Again, just keep this in mind. When you act like a child people treat you like a child.

I sure hope you hide this side of you from your new girlfriend better than you hide your Sonic fandom.

>> No.3607515

Fuck off, shill.

>> No.3607520

Show her the threads you post in and the kinds of things you say, I dare you. You don't even have to tell us about it. Just so you know she knows what kind of a person she's with. You won't though, because you know what you're like and you know the look of horror she'd have if she saw half the shit you type. You're a ball of bubbling rage and sadness, there's only so long you can hide it.

>> No.3607523

Fuck off, shill.

>> No.3607525
File: 65 KB, 172x120, Duckking2000.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm enjoying this a whole lot.

>> No.3607527

Fuck off, shill.

>> No.3607531
File: 116 KB, 500x429, luke yang0x429x7.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3607642

>Games don't improve anymore with sequels, only the graphics get turned up.

Maybe in Fallout, but it's hardly always true.

>> No.3607768

>likes compile heart games
Suddenly everything this dude says makes so much more sense.

>> No.3607987

>Age doesn't really matter, a 12 year old acting like that is as bad as a 35 year old doing the same thing
I absolutely agree, but it's more of a comparison, the fact that someone who purports to be near or over 40 acts like a 12 year old.

I hope I'm not like that once I reach that age, that would just suck.

>> No.3608012

>Games don't improve anymore with sequels
Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Hell that wasn't even a guarantee in the 90's or 80's.

Far Cry 3 was a monumental step up from 2 (though then Far Cry 4 wasn't quite as good as 3, had a lot of cool new guns but the story and characters were wank, and the gameplay wasn't quite as interesting because there's way less vegetation, and enemies seemed to have much better vision, meaning the fun stealth from the previous game wasn't even close to as viable).

Fallout 3 was kind of a really shoddy game in retrospect, then there's Fallout New Vegas, by the original devs of the series, which took pretty much everything that was good or potentially good from 3, and then made a substantially better game overall (even if execution was a bit sloppy, though arguably that's Bethesda's fault)

Doom 3 was kind of eeeh not what everyone hoped for (not awful, but not amazing), the new Doom (which I'll forever call Doom 4), is different from it's progenitors as well, but it's a high speed action game which people really liked, it wasn't a generic modern military shooter where you go sit in a corner to regen your health, and where most of the weapons are effectively the same, it's colorful, it's fast, it's violent, etc, and it's willing to challenge you on higher difficulties. Especially amazing considering expectations were INCREDIBLY low, I don't know anyone who expected the game to be more than mediocre at the very best, personally I was just hoping for Doom 3 but redone in a better way, but this was way better.
The devs, though not the original id Software team, seem to care about what they're doing, and still release some content for it sometimes (some which is free, like the arcade mode and centered weapons option included in patches)

>> No.3608534

There are good modern games, and there are bad modern games.

There are good retro games, and there are bad retro games.

That's how simple it is!

>> No.3608645

Lack of cutscenes, lack of special move dialogue, the entire not being able to include something so that just makes the game faster. I want to pick up a game and play it. I even get mad waiting for PS2 loading screens.

>> No.3608652

Popular modern games are mostly bad.
Popular retro games are mostly good.
That's how simple it is!

>> No.3608653

I'm sure there's more bad retro games than bad modern games.

>> No.3608656

>I'm sure there's more games in 5 generations than in 3

>> No.3608672

I don't like Compile heart games. I'm using an example, because that's how examples work.

>> No.3608673
File: 29 KB, 256x240, smb3-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Popular modern games are mostly bad.
>Popular retro games are mostly good.

The good and bad is subjective and based on opinion though. You think popular modern games are bad because you don't like them and you think popular retro games are good because you liked what was popular then.

But you not liking something doesn't make it objectively bad. Just like me not liking Mario style platformers doesn't make them bad, or bad that they were popular. They simply were made to appeal to people who aren't me.

>> No.3608686

>Hell that wasn't even a guarantee in the 90's or 80's.
What? A game adjustment was the ONLY thing that was almost always a guarantee. Sure the change may not have always been good but they changed and refined the formula constantly with each new release. Games inside the same SERIES often released a sequel that only vaguely resembled the games that came before it.

Now mind you I'm not saying modern games don't change. But it's more kind of like a few tweaks and more to what was already there rather than, as an example, Zelda to Zelda II or Castlevania to Castlevania II.

>based on [your] opinion
Actually "good" or "bad" is based on everybodies unanimous opinion. That is why the word "popular" is used. Not exactly arguing for conformity, but I don't think I would call angrybirds, flappybird, candycrush, the yearly installation of sports-gameX or fpsY a really big swinging indicator of quality when weighed against the variety of releases of 6th gen down which had all that and more and in higher quantity.

>> No.3608706
File: 184 KB, 600x450, Scorched_Earth_gameplay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Actually "good" or "bad" is based on everybodies unanimous opinion. That is why the word "popular" is used.

Popular is an aggregate of what many people think, but is only useful for telling if something is "good" or "bad" according to you if you happen to agree with the popular opinion.

The thing about games like Flappy Brid, Angry Birds and Candy Crush is that they're all designed for specific types of people who were looking for that kind of experience.

You could say Castlevania III is a "better" game, but that's only true if what Castlevania III is, is what you are looking for in a game. If what you want is a casual time killer like Flappy Bird to play at a bus stop then that game is better for you.

And as for variety, you and I may not like any of them, but Angry Birds, Flappy Bird and Candy Crush are all completely different games not even in similar genres. Flappy Bird is very simplistic obstacle game, but Angry Birds takes elements of Scorched Earth and Worms to make a new kind of game that really appeals to some people. Candy Crush is a bejeweled style puzzle game that has a surprising amount of variation and creativity in some of it's levels. And contrary to popular opinion is easily played without spending a dime. My mother in law still plays it almost daily and never even considered spending anything on it.

Again, not the kind of game that appeals to me. But it doesn't have to be. The world is full of all kinds of different people, I think it's great there are games that appeal to many types. I may not care about Sonic the Hedgehog or Candy Crush, but that doesn't make them bad.

>> No.3608709

>Actually, "good" or "bad" is based on everybodies unanimous opinion.
You're wrong [in the context you're using] and I'll explain why you're wrong.

Everybody's (you also spelled that wrong) unanimous opinion ONLY matters if EVERYBODY wants/is looking for the same thing. The 6th gen games you're talking about are in a FAR different ballpark than angrybirds, flappybirds, candycrush, sports games, or whatever. You're comparing APPLES and ORANGES.

I'm pretty sure the "6th gen down" games you're referring to and claim to be "unanimously" higher in quality aren't NHL '94, Flicky, and Columns. Using those games would be making a comparison that would be actually fair, but that's not what you're doing.

You also can't say that the mobile games you listed and sports games make up the majority of modern games, you're only doing that because THOSE ARE THE ONLY ONES YOU HEAR ABOUT because you choose not to look beyond what's most popular.

Back to the using unanimous opinions to judging what's good or bad, those games are popular because MORE people like them and it's what MORE people are looking for.

There are games that exist out there beyond what you're using to define an entire era of gaming, whether you say they're worth playing over retro games is up to you, but you can't deny they exist.

>inb4 kek you made a wall of text so that makes you an autist

>> No.3608769

>inb4 kek
What? Do we have to hate and troll each other for differences in opinion?

>I think it's great there are games that appeal to many types
Looking at the releases of this year I think you're right.

>are all completely different games not even in similar genres
The statement wasn't meant as them as genres, it was meant as a shining indicator of some abstract form of the word "game". I don't think I could compare the popular of now with the popular of them, and in that regard, hold them equal because as you said, it's different genres.

Moving on:
>And as for variety
As I said before I'm not exactly going to say this selection is a shining indicator of the quality. But this is mostly just opinion. One based firmly in console gaming. The phone market may very well be the best at providing something it's good for.

That said I'm sure you're right. It just sucks that I'm not getting more of something like Castlevania III. Though the indie market doesn't want for trying. Bless their hearts

Alright let's cycle on back:
>(you also spelled that wrong)
Thanks I guess

>You're comparing APPLES and ORANGES.
Actually I'm comparing popular to popular. Which is why I commented on another post which used the phrase popular.
>claim to be "unanimously" higher in quality
I claimed;

>"good" or "bad" is based on everybodies unanimous opinion.

Something like saying "few modern games come close to the level of music, sound, art design, and atmosphere of SIlent Hill" is an opinion on quality.

>Back to the using unanimous opinions to judging what's good or bad
>Not exactly arguing for conformity

>you choose not to look beyond what's most popular.
Well Yeah. I and the person I'm responding to are responding directly to a statement talking about popularity. >>3608652
Not looking beyond what's popular is a given.

>you can't deny they exist
Nobody's doing that. We're weighing the popular of respective generations.

>> No.3608774

>Nobody's doing that. We're weighing the popular of respective generations.
Didn't catch that at first, my bad.

>> No.3608779

>One based firmly in console gaming.

I think this is a key difference between our outlooks. I like consoles, but I started gaming with arcade and PC games so I don't have a "special" connection with them. To me it's just another platform for games, and it's led to some games I really like but I have no love for the console as a format. I just like games, and whatever format the ones I like come in is what I'll play them on.

>> No.3608782

>I think this is a key difference between our outlooks. I like consoles, but I started gaming with arcade and PC games so I don't have a "special" connection with them. To me it's just another platform for games, and it's led to some games I really like but I have no love for the console as a format. I just like games, and whatever format the ones I like come in is what I'll play them on.

I think that's probably the best mindset to have. And I'll have to work on that.

>> No.3608794

Maybe if you're into older games then look into older PC or arcade games to find ones there that appeal to you.

Though I will say this, things in the 70's, 80's and 90's were much more rigid than they are now. PC games were typically more different from console games and went for different tastes and markets than is the case these days.

So it might be that if your real love when it comes to gaming is 80's and 90's era console games, there might not be a ton that interests you from that era in terms of PC games. (Much more likely to find arcade games you like though) And if that's the case it's fine, we all like different things.

This was an attitude I was sort of forced to adopt because though I really like games when I find ones that interest me, I'm super picky about them and pretty much have to be in love with one to keep playing. So I already went through a phase when a lot of the most popular games were Mario style platformers I had no real interest in. That's why I think things are better now, the popular games like Minecraft and CoD still don't attract me, but there's a lot more variety now outside of what's popular.

But that said, had I grown up when exactly the kinds of games I liked were the ones that were popular I might have a different outlook.

>> No.3611434

is this even a question to consider

>> No.3611629

Yeah, the obvious answer is "I like both"

>> No.3611820

- More challenging, overall
- More single player games
- Focus is mostly on FUN gameplay, not always story or graphics or music. And some stories, graphics or music are really good anyway, when you look at what they had to work with.
- No DLC
- Can actually 100% the game and have a sense of accomplishment without playing multiplayer and getting "achievements" or buying an impossible amount of DLC
- Secrets / glitches everywhere

>> No.3612371

>What makes you prefer retro games over modern games?
They arw made for babies

>> No.3612679

This. 6th gen was GOAT, and there's a big reason why people want to be able to discuss it on here. Besides, it was my late childhood. And before anyone cries "gtfo underage!", I was born in late 1993 and literally just turned 23. No one's getting any younger here.

>> No.3612735

Yeah, as much as I loved my NES and N64 growing up, the PS2 had a pretty fantastic library, and I haven't even had the chance to explore the Gamecube or XBox.

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