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These motherfuckers are way too fast and accurate than they should be.

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They're also easy to stun and exploit

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>>>waiting for epic Nesfag post

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Who are you to say how accurate and fast they should be? Are you the CULT POLICE

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Are you sure you aren't just too proud to lower the difficulty? Have some humility, anon.

Increasing the difficulty not only increases the number of cultists, but also increases the damage they do, their accuracy, and their health. This makes for a big jump between difficulty 3 and 4.

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They're fine how they are. People that complain about "muh hitscan" have either never gotten past the first episode or want every FPS to play like Doom where AI is pretty much braindead and easy to deal with aside from (hitscan) chaingunners and archviles.

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Difficulty 3 is already too hard. 2 is like the "normal" mode.

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I blame Doom for this meme that every FPS is ideally played on max difficulty. For modern games? Yeah, sure, when today's "hard" barely matches the old "normal." But there are plenty of old games where that's not the case. I pity the poor soul that tries a first run of AvP2 on the Hardcore difficulty.

And actually, the Doom community is now suffering from this problem too, where people feel like UV is the only acceptable way to play, which is fine for the base maps but not for ultra-hard community wads that are designed for experts only. People still play them and complain that they're too hard, badly designed, etc. etc. even when the readme suggests that average players should go for skill 1 or 2.

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Just crouch

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Does crouching actually help? I know it dodges a bunch of projectile attacks in the game, but I can't tell if it actually works on cultists or if it's just imagination. I've wondering about how movement affects hitscanners, too. Obviously you can't "dodge" a hitscan, but when I play Duke 3D I feel like the engine has some "reduce enemy accuracy by X% when Duke is moving" code or something. I swear it seems to help against pigcops and chaingun guys out in the open, but again, it could just be my imagination because it feels like it should help.

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Interesting. Does anyone know if Blood has this? It's harder to test because I can't warp around and use cheats as easily with the console. I'm pretty sure Doom does NOT have this, so circle strafing a chaingunner does absolutely nothing to reduce the damage you take.

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Pretty sure it does. Crouching does reduce enemy accuracy too in Blood.

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