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Is it really a good game?

So far it feels like there's not really very much to do despite an open RPG facade. Like, it really seems like a linear story game with WRPG trappings.

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That's how the SNES version is, the Genesis version is more nonlinear.

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It gets quite repetitive but the lore and the story are quite engaging (a matter of taste probably) so for me it was a good experience. Also the soundtrack is surprisingly catchy.

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If you're not into gritty cyberpunk, maybe shadowrun isnt for you.

The setting alone should be enough for you.

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It's pretty shit fàm. If you're not having fun by the time you get to the junkyard colliseum, toss it.

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>Not using "chummer"

Sega CD Shadowrun probably had had a butter plot.

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This. It's a bad Shadowrun and game in general.

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controls suck

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Was my fav game back in '96. The story is pretty linear, and the game is actually very short.

If you don't enjoy the atmosphere and the game system in itself, just don't play it. It was fun at the time, unique for SNES RPGs. I can understand it doesn't look like much today, it may be too dated to be playable for most modern gamers.

I guess part of why I liked it is it was the only SNES game I know of that was fully translated to swedish. There's some really good (bad) meme translations in there.

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it is a really good game. it's way better than the genesis release. the atmosphere is amazing, the music is great, and the story is cool.

but i've heard from more dedicated shadowrun fans that it's not a good shadowrun game. it's set in a shadowrun universe, but doesn't play like a shadowrun game. the genesis version does justice to shadowrun, but it's a worse video game

annoying that the snes version goes for like $45+ on ebay now but the genesis is like $15

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>it was the only SNES game I know of that was fully translated to swedish.
There's a Swedish version?
>There's some really good (bad) meme translations in there.
If you remember, then can you name a few?

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Controls let it down but its still a good game, the artstyle, music, atomsphere are great.

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I'd have to screenshot them, they don't work out of context (and that means playing several hours). A lot of it is made up of trying to spell accents with some funny effects.

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Role playing is quite popular in Sweden. Not mainstream but big enough, which is probably the reason Shadowrun was translated.

On a side note, SNES game Doom Troopers is based on the swedish mutant chronicles roleplaying game and there's similar inside joke references in it. Like how they made bauhaus one of the mega corporations controlling the world. In reality it's a german hardware store, and the whole idea is pretty funny.

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>Role playing is quite popular in Sweden.
Huh. I didn't know about that.
>Not mainstream but big enough, which is probably the reason Shadowrun was translated.
Cool. So does that mean that there are a few other RPG games out there that has been officially translated into Swedish? I really want to know.

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I saw someone refer to other games without naming them... those that I can think of right now are not what I consider legit RPGs. There was a few NES games of the point and click type, don't remember the titles.

Then there was Sword of Hope for GB. They were all pretty crappy honestly. SoH had some of the worst translation mistakes I've seen.

"Chest" as in "treasure chest" had been translated into "boobs", no kidding.

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>it is a really good game. it's way better than the genesis release. the atmosphere is amazing, the music is great, and the story is cool.
The only part of this that could be considered correct would be the story, and that's because it's not an original story.
It's far too alive and bright to have good atmosphere for the setting.

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It is good but the controls are not.

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your opinion is wrong

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>Game has a point and click interface
>Doesn't support the SNES Mouse

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Is that the bit with all those mages you can grind with?

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Love that slap bass.

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>having a SNES mouse

It was supported by 1 "game" which is just mspaint with no printer and the mouse itself cost as much as one game. Who would waste that when you're a kid and have to save your money.

If noone has the mouse, why support it?

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>not having the nintendo mouse

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i think it's one of the best games on the SNES.

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I think it's a cool game with a lot of neat ideas, but it's incredibly linear, rigid, and most of all it feels kind of rushed and not quite finished based on how short it is and how it's kind of anti-climatic.

I feel the Genesis game is awfully unfocused.

The music is the tits.

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I love it, but I wouldn't consider it amazing from a gameplay perspective, the story and atmosphere is it's strongest parts.

Shadowgate for the NES was also translated.

I vaddå? Shadowrun? Nämnde dem om Aneki eller Drake Corporation till Bauhaus? Har bara spelat engelska versionerna.

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It was compatible with quite a lot of games actually, including Wolf3D

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Hard to say. I wouldn't say it's amazing but I had fun with it. For a single playthrough it's fine if you like Snes games. It's worth playing it just because of how strange it is next to most games out there. I also like the catchy music.

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It's good as far as adventure RPGs go. It's an adventure game more or less, you really can't expect great gameplay from them, worse since it uses free aim cursor with a dpad even. It's a novelty for the SNES and if you dig adventure games it's alright. The setting is more interesting than the generic plot basically Johnny Mnemonic in the Shadowrun world.

If you have a SNES it's worth owning. If you're emulating, it's worth playing. Is it going to totally blow your socks off with gameplay or story? Probably not unless you're literally new to the world.