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How come there is no essential rero jrpg chart on vr? We must fix this asap.

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Are there even charts on vr?

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it'll just turn into which final fantasy is better bitching. pass

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charts are pretty stupid. they're either badly thrown together or only one person's limited opinion. plus they tend to crowd out discussion.

any particular reason for posting a pic of dqm?

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That's the question
Ok, i'll try
I'd rather have an stupid chart than no chart, i keep forgetting the goodies retro gaming can offer me. But this board is so slow i don't think it will end up reflecting only one's tastes.

I think we should start by listing different sagas and then, when we have a good listing, find pictures and put all together into a single image. I'll start with the obvious ones, give me a hand:

- Final Fantasy
- Dragon Quest
- Pokemon
- Fire Emblem (implying)
- Lufia
- Star Ocean
- Breath of Fire
- Earthbound
- Secret of Mana

We could expand the listing to general RPG in case of need

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The point is to offer a good chart for newcomers. I know most people here doesn't need game introductions.

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You want this?

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>Not Red/Blue

this is why charts are stupid because that's just, like, your opinion man

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Mario Golf is the best handheld golf game ever, and it is technically an RPG too.

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Needs Hyrule Fantasy.

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I fucking loved this game, spent over 100 hours on it

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get the fuck out

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FFVIII's actually not bad, though.
Same with Mario Golf.
And GBC Quest is kinda cool.

So, really, your attempt at selling tickets to the ruse cruise is a bit wanting.

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is that not GS
all can see is the GS logo on your tiny pixelated ant picture

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Because the non retro version includes most if not all the retro classics anyways so there's really no reason to make a new one

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Nice list. Is there a sega one? I kind of played all of those already.

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>wonder why Final Fantasy III looks sufami
>it's FF6
what kind of retard still uses the wrong names in current year?

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>DQ in gameboy
I want to vomit

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What's wrong with Gameboy DQ?

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lmao one of my professors worked on aidyn chronicles

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It makes him want to vomit.

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Because they're all bad. JRPGs didn't start being good until FF7.

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Isn't it the only remake on that list? If so it seems arbitrary. And to me it makes no sense to recommend classic games made on remakes.

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haha no

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Charts usually only list the most popular games since the loudest people during the chart-making process have only played a few JRPGs and have awful taste.

Feel free to make one, but unless you can filter out the casuals and you can convince the small portion of jrpg enthusiasts that your thread is worth participating in, then your chart will be garbage.

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Good charts aren't done collaboratively
I don't see anyone making a good chart for JRPGs since that someone would have to know Japanese and have taste. And Japanese people don't really make charts as far as I can tell.

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>Recommending Mother
Hardly someone who has never played another Mother title will be able to get into the game. It is maybe a honorable mention, but in no way a straight recommendation.

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yeah no one liked it, that's why they made 2 sequels

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Sort of agree with this anon. The most popular jrpgs are the most popular because the most people like them, so it would be effective in showing people games they would enjoy, but it wouldn't any different than the million "BEST RETRO RPG LISTS" on the innernette

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Earthbound zero
Star Ocean 2
Nethack / slashem
Thats all from me
pleb taste i know

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>recommending FF8 when 9 exist
I don't hate 8 but 9 is way better.

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That's pretty interesting.I've never heard of Daikaijuu and Horai Gakuen before.

Grandia for the GBC looks pretty sweet too.

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This is a good start, but honestly none is going to agree on which FF entries or DQ entries are better or worse, so i'd include all of them, like "DQ I - 7", "FF 1 -9", etc. Also, that would leave more space to other games that are usually not included in charts.

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Picture's not mine, but it's obviously not Gold/Silver but instead infamous Pokémon bootleg Jade

The covers look nothing alike, so again
get the fuck out

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>putting ff8 and quest 64 in the same category

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9 made the card game game shit, and for that i shall never forgive

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>Top left
tfw no gf

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I miss Spoony.

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>9 made the card game game shit

The card game was always shit.

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>including FF
>excluding DQ
You people make me sick

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Fuck Final Fantasy VII.

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I haven't played many Retro RPGs so I'm kind of interested in this.

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It would be impossible to make such a chart and have it be taken seriously.
If it contains many of the mainstream franchises, then contrarians will call it shit.
If it contains too many lesser known or outright obscure titles, or worse yet Japan-only titles, it'll be dismissed as hipsterbait. We've hung ourselves, /vr/.

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Stop with your elite secret club bullshit Anon, you're being pedant

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I don't mind as long as it provies a good list of rpgs. Fuck haters.

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So what? Let them.
There's way too many games to play, a chart with the ones I'd probably find the most worthwhile would be pretty nice.
I highly agree with this >>3563589 anon. Atleast if the games in the franchise are alike.

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>No Ys

>No black and white GB section.

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So you're telling me you've never experienced any other NES rpg before?

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It's literally the best game in the trilogy though. Great story, fucking enormous map, actually challenging, etc. Only starmen.netters shit on it.

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Because there are no essential jrpgs, unless you mean essential as in "it's essential that it goes in the trash where it belongs" in which case that's all of them.

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The world's big enough for both. Both are great. Let's stop with the anger. We're here because of what we like, not because of what we don't.

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What's the best version of Tales of Phantasia?

>> No.3570820

The psx version

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Kyuyaku Megami Tensei and Shin Megami Tensei 1 & 2 need to be on there.

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>Not Tennis
Bitch I'll cut you.

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Post /vr/ charts

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tfw never played retro game but I'll be able to shitpost and act like an elitist jerk by reading the wikipedia articles of the games you posted

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How about this, we post as many nominations as we want, and we all vote on them to see if they are essential. The votes should have a specific percentage to represent a near unanimous decision.
Any comments or opinions?

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Oh, and you can only comment if you've played them before. I know this is obvious, but some people...

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Here's a few nominations
I'm not sure if some should be separated by series or just individual titles, so I'll just go with whatever. My range is rather limited, so don't expect a wide variety
>Super Mario Bros. 1, 2 (or Doki Doki), and 3
>Super Mario World
>Kirby's Dreamland
>A Link to the Past
>Megaman X
>Battletoads X Double Dragon
>Earthbound (if not Mother series)
>Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest
>Street Fighter II
>Sonic 3 & Knuckles
>Super Punch Out
>Pokemon Red/Blue (or Yelow)
>Pokemon Crystal
>Starafox 64
>Super Mario 64
>Banjo Kazooie/Tooie
>Wario Land 3,4
>Legend of the Dragoon

While I can't nominate them because I can't really say I've played them, I'm sure we'll hear these come up
>Yoshi's Island
>The favorite of the first 3 Crash Bandicoots
>Chrono Trigger
>The favorite Metroid
>Zelda: Majora or Ocarina
>The favorite Castlevania
>The favorite Final Fantasy
>Duke Nukem 3d
>System Shock 2
>Sam and Max: Hit the Road
>TMNT: Turtles in Time
>F Zero X
>Secret of Mana
>Goof Troop

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Nothing Japan only should be on a chart.
I shouldn't have to learn a language or have a team of nerds over a span of a decade translate a game before I play it.
The only people that play those games are people that emulate which means their opinion is suspect to begin with. So might as well just toss it all out.

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I know this is bait, but there is an actual point that can be derived from this.
I agree that it shouldn't be included because if we are to make an "essential" chart, you'd think it would be one game that many have played, but hoe can that be when so few outside of Japan had access to it? Sure times have changed and we can just as easily acquire those titles and play them some way, but I do not know of many titles that were considered classic while at the same time Japan exclusive.

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>it's not essential because i can't read it

>> No.3575227

You mean like how you can't read my post?

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Am I forgetting something? I know there are some translated chinese RPGs for the Mega Drive, Beggar Prince and Legend of Wukung were both released physically by Super Fighter Team and Brave Battle Saga was translated, but I've no idea if they are good or not.

Were Shining Force III: Scenarios 2 & 3 fully translated?

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Agree with anon.
Why RS 3 but not 2?

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Also, i'd rather leave some space for hidden gems. Inindo and Mystic Ark are not games that get discussed pretty often, but still they can offer different features from the ones you see in your typical rpg

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Sfc needs Dragon Quest 3 since it's the best version
Gbc needs Lufia 3

Good list otherwise.

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For the Mega Drive you're missing Rent-A-Hero

Shining Force III: Scenarios 2 & 3 have partial translations so far, but they never stopped updating them. The last update was a month ago.

Pretty good list
Why no Dreamcast though?

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>For the Mega Drive you're missing Rent-A-Hero
Never played it and totally forgot about the translation.

>Shining Force III: Scenarios 2 & 3 have partial translations so far, but they never stopped updating them. The last update was a month ago.
Good to hear.

>Why no Dreamcast though?
Lack of knowledge about its RPG library outside Skies of Arcadia and PSO.

Anyway, here's the updated pic with Rent-A-Hero, I've also fixed a little mistake (forgot the "II" in Shining Force II).

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You're doing god's work

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I actually have no idea if this is an RPG or not. These three billion Koei historical games that rarely made it to the west were always perplexing to me

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Pier Solar

>> No.3576084

Those are Grand Strategy but you could consider them RPGs in some aspects.

And don't feel bad, it has a dedicated fanbase of people who are just as confused.

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>no Dragon Quest at all

>> No.3576601

I made one like a year or two before I don't have it anymore. I'll try to make a new one if you want.

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>Golden Sun
>Mario Golf

The greatest faggot games the world has seen.

Also, first one is not retro.

>Pokemon Gold

These are great games but not particularly relevant


Go fuck yourself, retard.

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>GBC has plenty of neat looking JRPGs that sprouted in the wake of Pokemon's success
>most of them were never translated

What a shame.

I don't think the SNES version of RS2 is translated.

>> No.3578075

Now we just need an "other" version. With PS and PCE and whatnot on it.

>> No.3578082

You spelled FF5 wrong.

>> No.3578102

How is Dark Law?

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this is a great list, my congratulations, didn't miss a single game that I though of

horai is "anime: the jrpg" way more than persona will ever be. Its fucking hilarious but recommended only with an emulator that supports fast forward due to slow movement and battles

>> No.3578134


Fire emblem and bahamut lagoon?

althogh those are SRPG so I don't know if they should be added

>> No.3578146

Fuck off the yugi handheld games are top-tier

>> No.3578148

let's start with ps1

final fantasy VII-VIII-IX
legend of mana
digimon world II-III
breath of fire III-IV
Dragon quest VII
Thousand Arms
Threads of fate
Vagrant story
Valkyrie profile
legend of legalia
Lunar I-II
Persona II
tactics ogre
tales of destiny
Saga frontier I-II
Suikoden II
chrono cross
Azure dreams

Probably I'm missing some

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>Digimon World ll-lll

From all video games ever made - from the glorious beginning of the video game age to present-day digital masterpieces (...and this is a fuckload of time) - Digimon World 2 + 3 were, by far, the shittiest sequels ever made. They were nowhere near as good as the original Digimon World; in fact, they were utterly frustrating for people who had been fans of the digimon franchise.

I always wondered who the faglord was that decided to do away with multiple digivolvements and the original virtual pet shit, which had made digimon so special and to swap it with the fighting and levelling system of any shitty,conventional rpg....and since we like changes in games which actually were fine as they were, we put a random, round-based batteling system in place and every digimon attack/move during a fight will take at least 30 seconds!

If you cannot remember the original Digimon World because you were to young at the time, you're a Generation-Z-pussy that doesn't belong here anyway.

>> No.3579643

Bahamut Lagoon
Soul Blazer
Demon's Crest
Star Ocean
Lufia II
Super Castlevania IV
Final Fantasy #
Dragon Quest #
Treasure Hunter G
Breath of Fire #
Secret of Mana
Seiken Densetsu III
Secret of Evermore
Brain Lord
Taloons Great Adventure

And mind you this is just off of the top of my head. The real reason why there isn't an "essential playing" for previous generations is that there are far far far far far more games of all genres than can be reasonably played or enjoyed by a millennial.

>> No.3579696

>Brain Lord
>On any list ever
I love you

>> No.3579698

fuck you cunt, this isn't the thread for calling things shit

>if you don't X you are [insult`]


>> No.3579708

Not in public dear

>> No.3580280

Most of these aren't RPGs

>> No.3580624

I want a chart for untranslated jrpgs. If they get popular enough with the people who learned Japanese they get translated

>> No.3580712

>Final Fantasy VII
Babby's first JRPG.
For NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, DS, etc?

>> No.3581016

stay mad, kid.

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I always wonder - how do you make Kega not have the screen stretch for games like Shining Force and Lunar?

>> No.3581279

Beyond Oasis isn't an RPG though.. right?

>> No.3581284

Not used Kega in a while but isn't there a toggle for that in the video options?

>> No.3581289

I couldn't find one...

>> No.3581445

Digimon world was the first game i got for the ps1 I was 5 maybe 6? I still go back and play it here or there and watch people on youtube destroy it. I remember thinking the intro video was the coolest fucking thing. That game did things that nothing since has done, they really got it right and i also remember laying in bed excited as fuck for a similiar pokemon game to come out... still waiting

>> No.3581847

I hate FF VII but not including it on the list is pantsu on head retarded

>> No.3581932

sega of japan considered it part of their "rpg project" back in the mid 90s.

it's very similar to zelda, but shorter and with more emphasis on combat (very beat em up-like). unlike most zeldas, beyond oasis does have a well-defined level system, though

>> No.3581942

It's just one of those things that was considered RPG back then, but judging by today's standards almost every game absorbed those RPG mechanics and leveling systems in some way or another
Zelda-likes always walked a thin line in and out of the RPG label

>> No.3581975

Does it turn you on to lie this hard?

>> No.3582017

Certain RoTK titles were more like SRPGs than the usual grand strategy type. Looks like 7, 8, and 10 were the SRPGs

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