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Levels/quests that make you think twice about replaying the game

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I honestly don't see whats so bad about water temple.

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Wear the cloak of mirroring, butt head

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It's not that it's difficult, it's that its long and boring with alot of running back and forth

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Palaces in Kid Icarus, I still haven't memorized most of the paths to the boss room. And those fucking Eggplant Wizards are the worst thing, a purchaseable cure for the Eggplant curse would do wonders for the game.

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Before I opened the thumbnail I thought it was a pic of this

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Anyone who complains about Turbo Tunnel has never actually played past Turbo Tunnel, because every level after Turbo Tunnel is harder than Turbo Tunnel.

Maybe I shouldn't be talking. I never made it past Terra Tubes.

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I honestly couldn't beat Battletoads as a kid. Had to come back to it as an adult to do it.

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Terra tubes is no joke. Though i would consider Rat Race to be the hardest level by far. That third race is ridiculous with the timing needed. Not to mention having to fight a boss at the end.

I've made it to the final level a few times but still haven't beaten this game. Not legit anyway

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Beholder is easy peasy once you shoot him with the device.

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ctrl-j :^)

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beholders in general are easy peasy. The only time they're difficult is early game when you don't have alot of resist charm etc.

The shadow lich is ten time more difficult than any beholder.

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use the pause trick for terra tubes

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Are you talking about the Stardust?

Disc 3 is always the sluggish point of the game for me. Especially because second best girl is replaced with worst girl.

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That's a fun area of the game. I enjoy replaying it with or without the Shield of Balduran.

Korgan's tomb raid is my least favourite. Shit loot, a pointless sense of urgency (you can never get to the tomb before Korgan's former comrades) and heaps of level drain.

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All the Laguna shit in FF8

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Water Level Maymay

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Casing the Joint in Thief 2. Soulforge is shit too. But luckily they all come at the end of the game, everything prior to that is gravy.

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That's easy with a melee character.

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>playing OOT for the first time well after the water temple got its reputation
>don't find it much harder than the forest or fire temples
>think I'm a genius

I guess the whole water level thing makes it a little more complex than other dungeons, and I did miss that exit behind the chest my first time, but damn.

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If you beat it at all you're well ahead of me.

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That whole part of the game where you finally get Anna is pretty bad since both she and Lloyd are such dead weight for so long on account of joining you at level 1, you just want to move on to the next area, but no amount of grinding seems to make a difference.

But this fucking swamp in particular sucks so much dick, it always turns into a mad dash to Ellay with low health and two dead party members.

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Godamned bandit hunting in the first one
Got old after the first 4 times

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shoot me

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is that FE Gaiden?

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No, it's EarthBound Beginnings.

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>Water Level Maymay

Is it even a meme or stereotype if it is 100% true? Water/sewer levels are just so tiresome and overdone and few gamers enjoyed them in the 80s or the decades that followed.

>valves or switches to raise or lower water levels to reach a chest or ladder
>fast flowing water resulting in one way travel
>plumbing puzzles involving rotating tubes to re-route water
>poison enemies
>Swimming with chance of drowning when exploring deep pools or long underwater corridors
>excessive amount of backtracking due to mechanics mentioned above

These levels are not even hard in most cases. They are like a big time waster that the developers put a lot of work into for reasons unknown.

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>tfw Blood could be a perfect game if it wasn't for those stupid fucking sewer / water levels

I get that they reduced the swimming speed from Duke Nukem because they wanted to scare you in the water with those sharkhead guys, but it doesn't work because as much as it wants to be Blood isn't a horror game, it's a fast paced action gorefest and jumping into the water kills my high and sends my filthy ADHD ridden millennial brain straight to hell

but nooo there's so many fucking water sections and there's always some kind of secret down there too

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>unseeing eye
Literally one mage solves the problem entirely. Beholders were exploitable as fuck.

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Oh, c'mon James. That level isn't even challenging.

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It's a normie meme. To understand you have to imagine a 40 years old construction worker with gorilla hands murdering the d-pad when playing the level.

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>49 stardust at end of Disc 4



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I could never beat it but I was 6 or 7 when I played it. As an adult I am way at better games, where did the kids are good at good meme start? Maybe now it wouldnt be hard.

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The entirety of ToB

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>Timestop spam

Every. Fucking. Fight.

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can not unseeing with my eye

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is it really that bad? I've never played it before and I was just about to (actually got pretty excited as well).

Infact i've never heard anything about it

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Anomen being only romance option in default BG for female characters was fucking ridiculously terrible. God that guy is such a cunt.

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Its hardness is way overrated but it's still tedious as hell

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I used to start over repeatedly in that game, and it was l i t t l e m o n e y that irked me

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It marks the exact moment modern Bioware emerged. It is super linear and the story is awful.

On the plus side, it is quite hard and is worth installing for Watcher's Keep alone.

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Rafa goes up to attack Marquis, just go ahead and reset. If she heads back to cast a spell then you have a shot.

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Kids are more determined I think, at least typically. Adults don't like to lose or be wrong.

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