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Hey /vr/ I'm interested in picking up a sega console since I've never owned one before and am trying to decide between the Saturn and the Dreamcast. Money isn't that big of an issue and I'm leaning towards the Saturn just because it has more RPGs and 2d platformers, however not having access to Sakura Taisen 3 and 4 hurts. Which console would you recommend and why? Sell me on your favorite /vr/

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>Money isn't that big of an issue

Not like either are expensive but buy both. They're worth it.

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I meant that more for games, though I guess each does have a few pricey games. Overall neither really seems all that bad price wise. I have other consoles I buy games for so I don't want to have to buy for both right off the bat and I don't feel like killing my laser with burnt copies.

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Killing the laser with burned discs is a meme. I've never seen any actual evidence that they wear out lasers more than regular games. The quality of CD's now is so much better than in the 90's and early 2000's that burnt disks should prolong the life of your laser if anything.

I can't comment as I haven't played Saturn much but Dreamcast is great, especially if you have friends.

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Originals will also kill the laser. They naturally degrade over time.

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>implying I have friends

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One medium-rare Saturn game will cost you as much as both consoles, accessories mods and blank discs so you should obviously get both eventually.

If you want to get one and focus on it for a while before moving on I suggest the Genesis/Mega Drive honestly since it has the broadest variety of games. If that's just too old school for you, the Saturn still definitely has a broader variety of games than Dreamcast. Dreamcast has token examples of many genres but most games are arcade type action games but they are fucking awesome.

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DC is great for action/adventure, fighting, shooting, racing, weird Japanese games, and in general has the best versions of multiplats like Resident Evil 2/3/Code Veronica, Rayman 2, Tony Hawk, Crazy Taxi, etc. It's also 4 player multiplayer heaven with stuff like Chu Chu Rocket, Toy Commander, Rush 2049, Power Stone 2, and Unreal Tournament.

Also playing through a VGA box means its visuals can still impress even in 2016. But if you're big on RPGs and 2D platformers, then it will disappoint you.

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I'm not sure where you're getting those prices anon, the most expensive Saturn game I've seen that looks like it's worth playing would either be Bulk Slash or Castlevania, both are right around $100. Most stuff caps at around $40-50 ish.

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I mean there is a decent amount on the Dreamcast that looks cool, but I have trouble when comparing it to the Saturn

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>I'm not sure where you're getting those prices anon, the most expensive Saturn game I've seen that looks like it's worth playing would either be Bulk Slash or Castlevania, both are right around $100.

Not him but he's right. You can buy both a DC and Saturn together for less than $100 easily.

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Oh you're looking at US prices, that makes more sense. I would only be buying JP releases regardless of which system i went with.

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thats too much for poorfags
the most expensive game i have cost 40$

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>The quality of CD's now is so much better than in the 90's and early 2000's that burnt disks should prolong the life of your laser if anything.
I agree that it's a meme anon but cdrs have got worst in quality rather than better. You can see through the average cdrs you buy nowadays.

yeah, bad rips of games with cd sectors all out of wack + low quality cds will ruin a laser a bit faster is all. It's especially the case with the DC because you can't make a perfect rip to a cdr.

I would definitely say the saturn anon. Espcially if you like shooters/arcade games. I like the controller much better than the dreamcast one too imo

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>2d platformers
If you want 2d platformers go play a 3rd/4th gen console, the library consists almost entirely of them

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>it's fucking nothing.jpg

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If money isn't really an issue get both and a MD and flash cart while you're at it. It's all good and all cheap.

Even an eBayby could get both consoles for under $100.

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>I would only be buying JP releases regardless
Still, there are some $100-200 JP games.

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>You can see through the average cdrs you buy nowadays

You can see through any CD ever made

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I agree with anon here. The saturn has shit all 2d platformers and the decent ones will cost you your soul. If you're into 2d platformers, grab a Megadrive.

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>You can see through any CD ever made

No you can't.

And it doesn't matter either, what matters is how well they reflect ultraviolet and infrared light. They could be completely transparent while still reflecting those fine.

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I don't think anyone was disputing this?

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I didn't knew CDRs cost your soul.

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Both systems are really excellent choices if you love arcade games. If you had to only choose one however, I would probably go with Dreamcast. The DC has a good amount of RPGs as well with Grandia II, Skies of Arcadia, TimeStalkers, etc. but also arcade-perfect ports of Capcom and SNK shooters/fighters. Plus if you don't like the DC's controller, you can always buy the Total Control 3 and use a Saturn controller. However, if money's not an issue, I'd just buy both... The consoles themselves really aren't that hard or expensive to find if you know where to look. Hope you enjoy your first Sega console, there's experiences on those machines you really can't get anywhere else.

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>I didn't knew CDRs cost your soul.

You obviously don't know the kinds of people who patronize this place.

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OP should buy a saturn because Princess Crown is a fantastic gem

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OP should buy Dreamcast because Napple Tale is a fantastic gem.

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nappa tale is way more expensive than princess crown tho

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Hold any CD near a light and you can see through it

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mega cd

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How is the Dreamcast version of SF Alpha 3?

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Ok. It's a port of the PS1 version with some added features. Bad in comparison to the Saturn version.

It's good enough, I suppose. The Saturn version on the other hand is the best port out of all of them.

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I know that it's worse than the Saturn version (how, and how is that possible?) but is it still fine to play?

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The Saturn version has larger sprites and left in animation that got cut out of the Dreamcast version for whatever reason. However the Saturn version is also upward of $500 so I'd stick with the DC port. It's not a bad port, just not the best one.

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Saturn > dreamcast

saturn has more awesome 2D games, dreamcast is mostly 3d naomi arcade stuff

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Can people start listing games instead of just saying which console has better games?

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Sega blows, don't buy either

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People still dont realize that the Saturn was a meme?

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>However the Saturn version is also upward of $500

Where the hell do you live that CDRs cost $500 a piece?

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Fuck off pirate scum

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>le ebig 2016 underage console war maymay

>le ebig 2016 underage piracy maymay

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Fuck all segays

> segay still mad we won

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if you can read japanese and don't care too much about importing then the saturn is a great console. especially for rpg type of games. but if not your better off getting a dreamcast. the dreamcast library is full of a lot of fun interesting games and mainly focuses on arcade like games if your into that. but there are fun rpg games to play like skies of arcadia, time stalker, or record of the lodoss war for examples.

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Thanks, could you give some Saturn recommendations?

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>Wii U
>Selling yourselves to the casual market
>Selling 21 million GCs

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$30 Saturn just popped on Craigslist 2 hours from me in mind condition with 2 controllers.

Want it but don't want to drive 4 hours today...

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That's worth it anon, the cost of gas doesn't outweigh the cost of shipping plus ebay markup.

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What's the best place to buy a Saturn for a yuropoor?

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The post was up for 2 hours and someone bought it lol. Oh well I have plenty of games to play :)

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The Saturn has more interesting/weirder games to me but the Dreamcast has until recently been an infinitely easier system to get games for.

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>capcom generations
>not knowing japanese
literally just compilation games holy fuck so hard to figure out
#2 is the best anyways.

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buy a mega drive you plebeian

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The Saturn version was being made months before the Dreamcast was released, and it was a straight CPS II port that utilized the RAM cart to make it work as well as it did.

The Dreamcast is just a port of the PS1 version done by a different team. It was probably done due to lazyness and wanting to have it on the new console as fast as possible. The Saturn version was released in Japan a month later and was exclusive to that region, because the Saturn was still relatively popular there.

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>What's the best place to buy a Saturn for a yuropoor?

I could sell you a modded unit but you'd probably bitch that you don't want to spend more than 30€ on it.

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Emulate it.

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Get the dreamcast for sakura taisen, fuck the saturn

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>Get the Saturn for sakura taisen, fuck the dreamcast

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Sakura Taisen was a saturn game anon, dreamcast was just a filthy port.

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Can't play 3&4 on the Saturn though.

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Sure, but you can get the entire Shining force 3 collection on Saturn, complete with fan translations of part 2 and 3, so saturn is still better.

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>Saturn didn't even have its own original Phantasy Star title

Worst Sega system tbqh familia.

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It didn't have a proper sonic either, the saturn had weird brand priorities. To be fair though, they had a fuck ton of first party rpg support anyway so maybe they didn't see the point.

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Indeed I would.

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Get a Saturn
It has much comfier controllers and is way less prone to wear out than the Dreamcast

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>Saturn didn't even have its own original Phantasy Star title

Maybe, but it had ports of the first 4 titles.

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Don't you see they belong together? Like peanut butter and jelly, they just go better together.

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get both but make sure you at least get VGA cables for your Dreamcast. 480p on the system looks amazing for the games compatible with it. if you're aspie about muh laser then save up and look into the Reha and SD DC whatever its called. Tho ask someone else on this board who has it for a better explanation.

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But the saturn only has the first two games

I'm actually curious to know what the version differences are

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Or just buy a bunch of spare DCs

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One looks like an Xbox knock off.

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Fuck guys i really can't decide, I think I've settled on one but then the other tempts me

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Just buy both man. It's worth it.
You know you want to...

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It's tempting af

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the /v/ recommended has piratically all the games i would recommend plus more so just look at this list http://vsrecommendedgames.wikia.com/wiki/Saturn

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bulk slash or bust

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I found a Saturn here in Flipland for 20$ and games selling for 5$. Both second hand, should I go for it? am I gonna get scammed, stabbed or both?

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what games? the saturn is worth it tho.

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And more. It's 5$ all in all

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Fun game, but not worth the $80+ that it usually goes for.

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>but not worth the $80+ that it usually goes for.

Good thing burning exists, eh?

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>inb4 hurr durr pirate scum!

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delicious salty kikebay reseller tears

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burning rangers

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jet grind radio

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sakura taisen

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What are the best disc for Dreamcast games? I've wasted like 20 discs trying to burn Illbleed & Dynamite Cop.

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Anything not burned with your moms hand me down clapped out mac shit. Not even trolling sport.

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Dreamcast obviously.

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So you're saying I need a mac. Shit.

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Saturn was cancer

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Verbatim works well, though this really shouldn't be an issue. Are you using imgburn? What sort of CD burner are you using? What speed setting is your burner set to? Have you gotten anything to boot?

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Have dreamcast prices shot up a lot in the last year? I remember seeing Sonic Adventure 2 being 15 bucks in case, now it's 40. What the hell happened?

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i haven't heard much about napple tale, is it EOP friendly?

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is it the discs or are you fucking up burning settings? illbleed has worked fine for me on a cheap disc on a near death dreamcast so i have a hard time believing it's just your discs

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Use Imgburn on Windows, and try Verbatim CD-Rs. Check Isozone for guides, I burn at 8x and 16x and that usually works for me. If those images don't cooperate try other ones. I've bought a few games for my old DC that struggles but my newer one reads everything like a boss. If you keep having trouble you can adjust the resistance potentiometer on the laser but do so as a last resort, you can do some damage if you just tweak it recklessly and it'll die more quickly (from my experience anyway, opinions on this vary).

That said DCs are still relatively inexpensive so buying an extra isn't a bad idea.

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Dreamcast came back into vogue, apparently. I've seen the same spike across almost all titles, but you can sometimes get lucky buying lots of games on eBay and then buffing everything and selling what you don't need.

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Power Stone 2 is so fucking expensive for what it is. It's an entertaining 4-player party game at best. The original Power Stone has more depth to it, but whatever. Rarity does not equate to quality, as they say.

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I have a copy I bought for $5 when a rental place went out of business in 2002 and had no idea it was rare until a few months ago. Like you said, it's a fun party game but fuck paying $75 bucks for an abused copy. Definitely worth burning as a companion to Melee, had some fun times switching between those at parties. Chu Chu Rocket is also surprisingly good. Especially with alcohol.

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dont buy a dreamcast, the drives die constantly

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